Managing finance and stabilizing real estate … China’s economy will do six major things in the second half of the year.

  BEIJING, Beijing, July 28 (Reporter Li Jinlei) China’s economic situation has been stable and improving in the first half of the year. What should China do in the second half of the year? In this regard, the central government has made it clear that it is necessary to adhere to the general tone of striving for progress in stability and focus on six aspects of work, including rectifying financial chaos, stabilizing the real estate market and resolving local debt risks.

  What do you think of the economic situation in the first half of the year?

  — — Steady progress, deepening structural adjustment

  To do a good job in China’s next economic work, we must first accurately judge the current economic situation. The the Political Bureau of the Communist Party of China (CPC) Central Committee meeting held on July 24th held that the economy operated in a reasonable range, the main indicators were better than expected, urban employment increased steadily, fiscal revenue, corporate profits and residents’ income increased rapidly, and quality and efficiency rebounded.

  "The overall judgment is that the economic situation in the first half of the year was stable and the structural adjustment was deepened." Yang Weimin, deputy director of the Central Financial and Economic Leading Group Office, once again summed up the economic situation in China at the press conference held by the State Council Office on the 27th.

  Behind these judgments is the support of groups of data. The data shows that GDP in the first half of the year increased by 6.9% year-on-year, an increase of 0.2 percentage points over the same period of the previous year, which is the highest value since the fourth quarter of 2015. There were 7.35 million new jobs in urban and rural areas, an increase of 180,000 over the same period of last year. The overall price level remained stable, and the CPI rose by 1.4% year-on-year, which was the same as that in the first quarter. After deducting the price factor, the per capita disposable income of residents actually increased by 7.3%, which continued to be higher than the economic growth rate.

  "Looking at the economic situation depends on both the present and the long-term; It depends on both indicators and expectations; We must see both achievements and problems. " Yang Weimin believes that although the economy is stable and improving in the first half of the year, there are still some problems. For example, the problem of poor circulation in the real economy is still serious, and the task of preventing and resolving financial risks is still arduous. The long-term mechanism for the stable and healthy development of the real estate market has not yet been established, and the pressure of rising enterprise costs is also increasing. In addition, the trend differentiation of regions, industries and enterprises is also intensifying to some extent.

  What’s the keynote for the second half of the year?

  — — act on the general principle of pursuing progress while ensuring stability

  Fully affirm the achievements without avoiding the problems. A scientific judgment of China’s economic situation is also the basis for doing a good job in economic work in the second half of the year. In the second half of the year, what is the tone to do?

  In this regard, the the Political Bureau of the Communist Party of China (CPC) Central Committee meeting set the tone: to do a good job in economic work in the second half of the year, we should adhere to the general tone of striving for progress while maintaining stability, better grasp the relationship between stability and progress, balance, opportunity and degree.

  How to understand striving for progress while maintaining stability? Yang Weimin believes that stability is the main tone, that is to say, we should strive for progress on the premise of maintaining overall stability. However, striving for progress in stability is not inaction, not strong stability and mechanical stability, but doing something and working hard on the premise of grasping the degree.

  Yang Weimin also said that it is very important to grasp the balance, the opportunity and the degree while doing something. We should not only prevent blind leaps and bounds, but also prevent timidity and inaction, both to prevent "going too far" and to avoid "not being as good as".

  How to do it in the second half of the year?

  — — Focus on six aspects of work.

  How to carry out economic work in the second half of the year? Yang Weimin said that the central authorities stressed that efforts should be made to do a good job in six aspects in the second half of the year: First, unswervingly deepen the structural reform of the supply side. Second, actively and steadily resolve the accumulated local government debt risks. Third, deepen and solidly rectify financial chaos. Fourth, effectively stabilize the real estate market. Fifth, stabilize foreign investment and private investment. Sixth, attach great importance to the work of people’s livelihood.

  The reporter noted that "deleveraging" in the supply-side structural reform, local debt, financial chaos, real estate market and investment all involve finance, and "keeping the bottom line of systemic financial risks" was also identified as one of the goals of China’s economic work in the second half of the year.

  Wang Zhijun, director of the First Economic Bureau of the Central Financial and Economic Leading Group Office, pointed out that both "black swan" and "grey rhinoceros" may impact the bottom line of financial risks. For the hidden risks of "grey rhinoceros", such as shadow banking, real estate bubble, high leverage of state-owned enterprises, local debts, illegal fund-raising and other issues, it is necessary to find out the situation, distinguish the priorities and the degree of influence, highlight the key points, and take effective measures to properly solve them.

  "In the second half of the year, we should do a good job of deleveraging, because this is the source of risk." Yang Weimin pointed out that the National Financial Work Conference emphasized that deleveraging of state-owned enterprises should be the top priority. If state-owned enterprises deleverage, the leverage of the enterprise sector will definitely decline, and the leverage of the entire national economy will also decline. This is to prevent and control from the source. We can’t let the leverage ratio continue to rise in order to maintain growth.

  Gao Feng, spokesman of the Ministry of Commerce, mentioned at a regular press conference on the 27th that he would continue to do a good job in preventing foreign investment risks with relevant departments to ensure the healthy, standardized and orderly development of foreign investment. For foreign investment in real estate, hotels, cinemas, entertainment, sports clubs and other fields, it is recommended that relevant enterprises make prudent decisions.

On the first day of golf swing in Hangzhou Asian Games, Zhuzhou Yazi Chen Guxin temporarily ranked fourth.

