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Minsheng Securities: Maintaining Changan Automobile’s "Recommended" Rating, Deep Blue G318 Listed to Reshape the Hardcore SUV Pattern

Minsheng Securities Research Report pointed out that Changan Automobile (000625.SZ) Deep Blue G318 was listed to reshape the hard-line SUV pattern, but it can be urban and wild, with excellent performance, and the G318 has full potential for hot sales. The price competitiveness of Deep Blue G318 is strong, as a 200,000 hard-line SUV will fill the market gap, and the G318 has strong hardware configuration, superior mechanical quality and off-road ability. At the same time, the feed fuel consumption is 6-7L, which is significantly improved compared with the traditional fuel hard-line off-road fuel economy. With the export volume of Deep Blue + G318 listed, it is optimistic about the overall sales volume of Deep Blue and the improvement of ASP, and the turning point of new energy profitability is expected. Optimistic about the company’s electric intelligent transformation, superimposed Huawei intelligent empower, maintain profit forecasts, and maintain "

Yang Mi wore a long green dress to the event, and the summer style painted a romantic picture

1905 movie network news On June 17, VOGUEfilm "Her" Vision Art Week was in full swing in Shanghai. This event aims to explore and showcase the growth and development of female creative talents, providing them with a broad stage. At the offline premiere, manystarThe short film made a stunning appearance, bringing a visual feast to the audience. And on the night of movie viewing,Yang MiThe summer green suspender dress became the focus.

On the red carpet, Yang Mi’s simple style and bright smile attracted many people’s attention. The long dress with suspenders perfectly integrated the new green of summer, and the skirt was light and elegant, showcasing Yang Mi’s confident and generous temperament. And the disc hair style is the icing on the cake for the overall style. The disc hair cleverly shows the graceful neckline, which contrasts with the summer green dress, adding a bit of unique charm to Yang Mi.

Samuel Hung made an appearance at the movie’s opening ceremony, talking about Alan Tam’s lack of contact

Louis Koo, Samuel Hung

Louis Koo, Samuel Hung

     According to Hong Kong media reports on the 30th, Gu Tianle and Hong Jinbao went to Pingshan on the 30th to participate in the opening ceremony of the new play. Hong Jinbao had a fight in the play and asked if it would be difficult? He said frankly: "There is some difficulty."

  Gu Tianle said that many actors at the scene were specially trained for drama, and everyone went into battle in person. Mentioning that the movie was specially set in the Kowloon walled city scene in the 1980s, Gu Tianle expressed nostalgia and happiness.

  Asked if he had any contact with his friend Alan Tam, who has been involved in the recent uproar, he said: "Less, (know about his news?), a little bit," and when asked if he believed the uproar, he became more and more angry: "I don’t know, a lot of things on the Internet can’t be trusted."

Stephen Chow’s new film originates from childhood shadows (photo)


    The young actor and the young star (below) are very similar

    The reporter learned from Hong Kong Xinghui Company that the sci-fi family film "Yangtze River No. 7" directed by Stephen Chow has not passed the film bureau’s review and will be released on January 31 next year. Through interviews with the behind-the-scenes staff of "Yangtze River No. 7", the reporter learned that Zhou Xingchi’s filming of "Yangtze River No. 7" was actually to compensate for the missing father and son relationship in childhood, and the title "Yangtze River No. 7" was originally the name of an alien flying saucer.

    Exclusive reveal

    The film makes up for childhood regrets

    As early as during the filming of "Kung Fu", Zhou Xingchi began to conceive the script of "Yangtze River No. 7", and Zhou Xingchi had the idea of shooting a film reflecting the relationship between father and son for a long time. According to Wei Dashen, Zhou Xingchi grew up in a single-parent family, and the lack of fatherly love in his childhood has always been his regret, more or less shadowed, which has also become his motivation for shooting "Yangtze River No. 7". When "Yangtze River No. 7" was about to start filming, no young actors were selected. Until Zhou Xingchi saw Xu Jiao, he only auditioned for one audition and decided that Xu Jiao would play his son in reverse. When everyone saw Xu Jiao, they immediately understood that she was quite similar to Zhou Xingchi in childhood, which verified Zhou Xingchi’s motivation for making the film.

    Industry insiders who have seen rough-cut samples say that "Yangtze River No. 7" is the purest of Chow’s films, expressing the sincere love between father and son. Although there is a hazy love between Chow Xingchi and Zhang Yuqi in the film, it is very subtle and the proportion is insignificant.

