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Awesome! These five people will go to Lyon, France to compete in the World Skills Competition.

Recently, the State Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security issued the List of Leaders of the Technical Guidance Expert Group of China in the 47th World Skills Competition and the Notice on the List of China Training Teams in the 47th World Skills Competition.

Among them, Zhao Changheng, a professor at the School of Life and Environment of Huangshan University, was selected as the leader of the China Technical Guidance Expert Group for the Horticulture Project of the 47th World Skills Competition, and Liu Yuanyuan, an associate professor at the Art College, was selected as the leader of the China Technical Guidance Expert Group for the Paint and Decoration Project of the 47th World Skills Competition.

Students from the School of Life and Environmental Sciences of Huangshan University, Yan Zhiguang and Gan Zhaoci, gold medalists in horticulture of the 2nd National Vocational Skills Competition, and Zhang Xiaofei, a student from Art College and gold medalist in painting and decoration of the 2nd National Vocational Skills Competition, were successfully selected into the China Training Team of the 47th World Skills Competition to prepare for the 47th World Skills Competition.

It is reported that 335 people were selected for the China Training Team of the 47th World Skills Competition according to the results of the selection events of the 2nd World Vocational Skills Competition in People’s Republic of China (PRC), the ranking of the first stage assessment (national trials of network security projects) of the 46th World Skills Competition and the age requirements of the world skills organizations for the contestants of the 47th World Skills Competition. The 47th World Skills Competition will be held in Lyon, France from September 10th to 15th, 2024. 1,400 contestants from 60 countries and regions will take part in the 47th World Skills Competition and decide the best young skilled talents in the world.

Original title: "Awesome! These five people will go to Lyon, France to compete in the World Skills Competition.

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[Learning and Realizing the Nineteenth National Congress] Social science experts take you to understand the Nineteenth National Congress | What did China contribute to the development of world civiliz

  abstract:The development of China has provided the whole world with a brand-new concept.

  Guest speaker:Jiang Yihua (Senior distinguished professor of Fudan University, Member of Social Science Committee of Ministry of Education)

  The 19th National Congress proposed that we have entered a new era. The real meaning of the new era, we can think from a broader perspective of the development of human civilization.

  When we build a well-off society in an all-round way, it actually means that China has stepped out of the era of agricultural civilization that lasted for thousands of years, entered the era of industrial civilization, and is advancing towards the era of new information civilization. Not only for China, the 19th National Congress has such an epoch-making significance, but also for the whole world, especially for the vast number of countries in the world that are still in the era of agricultural civilization or have just entered the era of industrial civilization.

  At least, these countries can refer to how a country can truly proceed from its own national conditions and realize the development and leap to modern civilization: find its own path and find a system that adapts to its own national conditions, especially to give full play to its own cultural potential and use such cultural resources to develop itself. I think in this respect, China’s own experience and China’s development path may have some enlightening effects on the civilized development of many countries.

  The fundamental reason why China can achieve such a great leap-forward development in such a short time is that we have our own theory, our own road, our own system and our own culture. What is the greatest feature of China’s theory? We applied Marxism (including its world outlook and the most basic way) in China, and formed the real theory of China, that is, Marxism in China. When we talk about the modernization and popularization of Marxism in China, in fact, the most important point is to constantly carry out reforms and change our present situation under the guidance of Marxist theory. We are not dreaming of changing the status quo, but proceeding from reality and existing conditions, step by step.

  China’s system has a deep cultural foundation and a civilized foundation. In the process of development, China has not lost its own culture, but used the outstanding parts of the world’s various material and spiritual cultures and combined them with our own culture, thus giving full play to the potential of our own culture. Chinese civilization has lasted for thousands of years, so let it play out with such a huge potential.




The second batch of theme education is nearing the end and Fuyang has held a special "achievement exchange meeting"

Chao News Client Reporter Li Rui Sharing Alliance Fuyang ying chen Li Xiaopeng
The second batch of theme education is nearing the end. Recently, Fuyang, Hangzhou held an exchange meeting on the research results of the theme education of the district Committee.
Leading cadres in this area reported the exchange results with their own leading educational research topics, and discussed the positive cases and related negative cases of "accelerating the development of strategic emerging industrial clusters", and made practical strategies and measures for Fuyang industrial strong area from different perspectives by means of "dissecting sparrows".
Since the theme education was launched, it has insisted on asking for the needs of the people, asking questions for the people, and asking for the benefits for the people. Fuyang has iteratively upgraded the working mechanism of "investigating one thing", and gradually formed a closed loop of the whole chain of "visiting day and talking at night", "double-line linkage" and "responding to people’s needs", which effectively improved the accuracy, pertinence and targeting of the transformation and application of research results, and formed a number of practical achievements, theoretical achievements and systems.
At the same time, Fuyang requires each district leader to carry out in-depth "research on one thing", lead one or two research topics in combination with the work in charge, find problems through research, analyze problems, seek countermeasures, and finally solve problems and improve work.
Holding this special "achievement exchange meeting" at the end of the year is not only a "look back" on the achievements of theme education, but also a plan and prospect for the next stage of work.
Next year is the tenth anniversary of Fuyang’s withdrawal from the urban area, and it is also a crucial period for the establishment of modern industries in this area. At the exchange meeting, how to accelerate the development of strategic emerging industrial clusters became the focus of discussion. The main person in charge of Fuyang District Committee made an exchange speech in combination with the research topic of "Thinking about the Path of Building" Zhejiang Optics Valley Fuchun Core City ".
In the development of strategic emerging industrial clusters, Fuyang’s "light" industry has a solid foundation and started early. In recent years, Fuyang has further promoted the project of "integrating Hangzhou into a corridor", actively participated in the industrial division of metropolis, gathered a large number of photoelectric enterprises, and is gradually forming a whole industrial chain system with coordinated development of the upper, middle and lower reaches.
"We must grasp the precious window period, speed up the climb and strive to seize the highland in the competition of industrial clusters." The person in charge said that Fuyang should clearly define its industrial orientation, identify the subdivision track, implement work measures, and accelerate the creation of "Zhejiang Optics Valley Fuchun Core City"; At the same time, it is necessary to improve the innovation ecology, focus on the industrial division of labor, adhere to the project as the king, promote the integration of production and city, and build a strategic emerging industrial cluster.
At the exchange meeting, everyone held a thick research report in their hands. Some focus on the opportunities of the Asian Games and put forward the goal of "revitalizing the city of sports and leisure"; Some set their sights on the incubation system of entrepreneurial innovation and put forward a series of valuable and operable policy suggestions …
Outside the exchange meeting, a large number of practical cases, which come from all over Fuyang, originated from investigation and research, and matured in theme education, have really brought to the people, such as speeding up the development of building economy, guarding empty nesters living alone, preventing poverty from returning to poverty due to illness, creating a distinctive commercial display, promoting the auto parts industry to "share resources", innovating "Fuchun Little Brother Code" to create a new service mode for new employment groups, and launching the "Longyang Auntie" domestic service brand.
"In the next step, Fuyang will transform and apply the research results with high standards and high quality, do in-depth research on the second half of the article, and drive’ solving a class of problems’ through’ dissecting a sparrow’ to continue to promote the theme education." The person in charge said.
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The 5th Hainan Island International Film Festival