On the first day of the competition, Chen Guxin handed in a score of 63 under par 9. This article photography/Fu Huanyu
Red Net News September 28th(Reporter Fu Yuyu) On the morning of September 28th, the golf project of Hangzhou Asian Games was held at Hangzhou West Lake International Golf Course. Chen Guxin, a 20-year-old from Zhuzhou, Hunan Province, ranked fourth among all the athletes in the first round with a score of 63 under par 9. In addition, Chen Guxin also participated in the team competition with national team teammates Ding Wenyi and Wu Ashun.
Chen Guxin pushed the ball steadily to the hole.
After the game, in an interview with the Red Net sports reporter, Chen Guxin gave a satisfactory score for his performance on the first day. "When I first came up, I was still a little nervous and didn’t let go completely, so I made some mistakes. Fortunately, I played my state bit by bit and seized many good opportunities."
Chen Guxin (right) and Karin Hitsh Josh (left) communicate in the competition.
Although it is the first time to participate in the Asian Games, Chen Guxin is no stranger to Hangzhou West Lake International Golf Course. This year, Chen Guxin won the runner-up in the "Charming Hangzhou" West Lake International Golf Open. Zhang Yubin, a South Korean athlete, and Karin Hitsh Josh, an Indian athlete in the same group, are also old rivals that Chen Guxin has encountered many times in the Asian Tour, and they have a good relationship with each other. During the competition, the three people often joke in English to cheer each other up.
On the first day of the competition, Chen Guxin (middle) competed with South Korean athlete Zhang Yubin (right) and Indian athlete Karin Hitsh Josh (left).
The golf competition will last from September 28th to October 1st, and 18 holes will be played every day, and individual and team champions will be produced with the final result of four days. Chen Guxin said that he would relax, enjoy this rare trip to the Asian Games and strive for good results.
Chen Guxin swung vigorously to kick off.
"I also want to thank my hometown elders for their care and support, and my leaders, coaches and teammates in Hunan. I will fight for China and Hunan in the Asian Games." Chen Guxin said.
Red Net Sports supported by Xiangjiao Liquor Industry reported from the front.

TCL and NFL, the top sports league, surprised the world with a giant rugby helmet in the second year.

The historic moment has come. How can TCL, which represents the "scientific strength of China", lead China’s science and technology to the world?

On January 12th, CES2024, known as "Science and Technology Spring Festival Evening", came to an end. The exhibition brings together global technology giants, attracting more than 4,000 exhibitors and more than 1,200 startup companies.

Among them, TCL, as the world’s leading intelligent terminal enterprise, appeared at CES with a brand-new "dare to act" attitude. TCL’s overall exhibition area covers an area of nearly 1,700 square meters, making it the most famous brand in China, exhibiting more than 120 innovative products and top technologies, showing its C-style. During CES, TCL also invited NFL Hall of Fame star Charles Woodson to help out by airborne, and interacted with the audience at zero distance, which narrowed the distance between brands and consumers.

This is the second year for TCL to join hands with NFL, the world’s top sports league.

NFL is the highest-level sports league in American football, and its annual feast "Super Bowl" is known as "American Spring Bowl", which is the most popular sports event in the United States today. The 57th Super Bowl attracted about 113 million spectators around the world. As a professional sports league based on American native sports, after a hundred years of development, its influence has long been not limited to the American domestic market, but also has become the first echelon sports event with global attention, occupying the chief place of the world sports league, which coincides with the development of TCL.

Since 1999, TCL has set up 32 manufacturing bases in Vietnam, Mexico and other places through TCL Industry and TCL Technology, and 46 R&D centers in Poland, the United States and other places. TCL products have maintained a high market share in developed countries including Europe and America.

In addition to the leading scientific and technological strength and the influence of brand globalization, it is highly recognized by the NFL, and it may be that both sides dare to resonate with each other.

Driven by the spirit of courage, TCL and NFL have done a great thing.

In 2024, TCL joined hands with NFL to light up the new landmark of Las Vegas — — Sphere is the world’s largest giant ball, TCL’s highly recognizable brand LOGO and NFL’s iconic giant football helmet shine in the night sky in Las Vegas, showing the extraordinary elegance of China brand to the world with unparalleled visual feast, and further demonstrating TCL’s brand technology hard power of "dare to be extraordinary" to the world.

TCL has developed from a small company producing magnetic tapes into a globally competitive intelligent technology industry group. Through TCL Industry and TCL Technology, three core industries, namely intelligent terminal, semiconductor display and new energy photovoltaic, have been widely recognized internationally.

Pay tribute to the past and move forward for the future. As one of the earliest China enterprises to go international, TCL has always practiced the concept of "globalization is localization" and achieved remarkable commercial success in overseas markets. In addition to constantly improving its overseas localization management ability, it continues to provide users with the best products and solutions, and it also benefits from its continuous exploration and investment in global brand building.

On the road of globalization, TCL continues to lay out the world’s top IP, giving the brand a strong sports gene. Up to now, TCL has more than 40 global cooperation IPs, covering rugby, football, basketball, e-sports and other sports fields. In addition to the NFL of the United States, there are also top-level global sports IPs such as the Libertadores Cup, FIBA, Brazil, Spain, Italy, Germany and Arsenal Football Club. These cooperation has become a distinctive symbol of TCL’s layout of international sports venues.