    Aliens are all computer-generated

    In the movie "Yangtze River No. 7", in addition to Zhou Xingchi and his son, there are also many alien scenes. Although there is only one alien flying saucer "Yangtze River No. 7" in the film, there will be many aliens. For the convenience of posting productin, Zhou Xingchi and Xu Jiao are often acting in the air. Xinghui Company revealed that almost all the alien movements of aliens are synthesized by computers, and only the facial expressions are specially played by real people, similar to "Gollum" in "Lord of the Rings".

    Xinghui spokesperson Wei Dashen admitted that the addition of extraterrestrial elements to the father-son relationship is on the one hand because Zhou Xingchi has always liked Spielberg’s science fiction movies, such as "The Third Kind of Contact" and "E.T.", and on the other hand, it is also for commercial reasons.

    "Take Off the Trash" was filmed for seven days

    The reporter learned that "Changjiang No. 7" is actually the name of the alien flying saucer in the movie. Xinghui recently released a batch of stills of "Changjiang No. 7" to the public. The most eye-catching scene is the scene where Zhou Xingchi watched the alien flying saucer rise slowly from a pile of garbage. This scene seems simple, but it is time-consuming and expensive to shoot. It is reported that this scene cost several million yuan and took seven days to complete. Zhou Xingchi rented an abandoned warehouse in the suburbs of Ningbo and bought tons of garbage to make it look like a garbage dump. He also specially ordered five flying saucers to make it easier for the flying saucers to be replaced after they were damaged during shooting. Sure enough, because the flying saucers were too heavy, the steel wires of the crane could not bear it, and a total of two flying saucers were broken during shooting. In addition, Zhou Xingchi required that garbage constantly fall from the flying saucer during the process of lifting the flying saucer from the garbage heap. In actual shooting, the garbage always fell off the flying saucer as soon as it left the ground, but did not fall down during the ascent process. The staff had to tie the large garbage on the flying saucer with Weiya, so that it could fall down one by one during the ascent of the flying saucer. After such a toss, this scene was filmed for 7 days.

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[Slow hands] Samsung Galaxy S24 5G mobile phone is on the shelves, the original price is 5,500 yuan, and it only costs 4,900 yuan to get it.

Samsung Galaxy S24 5Gcell phoneFrom 4900 yuan! Light amber yellow color scheme is snapping up

[Hot Offers] JD.com has put a Samsung Galaxy S24 5G mobile phone from South Korea on the shelves. The original price of this mobile phone is 5,500 yuan. Now there are coupons for over 2024 minus 100 yuan available, and then participate in the promotion of over 2024 yuan minus 500 yuan. The actual payment is only 4,900 yuan. Make your shopping more affordable! In addition, there are also four color schemes of light amber yellow, yayan gray, ink black, and secret mineral purple for you to choose from.

[Unique design] In terms of appearance design, it continues the design of last year’s S23 series. The frame material is made of lightweight aviation-grade aluminum, the weight of the whole machine is about 167g, and the chamfer is designed with a smooth transition to bring a better grip. Provide four color schemes: light amber yellow, yayan gray, ink black, and secret mineral purple.

[Powerful performance] In terms of configuration, it is equipped with a Snapdragon 8? Gen? 3 processor, the CPU super core frequency reaches 3.39GHz, the GPU can reach 1000MHz, supplemented by LPDDR5X + UFS 4.0, equipped with 8GB + 256 GB/12GB + 256GB optional. In terms of heat dissipation, the VC soaking plate has been upgraded 1.5 times compared with the previous generation, bringing better heat dissipation performance. In terms of battery life, it is equipped with a large 4000mAh battery and supports 25W wired flash charging.

[Photo experience] In terms of image, the front 12 million pixels, the rear 50 million main camera, 12 million ultra-wide-angle and 10 million telephoto, support optical zoom 3 times, through adaptive pixel sensor can achieve optical quality 2 times zoom, digital zoom up to 30 times. And support circle selection and search, real-time translation, note assistant and other functions.

[Multi-directional service] One? UI? 6.1 operating system brings you a new experience; Samsung officially promises to provide 7-year security updates and 7-generation OS updates; built-in Galaxy? AI, intelligent auxiliary features are more powerful; and the whole system supports IP68 waterproof and dustproof.

If you are a consumer looking for high performance and a premium photography experience, then this Samsung Galaxy S24 5G phone is the perfect choice for you. Now you can also enjoy multiple discounts, so seize this rare opportunity!