The 5th Hainan Island International Film Festival, co-sponsored by China Central Radio and Television General Station and Hainan Provincial People’s Government, will be held in Sanya, Hainan Province from December 16th to 22nd, 2023.
Hainan Island International Film Festival (in English: HainanIsland International Film Festival, abbreviated as HIIFF) aims at "year-round screening, island-wide screening, movie viewing by the whole people, and the whole industrial chain", helping Hainan Free Trade Port to improve its cultural soft power and efficiency. By gathering and allocating resources through film festivals, we will promote world film exchanges and cooperation and create a professional, market-oriented and international film festival.
Organizer: Hainan Provincial People’s Government, Central Radio and Television General Station.
People’s Daily (19th edition, December 14th, 2023)

40 suggestions about life that may be useful.

October 10th is World Mental Health Day. In modern society, the pace of life is fast, the burden is heavy, and the pressure is high … If negative emotions are allowed to accumulate, they may become the "last straw" to crush you. Therefore, when the mental pressure is high, it must be promptly channeled and resolved.Life may not be that easy, but there are always some ways to make it better.
How to live
-40 suggestions that I find useful
Author/[UK] Matt Hagrid
Matt Hagrid, an English writer, suffered from depression at the age of 24, and later embarked on the road of self-salvation through writing. In the book "Reasons to Live", he shared 40 life suggestions that he found useful, and the excerpts are as follows. This dose of "good medicine for others" is given to everyone who is trying to live.
When happiness appears, enjoy it.
Take a sip and drink slowly, don’t wolf it down.
Be gentle with yourself.
You can’t change everything in the past.
This is the basic physical principle.
"Reading and writing are discovered by human beings so far.
The most nutritious form of meditation. "
This sentence is correct.
Listen more and talk less.
Don’t feel guilty when doing nothing.
But it can perfect your idleness,
Let it be aware.
Feel that you are breathing.
No matter where and at any time,
Everyone should try to discover beauty.
A face, a poem,
Clouds, graffiti, wind fields outside the window.
Beauty can purify the mind.
Hate is a meaningless emotion.
It’s like punishing a scorpion that stung you.
And eat it.
Go for a run and do some yoga.
Take a shower before noon.
Looking at the sky.
Remind yourself how vast the universe is.
Seize every opportunity to feel vast and distant,
This will make you see your own smallness.
Realize that ideas are just ideas.
If you feel the idea is unreasonable, argue with it.
Even if you can’t find the reason.
You are the observer of your mind, not the victim.
Don’t watch TV aimlessly.
Don’t go to social networking sites aimlessly.
Be conscious of what you are doing,
Why do it?
Unrestrained entertainment will distract you.
Sit down, lie down, don’t move and do nothing.
Observe and listen to the voice of your head.
Instead of judging what’s going on in your head, let it be,
Just like Snow White in Frozen.
Don’t worry too much.
Look at the trees, get close to them and plant them.
(Because trees are great)
Listen to the yoga instructor,
"Walk as if you were kissing the earth with your feet."
Life, love, let go.
The mathematics of wine is "power operation".
The more you drink, the more you want to drink.
If it’s hard for you to stop at one drink,
Then it is even more impossible to stop at three cups.
Addition is multiplication.
Be careful of that gap.
Where you are now.
And where you want to go.
Just think about it, and that gap will widen,
You might fall into it.
Read a book.
Don’t try to finish reading it, just read it.
Enjoy every word, sentence and paragraph.
Don’t expect it to end, or never end.
Be kind to others.
At the deepest level, there is no medicine in the universe.
It makes you feel better than being kind to others.
Listen to Hamlet-
The most famous depression patient in literary works—
Say that sentence:
"There is no distinction between good and evil in the world, but it is made by thought."
Allow others to love you.
And believe in this love.
You don’t need the world to understand you.
It’s okay.
Some people will never really understand
Things they haven’t experienced,
But some people will understand,
Be grateful to those who understand you.
Jules verne wrote "Infinite Life".
It is a world of love and affection as vast as the sea.
If we immerse ourselves in it, we will find infinity,
Find the space you need to survive.
Three o’clock in the morning is not the time to try to sort out life.
Remember: you are not weird at all.
You’re human,
Everything you do and feel is natural,
Because you are an animal in nature.
"Normal" is actually subjective,
There is no standard answer.
There are 7 billion people on this earth, and there are 7 billion kinds of normality.
Don’t believe in good or bad, win or lose,
Win or lose, high tide and low tide.
At your lowest and highest places,
Whether you are happy or desperate, calm or angry,
There is a core "you" that is always the same.
This "you" is the most important thing
Don’t worry about the time lost in despair.
After overcoming despair, the value of time will double.
Be transparent to yourself.