In addition to official cooperation with the NFL, TCL has also reached a partnership with three super-popular NFL teams, namely Los Angeles Lightning, Seattle Seahawks and Atlanta Falcons. Not only that, TCL also invited Justin Herbert, the quarterback of the Los Angeles Lightning Team, as the brand ambassador of TCL North America. This move will continue to help TCL establish closer emotional ties with local fans, so that more consumers can feel the charm of TCL’s cutting-edge technology, and it will also promote TCL to lay a powerful battle in the development of global sports.

In February this year, the Super Bowl, the NFL’s most important competition, is about to open, when TCL will once again make a heavy appearance, leading the new era of China brand’s overseas rise, letting the world once again see the strength and influence of China technology, and continuing to write a new chapter of "Dare to be Extraordinary" in the global market.

The "Youth League Year" is on fire. What is it? People outside this province are shocked!

Coordinate Jiujiang, Jiangxi Province, there is a League Year, which is a ceremony for the whole village, old and young, to worship their ancestors collectively in the ancestral temple. Strictly speaking, it should be the moment when the ugly time meets at midnight on the 30 th, and the year ends and the new year opens. Last year ended, so it is also called "the end of the year". However, the word "finished" is taboo in customs (meaning finished), and Tujili is more called "the year of reunion" (a year of complete reunion). In the development of time, slowly, some still insist on holding this ceremony in the middle of the night, some change it to the evening, and some change it to the early morning (it has reached the first day). My village is more interesting. This ceremony is held in the morning of the 30th instead of the evening.


  CCTV.com News (news broadcast): "New Year’s Eve, including jiaozi". Today, when every household is preparing for the New Year’s Eve, local governments and the masses have "arranged" a special "reunion dinner" for the needy people with care and love, so that the true feelings and warmth can accompany them to have a happy New Year.

  At noon today, more than 8,000 widowed elderly people in Hongkou District of Shanghai put on new clothes bought for them by the community and got together to have a "reunion dinner". Young volunteers from Hefei, Anhui Province came to the apartment for the elderly today, sending deep affection to more than 150 elderly people.

  Gao Caixia, an Anhui old man: I have lived to be over 90 years old, and I feel that now is the best time.

  Young volunteers in Hebei, Guangxi, Shanxi, Jiangsu and other places have formed a "family pair" with the widowed and low-income elderly to take them home for the New Year. Charity federations in Guizhou, Zhejiang, Jiangxi, Jilin, Henan and other places also held "charity reunion dinner" to let the needy people share the festive feast of love.

  In the SOS Children’s Village in Putian, Fujian, children are eating steaming reunion dinner with their mothers in the village. Orphans from Fushun Welfare Institute in Liaoning Province came to Leifeng class today and wrapped up jiaozi with their uncles in the military camp. The orphans and disabled children in Qiqihar, Heilongjiang, and the police "dads" will celebrate the New Year soon.

  Guan Nan, sos Children’s Village in Qiqihar, China: Because today’s New Year’s Eve dinner is very special, they are like relatives to us.

  Today, 100 academicians and professors from Central South University invited more than 200 poor students to their homes to celebrate New Year’s Eve.

  Academician Huang Boyun, President of Central South University: Just let them feel that the school is their home.

  Reporter Wu Xueshan: This is the construction site of Wuhan section of Wuhe Railway, a national key construction project. Now, hundreds of migrant workers who insisted on construction during the Spring Festival gathered together to have a delicious reunion dinner and celebrate the New Year.

  Not only the reunion dinner was sent, but more than 500 migrant workers also received accident insurance of 200,000 yuan per person purchased by the construction unit.

  Lu Kunhao, a migrant worker in Hubei: It’s a double happiness.

  In Sichuan, more than 2,000 migrant workers gathered together and had a lively "Dam Banquet for the Year of the Communist Youth League". In Guangzhou, the Municipal Federation of Trade Unions held a group year dumpling feast for more than 10,000 migrant workers who didn’t go home. At the dumpling banquet, a videophone was specially set up.

  Shen Jian, a migrant worker from Shaanxi: (talking to his mother) I wish you all a happy New Year and all the best. Mom, I’m fine in Guangzhou.

  Red dumplings, colorful buns, hot jiaozi, delicious dishes, and a series of delicious dishes are accompanied by blessings. From yesterday to today, in the community and on the train, all kinds of "reunion dinners" and "thousands of family banquets" have made people in need and people who are away from home feel deep affection and festive joy.

Editor: Zhao Wei

[National Fitness Day] @ Skiers don’t fall into these misunderstandings!

With the approach of the Winter Olympics, the public’s interest in ice and snow sports is increasing day by day. Among them, as a popular sport of ice and snow, skiing has gained a lot of fans. "Many people want to come to the ski resort to experience it now, and the number of skiers suddenly shows an bursting state." Zhao Yue, head coach of Beijing Lianhuashan Ski Resort, told Guangming. com.

People’s high interest in skiing is certainly worthy of recognition, but there are still some cognitive misunderstandings. On the occasion of National Fitness Day, come and recognize these misunderstandings of skiing!

Children experience the pleasure of skiing. (Sun Kaifang/photo)

Myth 1: Skiing can only be carried out in northern winter.

Some people think that skiing has high requirements for time and place, and it needs to go to the northern cities in winter.