Offer informationCoupon:Over 2024 minus 100Valid period:
2024/01/25 – 2024/02/04

[Slow hands] Samsung Galaxy S24 5G mobile phone is on the shelves, the original price is 5,500 yuan, and it only costs 4,900 yuan to get it.

Losses in half a year exceeded 10 billion! When will NIO climb out of the "autophagy" vortex of gross profit margin?

In addition to huge losses, NIO is getting deeper and deeper in the vortex of "autophagy" of gross margins.

The new power automakers in the first half of 2023 showed a trend of polarization, both in terms of delivery volume and performance.

Looking at the half-year performance of listed car companies according to the statistics of "Automotive K Line", only three car companies in the passenger car sector have experienced the phenomenon of "loss expansion", NIO and XPeng Motors occupy two of them, and they are also lossmaking. NIO’s situation is somewhat special.

1 Former "boss", today "hip pulling"

With the announcement of NIO’s second-quarter results on August 29, the former three giants of new forces "Wei Xiaoli" and the late-comer Zero Run Car both handed over the first half of 2023. Among the three giants of new forces who used to "remember the hardships and think about changes" together, Li Auto has already taken the lead in turning losses into profits and successfully entered the independent head camp. However, NIO, which was ranked first in new forces, has been left behind by Li Auto by a huge gap, and even inferior to the late IPO Zero Run Car.

The second quarter results show that NIO’s operating income in the second quarter of 2023 reached 8.772 billion yuan, down 14.8% and 17.8% from the same quarter, lower than market expectations. Among them, automobile sales were 7.185 billion yuan, with a decrease of more than 20% from the same quarter.

In this regard, the explanation given by NIO is that the average selling price was reduced mainly due to the increase in the delivery of ET5 and 75kWh standard battery packs, and the decline in delivery also led to the decline in Quarter 1 car sales.

"The image is from the NIO announcement."

From the perspective of deliveries, NIO did experience a short-term slump in the first half of the year.

In the second quarter of this year, NIO delivered 23,520 vehicles, a decrease of 6.14% year-on-year and a decrease of 24.22% month-on-month; in the first half of the year, 54,561 vehicles were delivered, a slight increase of 7.35% year-on-year; after June, NIO deliveries gradually picked up and exceeded 20,000 vehicles in July.

Li Auto has continued to break through this year, and has delivered 139,100 vehicles in the first half of the year alone.

As for profits, it is also the case of "one family is happy and several are worried".

In the second quarter of this year, Li Auto’s net profit reached 2.31 billion yuan, an increase of 147.4% compared with Quarter 1, becoming the third new energy automobile company to maintain consecutive quarterly profits after BYD and Tesla.

NIO is showing a trend of expanding losses. In the second quarter, NIO’s net loss was 6.056 billion yuan, an increase of 119.6% year-on-year and 27.8% month-on-month. In the first half of this year, NIO’s net loss has exceeded 10.90 billion yuan, an increase of 139.07% year-on-year. The degree of loss is about two Xiaopeng and close to five zero runs.

No matter whether it is a single quarter or the entire first half of the year, NIO’s net profit attributable to the parent has hit a record low for the same period in history.

When everyone first "debuted" at the same time, NIO was once the "big brother" of the new car-making force in the limelight, but now its profitability is directly at the bottom of the "Wei Xiaoli" three, and it is even inferior to the zero-run car that came from behind.

Where did NIO’s money "lose"?

2 Continuing the "vicious circle" for the first quarter?

In fact, the previously mentioned problem of falling auto sales due to higher deliveries of low-priced cars did not occur only in the second quarter. According to the first quarter performance report of 2023, NIO’s auto sales revenue in the first quarter was 9.225 billion yuan, down 0.2% and 37.5% respectively from Quarter 1 in 2022 and the fourth quarter of 2022.

In this regard, NIO said that the lower average selling price was mainly due to the higher proportion of ET5 and 75kWh standard battery pack deliveries, which was partially offset by the increase in deliveries.

This is the same as the explanation given by NIO in the 2023 second quarter report mentioned earlier.

It can be seen through public information that the price of ET5 75kWh is about 298,000 yuan, while the price of the 100kWh version is about 356,000 yuan, and the price difference between the two is about 60,000 yuan. Although the first and second quarter results did not disclose the specific model sales ratio, the increase in the proportion of low-priced car deliveries brought more than just the decline in car sales.

