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Why did the author of the original novel "The Beginnings" fall on the "satyr" and cyber violence?

A 15-episode lightweight online drama "The Beginning" exploded at the beginning of the year, boosting confidence in the Chinese drama market in 2022. During the Spring Festival holiday, the popularity has risen instead of falling, and topics such as "Aunt Pot", taking the bus and ringing tones of Cannon’s mobile phone have become the "hard currency" for gathering and socializing with high mention rate. Recently, the Beijing Youth Daily reporter interviewed the author of the original novel "The Beginning" and the screenwriter of the TV series Prayer Jun, looking for answers to the topics that the audience is still discussing.

  Why did you choose the bus bombing?

  Beiqing Daily: Please tell us about the creation process of Beginnings, such as "infinite flow"? Why did you choose the bus bombing?

  Prayer Jun: Over the years, I have seen many videos about "bus accidents" on the Internet, which have had a great impact on me. When I first saw this, I thought, why can’t anyone stand up and stop these tragedies like those heroes in film and television works? Later, I began to imagine what I could do if I were on these buses. In these associations, I began to think again, are my ideas reasonable? Who will be on the bus together? Can these people help me? In the process of this series of thinking, verification and rethinking, my inspiration sparked and I drew up the outline of the beginning.

  The biggest difficulty is how to balance the dramatic and logical contradictions in the novel at the same time, and how to set the whole progressive process from the first cycle to the end of the cycle. For example, this bus explosion, at first, no one knew it was an explosion. It was only after the protagonist group got more information through the circulation that it changed from a "traffic accident" to a "criminal case", from "investigating the real murderer" to "locking the real murderer" and then to "finding the hidden plot". These are all the logical and logical turns in advance. So in order to "break the game", I began to add the element of "time cycle" to the beginning. In the written stage, "infinite flow" has become the most conspicuous label of "Beginning".

  Beiqing Daily: After watching several episodes, the most attractive content of Beginnings no longer relies on "surrealism", but returns to down-to-earth reality. Please tell us about the creations of ordinary passengers such as Lao Jiao and Lu Di, and what intentions have you placed on them?

  Prayer Jun: At first, I modeled passengers according to two possibilities: quantitative and indefinite. I will definitely take action when I encounter danger, that is, quantitative. For example, the character "Lao Jiao" is in the quagmire of life, but he will still be "courageous" again and again. As for the role of "Lu Di", he is a young man who loves cats with social phobia. As long as he is aroused to identify with his own group, he will change from "variable" to "quantitative". Any passenger in the car can change from "variable" to "quantitative" as long as they can gain their "trust". "Trust" is the cornerstone of success. After that, I began to think, what is the difference between people? I began to try to answer this question through the way of "control group". For example, the old coke "Jiao Xiangrong" and the driver "Wang Xingde" are actually some kind of echo and contrast. In the car, the driving force behind Wang Xingde’s "crime" is his daughter; Drive Lao Jiao "The driving force behind "being brave" is also for my daughter. These two are both fathers and daughters, but they have made different choices, and these two different choices represent different human nature. Another example is "Lu Di", a secondary group that "speaks at once", and the police who "don’t believe" no matter how many times you say it, are also a control group. At the beginning of shaping, these passengers not only have the common ground of being ordinary people, but also represent the thinking mode and life experience of some groups in society. Everyone can play his role at a specific time. No matter how ordinary a person is, once he makes an extraordinary right choice, he is a "hero". This is what I want to express most when I shape them.

  What are the differences in characterization?

  Beiqing Daily: "Aunt Guo" went out of the circle and became a new topic. What experience can you summarize in your resumption?

  Prayer Jun: Apart from Tao Yinghong’s complete portrayal, the actor’s understanding and reinterpretation of this role is the real reason for his success. No matter in the original work or at the beginning of the script creation, the image of Tao Yinghong is "numb" and "crazy", and she is a "broken person" after the collapse. Now the "Aunt Pot" on the screen is a process of remoulding according to her own understanding after thinking by the actor Liu Dan. Her persistence makes Tao Yinghong not only the "injurer" of the "broken", but also allows every audience to see the dignity, preciseness and love for her daughter that Tao Yinghong had before the "broken", which makes her identity as both "injurer" and "victim" more convincing.

  Beiqing Daily: It is reported that the names of young CP Li Shiqing and Xiao Heyun coincide with Liu Yuxi’s Autumn Poems. What do these two characters imply?

  Prayer Jun: Yes, the names of Li Shiqing and Xiao Heyun are taken from "Autumn Ci". This is a poem I like very much, because its artistic conception is broad and lofty, which is in line with the minds of two young people I originally wanted to shape. "Poetry" is romantic. Li’s poetry is not in contact with too much society. Her romance can make her tolerant, kind and empathetic. "Crane Cloud" is high-spirited, eager to soar, and has the potential of "blockbuster". In addition, "A crane in a clear sky rows clouds, which leads poetry to Bixiao" is also a cycle from beginning to end, and a crane cloud named Xiao (Xiao) is embedded.

  Interpretation and speculation of hidden plots are endless.

  Beiqing Daily: The final case "bottom" fell on the bus "pervert" and cyber violence. How did these two ideas come into being?

  Prayer Jun: As a woman and a mother, I have been thinking about how to teach my daughter to "protect" herself and learn how to "ask for help" when she meets something wrong in this complicated world. The purpose of designing the plot of "pervert" is to make readers and audiences understand that different people have different degrees of tolerance by comparing the different reactions of two girls with different personalities, Wang Mengmeng and Li Shiqing. Maybe what seems like a big deal to you will have completely different results for people with different degrees of tolerance.

  The element of "cyber violence" is more about my thinking and reflection on my own experience over the years. Do people who cause "cyber violence" have to "harm" something in the first place? After thinking about these problems, I stayed away from the internet and warned myself that writers should speak with their works. It is these feelings and reflections that made me shape the plot of "cyber violence" in "The Beginning" and the "beginning" that made Tao Yinghong’s family "the tree wants to be quiet but the wind does not stop".

  Beiqing Daily: This drama has caused netizens to chase the drama, and various interpretations and speculations about the cycle, details and hidden plots have emerged one after another. Which ones can you come forward for official certification?

  Prayer Jun: Many details have been guessed by readers, and I am very touched. For example, Tao Yinghong was going to die on the day of her daughter’s death, but because Tao Yinghong was testing detonators in the garage and caused a fire, the fire department paid attention to it, so the fire department began to check the garage. This fire caused the old coke to be retired, and Wang Xingde, who was working normally, was caught off guard by Tao Yinghong’s temporary boarding. In the original plan of the husband and wife, there should be no one in the car that day, just taking the bomb to the designated place to die.

  I also saw the speculation about officer Zhang. Officer Zhang did not enter the cycle. To enter the cycle, he must meet several requirements. First, he had to fall asleep in the car (there was a path to enter the cycle), second, he had to die in the car (once existed normally in the cycle), and then he had to survive in the cycle (left the cycle). Lao Zhang and others in the car did not meet these conditions. He will let it go lightly, just based on his own experience and the normal reaction of a police officer without evidence. Li Shiqing and Xiao Heyun’s "catching the pervert out of the car" is the beginning of Xiao Heyun’s cycle, and it is also the only possibility to turn Tao Yinghong’s "variable" into "quantitative". In Tao Yinghong’s subconscious, she hoped that her daughter would be as strong as the poetry she resisted in the car, and she could resist and even subdue the pervert.