[Coach dispels doubts]

In this regard, Zhao Yue said that skiing has already broken the boundaries between time and space. Many southern cities have also built ice and snow venues, and people can enjoy skiing at home. Skiing is no longer just a winter sport. In hot summer, people can also choose to ski in indoor ski resorts, which is cool and healthy.

In addition, there are ski simulators in clubs in many big cities. "It’s similar to normal skiing, but the location has changed from snow to machine." Zhao Yue said that there is a 5× 10m field in the middle of the ski simulator, on which there is an upward rolling conveyor belt, and people can put on snowshoes and skis to slide on it. The special material on the conveyor belt can give participants a feeling of skiing, but the sliding speed will be slower, which is suitable for beginners.

Myth 2: Skiing threshold is high.

Many people think that skiing is a difficult sport and requires participants to have a high foundation. In addition, some people think that skiing is a "money-burning" sport, and whether it is skiing tickets or skiing equipment, it is not a small expense. Is the threshold for skiing really so high?

[Coach dispels doubts]

"In fact, this is not the case." Zhao Yue said that there are two main restrictions on skiers, one is their age and the other is their health. The ski resort stipulates that children under 4 years old are not allowed to ski, and older people should judge whether they are suitable for skiing according to their physical condition. Under normal circumstances, people with cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases are not recommended to ski. If skiers have had ligament tears and fractures before, it depends on their recovery before judging whether they can ski.

Regarding the skiing cost, Zhao Yue took Beijing Lianhuashan Ski Resort as an example and calculated an account for the reporter. On weekdays, the price of a 4-hour ski ticket for one person is -108 yuan in 88 yuan, and the total cost will play a role in 150 yuan. It can be seen that skiing is not as expensive as you think. Zhao Yue suggested that the public can give priority to some small and medium-sized ski resorts when they experience skiing. "The prices of small and medium-sized ski resorts are usually lower. Beginners generally start to experience from the primary ski slopes. The slopes of the primary ski slopes of each ski resort are basically the same."

Myth 3: Short people are more suitable for learning skiing.

During skiing, it is very important for participants to control the center of gravity. There is a saying that the lower the center of gravity, the easier the skiing process is to control, so does it mean that short people are more suitable for learning skiing?

[Coach dispels doubts]

Zhao Yue said that this statement is not very accurate. To be precise, short people will learn to ski faster. Because short people have low center of gravity, it is easier to grasp the center of gravity in the process of learning skiing; Tall people, on the other hand, have a high center of gravity and are easy to swing back and forth, so they will be slower in mastering balance. "It can only be said that the level of the center of gravity has a certain impact on learning efficiency, but it does not mean that the learning effect is good or bad."

For this reason, Zhao Yue suggested that skiing should start with children. "Children are short, so it is easier to master skiing skills.".

Myth 4: People with poor balance should avoid learning skiing.

Many people who think they have a poor sense of balance are full of fear of skiing. So, can people with poor balance learn to ski?

[Coach dispels doubts]

Zhao Yue said that the sense of balance is not a factor that restricts people from learning to ski. "People with poor balance just learn to ski more slowly, but once they learn it, they won’t forget it." Zhao Yue said that skiing is a skill-based sport, just like riding a bicycle. It may be a little unfamiliar without contact for a long time, but with a little practice, you can get your feeling back.

Zhao Yue suggested that beginners with poor balance should give priority to snowboarding. "Getting started with two boards will be relatively simple, because the two feet are fixed on two boards respectively, and beginners will be more confident in maintaining balance."

Myth 5: When skiing, snow goggles is dispensable.

Many people don’t wear snow goggles when skiing, especially some friends who wear glasses. They think it’s more troublesome to wear a snow goggles outside their glasses. So, is snow goggles dispensable when skiing?

[Coach dispels doubts]

Zhao Yue said that the snow goggles is as necessary as the helmet in skiing. Snow goggles has two functions, one is to prevent the damage to the eyes caused by sunlight reflected from the snow surface, and the other is to prevent the stimulation of the eyes caused by the wind during sliding. "If it is cloudy, people can slide on the primary road without wearing snow goggles." Zhao Yue said.

In addition, Zhao Yue reminded that sunscreen is also very important for skiers who participate in outdoor skiing. It is suggested that skiers wear sunscreen every two hours to prevent ultraviolet rays from burning their skin.

(Guangming. com reporter zhangqian)

Source: Guangming Net

The annual flavor of the construction site is very full, and the special reunion dinner is very warm

The project site is full of flavor, and foreign workers are happy for the holidays.

In response to the initiative of celebrating the New Year on the spot, 24 foreign workers and project department managers had a happy New Year’s dinner recently.
At 12 noon, the workers came to the canteen after work. Red lanterns, blessed characters and colorful balloons were filled with a strong New Year atmosphere. The person in charge of the project department extended New Year greetings and New Year wishes to the workers.
Hu Jing, manager of Wudong Reconstruction Project Department of China No.1 Metallurgical Company.
Fellow workers, you have worked hard! First of all, I would like to thank you for your positive response to the call to celebrate the New Year on the spot. At the same time, on behalf of Wudong Reconstruction Project, I would like to thank you for your support and contribution, and thank you for your contribution! I wish you all good health, good luck and happiness in the new year.
The 24 workers studying in China are mainly from Huangmei, Hubei Province and Queshan, Henan Province, and most of them are spending the New Year at the project site for the first time. Just after the opening of the dinner, 40-year-old Master Wu Jianxin quickly used his mobile phone to video with his family, detailing the dishes of the dinner.
Master Wu introduced that during the Spring Festival, New Year’s Eve will take a day off and go to work normally from the first day to the sixth day. More than 20 people will operate two pile drivers, and it is expected that more than 20 piles will be completed every day. What makes him more satisfied is his income. Besides his salary, he can get no less than 500 yuan’s money every day.
Wudong building-returning project is the largest building-returning project under construction in Qingshan District. Fifteen high-rise houses and supporting facilities are planned to be built, with a total construction area of over 430,000 square meters and a construction period of 1,080 days. According to the plan, 120 pile foundation construction tasks need to be completed during the Spring Festival.
In order to make 24 migrant workers have a happy and peaceful Spring Festival in Han, Wudong Street, where the project is located, and Changjiang Ecological Joint Development Company, the owner, sent condolences such as pork, vegetables, rice and cooking oil, and the project department also prepared in advance to do a good job in service guarantee.
Another kind of reunion dinner warms the hearts of employees