In the face of the Hong Kong stock market that values delivery volume, NIO sold a large number of low-priced and low-battery models in the first quarter, resulting in gross profit being swallowed up, which is similar to "drinking poison to quench thirst". However, in the second quarter, in addition to the above reasons, the sales of used cars with lower gross margins also increased.

As a result, NIO’s overall gross profit margin fell from 1.5% in the first quarter to 1% in the second quarter, and in 2022, its gross profit margin in the first and second quarters can still be maintained at 14.6% and 13%, which shows that the "side effect" of low-priced models is really obvious.

What needs to be added is that the gross margin of the NIO business alone actually increased by 1.1 percentage points in the second quarter of 2023 due to the decrease in the promotion of the previous generation ES8, ES6 and EC6 models. However, compared with the same period in 2022, the gross margin decreased by more than 10 percentage points due to the previously mentioned product portfolio changes.

It is worth noting that while NIO’s revenue decreased, losses expanded, and overall gross profit margin decreased, investment did not contract. Data show that NIO’s sales, general and administrative expenses in the second quarter of this year were 2.857 billion yuan, which was higher than Li Auto and XPeng Motors 550 million yuan and 1.30 billion yuan respectively.

On the other hand, NIO’s operating expenses are also rising, of which R & D expenses reached 3.345 billion yuan in the second quarter, an increase of 55.6% year-on-year, mainly due to the increase in R & D personnel costs, equity incentive expenses, and new product and new technology design and development.

The poor performance has made the NIO dual shares equally "unfavorable" in the capital markets. In the August list of auto stocks counted by Auto K Line, both NIO dual shares fell from the "red list" in July to the "green list" in August, with a decline of 32.88% (US stocks) and 27.93% (Hong Kong stocks), ranking second and fifth from the bottom of the August total list respectively.

Although the performance and stock price are not satisfactory, NIO is still optimistic. In the third quarter of 2023, NIO expects to deliver 55,000-57,000 new cars, an increase of 74% -80.3% compared with the same quarter in 2022; the revenue guidance is 18.898 billion yuan-19.50 billion yuan, an increase of 45.3% -50.1% year-on-year. Comparing the year-on-year growth rate of deliveries and revenue, it is not difficult to find that in the third quarter, NIO may still be difficult to get out of the whirlpool of gross margin "autophagy".

3 Views ofAutosKline

Looking back at the first half of the year, NIO experienced a period of downturn.

Perhaps the release of the mid-size SUV EC6 on September 15 can help NIO start from "selling more cars" and achieve more profitability.

The victory and defeat of the first half of the year has become history, and a new round of battle between the three Wei Xiaoli families has begun. Li Bin, who has always believed in long-termism, when can NIO climb out of the vortex of "autophagy" of gross profit margins?

The text is original by [Car K Line], some pictures are sourced from the Internet, and the copyright belongs to the original author. The article of this number may not be reproduced without authorization, and violators will be investigated. At the same time, the content of the article does not constitute investment advice to anyone. The stock market is risky, and investment needs to be cautious.

Blindly ordering more than 25,000 vehicles is just the beginning. With the blessing of Huawei’s full black technology, the M9 industry is getting hotter and hotter.

  On November 9, Huawei officially released a new strategy for smart travel solutions in Shenzhen, and launched a new ecosystem of Huawei’s smart car selection. At present, the new ecosystem has a series of models in the world. At the press conference, Huawei also brought a surprising news: the pre-sale order of M9 in the world exceeded 25,000.

  It is inseparable from the blessing of many Huawei’s "black technology" and Huawei’s quality that the M9 has not been listed yet. After all, from mobile phones to smart travel, Huawei has brought many products with leading quality and technology. At this conference, we also saw Huawei’s latest full set of black technology. As Huawei’s grand finale at the end of this year and the flagship of the series of models, it is very likely that the M9 will fully apply these black technologies, thus further fulfilling the title of "Technology Car King".

  Many black technologies have appeared together, and M9 takes you to "experience the future".

  Huawei is deeply empowered, and various black technologies have never been missing. Many subversive technologies, such as HarmonyOS intelligent cockpit, HUAWEI DATs dynamic adaptive torque system and HUAWEI ADS 2.0 high-order intelligent driving system, have been widely used in the M5 and M7.