  Beiqing Daily: What impact will the success of the film and television of Beginnings have on your future creation?

  Prayer Jun: First of all, it has strengthened my confidence in continuing to create "stories of ordinary people". Before I wrote the Kai series, my famous works, Mulan Without Eldest Brother and Everyone Loves Ma Wencai, were either emperors or princes, or geniuses and heroes. When I wrote the Kai series, I was in my thirties, and it was a transition period when I was thinking about what I could leave for the world. The Beginnings, the Lottery and the Opening of the Kai series were actually stories about how ordinary people broke the shackles and completed their self-growth. In fact, this theme is not the mainstream of online novels, and it lacks a sense of coolness. I have never known whether my "transformation" is valuable, and now I have at least taken a reassurance. Good works, in fact, the theme is not important, the most important thing is to tell a good story.

  Text/reporter Yang Wenjie

There’s a reason for playing billiards too badly. The exclusive cheats teach you how to clear the table with one shot.

"Source: Institute of Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences"
Whether table tennis is good or not depends on fate, and some people believe in "making great efforts to make miracles".
Some people think that through constant practice, they can naturally master those wonderful hitting angles and achieve perfection.
Do you know how hard I work?
But in fact, the way of hitting the ball and the trajectory of the table tennis game contain rich knowledge of mathematics and physics. This knowledge controls the trend of table tennis, and you can also become a master of table tennis by mastering these theoretical knowledge.
Essential knowledge 1: sine theorem
If we regard point A as a white ball, point B as a target ball and point C as a hole, how can we achieve the goal?
At this time, understanding the sine theorem can help you find the best goal plan. The formula of sine theorem is as follows:
In this formula, r is the radius of the circumscribed circle of the plane triangle ABC.
Essential knowledge 2: cosine theorem
Similarly, in any triangle in the above picture, the rational use of cosine theorem formula can also help you find the best scheme to hit the ball B into the hole C with the white ball A.
The cosine theorem is as follows:
Essential knowledge 3: reflection theorem
As shown in the above figure, red is the initial motion line of the ball, blue is the reflection line of the ball, the gray rectangle can be regarded as the edge library of the table, and the purple midline is the normal vector in the middle of the interface, so the following hypothetical figure can be obtained:
Through this reflection pattern hypothesis, we can better imagine the trajectory of the ball after hitting the library.
Essential knowledge 4: collision principle
① Frontal collision (completely elastic)
After the collision of two objects, the kinetic energy and momentum of the system are conserved, and there is no additional energy conversion.
The conclusion is:When the two balls have the same mass, the speed of the two balls will be exchanged after a completely elastic ideal frontal collision.
② frontal collision (totally inelastic)
Inelastic collision means that a part of the kinetic energy of objects is converted into internal energy before and after collision, while completely inelastic refers to converting kinetic energy into internal energy as much as possible, that is, two objects move at the same speed together.
③ Actual collision
The actual collision is a mixture of completely elastic and completely inelastic collision. If the velocity of the two balls is defined as V1,1, V2, 1 after a complete elastic collision; Before the collision, the speed of the two balls was V1,0, V2,0, and the recovery coefficient of the resin material used in billiards was k (the recovery coefficient of good materials was k≈1), so there were:
When k=0, it is completely inelastic collision, and when k=1, it is completely elastic collision. For an actual collision problem, the transformation of velocity and internal energy after two balls collide can be expressed by k, which is specifically expressed as:
In addition, it includes image vector decomposition; General situation and special situation of two-dimensional collision; Rigid body dynamics; Rotational inertia and rotational energy: rotational inertia of homogeneous sphere, law of rotation; Friction: a series of necessary knowledge points such as static friction, sliding friction and rolling friction …
Aiming technique
After a long and boring basic theoretical knowledge, you must be a patient and persevering table tennis enthusiast, and you also have the theoretical basis for learning more skills. Then if you want to master the secret of how to hit the ball in actual combat, aiming technology is the main content to be learned next.
I believe everyone understands a truth. When we observe an object, the closer it is to us, the bigger it will look. If it is farther away from us, it will look smaller. In fact, the actual size of the object has not changed. This is the so-called visual effect.
The visual effect will affect our judgment on the size of the cue ball, thus affecting our aiming angle.
So when we aim at close range, we will subjectively think that the ball looks big, while it looks small at a distance.
Then there are two problems that need to be discussed: first, the influence of the cue ball getting bigger on the thickness of the shot; Secondly, how much will the distance between the center of the cue ball and the goal point and the center of the target ball make the cue ball look bigger?
First of all, we will explain the impact of hitting thickness after the cue ball becomes bigger as shown in the above figure, which shows the maximum overlapping thickness of the two balls, the big gray circle is the size of the cue ball after it becomes bigger, the radius is, the small circle is the original size of the cue ball, the red ball is the size of the target ball, the radius is, and the maximum overlapping radius of the small gray circle and the red circle is, so there are:
The second question has the following explanation about the distance between the cue ball and each ball center. As shown in the above figure, D represents the distance between the cue ball and the goal point, and the distance D0 between the cue ball center and the target ball center, and the angles α and β, then the relationship between the variables can be obtained as follows:
Walking technique
Finally, let’s talk about the topic that everyone is most interested in, which is also the advanced skill of table tennis game-walking technique. Walking technology is to control the motion track of the cue ball by hitting different positions of the cue ball.
0:Center pole/fixed pole, ideally, the cue ball will only slide without any rotation.
1:High/heel/topspin, cue ball rotates forward, which has following effect after collision.
2:Low shot/shrinking shot/backspin ball, cue ball rotates backward and travels backward after collision.
3&4:Side plugs, 3 and 4 represent the left and right respectively, and the cue ball rotates to the right and left respectively after the shot, which can change the rebound angle of the cue ball after hitting the library.
5:Left plug, the effect is the superposition of high pole and left plug.
6:Upper right plug, the effect is the superposition of high pole and right plug.
7:Left lower plug, the effect is the superposition of low rod and left plug.
8:Lower right plug, the effect is the superposition of low rod and right plug.
A:Stearns followed, and the distance followed after the cue ball hit the target was shorter than that followed by the high pole.
C:Stern retreats, and the distance that the cue ball retreats after hitting the target is shorter than that of the low pole.
B&D:Stensey, the cue ball changes direction after hitting the target.
By hitting the above position of the cue ball, the corresponding cue ball movement effect can be achieved.
After learning so many high-end knowledge and formulas, let’s get rid of the old concept of "making great efforts to make miracles". Many people always keep the same strength to hit the ball, which is not desirable. The strength of hitting the ball should be changed at any time with different situations. This requires long-term practice to accurately grasp the strength of the shot that should be adopted at different angles.
The above is the explanation of the formula and technology related to this table tennis game. Dear table tennis lovers, remember the formula and practice hard. "Clear the table with one shot" is not a dream!
Audit: Zhu Guangsi, member of Beijing Popular Science Writers Association.
Reprinted content only represents the author’s point of view
Does not represent the position of Institute of Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences.
Source:Tadpole staff
Editor: Garrett

Eddie Peng Yuyan: After filming The Rescue, I don’t even want to swim now.