ten to two
On the 28th day of the twelfth lunar month, the municipal bridge company affiliated to Wuhan Eco-environment Investment and Development Group organized the staff of Donghu Tunnel Project Department to make a package of jiaozi and have a reunion dinner together. The staff "celebrated the New Year on the spot" and their happiness continued unabated.
Huang Hu, inspector of Donghu Tunnel Operation Project Department
I come from Xinyang, Henan, and this is my first time to package jiaozi.
Dai Futing, Monitor of Donghu Tunnel Operation Project Department
In the north, relatives get together to pack jiaozi before the Chinese New Year. After 12 o’clock on New Year’s Eve, I started cooking jiaozi and eating jiaozi. Although this year is the Spring Festival in Wuhan, I am very happy to have so many colleagues in the company to package jiaozi together, and the atmosphere is very warm.
"Eat jiaozi!" Everyone has been busy for a long time, and the steaming jiaozi is finally out of the pot. Xing Jing, the supervisor of the East Lake Tunnel Operation Project Department, had a video conversation with his mother in Weinan, Shaanxi Province while eating jiaozi. She told her mother not to worry. She was very happy in Wuhan for the New Year.
Xing Jing, Monitor of Donghu Tunnel Operation Project Department
Because of the epidemic, we can’t go home for the New Year. Although we are homesick, our colleagues and company leaders are still very happy and feel very warm when we spend the New Year in the company.
Stick to your post during the Spring Festival
Workers pay tribute!
I wish you all a happy New Year!
Good luck in the Year of the Ox!
Produced by Wuhan Radio and Television Station
Editor: Zhang Tingting
Media reporter: Huang Peng, Chen Zhefeng, Juck Zhang and Xu Tangjie
Correspondent: Huang Yi Mei Han Wang Kairong
Editor: Qi Wen