  Judging from the information displayed at this conference, the black technology previously used in M5 and M7 has been upgraded. Among them, HarmonyOS Intelligent Cockpit has been upgraded to HarmonyOS 4.0, and its fluency has been improved again, and multi-person and multi-device multi-screen collaboration can be realized, which further increases the entertainment attributes of the whole vehicle. HUAWEI ADS 2.0 advanced intelligent driving system realizes the all-round upgrade of NCA intelligent driving navigation assistance through the first GOD general obstacle detection network and RCR road topology inference network, and can be driven nationwide without relying on high-precision maps.

  On the other hand, the intelligent vehicle control system adds the HUAWEI xMotion intelligent body cooperative control system on the basis of the HUAWEI DATs dynamic adaptive torque system. On the basis of the original millisecond dynamic road condition perception and intelligent torque vector control, it also realizes the centimeter-level vehicle attitude accurate prediction, the central cooperative control of driving, braking, steering and suspension, the degree of freedom body attitude control and adaptive slip rate control. Having said that, I’m already looking forward to the listing of M9.

  In addition, the HUAWEI DriveONE intelligent electric drive platform displayed at the conference site is the most efficient SiC assembly powertrain system in the industry at present, with the highest motor speed of 22000rpm and CLTC efficiency of 92%. Together with Huawei’s fully liquid-cooled overcharge system displayed at the press conference, it brings a "one-second-one-kilometer" rapid charging experience, and truly achieves a worry-free battery life like a fuel car. What’s more worth mentioning is that this fully liquid-cooled overcharge system is not as heavy as expected, even about 55% lighter than the traditional gun line, and it is not difficult to operate with one hand. It is conceivable that these black technologies will completely subvert the new energy industry and lead the new energy industry to the next era after they are installed in the world M9.

  In addition, this conference also brought the HUAWEI xScene light field screen, HUAWEI xPixel smart headlights, and the black technology such as the star ring scatterer that has been patented. Such a dazzling array of new technologies is likely to be presented in the M9. It can be said that the name of the M9 "Technology Car Emperor" in the world is essentially returned.

  Subversive design, asking M9 to open a new era with new aesthetics.

  In addition to the heavy black technology released at this conference, the design of the M9 is also unique. Before this, the appearance of the M9 has been announced, and the effect of the real car is more shocking than the picture! Especially inspired by Kunpeng’s design, the low-lying and steady front, with brand-new headlights and air intake ducts, looks like a majestic gesture when Kunpeng spreads his wings and flies.

  On the side of the car body, the simple, advanced and pure effect shows the different postures of the car, such as stability, speed and strength, to the fullest. At the same time, the water tangent on the side neatly divides the car body into two parts. The rich layering below the water tangent echoes the pure feeling brought by the silver roof above, giving the M9 a unique sense of luxury. Coupled with the design of flat side windows, hidden door handles and suspended rearview mirrors without any protrusions, it not only reduces the drag coefficient of the whole car, but also adds a bit of mystery to the side of the car.

  These unique designs make the intelligent life-form effect of M9 in the world jump out, which opens a new era of intelligent aesthetic design in the world, and will also lead the design of automobile industry to a new height. As for the interior of the M9, there is no news at present, but from the black technology announced at this conference, the interior design of the M9 is likely to show a new height.

  It can be said that the M9 will move the whole set of technology of "Huawei Family Bucket" into the car, which is a truly innovative masterpiece. Previously, the car M9 was awarded the "Top Ten Body", "Top Ten Chassis" and "Best Low Carbon Award" by the Center of China Automobile Research Institute. It can be said that in addition to black technology, the M9 in the world has also achieved the ultimate in safety, handling and environmental protection. It is reported that the M9 will be officially listed in December this year. According to the current blind subscription information, this final work of Huawei in the field of smart travel in 2023 is bound to become a dark horse in the new energy market. It can even be said that a new storm in the smart car market is sweeping.

Extreme krypton IPO approved in the United States, loss expanded in the first half of the year, gross profit margin increased.

  Krypton is actively promoting its listing in the United States. According to the information on the website of the CSRC on August 25th, the CSRC confirmed the overseas listing and filing information of Zeekr Intelligent Technology Holding Limited. According to the filing notice of overseas issuance and listing, Krypton plans to issue no more than 926 million ordinary shares in new york, USA.Listing on the exchange. At present, Geely declined to comment on this matter.

