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British hackers will be extradited to the United States for trial if they invade US military computers (Figure)

Mckinnon, a 42-year-old unemployed computer worker, invaded the US military computer.

  BEIJING, July 31 (Xinhua)-A British computer hacker is suspected of illegally invading the computer systems of the US Navy, Army and Air Force and the Ministry of National Defense in his London apartment, causing damage. The British authorities wanted to extradite him to the United States for trial. He appealed, but the London court ruled that he lost the case on the 30th. It is expected that he will be taken to the United States in a short time.

  According to Sing Tao Global Network, McKinnon, a 42-year-old unemployed computer practitioner, was accused of successfully hacking into 97 computers of the US military and the Ministry of National Defense from 2001 to 2002. Some people described this as the largest hacking incident into the military computer system in history, which made the US authorities extremely embarrassed.

  The chief prosecutor pointed out that the invasion paralyzed the military region responsible for protecting the capital Washington and the New Jersey Naval Ammunition Station. In addition to the military and the Ministry of National Defense, the computer systems of NASA and several private institutions were also invaded by him. The authorities estimate that the financial losses caused by these actions amount to 900,000 dollars.

  Mckinnon will face eight counts of computer fraud in New Jersey and Virginia. If convicted, he will be sentenced to a maximum of 10 years in prison and a fine of $250,000.

  Mckinnon, whose net name is "SOLO", defended himself in the British court, claiming that he was only trying to expose the loopholes in the computer security system of these departments and looking for evidence about UFOs.

  Mckinnon wrote on the website of the British newspaper The Guardian last year: "I am an possessed man." He claimed that he spent a year sitting in front of the computer for an average of eight hours every day, invading the computer system of the US military, not washing and grooming every day, and binge drinking beer and smoking marijuana. He claimed that he had successfully found some photographic evidence to prove the existence of alien spaceships and the names and ranks of "non-human officers".

  The prosecution accused him of deliberately using these actions to try to blackmail the US government. Mckinnon once left a message in a computer of the U.S. military, accusing the U.S. government of pursuing a foreign policy similar to government-sponsored terrorism.

  He was arrested in 2002, and the defense lawyer asked for a trial in Britain, because if he was extradited to the United States, he might be taken to a military court for trial, or even be held at the US military base in Guantanamo, Cuba.

Editor: Lu Wei

Artificial intelligence is an opportunity and a challenge. Experts suggest that supervision should be strengthened from all aspects.

CCTV News:As an important part of Cyber Security Publicity Week, the 2023 Cyber Security Expo is being held in Fuzhou. The reporter noted that how to better develop the artificial intelligence industry attracted the attention of the participants. Many experts believe that although generative artificial intelligence can greatly facilitate and improve human life style, it also poses a new challenge to network security and needs to strengthen supervision from all aspects.

Experts pointed out that any technology has two sides, and there are a series of security risks hidden behind generative artificial intelligence, which pose new challenges to national security, social security, network security and data security.

In terms of security, experts pointed out that excluding human intervention, the security problem of artificial intelligence itself is also obvious.

China computer federation (CCF) Computer Security Professional Committee Member Degree:First, at the source, the data may be poisoned and polluted, so the original training data may have problems. Second, when training, there may be a big data discrimination algorithm in it, and it may not be a fair algorithm, which will lead to problems in the results. Thirdly, there will be a feedback mechanism in the final output stage, and the feedback mechanism may inject some malicious data or samples, which will also lead to the deviation of the answers obtained by this model.

So, how to deal with the hidden dangers of artificial intelligence? Experts said that this requires joint efforts from the supervision, practitioners and enterprises.

Li Xinliang, Expert of Guangdong Digital Government Network and Data Security Emergency Response Expert Group:In view of the security risks that AI may bring, I personally feel that it is necessary to speed up relevant legislation at the national level and formulate relevant industry standards as soon as possible. In addition, for AI practitioners, it is necessary to strengthen the corresponding training so that they can carry out it at the level of national laws and regulations when using AI technology. From the enterprise level, we must fully consider the compliance of collecting citizen information, and at the same time, we must strengthen the relevant actions of data protection in the transmission and storage of these collected data.

Leading intelligence: the cutting-edge technology of battery recycling related industries.

On April 5 th, the financial sector reported that some investors asked Pioneer Intelligence on the interactive platform: Does the company arrange equipment research and development for battery recycling, disassembly and reuse? Considering the large amount of batteries used in the future, recycling will also have a considerable scale.

The company replied: the company continues to pay attention to the cutting-edge technology of battery recycling related industries.

The special ball for the Olympic football match appeared on the "Star of the Great Wall" and was branded with Chinese seal.

The special ball "Star of the Great Wall" for the 2008 Olympic Games football match was released. Photo source: State Council Office.

  China news agency, Beijing, January 26th (Reporter Shen Chen) Adidas, a partner of Beijing Olympic Games, officially launched the "Star of the Great Wall", a game ball designed for the Beijing Olympic football match, here on the 26th, and Adidas’ 2008 Olympic football tour started.

  The "Star of the Great Wall" was specially designed by Adidas for the Beijing Olympic Games, highlighting the elements of China. The world is dominated by red and gold with strong China characteristics, with the Great Wall pattern on the hook edge, and the word "China" inscribed by Nian Weisi, a leading soccer player in China, is printed on the sphere.

Nian Weisi, a veteran of China football, introduced the feeling of writing the word "China" on the "Star of the Great Wall" football.

  Nian Weisi said that he has witnessed the development of China football, and it is a golden opportunity to hold the Olympic Games in Beijing. He expects China football to make a breakthrough at home. "I hope that the international players can eat well, practice well and get ready during the preparation period. By August 8, they will go into battle lightly, play the style and play the level, and win glory for the country under the influence of China."