  The film The Rescue is the fourth cooperation between Lin Chaoxian and Eddie Peng Yuyan. In every previous cooperation, both of them constantly challenged the limits with the support of each other. When they co-produced Guild Wars for the first time, Eddie Peng Yuyan was trained as a professional boxer, and it took him three months to learn Thai boxing, lock technique and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. When shooting against professional boxers, I hope to "convince the audience". In the second collaboration of Breaking the Wind, Eddie Peng Yuyan participated in training for four months, and during the training and filming process, he rode over 110,000 kilometers, almost three times around the earth. In the third collaboration with operation mekong, the challenge between Lin Chaoxian and Eddie Peng Yuyan rose to a new height again. When shooting, Lin Chaoxian was even accidentally bitten by a six-inch centipede, while Eddie Peng Yuyan was fighting with a real gun, and every action instruction was close to reality. This time in The Rescue, they will challenge the "water play" which is recognized as difficult to shoot all over the world. The Rescue is the first Chinese-language film about maritime rescue, which is based on real maritime rescue events. Eddie Peng Yuyan said that the director has changed from "Devil Forest" and "Explosion Forest" to "Monster Forest".

  As soon as the director looked for me, he came to shoot.

  Q: Why did you take on The Rescue? The shooting conditions are very difficult. What mental preparations did you make before taking the show?

  Eddie Peng Yuyan: Director Lin Chaoxian came to me as soon as he asked me. I knew that filming the director’s play would be particularly interesting and enjoyable, and of course there would be certain challenges and difficulties. That’s why I wanted to shoot the director’s play, so I was ready long ago. I just didn’t expect that I was not prepared enough this time. Every day when I arrived at the scene (shooting for 8 months), it was a variety of difficulties, which was very challenging, and it was an unprecedented surprise both physically and mentally.

  Q: You play the captain of the Maritime Secret Service. How much do you know about the real salvage team?

  Eddie Peng Yuyan: My name is Gao Qian in the play, and I am the captain of the Maritime Secret Service. He is a man with great courage, experience and a strong sense of responsibility. He has performed many tasks and saved many people.

  Before shooting, the director showed us some information about the rescuers, so we would know their lives and train with them. We were like friends. They all look like ordinary people, but when they receive the task, they are completely different. Once when they were on a mission, I followed them. You can’t imagine these ordinary people hanging on the helicopter, and you will feel as if they were in another world. As salvage team members, they need extra concentration to save another life, because sometimes, you have to give up something to save other people’s lives. You can only save two people in the water for three to five minutes, but there are twenty or thirty people around. What do you do? This is what they have to face. They have to face the human tragedy every day when they go to work, and they have to be a normal person when they get home. If they don’t have faith, they can’t do it. This is what the director wants to talk about in this play. We also experienced it ourselves and found out how great they are.

  Rescuers are giving "hope of life" to others. They are faced with the tragedy of life. Without faith and firm heart, there is no way to meet and complete the task. In this profession, they must have enough courage and faith to forget themselves and their own lives to save others.

  Q: Did you find it challenging to play your father for the first time in The Rescue?

  Eddie Peng Yuyan: I think it is very difficult for the director to give me this role. The director is very interesting. He knows that I am a single-parent family, so it takes me a lot of time to convince myself that there is no father in my life. Thank you very much for giving me this role. The actor who plays my son is very smart and cute. It is natural and great to act with him. Because the child is very real, he can recite his lines by heart and act naturally. I also hope to keep this innocence and nature when acting with him. Directors and screenwriters have done a lot of homework in advance to understand the lives of rescuers. Family is also very important for rescuers, which should be an important reason to support them to be so brave and responsible. Maybe everyone thinks this is an action movie, but I think it is actually a drama full of love.

  Being abused by all kinds,

  Every time you go into the water, you should be mentally prepared.

  Q: What scenes impressed you the most in this shooting?

  Eddie Peng Yuyan: There are many scenes that impressed me the most, usually the first time is the most unforgettable. For example, the first time I was blown up by fire, I was blown up in a fire of 600 to 700 degrees Celsius, and I thought it was all right several times. As a result, I was going to be blown up by water later. After the explosion, the director said excitedly, "Eddie was finally blown up by me with water." Before, I didn’t know that water could be used to fry people, but the next day after the frying, it was hung in the air for a day, until it was almost vomiting. But it’s also quite enjoyable, because the real shooting is hung on the helicopter, and the height is very high, so it’s also unforgettable. I thought it was all right when I came down, and then I had to flood with fire, and then I flooded with water, so this time it was all kinds of experiences, basically all kinds of "abuse". This is the director’s style, and he just likes to "abuse" artists. But in fact, actors can get a lot of nutrients in this process, which is also the reason why we fall in love with the director, so that we can make a very unforgettable play.

  Q: Are all the security measures in The Rescue in place this time?

  Eddie Peng Yuyan: Yes, of course, there’s still a possibility. Although I’ve tried all the heat insulation suits, after all, the fire is at least 300 degrees Celsius, and my whole fire protection suit is on fire, but that’s what I want to feel when shooting. Although I am fully armed, I am still afraid, and I can still feel my skin burning. I am still afraid if I shoot like this every day and I am suspended every day. Moreover, when I finally get into the water, the water temperature is 6 degrees Celsius. I didn’t think I could make it. It was really cold.

  I think I am the kind of actor who is not afraid as long as I have the conditions to do it, but I really have to prepare myself before going into the water every day to make this film, because the water is too cold and there are chemicals in it. There are many things in the play that I need to take off my equipment. Without goggles, chemicals will get into my eyes and I can’t open them. Those photographers wear goggles when they go into the water. When they take them off, they can’t stand the water flowing into their eyes. They should always wash them. But I soak for more than ten hours every day, and I may stay for 15 minutes at a time, because it is too cold. Wash your eyes every day, and at the end, your eyes will always shed tears and your eyes will be red. The director is also distressed, so he will go down to accompany me. After filming this play, I don’t want to swim until now, and I feel that the quota of touching water has been used up this year.

  Q: Did you get any serious injuries this time?

  Eddie Peng Yuyan: I drowned several times. One scene that impressed me most was that I was hooked by Weiya in Mexico, and then I was pushed under the bottom of the pool. Everyone is scared, and I can’t get out. I found that the Viagra that tied me was stuck on the base of the truck, and the rescue team had not come to save me. So I thought that I would save myself first, and I would find out if I had any tools to cut the rope, but I couldn’t open it. Later, I found the hook point, untied the rope desperately, and then came out. The director kept saying, "Are you all right? Are you all right?" I said to have a rest. Because the rope was too tight to open, I tried my best to pull it. My nails were all lifted and my hands were cracked. The director was scared. This was the most horrible thing.

  Another time, I was in the water, and my oxygen bottle was running out of gas, so I could only suck eight spare cylinders. The deeper the water pressure, the more I sucked, so I had to save my eight mouths every time. Later, I took a long shot, and the rescue team had to withdraw far away. When I finished swimming back, my oxygen bottle was out of gas and I couldn’t find the spare cylinders, so I held my breath to find an exit. This kind of situation often happens. I always think I am a good swimmer, but when you are really more than ten meters underwater, it is completely different from you in the swimming pool, and we carry a lot of lead on us, so I can’t float. Coupled with the water temperature of 6℃, I feel like I am in the freezer.