Build a glass room for your mind. Observe.
Read everything you want, just read it.
Books are possibilities, not escape routes.
When you have no choice, they give you a chance.
For the displaced mind,
Every book is a home.
On sunny days, if you can be outdoors, you should be outdoors.
Remember: the key to life on earth is change.
Cars rust, pages turn yellow,
Technology will be outdated, caterpillars will become butterflies,
Night will turn into day, and depression will dissipate.
When you feel too busy to have a rest,
It’s when you need to find time to rest most.
Negative emotions are things smaller than you.
It has always been smaller than you,
Even if it feels huge sometimes.
It runs inside you, and you don’t run inside it.
It may be a dark cloud floating in the sky,
And you are the whole sky.
There was a sky before the dark clouds appeared.
Dark clouds cannot exist without the sky,
And the sky is still the sky without dark clouds.
Be brave, be strong, breathe and live.
You will thank yourself today.
Text/excerpt from The Reason to Live Jiangxi People’s Publishing House
The content was slightly deleted.
In addition to suggestions,
Here’s another copy"list of good things"
Please check it,
Submit your answers.
Sunrise and sunset, the thousands of stars shining in the dark sky and the world they shine on.
Books. Cold beer. Fresh air. Dogs. Horses. Yellowing paperback book.
A long, affectionate and meaningful kiss; A short, shallow and polite kiss. (All kisses)
When the cinema lights dimmed, there was a bucket of warm popcorn on my leg.
The smell of pine and cypress in the warm evening in Italy. Drink water after a long run.
I thought I was sick, but it turned out to be a false alarm.
-Matt Hagrid
Sun-dried quilts, newly bought books, five dollars in jeans, and someone sent an umbrella when it rained.
Ice cream and coke, share a pack of spicy strips, a newly updated comic play, and the paws of a cat’s flesh.
Mom’s cooking, gay friends’s best friend’s talk, the boss’s praise, and a good morning every day.
—— @ 京京京京京
When I came out of the bathhouse after taking a shower, the cool wind blew on me.
See the sunshine in the Woods. (Tyndall effect)
Eat jelly.
The streets began to get busy in the morning.
Eat meat.
Power supply all night.
Go home to eat breakfast noodles, Dalian noodles, Regan Noodles, pickled beef noodles, pickled duck soup noodles, beef offal noodles, steak noodles and various breakfasts.
See a lovely girl.
Write calligraphy in the afternoon.
Received express delivery.
The smell in the box of the new digital product.
—— @ Wancheng Wenjie
When I returned to my distant home, the house was warm, the food was very hot, and my parents smiled sweetly.
Niece and nephew grab the phone. My niece said, Aunt, I miss you. My nephew has just turned 17 months old, so he can only keep screaming when he grabs the phone, aunt! Auntie! Auntie!
Run to the canteen after class, and have meat dishes.
In the dead of winter, put on thick down jackets, cotton trousers and cotton shoes.
On a snowy day, I came out of the bath, warm and shiny with snowflakes.
I want to tell you that there are still many beautiful things in this world:
The new sunshine in the morning, the corner of plain clothes blown by the breeze,
New soil in spring, warm bed in winter,
Deep alleys are covered with green tiles and plum blossoms, and the front of the court is covered with loquats.
A bonfire with stories, poems full of the moon,
The blushing of girls’ cheeks, the pear vortex of teenagers’ corners of their mouths,
And me.
—— @ 京京京京京京
After reading today’s push
If you think
The fatigue eased a little.
The pressure is reduced a little.
I feel a little happier.
That’s the meaning of these beautiful things.
In the cool October
May the world be beautiful.
Interlocking with you
Source/CCTV news finishing
Picture/worm creativity
Editor/All-China Women’s Federation Network Information Center Li Siqi
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The digital RMB red envelope is coming!

What to buy for football: a professional guide helps you find the best choice.

Football is the most popular sport in the world, and it has a broad mass base, whether as a leisure or professional competition. If you are a football fan, or you just want to play football in your spare time, it is very important to choose a good football. This article will provide you with some professional guides to help you find the best football.

1. Material: The material of football is mainly divided into leather and synthetic materials. Leather football is usually more durable and feels better, but the price is also higher. Synthetic football is cheaper, but it may not be as durable as leather football. You need to choose the right material according to your budget and frequency of use.

2. Size: The size of a football is usually marked by its diameter. Generally speaking, the diameter of a standard match ball is 21.5 cm. However, for beginners, it may be better to choose a bigger football because it can help them control the ball better. If you are an adult or a teenager, you can choose a smaller football.

3. Weight: The weight of football is also very important, because it will affect your performance in the game. Generally speaking, the standard football weighs about 410 grams. If you often train for a long time, then you may need to choose a heavier football.

