Six cars suitable for "playing" can be bought at the cheapest price of 80 thousand

Six cars suitable for "playing" can be bought at the cheapest price of 80 thousand

The first car came out, and the car was a luxury. Later, with the improvement of industrial technology, cars became mass consumer goods and a means of transportation for many people. Nowadays, with the blessing of various elements, the car is no longer limited to the identity of travel tools. It has more ways to dispel doubts and open it. With the increase of functionality, its car scenes are becoming more diverse.

For example, in recent years, people not only use cars for commuting to work, but also begin to expand the scene of using cars in the wild. Instead of going to poetry and distant places, they find a quiet place in the suburbs of the city to get in touch with nature, stay with their families and have a deep dialogue with themselves. Especially the camping scene that has arisen in recent years, do you want to go to the wild? See if your car supports it? We will take stock of six cars today, and all of them can satisfy this idea.

Baojun KiWi EV

Most people have a certain degree of anxiety. When they see a small product like Baojun KiWi EV, they all have a mileage anxiety. Can it really take them out of the city and go camping to relax? If you don’t go too far, Baojun KiWi EV can actually satisfy it. After all, it also has a cruising range of 305km, and the travel radius is guaranteed. The price is only 77,800, which is a cost-effective car.

And camping needs two characteristics, one is large space, and the other is the function of out-of-band discharge. If we can also pay attention to economy and car cost, it will be icing on the cake. Baojun KiWi EV positioning mini-cars, some are not dominant, but its rear space can be laid down, and the roof rack can be optionally installed to release more storage space, and in most cases the demand can be met.

Moreover, KiWi EV also has an external discharge function, such as boiling boiled coffee, which is difficult to meet and more practical. The biggest highlight is that it can be charged at a voltage of 220V, and it supports fast charging and short-distance travel. In camping series, the threshold is relatively low, the cost of car use is not high, and the practicality is relatively excellent.

Zero run C11

The appearance of new car companies has given cars more characteristics of 3C digital products, which has significantly improved the car experience in terms of technology and convenience, and also brought more specific and diverse car scenes.

Take the Zero Fear C11 as an example, and choose it as your own camper. There are several attractive points. Its nap mode allows you to rest in the wild. After the time is set, you will fall asleep with the white noise played by the vehicle, and the seat will automatically recover when it is time. The rear seat also supports the flat-down mode. If there is a dedicated car mattress, it is equivalent to a mobile exclusive "lounge", which is more private and safer than a tent.

The zero-run C11 also has the function of external discharge. One electric cooking pot can unlock all kinds of beautiful things, which saves equipment such as charcoal fire and barbecue grill, which not only saves space and cost, but also reduces potential safety hazards. There is another bonus item for the zero-run C11, KTV. With the exclusive microphone and entertainment display, you can better set off the atmosphere and relax yourself. For a product with a price of less than 150,000 yuan, it can unlock more car scenes and modes while taking care of home travel, with excellent cost performance.

Zhiji LS6

A trip with Zhiji LS6 is a performance tour. After all, one of the outstanding selling points of Zhiji LS6 is performance.

Zhiji LS6 can meet all the requirements for campers, with high value, large space for taking photos, 596L trunk, 69L hidden storage tank and 32L front storage box, which has strong storage capacity, and it is not a problem for a family to go out. The quasi-900V platform can last more than 500km after 15 minutes of charging, so it is not worried about the loss of external power supply and other functions.

The auxiliary driving function and intelligent cockpit are the outstanding highlights of Zhiji LS6. It provides the elevated high-speed NOA function, and the vehicle can follow the car by itself, controlling acceleration and deceleration while keeping a safe distance. While paying attention to the comfort and technological car experience, it also pays more attention to performance. The accelerated performance of 3.48S per 100 kilometers brings a more wanton and hearty experience. The cruising range is as low as 560km, and the highest can reach 760km. The travel radius is larger, and it will not be held back by the pursuit of freedom.

Haobo HT

If Zhiji LS6 is a performance journey, then Haoplatinum HT is a quality trip.

Haobo HT locates medium and large SUVs, with a price of 213,900, which is highly coincident with the positioning and price of Zhiji LS6, but the specific car scenes and audience groups are still subdivided. Take Haobo HT for example, it is more suitable for the audience who pursue the quality of car use.

As far as modeling is concerned, Haobo HT is fashionable, with European wing doors as standard, and the photos are quite out of the picture. Moreover, it comes standard with the back row of the King’s Throne with heating function, which can realize the largest adjustment angle of the back seat backrest at the same level of 143, and also supports various modes. It is more comfortable to get on the bus when camping in the wild, and has the function of seat massage. The panoramic canopy can lie down and watch the stars, and there is an electric sunshade during the day, which can better protect against the sun and relax.

The biggest highlight is that more than 20 speakers are standard, the Dolby panoramic sound response system is created, and the headrest audio brings a LIVE-level auditory feast. Imagine the specific car scene. You can have a wild KTV with your family, relax and get on the bus to watch movies together. At that time, a mobile KTV is also a mobile home theater, with the function of out-of-band discharge, which can diversify the car scene and improve the car experience and quality.

Tank 300

Zhiji and Haobo bring a certain range of performance and quality travel, while Tank 300 crushes everything with absolute strength and takes you to any poem and distance with hard power.

Hard-core off-road SUVs are excellent in hard power, which is doomed to make some concessions in comfort, such as the second row of seats, which cannot be adjusted and laid down like other products. Fortunately, the space is large enough, the square box shape ensures the seating space, the trunk has strong storage capacity, and the roof and luggage rack can be expanded externally.

Moreover, with the blessing of part-time 4wd system of Tank 300 and three locks, there are crawling modes, tank turning, and a transparent chassis. Compared with other household SUVs, Tank 300 can unlock more scenes and has lower requirements on environment and road conditions, so it can easily cope with it.

Ideality L8

Life is indifferent to three major events, house, car and children, which can be taken into account in the ideal L8. It is a luxury car and a mobile home, which is more suitable for family travel, and children, the elderly and lovers can all hold it.

Medium and large SUV positioning, 6-seat layout, independent seats, reasonable space utilization and higher comfort, and with the support of large-size central control display and other scientific and technological configuration, the car is more convenient and comfortable. The extended identity gives it a wider travel radius, which can supplement energy with oil and electricity, without mileage anxiety, and supports external discharge, which can also unlock more car scenes and experiences. The internal space can also be turned into a mobile big bed and lounge, which is highly practical and comfortable, pays more attention to the car experience of passengers, and is more friendly to the user groups who travel at home.


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