  China Olympic athletes Zhao Xuri, Jiang Ning, Shen Longyuan and China women’s football players Li Jie, Han Duan and Bi Yan felt the "Star of the Great Wall" at the first time. Zhao Xuri said that the surface of the "Great Wall Star" is not very smooth, and the ball speed will be faster and easier to control during the game. "I hope to score more goals when I get to the Beijing Olympic Games."

The special ball "Star of the Great Wall" for the 2008 Olympic Games football match

  It is reported that the "Star of the Great Wall" uses the most advanced 14 pieces of skin splicing and the latest molecular material technology on the surface of the sphere to help football achieve greater strength, stronger rotation and better control.

  China international Zheng Zhi, who traveled far away in England, showed his expectations for the Olympic Games through video. In 1999, Zheng Zhi was 19 years old, and his impact on the Olympic Games with the then Olympic team failed. In 2008, the Olympic Games will be held in Beijing, and he looks forward to flying high with other Olympic teenagers. (End)

Editor: Xu Guimei

Zhiji has released a roadmap for the landing of smart driving products, and will "technology go to sea" in 2024.

Guo Hui said, "The NOA public beta of the city to be opened in October means that Zhiji Automobile has completed the accumulation of other industries for many years in two years, and has continuously set a new record for the fastest mass production of intelligent driving products in the industry."

Guo Hui revealed that IM AD is preparing for the technology to go to sea, and has completed the European localization adaptability training, and the planning algorithm has adapted to the local environment and driving habits. In 2024, with the launch of the first global strategic model LS6 of Zhiji Automobile, Zhiji Automobile will share China’s intelligent driving technology with the world and rapidly expand its overseas influence.

In September, open the public beta of "NOA to high-precision map"; In October, open the "Urban NOA" public beta; In 2024, the "commuting mode" covers 100+ cities across the country; In 2025, IM AD will enter the era of Door to Door (full scene commuting) …

Guo Hui, deputy CTO of Zhiji Automobile and chief scientist of Intelligent Driving, announced the "Landing Roadmap of Intelligent Driving Products of Zhiji Automobile in the Next 3-5 Years" at the "iAd Day Intelligent Driving Conference in Tsinghua" held yesterday (August 16th).

Photo by Guo Hui Wang Yueyue, deputy CTO of Zhiji Automobile and chief scientist of intelligent driving

"The NOA public beta of the city that will be opened in October means that Zhiji Automobile has completed the accumulation of head players in other industries for many years in two years (the Zhiji brand was released in 2021), and constantly refreshed the landing record of’ the fastest mass production of intelligent driving products’ in the industry." Guo Hui said, "iAd, the intelligent driver assistance system of Zhiji Automobile, not only surpasses most human drivers in safety, traffic efficiency and road game ability, but also provides users with an experience that is obviously superior to the industry standard."

According to reports, at present, Zhiji Automobile has achieved intelligent driving 3.2 times the safety of human driving. The statistical results of actual driving data show that at present, the number of collision accidents per million kilometers of IM AD is 0.6, which is far lower than the number of collision accidents per million kilometers driven by human beings, which provides a solid security guarantee for the user experience of man-machine driving. IM AD’s safety class false braking frequency is less than once per million kilometers, which is 5 times better than the industry head standard.

In terms of performance experience, IM AD’s delivery standards are equally strict, whether it is "driving performance" such as lane-changing efficiency, driving center performance, driving fluency and driving comfort, or "parking performance" such as parking space recognition ability, parking success rate and parking fluency, all of which exceed the level of the industry’s top players; The success rate of IM AD lane change is as high as 98%, the uncomfortable deceleration is only 1.3 times per thousand kilometers, and the success rate of parking is 97%. It can be called a typical "hexagonal warrior".

In Guo Hui’s view, as a new brand, behind the distance between Zhiji Automobile and its head players in two years is the underlying technical advantage of joint development and two-way empowerment with Momenta-the core competence composed of more efficient architecture, rapidly evolving algorithms and higher utilization of generative data, which will continue to drive the accelerated running of iAd’s intelligent driving evolution.

Momenta CEO Cao Xudong Wang Yueyue photo

According to Cao Xudong, CEO of Momenta, iAd is the only dual-intelligent computing platform compatible with Xavier and Orin, with more efficient architecture adaptability, 90% reduction in computing power requirements and 500% improvement in model operation efficiency. Based on this, limited computing power can also achieve global visual integration; Only the scheme of "single lidar+single Orin chip" can also cover all urban scenes and meet the needs of NOA for high-precision maps.

At the same time, IM AD algorithm has faster technical evolution ability. In 2021, OneModel, BEV and Transformer technologies have been implemented, and in 2022, the first car was equipped to achieve mass production, laying the industry-leading technology base. In April 2023, Zhiji Automobile and Momenta released the industry’s first D.L.P artificial intelligence model, which solved the bottleneck problem of cognitive intelligence. The "NOA-to-high-precision map" public beta, which will be launched in September this year, will gradually realize the switching of map technology schemes and realize the uninterrupted assisted driving experience without relying on high-precision maps. On this basis, in 2024, IM AD is expected to enter the application stage of Occupancy occupying the network and realize automatic driving in most scenarios.

Guo Hui revealed that as the pinnacle of intelligent Zhiji automobile, the third model Zhiji LS6, which will be unveiled at Chengdu Auto Show, is equipped with NOA ability to go to high-precision maps. The delivery is equipped with the industry’s first "one-button scene driving" function, which solves the high-frequency pain points in certain scenes of users’ urban travel based on iAd intelligent driving technology.

At present, IM AD is preparing for the technology to go to sea, and has completed the European localization adaptability training, and the planning algorithm has adapted to the local environment and driving habits. In 2024, with the launch of the first global strategic model LS6 of Zhiji Automobile, Zhiji Automobile will share China’s intelligent driving technology with the world and rapidly expand its overseas influence. (China Economic Net reporter Wang Yueyue)

The most comprehensive data tells you who is the real Japanese animation brother!