4. Brand: There are many well-known football brands in the market, such as Adidas, Nike and Puma. These brands of football have certain quality assurance, but also have their own characteristics in design. You can choose a brand according to your personal preference and budget.

5. Price: The price of football varies greatly, ranging from tens of yuan to hundreds of yuan. Although the higher the price, the better the quality of football, but you don’t need to spend a lot of money to buy a good football. Generally speaking, 100-200 yuan football is enough to meet the needs of most people.

6. Test: Before you buy a football, you’d better try it yourself. You can try a few kicks on different courts to see how the ball feels. In addition, you can also ask your friends to try it and listen to their feedback.

Generally speaking, it is not difficult to choose a good football. The key is to choose according to your own needs and budget. I hope the above suggestions can help you.

Li Ning Football No.4 Children’s Senior High School Entrance Examination Standard Indoor and Outdoor Competition Training Teenagers and Primary School Students Football No.4 673-1
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She spent 3000 hours talking to 500 women in China and saw their most common pain.

This article is "One Article" original, and it shall not be deleted, modified or stolen to any platform without permission, otherwise legal responsibility will be investigated..

CoCo Lee died suddenly because of depression.

It hurts thousands of fans.

And let the public realize again,

Many people in life,

Is deeply trapped by depression.

The World Health Organization (WHO) published Depression and Other Common Mental Disorders in 2017, which shows that the incidence of depression in women is higher than that in men at different ages.

Among people suffering from depression,

The incidence rate of women is much higher than that of men.

According to the data(Peking University Sixth Hospital in 2019
Professor Huang Yueqin’s team published a study in The Lancet Psychiatry)

Female depression groups account for more than half of the total.

About 65%.

Psychological counselor Zhang Chun

Zhang Chun, writer and psychological counselor,

The concept of "female depression" was proposed two years ago.

She found that,

Of the more than 500 visitors she received,

Women account for more than 90%.

Many women are in ordinary daily life,

Feel a strong and lasting pain and depression.

Including Zhang Chun himself,

There was also a long process of fighting depression.

We found Zhang Chun,

Talked to her about this pain that belongs to women alone,

And try to feel sorry for this pain,

Find some solutions.

Editor: Zhou Tiancheng

Editor: Ni Chujiao

Chun Zhang

Zhang Chun started his own podcast radio station last year, and every issue will invite 5-8 women to chat, and the theme is often the little things in life.

For example, when discussing blind date, a girl said that she had a blind date, and both parents had met each other many times in four or five months, but the boy never showed up. This blind date is naturally impossible, but she is still thinking, "Did I label him like this?" Or, "Maybe he’s really afraid of society?"

For example, when discussing dating, a girl who is a screenwriter said that she didn’t have high requirements for dating, but 90% of the dates felt very bad. The men who come out often try to preach to her after meeting, "teach me how to write a script, or send me poems and novels that are badly written for me to comment on." But sometimes she still thinks, "Is it because I’m on the wrong dating software or I’m not good enough?"

For example, when discussing spending money, a girl said that when she was in college, her boyfriend overspent and bought an expensive computer, but accused her of spending money indiscriminately on a beauty card. "I just bought a computer. What will we spend in the future?" She went back to talk to her friend, and the friend was surprised and said, "If you love him, you have to spend money on him."

The women in these podcasts, like nearly 500 female visitors that Zhang Chun has received, feel the pain of "nothing is right" in some trivial matters, and they are very uncertain about their emotional reactions, and they don’t know whether they should feel angry/painful/uncomfortable.

She named this feeling "female depression".

Here is what she said:

In Big and Small Lies, women of different social classes and growing backgrounds are all suffering from their own hardships.

There was a lot of discussion on the Internet about the death of Coco CoCo Lee. Some people think that she is trapped by love and can no longer support. Later, a voice came out and said that she was a strong warrior, and the statement of "emotional injury" was underestimating her. Another voice said, why can’t it be emotional injury? Is emotional injury a shame?

No one knows what makes her so painful that she can’t fight any longer, and these discussions have become a dilemma of "nothing is right".

I have served about 500 visitors, more than 90% of whom are women. In fact, in the whole field of psychological counseling, more than 80% of female visitors seek help, which is an overwhelming data. The media often blame women for being good at expressing and telling.

In my opinion, the most important reason is that women are suffering.

Grandma doing housework in "Like a Father as a Son"

For example, I met a female visitor who was nearly 70 years old. She told me, "I used to have to wait on my husband and children, and I had to go to work. Now I’m retired from work, my husband is dead, my children have married and left home. It’s really just me now. Theoretically, I can do whatever I want. Now the question is coming, I don’t know what I want to do. "

Her more rooted pain is, "I have never done anything meaningful in my life, and I feel that I am an unnecessary person."

I asked her, when did you start to feel this way? Different time nodes may mean different situations. For example, if you are happy as a teenager, but you feel this way from the time you get married, then the problem may lie in her relationship with your partner, and so on.

She said, since I can remember. There are four sisters and a youngest brother in her family. She is the fourth in the family. Then it is true that in such a family structure, she will be regarded as an unnecessary person.

But when she was almost 70 years old, she didn’t have the strength to think about her pain. Before that, her time was occupied by serving others.

This is a typical pain of the previous generation of women. What about those young women who are well-off and independent? It is the same.

The source network has nothing to do with the characters in the text.