A survey of the concept of financial knowledge

Source: supply chain finance
Financial concept daquan
1. Financial market in a broad sense: generally refers to all financial transactions conducted by both the capital supply and demand sides through various financial instruments, including all monetary financial activities between financial institutions and customers, between financial institutions and between capital supply and demand sides, such as deposits, loans, trusts, leasing, insurance, mortgage and discount of bills, trading of stocks and bonds, gold foreign exchange trading, etc.
2. Narrow financial market: generally limited to financing activities with bills and securities as financial instruments, interbank borrowing between financial institutions and gold foreign exchange transactions.
3. Financial market: the general term for monetary fund transactions, gold foreign exchange trading and interbank lending between financial institutions with bills and securities as financial instruments.
4. Primary market: also known as the issuance market or the primary market, it is a trading market formed when the fund demanders sell financial assets to the public for the first time.
5. Secondary market: the trading market where the issued old securities are transferred and circulated among different investors.
6. Financial instrument: also known as credit instrument, it is a legal document to prove the relationship between creditor’s rights and debts and to conduct monetary and capital transactions accordingly.
7. Stock: a kind of securities, which is a certificate issued by a joint stock limited company to prove the identity and rights of investors as shareholders and to obtain dividends and bonuses accordingly.
8. Common stock: a basic stock issued by a joint-stock company, which is the most standard stock.
9. Priority stocks: stocks issued by joint-stock companies that have priority over ordinary shareholders in terms of company income and distribution of remaining assets.
10. Bond: A written certificate issued by the debtor to the creditor to undertake the obligation of repaying the principal and interest at the agreed time.
11. Treasury bonds: short-term debt certificates issued by the government to make up for the temporary shortage of treasury funds.
12. Mortgaged corporate bonds: bonds issued by companies with real estate or movable property as collateral.
13. Credit corporate bonds: bonds issued by companies that do not use any assets as collateral or guarantee, but rely entirely on the company’s credit.
14. Converting corporate bonds: This kind of bonds stipulates that bondholders can convert into company shares in a certain proportion and under certain conditions within a certain period of time.
15. Corporate bonds with subscription rights for new shares: This bond gives the bondholder the right to buy new shares of the company.
16. Restructured corporate bonds: A bond with lower interest rate issued by a restructured company to reduce the debt burden.
17. Debt-sinking fund corporate bonds: This kind of bonds requires the issuing company to regularly withdraw a certain percentage of profits according to the total issued amount as repayment funds before the maturity of the bonds, and hand them over to the entrusted trust companies or financial institutions for safekeeping, and gradually accumulate them to ensure that the bonds will be repaid in one lump sum.
18. Financial bond: A bond issued to the public by banks and non-bank financial institutions in order to raise funds in accordance with the relevant securities laws and securities issuance procedures of the state, using their own reputation.
19. Fund securities: also known as investment fund securities, are securities issued to the public by the sponsors of investment funds, which prove that the holders enjoy the ownership of assets, the right to return assets and the right to distribute the remaining property according to their shares. It is the product of certain equity combinations of stocks, bonds and other financial products.
20. Bill: negotiable securities that the drawer promises or entrusts the drawee to unconditionally pay a certain amount on the specified date or at sight.
21. Free foreign exchange: It can be bought and sold freely in the foreign exchange market without the approval of the issuing country, and can be freely converted into currencies of other countries. They are widely used as means of payment and circulation in international economic exchanges.
22. Bookkeeping foreign exchange: Without the approval of the relevant foreign exchange administration departments, it cannot be converted into other countries’ currencies, and usually it can only be used between the countries of the agreement according to relevant agreements.
23. Derivative financial instruments: also known as financial derivatives, refer to a kind of financial products whose value depends on original financial instruments.
24. Money market: a short-term financial market with financial assets with a maturity of less than one year as the transaction object.
25. Interbank lending market: a market formed by short-term capital lending activities among various financial institutions.
26. Central bank bills: short-term bonds issued by the People’s Bank of China, with maturities ranging from 3 months to 1 year.
27. Pre-issuance market: In reality, there is a kind of treasury bond trading that is not conducted after the issuance is completed, but immediately after the announcement of the issuance. This trading market is also called the pre-issuance market. Such as WI-Fi transactions in the United States.
28. Transferable large deposit certificate: a certificate of deposit issued by a commercial bank and transferable in the market.
29. Repurchase agreement: When the securities holder sells the securities, it is agreed with the buyer that the seller will buy back an equal amount of the same kind of securities from the buyer at the agreed price on a certain date in the future.
30. Capital increase: An established joint-stock company issues new shares, which is called capital increase.
31. Credit transaction: also known as advance transaction or margin transaction, it is a transaction method in which the customer pays a certain amount of cash or stock to the broker as a margin, and the difference is advanced by the broker.
32. Option trading: Also known as option trading, it means that both parties reach a contract on whether to buy or sell a certain stock at an agreed price and within an agreed time.
33. Stock index futures trading: Futures trading with the stock price index as the object aims to reduce the risk of stock investment and increase the attractiveness of stock investment.
34. Stock index option trading: buying and selling option contracts based on stock price index.
35. Stock exchange: a place organized according to certain methods and rules to conduct centralized securities trading, also known as the floor trading market.
36. Membership system: A stock exchange in the form of membership organization is a legal entity that is formed voluntarily by intermediaries engaged in securities business and is not for profit.
37. Company system: The stock exchange in the form of company system is organized according to the company law. The exchange collects the issuer’s "listing fee" and extracts the "handling fee" and other service fees for securities transactions.
38. Commission broker: a broker who accepts the entrustment of clients, buys and sells on behalf of clients in the exchange and receives a fixed commission.
39. Two-yuan broker: Also known as expert broker, it is specially entrusted by the commission broker, and buys and sells on his behalf, charging a certain commission.
40. Special broker: Also known as professional broker, it is a broker who has a special status in the exchange and is engaged in special securities trading.
41. Securities dealers: also known as trading hall dealers, they only handle self-operated business and do not handle entrusted business.
42. Zero-share dealers: securities firms specializing in stock trading with less than one trading unit.
Brief discussion
1. What are the advantages and disadvantages of direct financing and indirect financing?
Advantages of direct financing
(1) The close relationship between the supply and demand of funds is conducive to the rapid and rational allocation of funds and the improvement of efficiency in use.
(2) The cost of financing is low and the investment income is high.
Disadvantages of direct financing
(1) There are many restrictions on the amount, term and interest rate of direct financing.
(2) The liquidity of financial instruments used in direct financing is weaker than that of indirect financing, and their cashing ability is lower.
(3) Direct financing is risky.
Advantages of indirect financing
(1) Flexible and convenient.
(2) High security.
(3) The scale economy of finance has been improved.
Disadvantages of indirect financing
(1) The direct connection between the supply and demand sides of funds is cut off, which will reduce the concern of investors on enterprise production and the pressure and binding force of fund raisers on the use of funds to a certain extent.
(2) intermediary agencies charge a certain fee for providing services, which increases the cost of financing.
2, the relationship between the four elements of financial market.