Special feature of 1905 film network The movie "Doraemon", a theatrical version, arrived late. Unfortunately, Doraemon: Nobita’s New Dinosaur, the Doraemon movie series with the highest rating (ticketing platform), has not broken through the 50 million mark so far. Judging from the follow-up trend, this movie should not break through 100 million yuan and will become the worst box office work in this series in recent years.

Not to mention that in 2015, the animated film Doraemon: Walk with Me grabbed 530 million box office, and every year, a theatrical version of a big movie can have 100 million box office bases. In 2018, Doraemon: Treasure Island of Daxiong reached 209 million box office results.

Perhaps without the protection of Children’s Day and summer file, this family fun animation seems to be less energetic. On the one hand, there will be fewer opportunities for parents to take their children to watch cartoons during this schedule; On the other hand, the repeated release of Japanese animated films, such as "Baokemeng: The Counter-attack Evolution of Super Dreams" and "Digital Baby: The Last Evolution", also diluted some audiences to some extent.

For a long time, animated films have been the first choice for mainland film companies to introduce Japanese films. Such works, which are derived from mature IP, can largely guarantee their box office revenue. For Japanese animation, it is actually subdivided into theatrical animation and animated film. So, how to distinguish the two? 

Theater animation is a TV animation based on this IP, which is derived, for example, Detective Conan series and Huang Jincheng of Navigator released in China. They are independent chapters, but they are related to TV animation.Animated movies are completely original animations, such as those well known.My Neighbor Totoro’s Your NameSmokeFlowersWait.

Many people will regard Doraemon: Walk with Me as a theatrical animation, but strictly speaking, it belongs to the category of animated films. Since the Japanese film market picked up in the mainland in 2015, the theatrical animation has been the main force in Japanese films. From the first theatrical animated film Detective Conan: Sunflower of Fire in 2015 to the current Doraemon: Nobita’s New Dinosaur, there are over 28 theatrical animations to meet the audience.

In addition, Japanese box office champion Infinite Train with the Blade of Ghost Extinction, Kyoto Animation animation Violet Eternal Garden and Night of Destiny 3 are also expected to be released in the mainland in early 2021. So, what are the performances of these films in the China market?


N cases of "most"

Since 2015, all Japanese theatrical animated films have been released in the mainland, including IP with childhood feelings such as Doraemon and Conan, as well as bloody "migrant workers" such as Naruto and Navigator, and even smaller paintings such as "Violet Eternal Garden" and "Night of Destiny". These works also let us see the diversification of Japanese animation industry. Among these IPS, Doraemon series is definitely the most powerful "shoulder handle". Since 2016, there will be a work to meet the mainland audience every year. In addition to this year, due to the epidemic, the local release plan in Japan was postponed, which led to the domestic release date moving from the "June 1" summer file to the New Year’s release. 

Judging from the box office data, from 2016 to 2019, the box office results of this series of films all exceeded 100 million by the bonus of holidays, especially Doraemon: Treasure Island of Daxiong in 2018 became the first Japanese theatrical animated film with a box office of over 200 million.

It can be seen that Doraemon is still the blue fat man who is suitable for all ages and has been growing up with different generations. What can compete with this box office is another national animation, Detective Conan. In 2015, Japanese films reappeared in the China film market, and the film Detective Conan: Sunflower of Fire became the first theatrical animated film to be introduced.

Since then, this series has also become "oftengreenTree ".Except for 2017Detective Conan: Tang Hong’s Love SongNot being introduced, and the release of Japan in 2020 was postponed to 2021, Conan has also become an animated image that audiences meet every year. The market response of this series was not as enthusiastic as Doraemon at first. The total box office results in 2015 and 2016 were only 110 million, but since 2018, it has sprung up suddenly and the box office has repeatedly exceeded 100 million, especially in 2019.Detective Conan: the fist of the Qing DynastyUp to now, with a score of 231 million, it has won the highest box office in the mainland of Japan’s theatrical animated film.

If Doraemon and Detective Conan belong to the carnival of every age, then the box office of Naruto and Nautical King shows the "fighting power" of otaku. With the ending of the original Naruto, Naruto Theater Edition: Biography of Bo Ren became the first theatrical animated film to break 100 million at the box office in the Mainland. At that time, when the film was released, there was no large-scale publicity, but direct audience marketing was adopted, which successfully brought the "otaku" into the cinema. 

Doing the same thing, the "Nautical King" series has also successfully achieved good box office income. These two animated films can be said to be typical "fan movies" in some ways. Its limitation is that it is not a fan of the cartoon, so it is difficult to get into the inside of the story, and you can only look at the doorway. It can be seen from the data of "Huang Jincheng of the Sea King" and "Naruto Theater Edition" that the male and female audiences are constant at 56%: 44%, and most of them are concentrated in the crowd aged 20-24.

Looking at these animated films whose original works have been published, the equally well-known Pokémon series, Cherry Maruko and Crayon Shinchan are the most disappointing. Especially, the Pokémon series, the two works currently released, both have a box office of only 30 million. The "yellow-skinned electric mouse" that the audience thinks is the most cute can’t even move the box office.

On the contrary, "Digital Baby: The Last Evolution", which is also a teenager’s feeling, has captured 125 million box office domineering, becoming the highest box office in this type of film in 2020. Of course, the most unexpected thing is that "Cherry Maruko" and "Crayon Shinchan", two animation brands with great national representatives, have only introduced one theatrical animation work each. 

On the contrary, the animation brand Destiny’s Night, which is more niche in itself, has always maintained the most stable output, Destiny’s Night — — The goblet of heaven: the flower of bad omen and the night of destiny — — The Cup of Heaven II: The Lost Butterfly has achieved about 30 million box office results, so it is no wonder that the introduction of Destiny’s Night 3 is under way. 