I also have a visitor who is the only daughter of a wealthy family in her thirties, and her parents love her very much, giving her the best educational resources. After graduating from an Ivy League school, she went to work in a world-class overseas enterprise, and her working ability was very strong, and she was quickly promoted. So in the eyes of others, everything is fine. But on the issue of marriage and love, this level is still very sad.

She said that she couldn’t find a partner and her parents were very anxious. She felt very unfilial. And her request is two points, one is that she is from China, and the other is that she can support herself here.

I asked her, there are men from more than 100 countries in your working environment. Why do you have to find people from China? In an overseas environment, this is of course difficult.

She said that this is the bottom line for parents. Before, her parents only allowed her to find people from Hangzhou (her hometown). Later, it was gradually relaxed to people from Zhejiang, and now it has been relaxed to people from China. She said that this requirement is not high, why can’t she find it? Is it your own problem?

She has also dated some people, but she often feels offended on dates. For example, if the other party asks to have a baby within three years, and she says no, the other party will start to give her the cold shoulder until they are separated.

When two or three men have similar problems, she will doubt herself: Why can others find someone to marry smoothly? Is it not too much to have a child in three years?

When she found me, she concluded to herself: I have some problems in my intimate relationship.

She is not the only one. Many women who meet the secular "excellent" standards like her feel that they are too demanding and have problems in intimate relationships.

The source network has nothing to do with the characters in the text.

Boys don’t think like this. I met an impressive male visitor. As soon as he arrived, he told me that his girlfriend had problems and always ignored him. He thought her girlfriend had "avoidant personality disorder". I asked him, how do you know? He said, I read it in a book. I asked again, how long have you been dating? He replied that they met on a blind date and just met twice.

On the contrary, women are always reflecting and examining themselves, ready to explain themselves. In the past two years, many girls’ awareness of female independence has awakened, which is a good thing. But I found that it also brought some new constraints. Sometimes, "independence enough" and "independence enough" will also become their shackles.

The source network has nothing to do with the characters in the text.

I once had a visitor who wanted to have a simple sexual relationship with a man she liked. The man may be very sensitive to the inversion of this power relationship, so he asked her: Why do you only think about sex? Can’t we just talk?

This girl is very confused. She is very confused. Why does this sentence make her so uncomfortable?

Another time, there was a visitor who was a big V on the topic of feminism on the Internet. She has been dating her boyfriend for three years, but he still doesn’t take her to know her family. The reason given is that my daughter is not ready to have a new mother.

In fact, if you judge by common sense, you will feel that there is something wrong with this man. But visitors feel: don’t I have an independent will? How can you be coaxed by such a glib man? Of course I can leave, but when I leave or give up my intimate relationship, the pain I feel is no different from the past.

Many new standards have appeared, but the old ones still exist. They exist at the same time and run counter to each other, tearing up women’s self.

Among my female visitors, the only commonality is probably: living in the city and being able to surf the Internet. These two points enable them to ask me for help. Other ages, classes, identity backgrounds, etc. are really very scattered. It can be said that no matter what background a woman is, she has a depression that belongs to her and wants her to accept it.

The source network has nothing to do with the characters in the text.

With authorization, I can share the complete story of a visitor. She said that she hoped her story could give some inspiration or help to others.

She was born in a big city in the north, the oldest child in the family, with a younger brother and sister. Her family is actually very rich, but this does not affect her position at home at all. She has assumed the role of a caregiver since she was a child, washing clothes and cooking for her younger brothers and sisters. If she doesn’t do it, it’s her mother who does it.

Therefore, she has always been unhappy, suffering from depression, and when she is in great pain, her parents have to take her to a mental hospital for electric shock treatment. Later, when she went to college, she went to the United States to study. She was temporarily separated from her family and made new friends. Everything seemed to be getting better. When she went home on holiday in 2021, she was trapped at home because of the epidemic and could not return to school for two years.

In the past two years, she has to continue to buy food, cook and wash clothes for the whole family every day, and her relationship with her family is still very tense. After an argument with her family, she found herself a place to live. At the beginning, she just told her family that she would go out for a few days. Later, gradually, gradually, completely moved away from home.

The source network has nothing to do with the characters in the text.

Her move out also brought some quarrels. My brother quarreled with her and shouted at her: Do you know that your depression has made the whole family feel very uncomfortable? Why don’t you die? Something like this.

She gradually realized that it was impossible for her family to understand her. In the past, she was very painful because she wanted her family to love, support and recognize her, but she couldn’t get it. At a certain moment, she gave up this expectation and could only try to let her family influence herself less.

Changes often occur in moments of despair. She had a childhood boyfriend in her hometown. But her boyfriend told her to "stop studying and come back early to get married" (although her boyfriend wanted to continue her studies). Her boyfriend advised her that "you should come to my house for dinner more often and be good to my mother". When her boyfriend came to her residence, the first sentence was "I haven’t eaten yet".

She decided to break up with her boyfriend. These decisions are all made by herself, and psychological counseling can’t give her specific advice on what to do. All I can do is often accompany her.

The source network has nothing to do with the characters in the text.

So then she thought I couldn’t count on it either. She said: although psychological counseling is useful, it is not the same as expected. I thought you would teach me what to do, but later I found that I had to do it myself.

It seems to be expressing disappointment to me, but I am glad to hear it. I seem to see her sprouting like a young tree.

She began to live with some skills. For example, in the past, when she asked her parents for money, she was always very guilty and a little vague. After that, she began to cajole her parents and fight for it. The goal was clear, that is, to ask for more and let her parents support her to complete her studies abroad and continue her studies. She did.

Talking about talk shows and practicing boxing are all ways for Zhang Chun to get rid of the existing standards.