  Publicity by CSRC

  According to the CSRC, from the date of issuance of the filing notice to the end of overseas issuance and listing, if a company has major events, it should report them through the filing management information system of China Securities Regulatory Commission in accordance with the relevant provisions on overseas issuance and listing of domestic enterprises. At the same time, within 15 working days after the company completes the overseas issuance and listing, it shall report the issuance and listing through the filing management information system of China Securities Regulatory Commission. In the process of overseas issuance and listing, the company shall strictly abide by relevant laws, regulations and rules at home and abroad.

  Another person familiar with the matter said that Krypton will meet with investors in Hongkong, Singapore, London, new york, Boston, California and the Middle East within two weeks. They said that the final transaction scale will depend on the financial market conditions later this year.

  Geely established Krypton in April 2021, which is an important strategic layout in the field of high-end intelligent pure electricity. Extreme Krypton currently sells three models: Extreme Krypton 001, Extreme Krypton 009 and Extreme Krypton X, with the starting price ranging from 189,800 yuan to 499,000 yuan. Krypton delivered 72,000 vehicles last year, and this year’s goal is to deliver 140,000 vehicles. In terms of sales volume, the sales volume in July this year was 12,000 units, up 139.7% year-on-year and 13.4% quarter-on-quarter. From January to July, the cumulative sales volume was 54,700 vehicles, a year-on-year increase of 127%. There is still pressure to complete this year’s full-year goal. Earlier, the company had announced plans to sell cars in the Netherlands, Sweden, Israel and Kazakhstan.

  Financially, the revenue in the first half of 2023 was 21.283 billion yuan, compared with 8.828 billion yuan in the same period last year. Krypton’s revenue in the first half of 2023 was 21.283 billion yuan, with a loss of 809 million yuan (the loss in the same period last year was 759 million yuan). For the year ended December 31, 2022, the net loss of Krypton was 2 billion yuan. However, An Conghui, CEO of Extreme Krypton, said on August 22 that the first car, Extreme Krypton 001, went on the market, and the whole car was gross.It’s positive, the gross vehicle in 2022.5%, reaching double digits in the first half of this year, higher than the industry level.

  Extreme krypton 001 gross profit margin is positive

  In February of this year, Krypton Motor announced that it had completed the financing of $750 million in Pre-A series preferred shares, with a post-investment valuation of $13 billion. This round of financing was funded by Amnon Shashua, founder and CEO of Mobileye, a well-known autonomous driving technology company.Yuexiu industryFive eco-partners, including Trade Fund and Quzhou Xin An Zhi Foundation, participated in the investment.

  It is reported that the relationship between Krypton and relevant strategic investors is not limited to the capital level. It is reported that after completing the Pre-A round of financing, Extreme Krypton will work with these ecological partners to promote the layout in the field of intelligent pure electricity ecology, and explore and innovate in safe and sustainable travel and user experience. Among them, it is mainly the driving force for krypton solution.Solution. On June 1st this year, Krypton announced the delivery of its Krypton 001 WE version of 140kWh endurance suit.

Huawei Digital Energy: Empowering new "basic" opportunities and providing green power for the intelligent world.

At present, the digital economy characterized by information technologies such as 5G, big data, AI and artificial intelligence has swept the world, profoundly changing the production and lifestyle of human beings and becoming a new kinetic energy and new direction of global economic development.

As an important material basis for the survival and development of human society, energy plays an important role in the digital economy. The United Nations report on digital economy in 2019 shows that energy infrastructure will become an important foundation of digital economy to ensure the efficient and reliable operation of digital technology.

With the rapid development of the digital economy, the digital transformation of the energy industry has also entered the fast lane. Energy digitalization is regarded as an important driving force to realize the transformation and upgrading of the traditional energy industry and revitalize it, which is expected to reshape the global energy development trend.

However, while the digital transformation of energy helps the world’s energy pattern to be profoundly adjusted and the energy structure to be continuously optimized, the challenges and development bottlenecks it faces cannot be ignored.

How to use digital technology to break industry boundaries and lead the energy industry to transform into low-carbon, electrification, digitalization and intelligence? How to improve energy efficiency and reduce maintenance costs? How to seize the new "foundation" and reshape the power generation structure, so that clean energy power generation can rise from supplementary energy to main energy?

On September 24th, during the period of Huawei Connect 2020, Zhou Taoyuan, President of Huawei Digital Energy Product Line, Zhou Liang, Chief Marketing Officer of Huawei Digital Energy Product Line, and Peng Jianhua, President of Huawei Site Energy Field, expounded how Huawei Digital Energy will break the bottleneck restricting the digital transformation of energy one by one around the theme of "leading energy digitalization and building a green and intelligent world".

