In order to heat up the winter, the people in the south have made every effort.

In order to heat up the winter, the people in the south have made every effort.

  When I was a child, I watched TV and felt that northerners were really particular about it. When I got home in winter, I had to take off my down jacket, coat and scarf and hang them on the shelf, and then change into a household suit before I started to do things.

  Later, I realized that it’s not that they are particular, but that we can’t be as particular as they are, because it’s as cold inside as outside in winter. If we take off our down jacket before we do anything, it will be as cold as chaff in two minutes. Therefore, no matter how exquisite, it is just to replace the down jacket worn when going out with the old down jacket that can be ruined casually.

  Really, Sichuan, including the winter along the Yangtze River valley, is really cold and unforgettable. Therefore, in order to heat up the winter, people are desperately trying to find a way. This year, all kinds of new heating artifacts have mushroomed, and even some "local specialties" have gone to the whole country.

  electric heating table

  We sat around the table, chatting and warming tea, which was very hot.

  Before the Spring Festival the year before last, I went to a friend’s house in Guizhou to play. As we all know, it’s very cold in winter in Guizhou, but those people in their family are poised around a table after dinner. I don’t see them warming themselves, but they are calm and don’t feel cold at all. Later, I came to the table by accident, and suddenly I felt that the table seemed to be heating up, but because it was covered with a piece of cloth, I couldn’t see it at all. Later, they told me that the table was just heating up. I was surprised at that time, because I had never seen this kind of table in Sichuan, and I didn’t expect it. They told me to put my knee in and put my foot on the board under the table, only to find that the legs of the table were all very gentle and warm, but not too hot. And the whole family is sitting there, which is very pleasant when we were young and surrounded by a cage of firewood. They said that this kind of table is everywhere in Guizhou, and they baked it very early.

  After I came back from Guizhou, I always wanted to buy this kind of table, but I didn’t see it anywhere in Sichuan, so I had no choice but to search online. When I searched online, I didn’t know what name to search for. In the end, I only thought of a "table for warming the fire" in general, and then I jumped out of an electric heating table. I saw that it was just that kind, and it was more advanced than my friend’s, and there was an electric ceramic stove embedded in the middle of the table.

  Since I bought this electric heating table last year, I have entertained countless friends at home in winter. We sat around the table and warmed a pot of tea on the electric ceramic stove in the middle, chatting and drinking tea, which was very hot. Later, I even transferred reading, eating, and watching drama directly to this table. The study, dining table, and sofa all became furnishings. This warm table became the center of my home in winter.

  Because this table was so comfortable, many of my friends later asked for a link from me and bought it willingly, including my mother, who has always been "stingy". After experiencing it once, they all bought one generously. (david lee)

  Electric fire bucket

  It’s so warm that I want to doze off when I do my homework.

  Actually, although I just bought this thing this year, I saw it two years ago.

  When I go back to my hometown every Spring Festival, I see my dad dragging this thing out of the corner as soon as he eats dinner, then taking off his shoes, stepping on the "wooden swing", and finally putting a special blanket on his knee, enclosing this square thing tightly, and starting to watch his TV series with rapt attention.

  I was dumbfounded at the time — — How smelly it is to take off your shoes and put on your socks to warm yourself! Moreover, it is too low and too timid to "ride" the roast in such a poor and evil way! Don’t we people in eastern Sichuan always bake natural gas stoves? Take a tube from the kitchen and drag it to the living room for a long time. Everyone gathers together and can bake it in all four directions. The firepower is amazing. After baking for a long time or too close, my knees often hurt, and I feel that my pants are going to be baked. Isn’t this enough for his old man’s house to bake?

  But my dad simply ignored my "disdain" and kept promoting its goodness to me: this is much better than a natural gas stove. First, it is electric and safe; Secondly, it has three gears, large, medium and small. Unlike natural gas stoves, it has no gears, and it is often blushed and swollen, but its feet are not baked. This is even the minimum gear, because it is surrounded by blankets, and the heat will not be lost. From the baseboard up, the whole lower body is hot. As the saying goes, "cold starts from the foot". When the foot is hot, the whole body is hot and comfortable. Now, most of the elderly in their hometown and county use this, which costs tens of dollars each. It is cheap and easy to use, and which one uses a natural gas stove. With a curl of his mouth, he looked very disgusted. He also encouraged me: "Go and buy one for Duo Er (my daughter, his granddaughter) to take back, lest her feet get cold when she does her homework."