I have experienced such a moment myself. I once suffered from severe depression for more than three years. I was so ill that I couldn’t get up for three or four days and couldn’t eat anything. But for my picky dog Dobby, on the fifth day, I struggled down the eighth floor, went to the market to buy ribs, stewed them in a pressure cooker, and the dog ate meat and I drank soup, so I persisted.

At that time, almost everyone around me was telling me that this was my psychological problem.

The way to be free is that I finally accept that "those people don’t love me". They often love me in a certain role or identity, an idealized me. As a woman who has been taught that love is important since childhood, it is very painful to accept this fact. But I think it is a necessary process for women nowadays to experience this darkness if they want to live a better life.

Home on Sakamoto tells the story of depression, pain and even loss of control of women as mothers.

As far as I know, there are some indicators for the diagnosis of depression in China. For example, you have been depressed for more than half a month, such as abnormal appetite and abnormal sleep, and there are some scale tests.

"Female depression" is a common situation of women. When you are in such an environment, interpersonal relationship and social structure, you may not meet the diagnostic criteria of depression, but you will feel depressed.

Now, after years of popular science, the public has begun to agree that "depression" is a disease, and it is a friendly concept to see a doctor and take medicine. But it also became a label. It seems that people need to be diagnosed with depression before they can get help, and then they can go to see a doctor and take medicine properly.

Home on Sakamoto Road

But in the case of female depression, many people need help, not diagnosis.

Postpartum depression has received a lot of attention in the past two years. But think about it, why didn’t anyone help them before the concept of "postpartum depression" appeared, and no one thought it was a problem?

When a woman is depressed after childbirth, she wants to jump off a building with her child in her arms. There must be two reasons for this. The first is that she is very hard and painful. On the other hand, there are some problems in her mind and her neurotransmitters, which makes her feel that this kind of suffering is endless.

Our help now is limited to using some drugs to improve some of her hormone levels, so that her brain can secrete more dopamine and she won’t have to jump off a building. But this alone is not enough. We should devote ourselves to improving the environment in which we live.

Love of a Hundred Yuan tells the story of a female son who is on the edge of society and has a depressed life. She begins to practice boxing, no matter how she wins or loses.

I have also heard about the "crazy literature", and many women will also tell me their own "crazy" experiences. For example, the girl mentioned earlier, her boyfriend’s mother urged her to get married and gave birth to a baby. When her boyfriend didn’t say a word, she replied directly: I can’t have a baby in ten years.

My recent "crazy" experience is that I pass by some men who pee on the side of the road every day. I decided to stop him.

At first, I was very worried. I would check and see that I was wearing a finger tiger and gestured a few times. I thought that if I did this thing today, he might hit me. If I do, then I must at least be able to return my hand, and I will give it to him.

With such determination, I walked up to him and stared at him and said, "Is this a toilet?"

Then there was no violent conflict, and it was really cool to stop him. Now I’m fearless when I try to stop those men who pee. Sometimes I just say "hey" casually, and they will run away in fear.

Love of 100 yuan

When women are "crazy", they actually give up an illusion called "giving up being liked by everyone". But many women are forbearing and careful, not to get like, but to avoid harm. After all, I just want to live well. This is our instinct based on years of life.

I once heard a visitor say about an experiment: if a mouse is given an irregular continuous electric shock and it can’t run away, then the mouse will soon be depressed; But if you let it get away once, it’s hard to be depressed. It has run away before, and it also believes that it can run away.

This experiment has given me great inspiration. When women give up the illusion of being hurt, small local victories can bring great hope.

Zhang Chun pinched a clay villain of his own.

Source: Weibo of Zhang Chun

1. You need to take medicine to fall asleep, which means "you can fall asleep". You need glasses to see clearly, that is, "see clearly." Glasses and pills in the world are for use. You can use whatever method can help you.

2. There are many ways to help yourself, which can build a new framework for understanding the world. Reading, exercising, gardening, etc., can be done. Psychological counseling is also a tool, but it is only one of them.

Believe that your pain is justified, and stay in pain for a while. Suffer first, and then see what happens. The most important and crucial thing is not to die, but to live again.

Zhang Chunhe’s own puppy Dobby.

4. You don’t have to be diligent, improve yourself and become a better self; It doesn’t have to be "independent, progressive and feminist". In fact, it is possible that you, who are lying in bed playing with your mobile phone, are already your best self, although not satisfactory.

5. If you want to lie down, play and eat cupcakes, how can you live? Believe in your feelings and choices, and you are right.

6. Stop trying to integrate and understand all the rules in this world and invent some new rules. I believe that the existing rules are not for you.

7. When you have symptoms of depression, don’t delay seeing a doctor. Depression can make people less active and less motivated. Observe the law of being spiritual and not spiritual, seize an opportunity, jump in the car and go to the hospital. Go to a regular hospital to see a doctor and take medicine.

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Why do women "change their temperament" in menopause?

This is due to the secondary neuroendocrine changes caused by the decline of ovarian function. Women’s gonad organ "ovary" has two important functions, one is to secrete eggs, so that women have reproductive function; The other is the secretion of female hormone-estrogen. Just as human aging is inevitable, so is ovarian aging. Most women’s ovaries began to age after the age of 40, and the secretion of estrogen began to decline, especially before and after menopause, when the fluctuation of estrogen decreased most obviously.

During this period, it is the most common time for women to have emotional problems, that is to say, the age between 40 and 55 is the age group with high incidence of emotional disorders such as depression and anxiety. Symptoms such as depression and anxiety in menopause may have various reasons, most of which are the changes of hormone levels, especially the obvious decrease of estrogen levels.