  Looking back on filming the scene in the water now, I will be scared. I remember that after shooting those scenes, we went to dinner, and the local staff in Mexico would take the initiative to greet me and praise me. Friends of our rescue team told me that local rescuers felt that this was beyond the ordinary people’s ability. Many people couldn’t believe that we China actors went down to shoot by ourselves, and foreign countries went to that scene to make movies, but body double went down.

  Q: Are these self-help things in the water the methods you learned from training before filming?

  Eddie Peng Yuyan: Yes, basically. All the training was used in filming. If you don’t train well in advance, you may not dare to shoot this play. We followed the real rescue team to rescue outside. The rescue process was very hard, and we really experienced the fragility of life. There was no way to imagine the power of nature. It was really terrible. After making this film, I feel I must cherish my life.

  Q: In addition to feeling the fragility of life, what influence has it had on you after making this film?

  Eddie Peng Yuyan: Now, if I fly, I will read the rescue manual, see where the escape pod is, and see the people nearby. If something really happens, who needs help. Not before, but now it becomes instinctive, and then I will imagine the filming situation at that time. I will count several old people, and several of them came up in wheelchairs. These are all realized after I finished filming, and I can’t help but think it is quite exaggerated. As soon as I talk about the escape pod, I will think of the horrible scenes of training in the past eight months and saving people in the plane. I always tell myself that if something really happens today, I can save people.

  And director Lin Chaoxian are also teachers and friends.

  Q: This is your fourth collaboration with director Lin Chaoxian. Do you feel that his films are getting more and more difficult?

  Eddie Peng Yuyan: If the difficulty hadn’t increased, I don’t think it would be directed by Lin Chaoxian. Since I met the director, I think the greatest thing about him is that he has not changed what he likes, and he is persistent about what he likes, so when the director makes a movie with such enthusiasm, you will be infected, and then you will feel, why not do it?

  He is very good every time, and I believe he will only get better and better. This time, there are many scenes that he wants to shoot, as well as many action scenes and emotional scenes. He finished writing the characterization of the characters and then went to the scene to schedule, which he has always loved, so I think the director is very good. Moreover, the director becomes more and more challenging, because every time he shoots something new, just like this underwater shooting, we have never experienced it before, and many of them are unknown. We can only follow the camera when we go to the scene to shoot, and then we can shoot after training, and we have to rehearse before shooting. It is conceivable that many scenes are actually difficult to implement. We are all studying, and the director will give me a lot of confidence.

  Q: Is Director Lin Chaoxian different from other directors you have worked with?

  Eddie Peng Yuyan: I think it’s fate. He appreciates me and I respect him. Few actors can work with the same director four times, so it’s rare. And to some extent, there is also a habit problem. In many cases, we can omit some running-in things, which is a bit like "family". I have experienced four different lives in seven years, and these four lives are not what ordinary people can experience.

  Q: One saying is "Eddie Peng Yuyan while the iron is hot, Lin Chaoxian while the iron is hot". Do you agree with this sentence?

  Eddie Peng Yuyan: I’ve heard it (one of the leading actors with the most cooperation times, second only to Nick Cheung). When I heard this sentence before, I felt that it made our feelings smaller, as if it was only tempering, but after The Rescue, I felt that it was too accurate.

  Because I think The Rescue is really like "grinding", which is very dangerous. I have been throwing caution to the wind several times. If the director wasn’t Lin Chaoxian, I would definitely have questions. In fact, when I finished filming operation mekong, the director told me about it. At that time, I really wanted to shoot it, but I felt I needed to take a break. It happened that the director had other plays at that time, so I took a break.

  I didn’t take this play because it was dangerous, but because of the theme and role. It is much more difficult for the director to give me this role than I used to play, and it is quite different from my previous image. (Difficulty) Mainly in the emotional aspect, I play a father, and the other is the difficulty of this profession.

  The relationship between me and the director is more like mentoring. It is natural for the director to shoot a man’s play and talk about the feelings between men. I think the director has quite a pattern in dealing with this very real human nature. He sees things a lot and is very real, so I think acting his play is an immersive experience to some extent. From MMA fighting to cycling to The Rescue, I don’t need to think about how I want to act, just experience it.

  So I think the director and I are also teachers and friends. He thinks I should shoot something at my age, so he asks me to shoot it. If I haven’t reached that stage, then maybe the drama at that stage is not suitable for me. He hopes that I can grow up slowly, and to some extent I can understand what he really wants to pursue. There is a tacit understanding between us (appreciate each other), and I feel that there is such a person in the film industry, which is a kind of existence that will be infected with each other. Needless to say, I can see from what he wants to do, so I get along very well. I quite appreciate the director’s point.

  From the first collaboration of Guild Wars to now, neither the director nor I have changed. Luck is true. I never thought I could have so much cooperation with the director after Guild Wars, and he probably never thought that Eddie Peng Yuyan could still be used as an actor. The director also gives me a new thing every year or two, so I also feel lucky. The director did a very good job in his field of work, and I tried to play every role well in my own school.

  Will cherish the opportunity to cooperate with each other.

  Q: Have you ever had any conflicts or differences with the director?

  Eddie Peng Yuyan: There will definitely be some. Maybe I have some ideas about some performances. The director also knows that the actor must be given space. On this basis, I try to surprise him. When he sees it, he may think that the role I created is more three-dimensional than he imagined in his mind. The director will feel very valuable. I have also been addicted to acting, so I must trust each other.

  A person’s ideas are limited, and maybe we are infinite together. When you are willing to share your things, he will certainly share his things with you. The difference between me and the director is often that he may feel enough, and I want to give more. He will let me play and make me happy. I think one advantage of filming with the director is that what he sees will never be the same as what others see me.

  Q: If you have the chance to cooperate with the director for the fifth time, do you have a subject you want to shoot?

  Eddie Peng Yuyan: Actually, we have talked about too many topics. Every time we run and chat, we will think of a topic. He will ask me what I like, and I will ask him what I like. Before, we discussed many things like racing, action and gunfight. Usually, the director said the type he wanted to shoot, but I don’t have any restrictions on his films because I believe him.

  Q: Are you worried that the director will choose more and more actors in the future?

  Eddie Peng Yuyan: It’s possible. The director has the right to choose the actors he thinks fit. It doesn’t mean that we have to cooperate with the fifth film now that we have cooperated with four films. That’s why this is very subtle. Also, I have a choice whether to continue to cooperate with him or not. I think sometimes it’s just a magnetic field between us. We can give each other what they want, and we all know it’s hard to come by. Therefore, when shooting every play, I try my best not to regret it, because this is the only thing I can control. I will gain experience and wisdom in the process of doing my best within our control, which is very worthwhile.

  Text/Xiao You for the picture/Tian Tian

Kunming: Fireworks and firecrackers are on sale in the Spring Festival of 2024.

  On January 30th, fireworks and firecrackers started to be sold in five main urban areas and three development (holiday) areas of Kunming in the Spring Festival of 2024, and the retail outlets of fireworks and firecrackers in various urban areas opened their doors one after another.