  I looked at my dad like that and rationally refused — — She baked this, so will she be doing her homework or steaming?

  So, despite my dad’s mouth watering, I still insisted on not letting this treasure into my door. But this year’s double eleven, I don’t know which rib was wrong. When I chose one by one among the vast commodities, this thing suddenly jumped into my eyes. Because I am very dissatisfied with the little sun I bought before — — Really, the little sun is so angry that the leg near it is baked with fire spots, but the other side is not even warm, which is seriously uneven. Originally, I wanted to buy a heater that can shine on all sides in the mahjong hall, but I felt that the atmosphere was wrong, for fear that the children would think of playing mahjong as soon as they saw it — — It’s a small matter of heating, but it’s a big matter of delaying study. Forget it. At this time, I suddenly remembered what my father said, and thought that I would try it. Anyway, it’s only about sixty or seventy dollars.

  In those days when I was waiting for the express delivery, I was filled with a feeling of anxiety and expectation every day. Finally, the goods arrived. I took off my shoes that day and tried it. Damn it, why isn’t it hot? I had to put a towel on my leg like my dad. This is terrible, the smallest file, I have read fifty pages on it, because it is too hot, I have to spend my feet to dry several times in the middle.

  Give it to your daughter for her homework as soon as possible. I didn’t expect my daughter to use it for two days and said, "No baking, no baking, it’s so warm that I want to doze off when I do my homework."

  Later, I learned that this electric fire bucket is a household name in Hunan. I didn’t expect to go out of Hunan and go to the whole country in recent years. A friend of mine told me: We went to my husband’s brother’s house for the Spring Festival last year, and his niece baked this, and the barrel well was a little deep. She sat alone in the barrel and made a dragon gate array with us. I was not used to it at that time, and I always felt like a baby taking a bath in a barrel!

  Others said that their family bought the large-sized one. At night, the family of three took off their shoes to build a towel quilt and sat neatly on the sofa to catch up with the drama. I feel the happy picture twenty years ago, because this tacky electric fire bucket is back! (Tintin Sugar)

  electric heat

  Knee blanket

  I tried it on my husband, and he immediately asked for a piece.

  After living for almost half a century, people have come to Chengdu from Yunnan for more than 30 years, but they are still afraid of the winter in Chengdu. The cold frozen into the bone marrow is far away except the bed, and it is sad to think about it.

  When I was a teenager, I was poor. I only had a small charcoal-burning drying cage to warm my hands. I was so cold when I did my homework that I never sat on a small bench. Mom had no choice but to take a big bath basin, fill a big glass bottle brought back from the unit infirmary with boiling water, put it in a small quilt, cover my feet and put them in the basin, but my hands and feet are still cold and frostbite every year.

  Later, with the electric blanket, it was much better. In the future, with the small sun and oil, air conditioning is a must for every family. But for Chengdu people, air conditioning seems to be only in summer, and there is little difference between turning on air conditioning in winter and not turning it on, and the air is drier. So I discussed with my husband and said that our house should be replaced by electric heaters, just like your north.

  Strangely enough, my husband is an authentic northerner, and he is extremely happy to come to Chengdu, where the winter is completely white. It is said that northerners are most afraid of winter in the south. Chengdu is so cold. He actually said to me, this is called cool! This is a joke to me from Yunnan, where the seasons are like spring.

  Therefore, I am bent on making Chengdu’s home spring all the year round. Floor heating was not popular when the house was renovated many years ago. Now, if you want to install radiators, you can only install them openly, which involves knocking on the wall and making holes. This northerner from science and engineering began to tell me the truth from the principle of radiator, and the last meaning was that you can’t install it, and you can’t destroy the wall at home. Of course, I guess it is more likely to be reluctant to pay the electricity bill.

  Well, I have to find another way and search on the Internet, as long as I can watch TV and read and write without stamping my feet. Finally, I finally found a heating artifact. This artifact is a charged blanket, but it is not an electric blanket for bed. It can be folded, cleaned and put on at will.

  I bought it back. It’s a big blanket with plug-in and nine gears. It can be used as a shawl, waist protector and knee protector — — The lower half is two pieces, each with hidden buttons, which can wrap all the legs.

  When my husband came home, he was surprised to see that I was not dressed as a bear as usual, but covered with a blanket and collapsed on the couch with a book in my arms, and the air conditioner was not turned on. I proudly showed it to him and let it try again. Now, he couldn’t get it back, and he strongly demanded that it be wrapped in a blanket. (Xiaoyun)

  Skirting heater

  Air conditioning+"baseboard", friends say when they enter the door, Oh, is your home decoration warm?