Financial market participants, financial market trading objects, financial market intermediaries and financial market prices are the four major elements that constitute the financial market. They are closely related, mutually promoting and influencing each other. Among them, financial market participants and financial market trading objects are the most basic elements. As long as these two elements exist, financial markets will be formed, while financial market intermediaries and financial market prices are naturally generated or inevitably accompanied. Perfect intermediary institutions and price mechanisms are important conditions for the development of financial markets.
3. Particularity of financial market.
(1) There are mainly loan relationships and principal-agent relationships among market participants, which are temporary separation or conditional transfer of the right to use and ownership of funds based on credit.
(2) The transaction object is monetary funds or their derivatives.
(3) The transaction mode is special.
(4) The price determination in the market is complicated, with many influencing factors and great fluctuations.
(5) Trading places are invisible in most cases, and the ways of trading through telecommunications and computer networks are becoming more and more common.
4. The main differences between capital market and money market.
(1) Different maturities: all financial instruments traded in the capital market are more than one year, while those traded in the money market are within one year.
(2) Different roles: most of the funds in the capital market are used for the creation, renewal and expansion of equipment and storage materials of enterprises, or the establishment of public utilities and the maintenance of financial balance. Most of the money in the money market is used for short-term working capital of industrial and commercial enterprises.
(3) The degree of risk is different: the risk of credit instruments in the capital market is higher, and the risk of credit instruments in the money market is smaller.
5. Functions and functions of financial markets
(1) Facilitate investment and fund-raising.
(2) Reasonably guide the flow of funds, promote capital concentration and transfer to high-efficiency units.
(3) Facilitate the flexible conversion of funds.
(4) realize risk diversification and reduce transaction costs.
(5) It is conducive to enhancing the flexibility of macro-control.
(6) It is conducive to strengthening economic ties between departments, regions and countries.
6, the difference between financial instruments and financial assets
Financial instruments are sometimes called financial assets, but strictly speaking, these two concepts are different. Although all financial instruments are financial assets to the holders, they cannot be called financial assets if we look at them in isolation. For example, money issued by the central bank and stocks and bonds issued by enterprises cannot be said to be financial assets, because for issuers, money, stocks and bonds are their liabilities. Therefore, money, stocks and bonds should not be simply called financial assets, but should be called financial instruments. Financial instruments are financial assets to the holders.
7. Characteristics of stocks
(1) Stock is a kind of ownership certificate, which represents the certificate of invested share capital.
(2) Stocks are permanent securities with no repayment period.
(3) The return of stock has great uncertainty.
8. Main differences between common stock and preferred stock
(1) Ordinary shareholders enjoy the right to participate in the operation of the company, while preferred shareholders generally do not enjoy the right to participate in the operation of the company.
(2) The income of common shareholders depends on the profitability of the company, while the income of preferred shares is fixed.
(3) Ordinary shareholders cannot withdraw their shares, but can only be realized in the secondary market, while preferred shareholders can request the company to redeem their shares in accordance with the redemption clause attached to the preferred shares.
(4) Priority stock is the most important kind of special stock, which enjoys priority in the company’s profit and the distribution of surplus property.
9, the difference between bonds and stocks
(1) The relationship indicated is different: bonds indicate the relationship between creditor’s rights and debts, and stocks indicate the ownership relationship.
(2) The rights and obligations of investors are different: bond investors have the right to obtain principal and interest, but have no right to ask about business management activities. Stock investors can get the right to operate, but they can’t withdraw their shares to recover their principal.
(3) The determination of income is different: the income of bonds is determined by their interest rates, and the income of stocks depends on the operating conditions of the issuing company.
10, the main reason for the government to issue treasury bonds.
(1) To make up for the temporary and seasonal balance of government finance and meet the temporary capital turnover needs.
(2) When unexpected events occur in the process of budget implementation, resulting in an increase in expenditure and it is difficult to keep up with the income, it is necessary to cope with temporary emergencies.
(3) When the interest rate in the financial market is too high, the interest burden of the government issuing long-term bonds is too heavy, so the short-term treasury bonds are issued first, and then the low-interest long-term bonds are issued after the market interest rate changes in the future.
11, fund securities, stocks and bonds in common.
(1) The investments in fund securities, stocks and bonds are all securities investments.
(2) The forms of fund securities are similar to those of stocks and bonds.
(3) Stocks and bonds are the investment objects of fund securities.
12. The difference between fund securities, stocks and bonds
(1) Different investment status: Shareholders are shareholders of the company and have the right to express their opinions on major decisions of the company. The bondholders are creditors and have the right to recover the principal and interest at maturity. The holder of fund securities is the beneficiary of the fund and has the right to distribute the investment income.
(2) The degree of risk is different: the risk of stocks is the greatest, the risk of fund securities is the second, and the risk of bonds is the smallest.
(3) The returns are different: stocks have the highest returns, followed by fund securities, and bonds have the lowest returns.
(4) Different ways of investment: unlike investors in stocks and bonds, fund securities are an indirect way of securities investment.
(5) Different ways of investment recovery: bond investment has a certain term, and the principal is recovered after the expiration, while stock investment is indefinite. If it is to be recovered, it can only be realized at the market price in the securities exchange market. Fund securities are different depending on the form of funds held.
13. Similarities and differences between negotiable certificates of deposit and general certificates of deposit.
(1) What they have in common is that they are all time certificates of deposit issued by banks, and banks pay interest.
(2) The difference is that it cannot be withdrawn in advance, but it can be transferred at any time. It has a specific amount and term, and the term is short, usually 14 days to one year. The interest is paid in coupon rate every six months or on the maturity date, and the denomination is large. Most large deposit certificates in the United States are $100,000.
14. What are the benefits of negotiable certificates of deposit for banks and investors?
Certificate of deposit is a good financial tool for investors and banks;
(1) certificates of deposit enable commercial banks to take the initiative to issue certificates of deposit in the market to raise funds, so that commercial banks can manage their liabilities and assets more actively.
(2) certificates of deposit enable investors to buy or sell certificates of deposit at any time according to the situation of capital week and adjust their asset portfolio.
(3) certificates of deposit improve the stability of commercial banks’ sources of funds.
15. Purpose of stock issuance
(1) To issue shares for the establishment of a joint-stock company.
(2) shares issued by an established joint-stock company to improve its operation or meet a specific need.
16. Purpose of capital increase
(1) Increase the proportion of self-owned capital and improve the capital structure. (2) maintain or expand business. (3) Meet the listing standards of the stock exchange. (4) promoting cooperation or maintaining the right to operate. (5) Divide benefits among shareholders. (6) Others, such as company restructuring or merger.
17, the characteristics of futures trading
(1) The transaction and delivery are not synchronized. (2) It can be offset at the time of delivery, that is, the liquidation parties only need to pay the difference. (3) There are both ordinary investors and speculators in the transaction.
18, the characteristics of OTC:
(1) A wide range of trading objects. (2) Both parties agree on the transaction price. (3) The trading mode is more flexible. (4) The trading places are scattered.
Transfer from: those things in the investment circle