Who’s next?

At present, animated films from Makoto Shinkai and Miyazaki Hayao are introduced frequently. At the same time, the works of authors such as Mamoru Hosoda (Future) and Ayumu Watanabe (Son of the Sea Beast) are gradually recognized by the audience. However, it cannot be ignored that the theatrical animated films will still be the main force of Japanese animated films in the China film market in the future.

To a large extent, the fan base of these animations can guarantee its basic box office income. At present, Detective Conan: Scary Bullet, which was adapted from Japan in 2021, has been announced to be introduced by Huace Film, and I believe it will meet the audience at an appropriate time.

Of course, the introduction of Doraemon’s 2021 theatrical version Doraemon: Nobita’s Little War in the Universe will not be abandoned because of this box office failure. In addition, Huace Film also officially announced the introduction of "Silver Soul: The Final". This will be the first time that the cinema in China mainland has introduced the animated film "Silver Soul". I wonder if this relatively old IP can drive fans’ feelings? 

The theatrical animation "Infinite Train with Ghost Blade", which is about to break the box office champion of Japanese film history, is also expected to be introduced. Although this brand is not as well-known as Naruto and Voyage King in the China market at present, it is expected to impress the curiosity of many audiences other than the original fans when it is released in the mainland with its hot box office results in Japan.

The new work Natsume Friends Account, which once won 115 million box office, Natsume Friends Account: Shiqi and Suspicious Visitors also has the opportunity to let mainland audiences see the moment when Niangkou Sansan sells cute on the big screen. These kinds of theatrical animated films, while selling feelings, how to make something new may be concerned by fans and ordinary audiences. In particular, whether they can continue the past Japanese theatrical animation box office in the future may be the most worth looking forward to.

Ministry of Industry and Information Technology: Severely punish the fraudulent behavior of new energy vehicles and standardize the order of industrial development

  CCTV News:According to the website of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, after the Ministry of Finance publicly exposed some typical cases of serious "fraudulent compensation" of new energy vehicles to the public in September 2016, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology announced the administrative punishment decision on Suzhou Jinlong and other enterprises on the portal website on December 20, giving four enterprises involved in "having a license without a car" such punishment measures as "ordering to stop producing and selling problem models, suspending the application qualification of the recommended catalogue of new energy vehicles, and ordering to carry out rectification for six months".

  Since then, the relevant departments in charge of the promotion and application of new energy vehicles in China have made a clear decision on the handling of the "fraudulent compensation" incident of new energy vehicles that the society is concerned about according to their own functions, conveying the attitude and determination of the state to attach great importance to and seriously deal with the "fraudulent compensation" incident of new energy vehicles, and standardizing the development order and improving the development environment through special rectification work and further improving policy measures and supervision mechanism.

  First, the central and local governments should work together to seriously deal with the enterprises and relevant personnel involved.

  How to deal with the "fraudulent compensation" incident of new energy vehicles in China has been highly concerned by the whole society and even the international automobile industry since the incident was exposed in January this year. the State Council attaches great importance to it and demands serious investigation and punishment of fraudulent compensation. The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the Ministry of Finance and other departments and local governments have joined forces to carry out comprehensive and thorough special inspection actions, severely punish enterprises that find problems according to laws and regulations, not only expose the enterprises involved and relevant personnel, but also give punishment measures such as recovering "fraudulent compensation" funds, imposing fines, canceling the qualification of financial subsidies for new energy vehicles, canceling/suspending the production qualification of enterprises and announcing catalogue models according to the seriousness of the circumstances. Those who violate the law shall be investigated for legal responsibility according to law.

  The ministries and commissions will work together to seriously deal with the enterprises involved. From February to March this year, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the Ministry of Finance and other four ministries and commissions jointly carried out special inspections on the implementation of the promotion and application of new energy vehicles and the management of the use of financial funds. In late March, Miao Wei, Minister of Industry and Information Technology, publicly stated that the "fraudulent compensation" behavior of new energy vehicles should be dealt with seriously and found to be disposed of together. On March 25th, the CCTV news channel "Chao Wen Tian Xia" reported the investigation of "fraudulent compensation" of new energy, focusing on the alleged "fraudulent compensation" of Suzhou Jim West. At the beginning of September, the Ministry of Finance exposed some typical cases of serious "cheating" to the public. On December 20th, the portal website of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology issued a decision on administrative punishment for Suzhou Jinlong and other enterprises. The Ministry of Finance and the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology have successively issued punishment documents for new energy automobile manufacturers involved in the problems of "no car with a license", "car without electricity" and "inconsistent logo", among which Suzhou Jimixi, who has the most serious fraud, was given the punishment of "canceling the qualification of vehicle production". This is the first enterprise whose production qualification has been cancelled since the implementation of the vehicle production enterprise and product announcement management system. The above measures highlight the country’s rectification of the field of new energy vehicles.Cheat "problem, the determination to standardize the development of the industry.

  The local government followed up and investigated the responsibility of the relevant personnel according to law. In addition to the serious handling of the enterprises involved at the national level according to law, the local government subsequently initiated legal procedures to investigate the responsibility of the relevant personnel according to law according to the verification results. According to the inspection results of the Ministry of Finance, Jiangsu Province further verified and implemented the responsibilities of relevant functional departments and staff, and the personnel involved were handed over to procuratorial organs, public security departments and administrative supervision departments; Responsible persons of relevant enterprises and government workers suspected of committing crimes shall be investigated for criminal responsibility according to law; According to the law, arrest the relevant personnel of Suzhou Public Security Traffic Police Detachment Vehicle Management Office who are suspected of abusing their powers, and arrest the relevant personnel such as Yang Level, the actual controller of Suzhou Jim West Bus Manufacturing Co., Ltd. who are suspected of fraud; The relevant personnel of Suzhou Jinlong were dismissed and transferred.