  The house I live in was renovated in early 2013. At that time, the floor heating was a bit expensive. In addition, the previous house faced west and was bathed in the sun in the afternoon, and the area was not large, and the air conditioning was also effective. Therefore, when decorating this house, the heating problem was not considered too much.

  I didn’t know that when I moved in, I found that the house was big, and the direction was just north. In winter, there was no sunshine at all, and people were not so young. When the temperature dropped sharply in winter, I wanted to fly to tropical islands to swim every day.

  I didn’t know whether I was young or I used my mobile phone and computer less. I didn’t feel so dry when I turned on the air conditioner. In the present house, the air conditioner in the living room is facing the sofa. As soon as the air conditioner is turned on, the wind blows at people. In summer, it is fine and cool, but in winter, it is annoyed. It is like a fire in winter, which makes people almost dehydrated. Even if the direction of the air outlet is adjusted, the effect is not great. I always stay in a dry circle and sit on the sofa and watch TV. In less than half an hour, my eyes are as dry as Sahara desert. So sometimes I’d rather wear thick clothes than turn on the air conditioner, and put a blanket on my legs like the grandparents in the cartoon. I usually like to invite friends to dinner at home, but I dare not invite my friends in winter, because they all say that my air conditioner is too weak, just blowing the sofa and sitting in the dining room to eat, which is chilly.

  It’s not that I haven’t thought of a way. I bought an oil tin, and the effect is different. Anyway, I am a little overwhelmed. The electricity consumption made me suspect that someone had stolen electricity.

  Last year, a friend recommended a skirting heater, saying it was very good (of course, this thing must be bought to save electricity and energy, otherwise the electricity consumption will be as good as that of oil). After the heater was delivered, it was found to be very suitable for my home. It was placed on the wall out of the bathroom (there are still some that are very thin and can be hung on the wall, which takes up no space), just to make up for the heating in the area where the air conditioner can’t blow, and the warm current of the whole house finally flows. Another advantage of this thing is that it heats up quickly, and the whole room will feel hot and warm in about ten minutes. Moreover, it also has the function of preset startup time, but I think it heats up very quickly, and this function is basically useless. Sitting on the sofa watching TV, I’d rather move the heater in front of the TV cabinet than blow the air conditioner now. Moreover, since I bought this skirting heater, I have invited several friends to have dinner at home, air conditioning+heater, and my friends said when they entered the door, Oh, it’s so warm. Is your home decoration floor warm? (Josh.w)

  Electric heating mat

  Not only children like it, but also cats and dogs.

  To tell the truth, n years ago, when I was as cold as an ice sculpture and climbed into the bed where the electric blanket was opened, I thought from the bottom of my heart: Since the electric blanket is so cheap and easy to use, why not actively explore the territory and develop it on sofas, tables and the ground … … In this way, we Sichuanese, who are in the south and north, can’t be cold-blooded in winter? However, because my imagination failed to come true, I later actively denied myself: well, maybe heating equipment like electric blanket must be "soaked" on the blanket to generate heat, just like when I was a child, I had to wrap a layer of cotton wool or straw on the jar filled with fermented glutinous rice. I am terrible at physics, and I don’t understand the scientific principles. I can only comfort everything in front of me with the common sense of life visible to the naked eye.

  However, this year, when I saw this electric mat on Taobao, I was so excited that someone finally helped me realize my wish for many years! Of course, why did it come true again? I still don’t know the principle. I only know that with this, we "poor people" also have the joy of installing the original floor heating — — Hahaha, I can finally put on my socks and walk around the living room.

  Yes, this electric mat, just like a carpet, has different sizes. You can buy it according to your own needs, then lay it on the ground and plug it in. After twenty minutes, it will start to heat up. This is really useful for children at home, especially those who can just crawl — — You can save the climbing mat, and you don’t have to worry about getting cold on your hands, feet and small ass when you crawl around on it. If the size is big enough, you don’t have to stare at the baby all the time. Adults can sit up on a blanket with confidence. In name, it is companionship, but in fact, reading and playing mobile phones are so comfortable.

  This electric mat not only benefits children, but also pets. My sister has a cat. My sister used to buy it a nest with cotton pads every winter, but the cat is still too cold and drills into my sister every day. Not now, people squat on this electric mat every day, and they are too lazy to move. (Ye Zhiyan)


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