What kinds of weather are there? How many kinds of weather are there in the world?


Weather refers to the specific state of the atmosphere near the surface of a certain area in a short time, and the phenomenon of light precipitation can be divided into 11 types. Here are how many kinds of weather are compiled by Xiaobian for everyone, and you can share them if you like!


How many kinds of weather are there?

I. Precipitation phenomena (11 kinds)

Liquid precipitation; Rain, shower, Mao Mao rain; Solid precipitation; Snow, snow showers, graupel, rice snow, ice particles, hail; Mixed precipitation; Sleet, intermittent sleet

Second, the ground condensation phenomenon (4 kinds)

Dew, frost, rime and rain

Third, visual range obstacles (9 kinds)

Fog, light fog, snow blowing, snowstorm, smoke screen, haze, sandstorm, sand blowing and floating dust

Four, lightning phenomenon (3 kinds)

Thunderstorm, lightning, aurora

V. Other phenomena (7 kinds)

Strong winds, squalls, tornadoes, dust storms, ice needles, snow and ice.

How is the weather predicted?

The first step is to collect data

The first step is to collect Ji Guang, air pressure, temperature and other data on the ground or sea surface through the equipment of some professionals. The World Meteorological Organization will further coordinate these data and finally successfully formulate a standard.

Data from meteorological satellites are more important. It can successfully collect data from all over the world and help meteorologists learn more about it. By observing and detecting clouds, we can know cloud top temperature and make predictions. Of course, ground data is more important. Specialized weather radar can obtain rainfall information, such as area and intensity.

The second step is data assimilation

Data assimilation is to combine the collected relevant data with the basic digital model, make some meteorological analysis, and get the basic answer. The final result is the optimal solution, which can not only know the temperature and humidity, but also know the pressure, wind speed and wind direction at a glance.

Step 3 Data Weather Forecast

Then the atmosphere is simulated by computer, mainly based on the data assimilation results. However, because the equation is relatively complex, only computers can make predictions.

Step 4: Output processing

After calculating the results, people can understand the meaning of the data through processing, in which errors should be eliminated and some basic adjustments should be made to the data results.

These tasks used to be done by meteorologists, but now they are much simpler, the weather forecast is more accurate than before, and meteorologists can finish their work more easily.

Step 5: Final display

The first four steps are behind the scenes, all preparing for step 5, and step 5 is also the most important step, which is to display the calculation results, so that everyone can know the future weather and make corresponding preparations.

Ancient weather forecasting methods

For thousands of years, sailors, fishermen, farmers and hunters have looked at clouds, wind, sky and objects to predict the weather and explore weather forecasting. Weather forecast has become a folk art. Ancient people looked at the sky and measured the wind and cloud. The former is the sky condition that can be observed by naked eyes and simple instruments. It not only observes the changes of the sun, the moon and the stars, but also records all kinds of past and current natural phenomena, and combines the summarized experience with current observations to make weather forecasts.


Haze weather in Huanghuai and other places in North China continues to be rainy and snowy in Xinjiang, Inner Mongolia and Northeast China.

  Yesterday, light to moderate haze weather occurred in most parts of Hebei, Beijing, Tianjin, northern Shandong, eastern Henan, eastern Hubei, central and western Jilin, southwestern Heilongjiang and other places, with severe haze locally. This morning, fog with visibility less than 1 km appeared in Beijing, Tianjin, eastern and south-central Hebei, and visibility in some areas was less than 200 meters.

  It is estimated that from October 30 to November 2, the atmospheric diffusion conditions in central and southern North China and western Huanghuai are still poor, with mild to moderate haze weather, and some areas in central and southern North China have severe haze. From the night of November 2, affected by cold air, the atmospheric diffusion conditions in the above areas gradually improved, and the haze weather weakened and dissipated.

  Monitoring shows that yesterday, heavy rains occurred in parts of southeastern Guangxi, southwestern Guangdong and Hainan Island, and local heavy rains occurred; There was heavy rain in Tacheng, Xinjiang, sleet or moderate to heavy snow and local snowstorm in Altay. It is estimated that in the next three days, the rainfall in South China will obviously weaken, mainly cloudy with light rain in some areas. In addition, the rain and snow weather in Xinjiang, Inner Mongolia and Northeast China will increase, so the public should pay attention to the adverse effects on traffic and travel that may be caused by rain and snow.

  It is expected that in the next three days, there will be rainy and snowy weather in northern Xinjiang, with small to medium snow or sleet in high altitude areas and heavy snow in northern Altay; There is light snow or sleet weather in northeastern Inner Mongolia, western Heilongjiang and western Jilin, with moderate to heavy snow in some areas.