  Second, carry out special rectification, and the industry shows a good development trend.

  If the purpose of severely punishing the cheating behavior of new energy vehicles is to eliminate the "black sheep" in China’s new energy vehicle industry, then the special rectification work after the special verification will undoubtedly play a positive role in standardizing and promoting the development of new energy vehicles in China. Based on the development of new energy vehicles in China this year, after this round of rectification, the development of the whole industry has been gradually standardized, enterprises have paid more attention to technological innovation, and the market has maintained steady growth. China’s new energy vehicle industry has entered a more rational and healthy development stage.

  Relevant enterprises actively carry out rectification. Since the special rectification work was carried out, most enterprises that have been punished have set up special rectification teams to carry out comprehensive rectification work. First, pursue the responsibility of the responsible person who caused the problem vehicle; Second, return the financial pre-allocated funds and pay the fine according to the prescribed procedures and requirements; The third is to replenish or replace batteries, motors and other parts for vehicles with problems of "lack of electricity in vehicles" and "inconsistent signs" to make them meet the requirements of product consistency; Fourth, take practical measures to promote idle vehicles to put into actual operation; Fifth, earnestly implement the provisions of vehicle production, strengthen the consistency of product production and the management of motor vehicle factory certificate; Sixth, standardize financial management procedures. At the same time, relevant departments of Chongqing, Zhejiang and other local governments have strengthened the supervision of problem enterprises and urged enterprises to speed up the implementation of rectification requirements to ensure that rectification is in place.

  Strengthen the supervision and inspection of new energy vehicles. From November 21 to 25 this year, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology entrusted experts from the Automobile Association and China Automobile Technology Center to supervise and inspect the production behavior of new energy automobile manufacturers, and conducted on-site inspections on enterprises such as Xiamen Jinlong, Xiamen Jinlv, BYD, Zhongtong Bus, Anhui An Kai and Chery Automobile. The expert group conducted a comprehensive inspection of the certificate management, spare parts procurement, production inspection and financial management of the enterprise by means of seminars and random sampling of sample cars, focusing on checking whether the certificate management is one car and one certificate, and whether it is in compliance, and checking the vehicle products randomly to see that they are consistent with the announcement parameters.

  Enterprises increased investment and the market developed rapidly. According to the investigation of more than 40 new energy vehicle manufacturers by China Automobile Association and China Automobile Technology Research Center, it is found that enterprises have generally increased their investment in technology research and development, operation management and quality assurance, accelerated product upgrading, and enhanced their research and development capabilities. Most enterprises have established a monitoring platform for the quality operation of new energy vehicle products. The energy density of lithium-ion power battery reaches 220 WHr/kg, and the system price drops to 2 yuan/WHr. The power density of the driving motor exceeds 3 kW/kg, which is basically equivalent to the international level; The charging efficiency, power density and output voltage range of the fast charging system have been steadily improved, and the functions of dual-gun charging and mobile payment have been realized, and the cost has decreased by more than 30% compared with 2015. From January to November this year, the production and sales of new energy vehicles reached 427,000 and 402,000 respectively, up by 59.0% and 60.4% respectively, and remained the first in the world.

  Third, improve measures and mechanisms to standardize the order of industrial development.

  While rectifying China’s new energy vehicles, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the Ministry of Finance and other departments in charge of the promotion and application of new energy vehicles have adjusted subsidy policies, strengthened supervision, and further improved the policy environment for industrial development.

  Adjust the financial subsidy policy. In view of the problems exposed in the special inspection, such as excessive subsidy standards for some vehicles, excessive dependence of enterprises on subsidy policies, low technical performance of subsidized new energy vehicles and low actual utilization rate of some vehicles, the Ministry of Finance, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology and other four ministries and commissions put forward a plan to adjust and improve the subsidy policies for new energy vehicles on the basis of consulting relevant enterprises and third-party institutions. First, on the premise of maintaining the overall stability of the subsidy policy from 2016 to 2020, appropriately adjust the subsidy methods for passenger cars and special vehicles, raise the technical threshold, encourage technological progress, set the upper limit of central and local subsidies, and prevent the phenomenon that the local supporting subsidy standards are too high. The second is to improve the allocation method of subsidy funds. From 2016, the subsidy funds for the purchase of new energy vehicles will be changed from pre-payment to post-liquidation, and the review and promotion of local fund application reports will be strengthened. Third, in combination with industrial development and technological progress, we should appropriately raise the requirements of recommended catalogue models, establish a dynamic adjustment mechanism, and give full play to the guiding role of subsidy policies in helping the excellent and the strong.

  Improve the entry threshold for enterprises. As the competent department of industry, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology revised the Regulations on the Access Management of New Energy Vehicle Manufacturers and Products, strengthened safety requirements, raised access thresholds, and curbed the scattered development of the industry. At present, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology has reviewed and approved the Regulations on the Administration of New Energy Vehicle Manufacturers and Products Access, which will be officially released in the near future. The new regulations improve the entry threshold from the aspects of enterprise design and development ability, manufacturing ability, after-sales service ability, product technical performance and quality assurance ability, and strengthen the safety supervision requirements, which can effectively improve product quality and safety level.

  Improve the supervision and management mechanism. In order to ensure the implementation of national policies, prevent the recurrence of "fraudulent compensation" and effectively promote the healthy and sustainable development of new energy vehicles in China, we should improve three major guarantee mechanisms: first, establish a real-time adjustment mechanism for subsidy policies for new energy vehicles, increase the assessment conditions for linking vehicle mileage with subsidies, improve the technical conditions of subsidized vehicles, appropriately reduce the subsidy amount and promote the application of vehicles according to technological progress and market conditions; The second is to establish a real-time monitoring mechanism for the operation of new energy vehicles, improve the monitoring platform at the central, local and enterprise levels, ensure the safety of vehicle use, and strengthen the assessment of vehicle use; The third is to improve the supervision system after the event, implement a unified coding system for power batteries, strengthen market sampling verification of new energy automobile products, and increase penalties for violations of laws and regulations.