In addition, during this period, women are faced with changes in their relative roles, such as children leaving home, children going to school for employment, changes in husband-wife relationship, job adjustment, changes in economic situation, major changes in parents’ health, and changes in their own health. These psychological and social factors may cause emotional obstacles for women. (Peking University Third Hospital)

Source: Beijing 12320 is listening

What’s the difference between aerobic exercise and anaerobic exercise? Which is easier to lose weight?

Hello, this is China. Now everyone attaches great importance to physical health, and exercise has also been put on the agenda. There are two words in exercise, whether you understand them or not, but they will not be unfamiliar, that is, aerobic exercise and anaerobic exercise.

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What is the difference between aerobic exercise and anaerobic exercise?

I don’t know how you understand these two words. Many people think that aerobic exercise is exercise with less oxygen consumption. Some people even think that aerobic exercise is mainly responsible for reducing fat and anaerobic exercise is responsible for gaining muscle. Is that really the case? What is the relationship between them?

In fact,The difference between these two exercise modes is that the metabolic mode of providing energy is different.Aerobic exercise mainly provides the energy needed for exercise through aerobic metabolism. Correspondingly, anaerobic exercise naturally refers to the exercise mode that provides energy through anaerobic metabolism.

It sounds like a clear line, but in fact, aerobic energy supply and anaerobic energy supply rarely exist independently. Often, a variety of energy supply methods work at the same time, so what we call aerobic or anaerobic exercise is only differentiated according to the main energy supply methods.

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Aerobic vs anaerobic, which is easier to lose fat?

In fact, anaerobic exercise, like aerobic exercise, has a good fat-reducing effect. Fat is the energy reserve in our body. As long as we consume energy, we naturally consume fat. Just,Aerobic exercise and anaerobic exercise consume different periods of energy.

Aerobic exercise mainly consumes energy during exercise, while anaerobic exercise will continue to consume energy after exercise and reduce the possibility of energy being converted into fat.Therefore, from the perspective of energy consumption, anaerobic exercise and aerobic exercise actually consume the same amount of fat.

From the point of view of shaping, anaerobic exercise also has many benefits. Many people are afraid of anaerobic exercise to train themselves into thick legs and shoulders, which is completely worrying. Although anaerobic exercise has the effect of strengthening muscles, it is by no means possible to build a big size by lifting iron casually in your spare time. Moreover, with the increase of muscle content, our own basal metabolism will also rise, and the body consumes more energy, which is more conducive to our fat loss.

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In the eyes of the ancients, the most beautiful scenery

Where is the most beautiful scenery? Is it the mountains in spring, the water in autumn, the poetry in the distance, or the fireworks nearby? In the poems of the ancients, there is no lack of beauty in the world, and there is no shortage of love and hope. Good scenery is also a good mood, and with a good mood, wherever you go, you feel picturesque.

There are many silk in the sky above the main avenue, it is like the butter – like fine and moist, the overlook grass is vaguely connected, but it appears to be sparse in close range.

This is the most beautiful season of the year, far more than the late spring of green willows.

-Tang Han Yu, "Early Spring is a Member of the Ministry of Water Affairs Zhang Shiba"

Chang’ an street is falling with fine light rain, which is as moist as milk, and the light green grass is connected into one piece. From a distance, if there is anything, there is nothing. The poet’s favorite scenery is this early spring season. Everything has just recovered in the silent drizzle, which is far better than the summer when the city is full of smoke and willow. Indeed, the light rain in early spring nourishes everything and gives people endless hope in a hazy way.

There is also a poet Du Fu who loves spring rain. His praise for spring rain is extremely vivid and delicate.

Good rain knows the season, and when spring happens.

Sneak into the night with the wind, moisten things silently.

The wild path is dark, and the river boat is bright.

Look at the red and wet place, and the flowers are heavy in Jinguan City.

-Don Du Fu’s Delighting in Rain on a Spring Night

Good rain knows the season and comes with spring. With the gentle east wind, it sneaked into the night and moistened everything quietly. The path in the field is covered with thick dark clouds, and it is dark everywhere, while the lights on the fishing boats along the river are particularly eye-catching. When I get up in the morning, I see that the spring flowers are wet after the rain. Jinguan City is full of colorful flowers, but it is full of clear feelings. The poet loves this scenery that has been baptized by the spring rain.

Jiangnan is Bai Juyi’s second hometown, and the scenery of Jiangnan has become a unique beauty in his heart. He is immersed in the beautiful scenery of Jiangnan and is full of love and nostalgia.

The scenery of the south of the Yangtze river is beautiful, picturesque scenery has long been familiar.

When spring comes, the sun rises from the surface of the river, and the flowers on the river are brighter than red, the green river green more than blue grass.

How can we call people not miss the south of the Yangtze river?

-Tang Bai Juyi, "Recalling Jiangnan"

Jiangnan is good, and poets have long been familiar with its scenery and have never forgotten it. As soon as the sun comes out, the river flowers on both sides of the strait are bright red and dazzling. When spring comes, the spring water in the south of the Yangtze River reflects the long blue sky, blue and clear. This vibrant and colorful Jiangnan spring has naturally become a beautiful memory that Bai Juyi can’t give up.

Li Bai loves nature very much. He has traveled through countless places and seen countless landscapes, but there is always a special place that makes people peaceful and leisurely.

I asked Yu what he meant to live in the blue mountains, and laughed without answering my heart.

Peach blossoms are flowing away, and there is another world.