  On January 31, the reporter went to the fireworks and firecrackers retail point at the intersection of Yuyang Road and Yupu Road in Dianchi Resort. The sales staff were wearing special protective clothing "pure cotton flame retardant clothing" and were busy placing and selling goods in the sales warehouse. Although it was morning, many citizens had come to inquire and buy. "Our retail store has an area of more than 20 square meters, and according to the relevant regulations, it can hold up to 140 fireworks and firecrackers," the salesperson said. "We have more than 200 kinds of fireworks and firecrackers, and only one third of them are placed today. Later, we will pick up the goods from the warehouse according to the sales situation."

  According to the requirements of Kunming Emergency Bureau, all 304 retail outlets in five main urban areas and three development (holiday) areas in Kunming use explosion-proof warehouses for sales, and all of them have installed video surveillance systems to implement 24-hour monitoring. There are signs on the stalls in all retail outlets that "it is forbidden to set off fireworks and firecrackers within 80 meters around the point of sale". The fireworks and firecrackers safety commitment letter and business license and other related documents are posted on the walls of the store, and fire extinguishers, buckets and other fire-fighting facilities are placed outside the store. Through layer-by-layer protection, the awareness of fireworks and firecrackers’ business safety and law-abiding and emergency handling ability are effectively enhanced, and fireworks and firecrackers are strictly "safely closed".

  According to the "Management Measures for Fireworks and Firecrackers in Kunming", the operation and discharge time of the Spring Festival in 2024 in five main urban areas and three development (holiday) areas in Kunming is from the twentieth day of the twelfth lunar month to the fifteenth day of the first month, that is, from January 30 to February 24, for a total of 26 days.

  Yunnan net reporter Hu Yuya’s photo report

"Stability" is still the key word of the real estate market (Rui Caijing)

  On September 17th, the National Bureau of Statistics released the statistical data of the changes in the sales prices of commercial housing in 70 large and medium-sized cities in August this year. In August, the prices of new commercial housing in 55 cities rose month-on-month, 5 cities less than that in July. The picture shows a real estate for sale in Rugao, Nantong, Jiangsu. Photo by Wu Shujian (People’s Vision)

  On September 17, the National Bureau of Statistics released statistics on the changes in the sales prices of commercial housing in 70 large and medium-sized cities in August 2019. Overall, in the month of August, whether it was new commercial housing or second-hand housing, the cities with rising prices were 55 cities and 43 cities respectively, and the number dropped significantly compared with last month. Analysts pointed out that although the traditional sales season of "Golden September and Silver 10" is approaching, the overall stable situation of the local property market has continued, which on the one hand reflects the effect of regulatory policies, and on the other hand reflects that the positioning of "houses are used for living, not for speculation" is profoundly changing the development pattern of the real estate market.

  The overall situation continued to be stable.

  According to Peng Kong, chief statistician of the Urban Department of the National Bureau of Statistics, according to preliminary calculations, the sales prices of new commercial housing in four first-tier cities increased by 0.3% month-on-month, which was the same as last month, with Beijing rising by 0.5%, Shanghai rising by 0.3% and Guangzhou and Shenzhen both rising by 0.2%; It rose by 4.2% year-on-year, and the growth rate dropped by 0.1 percentage point from last month. The sales price of second-hand houses was flat month-on-month, rising by 0.3% last month, of which Beijing fell by 0.4%, Shanghai and Guangzhou were flat, and Shenzhen rose by 0.2%; It fell by 0.2% year-on-year, which was the first decline since June last year. The sales prices of new commercial housing and second-hand housing in 31 second-tier cities increased by 0.5% and 0.2% respectively from the previous month, and the growth rate dropped by 0.2 percentage points from the previous month. It rose by 9.9% and 5.5% respectively year-on-year, and the growth rate dropped by 0.8 and 1.2 percentage points respectively from last month.

  At the same time, in August, the sales price of new commercial housing in 35 third-tier cities rose by 0.7% month-on-month, the same as last month; It rose by 9.0% year-on-year, and the growth rate dropped by 1.2 percentage points from last month. The sales price of second-hand houses increased by 0.8% month-on-month, with an increase of 0.1 percentage point over the previous month; It rose by 5.8% year-on-year, and the growth rate dropped by 1.3 percentage points from last month.

  According to Yan Yuejin, the research director of the think tank center of Yiju Research Institute, due to the recent cooling of the housing transaction market, the tightening of the real estate financing environment, and the tightening of the funds in place for housing enterprises, housing enterprises in various places have taken the initiative to reduce prices and promote sales, which has led to a narrowing of the growth rate of the housing price index in 70 cities across the country. At present, the property market is entering a cooling channel, especially in second-tier cities, which has a positive effect on stabilizing housing prices in second-tier cities and preventing real estate speculation by borrowing talents from all over the world.

  The policy supports "housing and not speculation"

  The real estate market continues to remain stable, which is inseparable from the strict control of policies. Zhang Dawei, chief analyst of Zhongyuan Real Estate, said that from the central bank to China Banking and Insurance Regulatory Commission, the risk control of real estate finance has been intensively strengthened, and various financing channels from real estate mortgage to housing enterprises have been tightened to varying degrees.

  The central bank recently reformed and improved the formation mechanism of the loan market quotation rate (LPR) to further reduce the financing cost of the real economy. In this process, in order to resolutely implement the positioning of "houses are used for living, not for speculation" and the long-term management mechanism of the real estate market, ensure the effective implementation of the regional differentiated housing credit policy, and keep the interest rate of individual housing loans basically stable, the central bank has simultaneously adopted "the shortest repricing period is one year", "the interest rate of commercial housing purchase loans shall not be lower than the quoted market interest rate of the corresponding term loans plus 60 basis points" and "the interest rate of two sets of commercial individual housing loans shall not be lower than the quoted market interest rate of the corresponding term loans plus 60 basis points".

  The relevant person in charge of the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development said that it will speed up the promotion of housing security legislation, clarify the top-level design and basic institutional framework of housing security at the national level, consolidate the responsibility of housing security at all levels of government, and provide a legal basis for regulating the access and use of affordable housing.

  "In recent years, the whole society has become more and more deeply aware of the return of real estate to residential properties, and the intensity and resilience of real estate regulation and control policies have become greater and greater. Recently, while releasing funds to reduce the financing cost of the real economy, the financial authorities have also made structural arrangements specifically to avoid capital flowing into the real estate market. It can be said that the persistence of real estate control policies and the establishment of a long-term mechanism are playing an increasingly obvious role. " Yi Cong, a professor at the School of Economics of Tianjin University of Finance and Economics, said in an interview with this reporter.

  Take the initiative to get rid of "real estate dependence"

  At the recent press conference held by the State Council, Shen Xiaoming, Governor of Hainan Province, said that for a long time, Hainan’s real estate accounted for about 50% of investment and 50% of tax revenue, and its economy relied heavily on real estate. However, real estate needs land, which will increase the environmental load, while Hainan’s land resources are getting less and less, and the environmental load also has a "ceiling". Therefore, economic development cannot be sustained by real estate.