The popularity of the first live broadcast of "Police Flowers and Police Dogs" in Hou Mengsha broke 100,000.

"Police Flowers and Police Dogs" will be broadcasted by Zhejiang Satellite TV on July 7th in China Blue Theater.

The large-scale police-themed youth inspirational TV series "Police Flower and Police Dog" will seize the summer file on the 7 th of this month and start the first summer shot. Yesterday, Hou Mengsha, the powerful actor who plays the heroine "Li Shuhan", and Yu Hewei, the leading actor, held a grand press conference in Beijing with a group of masters, and once again went to the Beijing Police Dog Base to have a warm reunion with the police dogs who were photographed together in the past.
At the event, Hou Mengsha appeared in a black shoulder dress and a long black-and-white dress. This classic black-and-white color combination makes her particularly youthful and beautiful, and she is natural. According to her, she also loves black and white clothes in private, and the simple and natural style is her favorite way of dressing, which also shows Hou Mengsha’s pure and natural personality from the side. At this conference, the theme song MV and the super-long film were first released for media reporters to get a sneak peek. Sometimes warm and sometimes urgent pictures in the film make Hou Mengsha’s memories surge, and even her eyes are wet after seeing the injured figure of her dog "Cherry". In a subsequent interview, she said that after watching the film, she remembered the scenes that she used to get along with "cherry" and felt a lot. I am very reluctant to give up this lovely, smart and loyal little friend, and even said that I want to take "Cherry" home. When the host asked me if I had a pet, Hou Mengsha recalled his pet dog and even choked up.

Today, the live broadcast is in power, and a number of popular live broadcast apps will certainly not miss this rare opportunity. Three new media platforms, Mei Pai, Zanthoxylum bungeanum and a live broadcast, showed the audience the grand occasion of this conference in Hou Mengsha. Hou Mengsha, who has never played live broadcast, also dedicated his first live broadcast to Police Flower and Police Dog. In the police dog base, Hou Mengsha broadcasted her interaction with her dog "Cherry" for the first time. When she met with "Cherry" again, she recognized it at a glance, and "Cherry" was particularly excited and interacted closely with Hou Mengsha.
Such a loving live broadcast instantly attracted the attention of many netizens, and the cumulative number of people watching the whole 50-minute live broadcast reached 110,000, which was a good start. The combination of beautiful police flower Hou Mengsha and cute dog makes the live broadcast room extremely hot, and such a high popularity also makes "Police Flower and Police Dog" fire before it is broadcast, which makes people even more eager to see the feature film.
Love and blood, warm and youthful "Police Flower and Police Dog" agreed that you will be there on Zhejiang Satellite TV on July 7!

How does the Ministry of Communications define a car ride?

  The purpose of the network car is to make a profit. Passengers propose a travel plan, calculate mileage, and charge by time. The ride is not for profit. The driver mainly proposes a travel plan and shares part of the travel expenses. Graphic production/Deng Ning

  On July 28th, two taxi industry reform documents, Guiding Opinions on Deepening Reform and Promoting the Healthy Development of Taxi Industry and Interim Measures for the Management of Online Booking Taxi Management Services, were released. Relevant persons of the Ministry of Transport re-interpreted the issues of concern to the audience, such as the implementation of local policies, the definition of network car and free ride, and fair competition of taxi network car. The relevant person in charge made it clear that the Ministry of Transport will guide local governments to formulate practical plans and set up a transition period for reform.

  On July 28th, two taxi industry reform documents — — "Guiding Opinions on Deepening Reform and Promoting the Healthy Development of Taxi Industry" and "Interim Measures for the Management of Online Booking Taxi Management Services" were issued, which aroused widespread concern. Yesterday, in the Voice of China special program "I am on duty today", Zeng Jia, deputy director of the taxi management office of the Transportation Service Department of the Ministry of Transport, elaborated on issues such as policy implementation, definition of carpooling, and competition and development of taxi network.

  Hotspot 1

  How do local policies land after the introduction of the New Deal?

  The Beijing Youth Daily reporter learned that the new regulations have a clear positioning for the development of taxis and the standardized operation of online car, but the specific implementation rules still need to be formulated and clarified by local governments. The interim measures are clear, and the new regulations will be implemented on November 1, 2016. All localities can formulate specific implementation rules according to these measures and local conditions.

  Zeng Jia, deputy director of the taxi management office of the Transport Services Department of the Ministry of Transport, said that there is a reason for delegating the specific rules of taxi management to the local authorities. Taxi management belongs to local power, and the reform adheres to the principle of territorial management, and the city government bears the main responsibility of management. Cities have different levels of economic and social development, such as traffic structure, population size, public transport level, and the number of taxis available, which can only be determined by the people’s governments of local cities according to their own actual conditions. There is no problem of delegating the power of price setting and quantity control to local governments, because this is the power of local cities, which requires local governments to adjust measures to local conditions and cities.

  The Ministry of Transport also made arrangements for the implementation of the policy. First, it held a video conference with relevant departments to mobilize the reform of the taxi industry and mobilized the reform work; Second, a training course will be held in the near future to publicize the main contents and spirit of the two documents to local management departments, clarify the operation methods of related issues in the documents, and work with local governments to promote the reform of the taxi industry; The third is to guide local governments to formulate practical plans and grasp the policy scale; The fourth is to guide local governments to do a good job in the transition plan for the transition period of reform.

  Hotspot 2

  What is the difference between a car and a ride?