Huawei is fully connected to the 2020 media round-table interview site.

Huawei’s determination

Perhaps the renaming of Huawei Digital Energy can better reflect its determination to break down industry barriers and provide green power for the smart world.

Zhou Taoyuan, president of Huawei’s digital energy product line, said in an interview that "Huawei’s network energy was officially renamed Huawei Digital Energy in May this year", which is the symbolic signal of Huawei’s deep cut into the digital energy market.

Behind Huawei’s deep penetration into the digital energy market is its deep understanding of energy digitalization.

While digital technology is deeply integrated with all walks of life, its own development also needs strong energy base to support it, so as to eliminate the energy gap in the digital world, accelerate the deployment process of digital infrastructure, realize the sustainable development of the digital world, and let more people enjoy the convenience and beauty brought by the digital world.

"Huawei wants to be the energy base of the digital world, organically combine power electronics technology, ICT technology, artificial intelligence technology, big data and cloud, manage watts by bits, lead the digital transformation of energy, and make energy extremely simple, green, efficient, intelligent and reliable, thus helping clean energy become the main energy and building a green and intelligent world. This is Huawei’s goal in the energy field." Zhou Taoyuan said.

A passage from the official website of Huawei Digital Energy not only explains the company’s mission and value, but also specifically explains the concept of "energy base" at the product level:

The intelligent world of the Internet of Everything is coming. Facing the challenges of the new era, Huawei Digital Energy can provide energy solutions that fully meet the application scenarios of the ICT industry, including all-scene intelligent sites from fixed network to wireless and intelligent data centers from edge to cloud. It helps telecom and tower operators achieve green, efficient, safe, reliable and intelligent business, and supports the smooth evolution of ICT networks to 5G and all-cloud.

At the same time, Zhou Taoyuan further added, "For many years, Huawei has been hoping to use communication and connection technologies to make energy into a network that can be correlated and managed. With the advent of the digital economy, it is necessary to superimpose advanced technologies such as big data, AI, 5G, cloud and artificial intelligence to solve application problems such as high energy consumption, low energy efficiency and operation and maintenance. It is necessary to introduce it into the energy industry through more digital means, and truly realize the conversion, storage and control and support of digital technology to electric energy. Therefore, Huawei Network Energy officially changed its name to Huawei Digital Energy ".

Digital Energy "Inverter" Smart Photovoltaic

In fact, before the name change, Huawei Digital Energy has been leading the digital transformation of energy. Among them, the most representative is its successful application in smart photovoltaic power plants.

"Smart photovoltaic is the application of integrating ICT technology with photovoltaic, which has brought the ultimate improvement in efficiency to the industry." Liang Zhou, chief marketing official of Huawei’s digital energy product line, said, "Huawei is the first enterprise in the industry to introduce AI technology into photovoltaics. Huawei’s AI technology and experience can be reused in the photovoltaic field. This innate cross-border innovation technology and resources are not available to peers. "

Fang Liangzhou’s speech film shows that the AI applications of Huawei digital energy in photovoltaic industry include intelligent SDS, intelligent IV, intelligent grid connection, intelligent AFCI, fast turn-off technology and intelligent image recognition.

Among them, intelligent IV diagnosis is a successful application of AI technology in intelligent photovoltaic power station, which subverts the traditional manual inspection method. The traditional way is to manually go to the station for inspection, take the equipment and check it by sampling, which is like looking for a needle in a haystack and has great uncertainty.

Huawei intelligent IV diagnosis can remotely confirm the fault location and type of photovoltaic string by using the string current and voltage data collected by the string inverter combined with big data mining and AI identification algorithm.

Through one-click scanning, the 100MW power station can automatically generate fault diagnosis reports of all the strings within 15 minutes. The operation and maintenance time has changed from the original month to the minute.

In fact, when Huawei first entered the photovoltaic field, it took the series inverter as the starting point. The photovoltaic inverter market is mainly divided into two technical routes: centralized inverter and series inverter. At that time, the industry generally believed that centralized inverters were suitable for large-scale ground power stations, and series inverters were more suitable for distributed power stations.

When the centralized inverter is the absolute mainstream of the market, Huawei is different from its peers in the industry in introducing series inverters. However, Huawei’s series inverters have finally withstood the test of the market.