  “1— In August, under the background that the real estate sales area decreased by 52%, the real estate sales decreased by 50%, and the national tax reduction and fee reduction, the regional GDP of the whole province increased by 5.4%, and there was no economic ups and downs caused by real estate regulation. It is expected that by the end of the first quarter of next year, the downward pressure on the economy caused by the downward adjustment of old kinetic energy will be basically released, and the dividends generated by new kinetic energy will gradually accumulate. Therefore, we expect Hainan’s economy to enter a benign and rapid development track at the end of the first quarter of next year. " Shen Xiaoming said.

  Yi Cong said that adhering to the regulation policy of the real estate market and ensuring the healthy development of the real estate market is not to stop developing the real estate industry, but to make the real estate development and the development of the real economy complement each other and provide support for people to live and work in peace and contentment, entrepreneurship and innovation.

  Deng Yusong, deputy director of the Institute of Market Economy of the State Council Development Research Center, said that the demand caused by the demolition of old houses, the influx of new population and the shrinking of families is normal, and the subsequent demand will be affected if more demand is released in the short term. Deng Yusong predicted that the situation of concentrated demand release and hot sales in small and medium-sized cities like in the past two years could not last for a long time.

In order to heat up the winter, the people in the south have made every effort.

  When I was a child, I watched TV and felt that northerners were really particular about it. When I got home in winter, I had to take off my down jacket, coat and scarf and hang them on the shelf, and then change into a household suit before I started to do things.

  Later, I realized that it’s not that they are particular, but that we can’t be as particular as they are, because it’s as cold inside as outside in winter. If we take off our down jacket before we do anything, it will be as cold as chaff in two minutes. Therefore, no matter how exquisite, it is just to replace the down jacket worn when going out with the old down jacket that can be ruined casually.

  Really, Sichuan, including the winter along the Yangtze River valley, is really cold and unforgettable. Therefore, in order to heat up the winter, people are desperately trying to find a way. This year, all kinds of new heating artifacts have mushroomed, and even some "local specialties" have gone to the whole country.

  electric heating table

  We sat around the table, chatting and warming tea, which was very hot.

  Before the Spring Festival the year before last, I went to a friend’s house in Guizhou to play. As we all know, it’s very cold in winter in Guizhou, but those people in their family are poised around a table after dinner. I don’t see them warming themselves, but they are calm and don’t feel cold at all. Later, I came to the table by accident, and suddenly I felt that the table seemed to be heating up, but because it was covered with a piece of cloth, I couldn’t see it at all. Later, they told me that the table was just heating up. I was surprised at that time, because I had never seen this kind of table in Sichuan, and I didn’t expect it. They told me to put my knee in and put my foot on the board under the table, only to find that the legs of the table were all very gentle and warm, but not too hot. And the whole family is sitting there, which is very pleasant when we were young and surrounded by a cage of firewood. They said that this kind of table is everywhere in Guizhou, and they baked it very early.

  After I came back from Guizhou, I always wanted to buy this kind of table, but I didn’t see it anywhere in Sichuan, so I had no choice but to search online. When I searched online, I didn’t know what name to search for. In the end, I only thought of a "table for warming the fire" in general, and then I jumped out of an electric heating table. I saw that it was just that kind, and it was more advanced than my friend’s, and there was an electric ceramic stove embedded in the middle of the table.

  Since I bought this electric heating table last year, I have entertained countless friends at home in winter. We sat around the table and warmed a pot of tea on the electric ceramic stove in the middle, chatting and drinking tea, which was very hot. Later, I even transferred reading, eating, and watching drama directly to this table. The study, dining table, and sofa all became furnishings. This warm table became the center of my home in winter.

  Because this table was so comfortable, many of my friends later asked for a link from me and bought it willingly, including my mother, who has always been "stingy". After experiencing it once, they all bought one generously. (david lee)

  Electric fire bucket

  It’s so warm that I want to doze off when I do my homework.

  Actually, although I just bought this thing this year, I saw it two years ago.

  When I go back to my hometown every Spring Festival, I see my dad dragging this thing out of the corner as soon as he eats dinner, then taking off his shoes, stepping on the "wooden swing", and finally putting a special blanket on his knee, enclosing this square thing tightly, and starting to watch his TV series with rapt attention.

  I was dumbfounded at the time — — How smelly it is to take off your shoes and put on your socks to warm yourself! Moreover, it is too low and too timid to "ride" the roast in such a poor and evil way! Don’t we people in eastern Sichuan always bake natural gas stoves? Take a tube from the kitchen and drag it to the living room for a long time. Everyone gathers together and can bake it in all four directions. The firepower is amazing. After baking for a long time or too close, my knees often hurt, and I feel that my pants are going to be baked. Isn’t this enough for his old man’s house to bake?

  But my dad simply ignored my "disdain" and kept promoting its goodness to me: this is much better than a natural gas stove. First, it is electric and safe; Secondly, it has three gears, large, medium and small. Unlike natural gas stoves, it has no gears, and it is often blushed and swollen, but its feet are not baked. This is even the minimum gear, because it is surrounded by blankets, and the heat will not be lost. From the baseboard up, the whole lower body is hot. As the saying goes, "cold starts from the foot". When the foot is hot, the whole body is hot and comfortable. Now, most of the elderly in their hometown and county use this, which costs tens of dollars each. It is cheap and easy to use, and which one uses a natural gas stove. With a curl of his mouth, he looked very disgusted. He also encouraged me: "Go and buy one for Duo Er (my daughter, his granddaughter) to take back, lest her feet get cold when she does her homework."

  I looked at my dad like that and rationally refused — — She baked this, so will she be doing her homework or steaming?

  So, despite my dad’s mouth watering, I still insisted on not letting this treasure into my door. But this year’s double eleven, I don’t know which rib was wrong. When I chose one by one among the vast commodities, this thing suddenly jumped into my eyes. Because I am very dissatisfied with the little sun I bought before — — Really, the little sun is so angry that the leg near it is baked with fire spots, but the other side is not even warm, which is seriously uneven. Originally, I wanted to buy a heater that can shine on all sides in the mahjong hall, but I felt that the atmosphere was wrong, for fear that the children would think of playing mahjong as soon as they saw it — — It’s a small matter of heating, but it’s a big matter of delaying study. Forget it. At this time, I suddenly remembered what my father said, and thought that I would try it. Anyway, it’s only about sixty or seventy dollars.

  In those days when I was waiting for the express delivery, I was filled with a feeling of anxiety and expectation every day. Finally, the goods arrived. I took off my shoes that day and tried it. Damn it, why isn’t it hot? I had to put a towel on my leg like my dad. This is terrible, the smallest file, I have read fifty pages on it, because it is too hot, I have to spend my feet to dry several times in the middle.

  Give it to your daughter for her homework as soon as possible. I didn’t expect my daughter to use it for two days and said, "No baking, no baking, it’s so warm that I want to doze off when I do my homework."

  Later, I learned that this electric fire bucket is a household name in Hunan. I didn’t expect to go out of Hunan and go to the whole country in recent years. A friend of mine told me: We went to my husband’s brother’s house for the Spring Festival last year, and his niece baked this, and the barrel well was a little deep. She sat alone in the barrel and made a dragon gate array with us. I was not used to it at that time, and I always felt like a baby taking a bath in a barrel!