  Zeng Jia believes that the network car is similar to a taxi, providing time and displacement services, which takes up road resources. However, hitchhiking makes full use of road and vehicle resources and does not increase the consumption of road resources, which is a typical way for urban transportation to reflect the sharing economy.

  What needs to be clear is that, first of all, the hitchhiking service provider generally releases the travel plan in advance, or the person who has the same travel route after the passenger releases it responds, rather than responding according to the passenger’s travel needs. Secondly, the ride reflects the goodwill and mutual assistance between people, which is obviously different from the network car operation. Finally, the ride is not for profit, and part of the travel cost is limited to fuel cost and traffic cost, rather than charging by mileage and timing.

  In addition, this reform document clearly defines the opinions of encouraging support, but all localities should formulate detailed policies in light of local actual conditions.

  Hotspot 3

  How to compete fairly between taxis and online cars?

  Zeng Jia believes that before the introduction of the policy, there were many reasons for the conflict between the old and new formats, and the lack of fair competition in the market environment was a very important reason.

  There are great differences between online car rental and traditional taxis in terms of access standards, price mechanism, vehicle safety, scrapping management, insurance system and tax payment. In particular, in order to seize the market, network platform companies seize the market through continuous huge subsidies, which in fact causes unfair competition between the two.

  Therefore, the interim measures for management have clearly defined the licensing conditions for the network car, and set licensing requirements for platforms, vehicles and personnel. At the same time, it is required not to hinder fair competition in the market, not to engage in unfair price behaviors that crowd out competitors or monopolize the market, disrupt the normal market order at a price lower than the cost, and harm the national interests or the legitimate rights and interests of other operators, and not to commit price violations. All these are aimed at forming a level playing field.

  Zeng Jia pointed out that in the long run, to solve the conflict between the two sides, it is still necessary to deepen the reform of traditional industries and standardize the development of online car rental as soon as possible to achieve healthy competition and coordinated development of the two formats. First, speed up the reform of traditional taxis, loosen the burden on traditional taxis, get rid of the disadvantages of the system and mechanism, and realize the transformation and upgrading of the traditional taxi industry by taking measures such as dynamic regulation of operation scale, restriction of taxi operation period and free use, reform of interest distribution mechanism, and adjustment of freight rate mechanism; Second, for the new format, by setting business boundaries, subdividing markets, providing high-quality services, realizing differentiated operations and gradually deepening integrated development.

  Beijing will formulate detailed rules in light of actual conditions.

  On July 28th, two new regulations on taxi reform at the national level, Guiding Opinions on Deepening Reform and Promoting the Healthy Development of Taxi Industry, and Interim Measures for the Management of Online Booking Taxi Management Services, were officially promulgated. Yesterday, the relevant person in charge of the Beijing Municipal Transportation Commission said that Beijing will resolutely implement the spirit of the two documents, seriously study and understand the requirements of the documents, and formulate relevant implementation opinions and detailed rules in light of Beijing’s reality.

  Yesterday, the relevant person in charge of the Transportation Administration Bureau of the Municipal Communications Commission introduced that the new regulations on taxi reform have an important guiding and standardizing role in the transformation and upgrading of the taxi industry in Beijing and promoting the healthy development of online taxis. Beijing will resolutely implement the spirit of the two documents, conscientiously study and understand the content requirements of the documents, formulate relevant implementation opinions and detailed rules in light of Beijing’s reality, promote integrated development, improve service levels, and meet the travel needs of the people.

  At present, there are no relevant documents for the development of online car. However, as far as carpooling is concerned, as early as 2013, the Municipal Transportation Commission issued the Opinions on Passenger Car Ride in Beijing, which made it clear that passenger car riding should follow the basic principles of giving priority to public welfare carpooling, voluntary mutual assistance among the people, safeguarding legitimate rights and interests, standardizing carpooling behavior and prohibiting illegal operation, so as to promote its healthy development.

  Six departments jointly talked about four online car companies.

  Yesterday morning, Beijing Youth Daily reporter learned from the Ministry of Transport that the Ministry of Transport, the Central Network Information Office, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the Ministry of Public Security, the State Administration for Industry and Commerce, the State Bureau for Letters and Calls and other departments have jointly talked about Didi, Uber, Shenzhou and Yizhi, and asked them to clean up unqualified vehicles and drivers in accordance with the new regulations.

  Liu Xiaoming, Vice Minister of the Ministry of Transport, said that the reform and development of the taxi industry is not only a livelihood issue, but also related to social stability. After the promulgation of the two documents on deepening the reform of the taxi industry, relevant enterprises should study carefully, strictly implement relevant regulations and rectify existing problems. It is required to strictly abide by relevant laws and regulations, especially in accordance with the requirements of the newly issued two documents on deepening the reform of the taxi industry, earnestly fulfill the main responsibility of enterprises and assume social responsibility, speed up the cleaning up of vehicles and drivers that do not meet the requirements, standardize market operation behavior, operate in good faith according to law, and seek long-term development.

  He particularly emphasized that relevant enterprises should keep their promises and keep their promises. After the transition period, relevant functional departments will jointly enforce the law, intensify the crackdown on illegal operations and other illegal activities, and maintain a good market order in the taxi industry; The platform company’s failure to implement relevant requirements, violation of laws and regulations and incitement to disturb social order will be dealt with according to law, and the relevant enterprises and their responsible persons will be seriously investigated for responsibility. If the circumstances are serious, the relevant qualifications will be banned.

  This group/reporter Liu Wei

Marc jacobs’s fashion darling is plagued by criticism (Photos)

Supermodel Lily Cole and Yang Ziqiong armed themselves with new LV products (CFP).

Supermodel Lily Cole and Yang Ziqiong armed themselves with new LV products (CFP).