Fang Liangzhou believes that "the multi-channel MPPT function of series inverter is not affected by module differences and shading between series inverters, which minimizes the mismatch of photovoltaic modules, thus bringing higher power generation. When the abandonment failure occurs, the affected loss is lower, and the life cycle maintenance cost is lower, which objectively increases the power generation and reduces the maintenance cost. "

According to incomplete statistics, more and more large photovoltaic power plants have begun to use series inverters. In the bidding of the five major power generation groups, more than 80% of them use series inverters, and series inverters have become the mainstream of the market.

Digital energy empowers "new infrastructure"

Huawei’s leading role in the digital transformation of energy is also reflected in its strong green and intelligent Internet data center.

As we all know, this year, the National People’s Congress and the National People’s Congress wrote the new infrastructure construction into the "Government Work Report" for the first time, which pressed the "fast forward button" for the transformation of China’s digital economy. No matter in the seven directions of "new infrastructure" defined by CCTV or the main areas announced by the National Development and Reform Commission, the data center is undoubtedly one of the protagonists.

However, the acceleration of "new infrastructure" has injected momentum into the development of China’s digital economy, but it is also accompanied by many challenges such as long construction period, high energy consumption, difficult operation and maintenance, safety and reliability.

How to deal with these challenges? The digitization and intelligent upgrade of the data center itself has become the key. Fang Liangzhou said, "Huawei, which has been deeply involved in the field of ICT for many years and has strong technical advantages and profound experience in the fields of 5G, Internet of Things, cloud computing, big data and artificial intelligence, has proved the green power injected by digital energy into the’ new infrastructure’ with its digital transformation solutions specially launched for the’ new infrastructure’ and practical cases that have successfully landed."

Specifically, Huawei’s next-generation data center adopts a fully modular design idea, which greatly shortens the construction period while fully meeting the differentiated needs and can be delivered within 6 months; Based on AHU and icooling technology, the PUE value can be reduced by 0.08-0.15; Through the power module and lithium battery, the floor space is reduced by 40% and the out-of-cabinet rate is increased by 10%; Use DCIM and 3i (iPower, iCooling, iManager) to reduce operation and maintenance costs and manual misoperation. Thus, "let time be visible, let funds be used rationally, and let IRR improve quickly"

Huawei has also made great achievements in the construction of ——5G base stations, another important part of the "new infrastructure".

"In the past, the digitalization of site energy was not enough. Many operators were not sure about the actual energy consumption, power reserve, inaccurate battery allocation, and whether the safety and reliability were guaranteed. Therefore, it is imperative to eliminate the digital site energy gap while accelerating the digital transformation of the industry," said Peng Jianhua, president of Huawei’s site energy field. "Huawei launched a 5G complete solution iSitePower based on industry sites. From the components to the site to the whole network, we know and have products and technologies. Through the integration of power electronics, AI and other technologies and the cooperation of industries, we can achieve’ 5G without electricity charges’.

In a word, Huawei is redefining the energy infrastructure with digital technology, vigorously developing the digital energy industry, focusing on smart photovoltaics, data centers, site energy and many other fields, providing minimalist, green, intelligent and safe solutions to help the high-quality construction of "new infrastructure".

M9 officially released Yu Chengdong: The best SUV within 10 million is coming.

The Beijing News Shell Financial News (Reporter Lin Zi) "The best SUV within 10 million is coming". On December 26th, the conference of M9 and Huawei’s whole winter scene was held in Shenzhen. Yu Chengdong, managing director of Huawei, CEO of BG and chairman of BU, a smart car solution, took the stage to introduce the models, and there was a cry of "far ahead".

Yu Chengdong compared the M9 with many cars, saying that the car’s body-in-white aluminum alloy accounted for 80% by volume, and its body lightweight coefficient was 2.02, which was lighter than that of Maibakh GLS600. "The turning radius of the M9 is smaller than that of Model 3".

Wenjie M9 is equipped with the 4th generation extended range platform, with a thermal efficiency of 41%, an oil-to-electricity conversion rate of 3.44kWh/L, and a fuel consumption as low as 6.9L in the extended range version of WLTC. The 52-degree battery version CLTC has a comprehensive battery life of 1402km and a pure battery life of 275km;. The 42-degree battery version CLTC has a comprehensive battery life of 1362km and a pure battery life of 225km.

The pure electric version of Wenjie M9 is equipped with Huawei’s "Whale" 800V high-voltage battery platform, which can last 150km after charging for 5 minutes and 630km under CLTC conditions.

Proofread Li Lijun