  Others said that their family bought the large-sized one. At night, the family of three took off their shoes to build a towel quilt and sat neatly on the sofa to catch up with the drama. I feel the happy picture twenty years ago, because this tacky electric fire bucket is back! (Tintin Sugar)

  electric heat

  Knee blanket

  I tried it on my husband, and he immediately asked for a piece.

  After living for almost half a century, people have come to Chengdu from Yunnan for more than 30 years, but they are still afraid of the winter in Chengdu. The cold frozen into the bone marrow is far away except the bed, and it is sad to think about it.

  When I was a teenager, I was poor. I only had a small charcoal-burning drying cage to warm my hands. I was so cold when I did my homework that I never sat on a small bench. Mom had no choice but to take a big bath basin, fill a big glass bottle brought back from the unit infirmary with boiling water, put it in a small quilt, cover my feet and put them in the basin, but my hands and feet are still cold and frostbite every year.

  Later, with the electric blanket, it was much better. In the future, with the small sun and oil, air conditioning is a must for every family. But for Chengdu people, air conditioning seems to be only in summer, and there is little difference between turning on air conditioning in winter and not turning it on, and the air is drier. So I discussed with my husband and said that our house should be replaced by electric heaters, just like your north.

  Strangely enough, my husband is an authentic northerner, and he is extremely happy to come to Chengdu, where the winter is completely white. It is said that northerners are most afraid of winter in the south. Chengdu is so cold. He actually said to me, this is called cool! This is a joke to me from Yunnan, where the seasons are like spring.

  Therefore, I am bent on making Chengdu’s home spring all the year round. Floor heating was not popular when the house was renovated many years ago. Now, if you want to install radiators, you can only install them openly, which involves knocking on the wall and making holes. This northerner from science and engineering began to tell me the truth from the principle of radiator, and the last meaning was that you can’t install it, and you can’t destroy the wall at home. Of course, I guess it is more likely to be reluctant to pay the electricity bill.

  Well, I have to find another way and search on the Internet, as long as I can watch TV and read and write without stamping my feet. Finally, I finally found a heating artifact. This artifact is a charged blanket, but it is not an electric blanket for bed. It can be folded, cleaned and put on at will.

  I bought it back. It’s a big blanket with plug-in and nine gears. It can be used as a shawl, waist protector and knee protector — — The lower half is two pieces, each with hidden buttons, which can wrap all the legs.

  When my husband came home, he was surprised to see that I was not dressed as a bear as usual, but covered with a blanket and collapsed on the couch with a book in my arms, and the air conditioner was not turned on. I proudly showed it to him and let it try again. Now, he couldn’t get it back, and he strongly demanded that it be wrapped in a blanket. (Xiaoyun)

  Skirting heater

  Air conditioning+"baseboard", friends say when they enter the door, Oh, is your home decoration warm?

  The house I live in was renovated in early 2013. At that time, the floor heating was a bit expensive. In addition, the previous house faced west and was bathed in the sun in the afternoon, and the area was not large, and the air conditioning was also effective. Therefore, when decorating this house, the heating problem was not considered too much.

  I didn’t know that when I moved in, I found that the house was big, and the direction was just north. In winter, there was no sunshine at all, and people were not so young. When the temperature dropped sharply in winter, I wanted to fly to tropical islands to swim every day.

  I didn’t know whether I was young or I used my mobile phone and computer less. I didn’t feel so dry when I turned on the air conditioner. In the present house, the air conditioner in the living room is facing the sofa. As soon as the air conditioner is turned on, the wind blows at people. In summer, it is fine and cool, but in winter, it is annoyed. It is like a fire in winter, which makes people almost dehydrated. Even if the direction of the air outlet is adjusted, the effect is not great. I always stay in a dry circle and sit on the sofa and watch TV. In less than half an hour, my eyes are as dry as Sahara desert. So sometimes I’d rather wear thick clothes than turn on the air conditioner, and put a blanket on my legs like the grandparents in the cartoon. I usually like to invite friends to dinner at home, but I dare not invite my friends in winter, because they all say that my air conditioner is too weak, just blowing the sofa and sitting in the dining room to eat, which is chilly.

  It’s not that I haven’t thought of a way. I bought an oil tin, and the effect is different. Anyway, I am a little overwhelmed. The electricity consumption made me suspect that someone had stolen electricity.

  Last year, a friend recommended a skirting heater, saying it was very good (of course, this thing must be bought to save electricity and energy, otherwise the electricity consumption will be as good as that of oil). After the heater was delivered, it was found to be very suitable for my home. It was placed on the wall out of the bathroom (there are still some that are very thin and can be hung on the wall, which takes up no space), just to make up for the heating in the area where the air conditioner can’t blow, and the warm current of the whole house finally flows. Another advantage of this thing is that it heats up quickly, and the whole room will feel hot and warm in about ten minutes. Moreover, it also has the function of preset startup time, but I think it heats up very quickly, and this function is basically useless. Sitting on the sofa watching TV, I’d rather move the heater in front of the TV cabinet than blow the air conditioner now. Moreover, since I bought this skirting heater, I have invited several friends to have dinner at home, air conditioning+heater, and my friends said when they entered the door, Oh, it’s so warm. Is your home decoration floor warm? (Josh.w)

  Electric heating mat

  Not only children like it, but also cats and dogs.

  To tell the truth, n years ago, when I was as cold as an ice sculpture and climbed into the bed where the electric blanket was opened, I thought from the bottom of my heart: Since the electric blanket is so cheap and easy to use, why not actively explore the territory and develop it on sofas, tables and the ground … … In this way, we Sichuanese, who are in the south and north, can’t be cold-blooded in winter? However, because my imagination failed to come true, I later actively denied myself: well, maybe heating equipment like electric blanket must be "soaked" on the blanket to generate heat, just like when I was a child, I had to wrap a layer of cotton wool or straw on the jar filled with fermented glutinous rice. I am terrible at physics, and I don’t understand the scientific principles. I can only comfort everything in front of me with the common sense of life visible to the naked eye.

  However, this year, when I saw this electric mat on Taobao, I was so excited that someone finally helped me realize my wish for many years! Of course, why did it come true again? I still don’t know the principle. I only know that with this, we "poor people" also have the joy of installing the original floor heating — — Hahaha, I can finally put on my socks and walk around the living room.

  Yes, this electric mat, just like a carpet, has different sizes. You can buy it according to your own needs, then lay it on the ground and plug it in. After twenty minutes, it will start to heat up. This is really useful for children at home, especially those who can just crawl — — You can save the climbing mat, and you don’t have to worry about getting cold on your hands, feet and small ass when you crawl around on it. If the size is big enough, you don’t have to stare at the baby all the time. Adults can sit up on a blanket with confidence. In name, it is companionship, but in fact, reading and playing mobile phones are so comfortable.

  This electric mat not only benefits children, but also pets. My sister has a cat. My sister used to buy it a nest with cotton pads every winter, but the cat is still too cold and drills into my sister every day. Not now, people squat on this electric mat every day, and they are too lazy to move. (Ye Zhiyan)

The session will not fall! Changan automobile won the double honor [self-reliance through science and technology < 44 >]

On the evening of January 28th.