  Marc Jacobs

  Fashion darling is beset with criticism

  Ten years ago, Marc Jacobs (marc jacobs) became the design director of LV. This American fashion designer’s ambitious plan of "New wine in old bottles" made LV, a century-old French brand, shine again. Among them, the new cute printed pattern jointly launched by Jacob and Murakami Takashi brought more than $300 million in sales to LV with solemn brown logo in 2003 alone.

  Everything changed dramatically this year. After LV’s 2008 Spring/Summer ready-to-wear series suffered bad reviews, marc jacobs was defeated at the 2008 CFDA Award, which is known as the Oscar in fashion.

  This talented designer is about to get married in Paris by lightning, with Lorenzo Martone, the boyfriend of a Brazilian advertiser who has only been dating for three months-this is even more surprising after the biggest gossip in the fashion world came out last week.

  What happened to marc jacobs?

  Who’s marc jacobs?

  Born in new york in 1963, his father died young, and his mother’s marriage failed many times. marc jacobs’s childhood with his mother and siblings was the darkest period of his life. His only interest is fashion. After leaving his family to live with his grandmother, he entered Parson School of Design, a famous design school in new york, and started his fashion world.

  In 1993, Jacob was fired after launching the "ronin fashion" series for Perry Ellis as the design director. However, this series just became his mark, and he and his long-term partner Robert Duffy were able to independently launch their personal brands again, which made him set foot in the international fashion industry. Since 1997, he has been appointed as the design director of LV.

  Face criticism

  Long-term struggle with abstinence and illness have brought Jacob a strong sense of insecurity.

  Does the fashion world still love marc jacobs? This is already a problem in 2008.

  "Recently, the public pointed to my personal criticism, which made me feel like I was about to collapse." Marc jacobs said.

  Six years ago, new york was intoxicated with Marc Jacobs, and this intoxication quickly spread around the world. After 15 years of struggle, marc jacobs was officially hailed as a new benchmark figure in American fashion. However, with the strong financial support from LVMH Group, Jacob became as conservative and boring as Mickey Mouse shoes he designed.

  For this, his own explanation is that the long-term struggle with abstinence and colic caused by ulcerative colitis have brought him a strong sense of insecurity.

  When marc jacobs was 9 kilograms heavier than now, his fashion was cautious and full of ladylike demeanor, more like a classic version of CHANEL. Now, his spring series is more like "repackaging the life of a female star and putting it on the runway". "People don’t want to see the real world," Jacob said. "All they want is something that has been decorated. The evil in the real world shocked me, just like a circus or a cartoon paradise. "

  Does the fashion world still love marc jacobs? This is already a problem in 2008. Some people in the fashion industry have explained that the cross-border cooperation between Mark Jacobs and some young designers has caused discomfort to another group of fashion giants who can still be called "young"-perhaps this is one of the reasons for his career decline.

  Jacob himself said: "My design is not intended to be provocative, but I just want the audience to see a bigger, fuller and more fashionable picture combination. You know, people are always looking forward to a new fashion show. "

  Design Q&A

  When victoria beckham took Sprouse’s graffiti bag, all the disputes stopped.

  In new york, if you have no leisure, it means you are successful. In Paris, if you have free time, it means you have succeeded.

  About andy warhol.

  Nowadays, many people think that popular art has been developed in the past 50 years.

  Jacob: Yes, exactly. I didn’t really get a good education, except when I was 15 years old, I studied art investigation in an art and design high school in new york. I don’t know the history of art, but I didn’t know what I wanted until I got close to art. When someone says, "Why did you do that?" I said, "Because I like it." I think this is really enough. I don’t want to work so hard, you know? I like fashion. I think I live in a world where everyone loves fashion.

  Am I going to be the andy warhol of fashion? To be honest, I feel weird, but I guess that’s exactly what I’m going to do. But I didn’t do it on purpose. I’m just interested in the world outside the fashion world.

  About graffiti

  Why do you want to create graffiti in the most well-known part of the brand?

  Jacob: When I went to charlotte gainsbourg’s apartment, I saw a big suitcase in the corner. It was louis vuitton brand, black, but it had faded. That’s her father’s. For some reason, it reminds me of marcel duchamp’s "L.H.O.O.Q" (putting a beard on the Mona Lisa’s face), which I once liked. And I think the combination of letters and patterns in louis vuitton is the Mona Lisa of this company, so I came up with the idea of letting stephen Sprouse doodle.  

  It’s a very different situation here in louis vuitton this time. I basically broke the tradition, and I was told bluntly that I couldn’t change the canvas or do anything. And I’m tired of trying to please the communication director, and I’m tired of the rules of the game. So I think, this is the only time I need to do something different, and it is also the only time to make some changes.

  About Murakami Takashi.

  People are surprised that the top management of the company accepted Murakami Takashi’s works against LV’s previous style so quickly.

  Jacob: It was controversial to make these graffiti bags. Every week I get a message: "No, they decided not to produce them." It wasn’t long before they said, "OK, we’ll produce it, but we only do the pattern part." There is a lot of repetition and deliberation, which almost drives me crazy. So, when a British media published that victoria beckham was holding Sprouse’s graffiti bag, all the disputes stopped.

  For all the critics, they have enjoyed the MOCA exhibition in Murakami Takashi in louis vuitton’s shops. I think it challenges some categories, like, what is art here? Is it on the bag? Did you buy a bag or art? It’s hard to define it now.

  About Paris and new york

  What’s the difference between living in new york and living in Paris?

  Jacob: It’s great that my lifestyle in Paris is so different from that in new york. In new york, if you have no leisure, it means you are successful. In Paris, if you have free time, it means you have succeeded. So, I will stay at home for a while here, or invite my friends over for dinner. In new york, if you don’t go to restaurants, art exhibitions or fashion shows with others, you will feel like a loser. So working in two completely different countries can make my life more balanced.