Central radio and television main station

The 4th China Automobile Fengyun Festival Awards Ceremony

Held at Beijing National Gymnasium.

At this grand ceremony

Changan Automobile Global Design Team, Aouita 12

They were awarded "Pioneer Design Team of the Year"

"Best Intelligent Driving"

Won two honors

Fully demonstrated Changan Automobile.

Hard core strength in the field of design and products

It is understood that

"China Automobile Fengyun Festival" is sponsored by the Central Radio and Television General Station and specially planned by the Financial Program Center of the General Station, aiming at the China automobile market, to select the annual outstanding models with strong products, market guidance and future development trends for consumers, and is known as the "wind vane of the automobile industry".

As the most authoritative event in the domestic automobile industry, it has been held for four consecutive years, and Changan Automobile has never failed.

In 2020 China Automobile Fengyun Festival, Changan Automobile CS75PLUS won the "Best Intelligent Networked Car of the Year".

In 2021 China Automobile Fengyun Festival, Changan Ford EVOS won the "Best Smart Car" and a new generation of Lincoln navigator NAUTILUS won the "Best Power Car".

At the 3rd China Automobile Fengyun Festival, Changan Automobile Force Electric won the "Special Award of Jury" and Deep Blue SL03 won the "Grand Prize of Jury".

Original title: "The session does not fall! Changan automobile won the double honor [self-reliance through science and technology < 44 >].

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On the first day of golf swing in Hangzhou Asian Games, Zhuzhou Yazi Chen Guxin temporarily ranked fourth.

On the first day of the competition, Chen Guxin handed in a score of 63 under par 9. This article photography/Fu Huanyu
Red Net News September 28th(Reporter Fu Yuyu) On the morning of September 28th, the golf project of Hangzhou Asian Games was held at Hangzhou West Lake International Golf Course. Chen Guxin, a 20-year-old from Zhuzhou, Hunan Province, ranked fourth among all the athletes in the first round with a score of 63 under par 9. In addition, Chen Guxin also participated in the team competition with national team teammates Ding Wenyi and Wu Ashun.
Chen Guxin pushed the ball steadily to the hole.
After the game, in an interview with the Red Net sports reporter, Chen Guxin gave a satisfactory score for his performance on the first day. "When I first came up, I was still a little nervous and didn’t let go completely, so I made some mistakes. Fortunately, I played my state bit by bit and seized many good opportunities."
Chen Guxin (right) and Karin Hitsh Josh (left) communicate in the competition.
Although it is the first time to participate in the Asian Games, Chen Guxin is no stranger to Hangzhou West Lake International Golf Course. This year, Chen Guxin won the runner-up in the "Charming Hangzhou" West Lake International Golf Open. Zhang Yubin, a South Korean athlete, and Karin Hitsh Josh, an Indian athlete in the same group, are also old rivals that Chen Guxin has encountered many times in the Asian Tour, and they have a good relationship with each other. During the competition, the three people often joke in English to cheer each other up.
On the first day of the competition, Chen Guxin (middle) competed with South Korean athlete Zhang Yubin (right) and Indian athlete Karin Hitsh Josh (left).
The golf competition will last from September 28th to October 1st, and 18 holes will be played every day, and individual and team champions will be produced with the final result of four days. Chen Guxin said that he would relax, enjoy this rare trip to the Asian Games and strive for good results.
Chen Guxin swung vigorously to kick off.
"I also want to thank my hometown elders for their care and support, and my leaders, coaches and teammates in Hunan. I will fight for China and Hunan in the Asian Games." Chen Guxin said.
Red Net Sports supported by Xiangjiao Liquor Industry reported from the front.

The "Youth League Year" is on fire. What is it? People outside this province are shocked!

Coordinate Jiujiang, Jiangxi Province, there is a League Year, which is a ceremony for the whole village, old and young, to worship their ancestors collectively in the ancestral temple. Strictly speaking, it should be the moment when the ugly time meets at midnight on the 30 th, and the year ends and the new year opens. Last year ended, so it is also called "the end of the year". However, the word "finished" is taboo in customs (meaning finished), and Tujili is more called "the year of reunion" (a year of complete reunion). In the development of time, slowly, some still insist on holding this ceremony in the middle of the night, some change it to the evening, and some change it to the early morning (it has reached the first day). My village is more interesting. This ceremony is held in the morning of the 30th instead of the evening.


  CCTV.com News (news broadcast): "New Year’s Eve, including jiaozi". Today, when every household is preparing for the New Year’s Eve, local governments and the masses have "arranged" a special "reunion dinner" for the needy people with care and love, so that the true feelings and warmth can accompany them to have a happy New Year.

  At noon today, more than 8,000 widowed elderly people in Hongkou District of Shanghai put on new clothes bought for them by the community and got together to have a "reunion dinner". Young volunteers from Hefei, Anhui Province came to the apartment for the elderly today, sending deep affection to more than 150 elderly people.

  Gao Caixia, an Anhui old man: I have lived to be over 90 years old, and I feel that now is the best time.

  Young volunteers in Hebei, Guangxi, Shanxi, Jiangsu and other places have formed a "family pair" with the widowed and low-income elderly to take them home for the New Year. Charity federations in Guizhou, Zhejiang, Jiangxi, Jilin, Henan and other places also held "charity reunion dinner" to let the needy people share the festive feast of love.

  In the SOS Children’s Village in Putian, Fujian, children are eating steaming reunion dinner with their mothers in the village. Orphans from Fushun Welfare Institute in Liaoning Province came to Leifeng class today and wrapped up jiaozi with their uncles in the military camp. The orphans and disabled children in Qiqihar, Heilongjiang, and the police "dads" will celebrate the New Year soon.

  Guan Nan, sos Children’s Village in Qiqihar, China: Because today’s New Year’s Eve dinner is very special, they are like relatives to us.

  Today, 100 academicians and professors from Central South University invited more than 200 poor students to their homes to celebrate New Year’s Eve.

  Academician Huang Boyun, President of Central South University: Just let them feel that the school is their home.

  Reporter Wu Xueshan: This is the construction site of Wuhan section of Wuhe Railway, a national key construction project. Now, hundreds of migrant workers who insisted on construction during the Spring Festival gathered together to have a delicious reunion dinner and celebrate the New Year.

  Not only the reunion dinner was sent, but more than 500 migrant workers also received accident insurance of 200,000 yuan per person purchased by the construction unit.

  Lu Kunhao, a migrant worker in Hubei: It’s a double happiness.

  In Sichuan, more than 2,000 migrant workers gathered together and had a lively "Dam Banquet for the Year of the Communist Youth League". In Guangzhou, the Municipal Federation of Trade Unions held a group year dumpling feast for more than 10,000 migrant workers who didn’t go home. At the dumpling banquet, a videophone was specially set up.

  Shen Jian, a migrant worker from Shaanxi: (talking to his mother) I wish you all a happy New Year and all the best. Mom, I’m fine in Guangzhou.

  Red dumplings, colorful buns, hot jiaozi, delicious dishes, and a series of delicious dishes are accompanied by blessings. From yesterday to today, in the community and on the train, all kinds of "reunion dinners" and "thousands of family banquets" have made people in need and people who are away from home feel deep affection and festive joy.

Editor: Zhao Wei