-Tang Li Bai’s question and answer in the mountains

My friend asked me why I like living in Bishan. I just smiled and didn’t answer, but my heart was very leisurely. Peach blossoms fall on the water, and slowly flow away with the blue waves. There is a different world here, which is really not like being on earth. This is my Xanadu, where the scenery is beautiful and the mood is smooth. Where else can it be better than here?

There are so many mountains and green waters, and the beautiful scenery written by the poet is also so desirable.

Xisai Mountain before the white egrets fly freely, the river, plump mandarin fish swimming happily, floating in the water in the peach is so bright and full.

An old man in the bank, wearing a green bamboo hat raincoat, wearing a green raincoat, braved the wind and rain, leisurely and leisurely fishing, he was fascinated by the beautiful spring scenery, even the rain did not go home.

-Don Zhang Zhihe’s "Fisherman’s Song"

There are flocks of egrets flying in front of Mount Cisse, and mandarin fish are at their best in the Bijiang River where peach blossoms are floating. The fisherman is wearing a blue bamboo hat and a green hemp fiber. Although the oblique wind is blowing the drizzle, it doesn’t matter. On the contrary, it adds a different kind of beauty to the scenery. Why rush back? It’s drizzling in the oblique wind, peach blossoms floating on the blue waves, and people who sit firmly in the mountains and rivers are so carefree!

In this world, some people like famous mountains and rivers, but others love the unknown countryside. The scenery is unforgettable, sometimes not just because of the scenery itself.

It was nearly a year before the east hill, and return just caught up with Springfield.

The grass is green in the rain, and the peach blossoms on the water are burning.

You Lou Biqiu studied Confucian classics, and he was a wise man in the village.

Daoxi came out and met me, and laughed heartily before chai men.

-Don Wang Wei’s "Wangchuan Bieye"

I haven’t been to Dongshan for nearly a year, and I came back just in time for spring ploughing. The grass in the rain is green and can be dyed, and the peach blossoms on the water are red and bright, as if to burn. The eminent monks and wise men in the village, who are all good friends of the poet, came to meet each other with joy when they heard that the poet had returned, and they hurried to put on their clothes and even forgot to put on their shoes. Everyone is talking and laughing in front of the firewood. Happiness is so simple, but it is full of sincerity. No wonder the poet is obsessed with Dongshan. The scenery is beautiful, and the world is more affectionate.

I see how charming Qingshan is, and I expect Qingshan to see me as such. This is the most beautiful scenery, the scenery is ruthless, but people are interested.

The birds fly away without a trace, leaving the solitary cloud at ease and ease.

You look at me, I look at you, between each other two, only me and the eyes of jingting mountain mountain.

-Tang Li Bai’s Sitting Alone in Jingting Mountain

All the birds have flown away, and a cloud has drifted away leisurely. Jingting Mountain and I are the only people who never tire of looking at each other. In the arms of Jingting Mountain, I feel clean, kind, peaceful and happy, but I won’t feel lonely.

The most beautiful scenery is actually in a dull life.

I planted beans under the south hill, and the weeds in the fields were full of pea.

Early in the morning get up early to eradicate the weeds, the night falls on the moonlight carry hoe to return.

The narrow path covered with vegetation, and the night dew moistened my clothes.

It is not a pity to wet my clothes, but I hope not to go against my will.

-Wei and Jin Dynasties, Tao Yuanming, "Returning to the Garden, the Third"

Planting beans at the foot of Nanshan Mountain is characterized by lush weeds and sparse bean seedlings. Get up in the morning, clean up the wasteland, and come back with a hoe in the moonlight at night. The road is narrow and lush, and the cool dew in the evening wets my clothes. It doesn’t matter if the clothes are wet, as long as it doesn’t go against the original will, everything is worth it.

Spring flowers and autumn moon, nature and seasons always make us meet with all kinds of beautiful scenery, which is shocking and intoxicating.

The lake and the moon are in harmony, and there is no wind mirror on the pool surface.

Looking at the landscape of Dongting, there is a green snail in the silver plate.

-Don Liu Yuxi’s "Looking at the Dongting"

Lake light and moonlight blend with each other and complement each other. Without a trace of wind, the pool is smooth and seamless, just like an unpolished mirror. Looking at the landscape of Dongting from a distance, the water is bright and clear, and the trees on Dongting Mountain are lush, just like a green snail in a white silver plate, quietly for people to enjoy and ponder. How can we live up to such a beautiful scenery?

When the poet meets the landscape, it completes both the poet and the landscape.

As far away as Hanshan Mountain, the stone path is oblique, and there are people in Bai Yunsheng.

Stop and sit in the maple grove late, and the frost leaves are red in February flowers.

-Tang Du Mu’s "Mountain Walk"

Along the winding path up the mountain, where the white clouds are born, there are several families. I stopped because I like the late scenery of the maple forest. After the wind and frost, the maple leaves are red and dazzling, which is even more beautiful than the spring flowers in February. The poet fell in love with the red maple in autumn and was reluctant to leave for a long time. Thousands of years later, the maple leaf burning like fire in front of his eyes will still arouse people’s yearning and enthusiasm. The red leaf has never faded after thousands of years, and his mood at that time made people feel the same.

The most beautiful scenery in people’s eyes is often because of their love and even their preference.

The flowers withered, the unique plum blossom against the wind swept out, the beautiful scenery of the small park scenery.

"Dappled shadows hang aslant over the clear shallow water, in the evening of moonlight their fragrances peacefully expand."

When the cold bird wants to fly, it first peek at the plum blossom; Butterflies, if you know the beauty of plum blossom, will be enchanting.

Fortunately, there are micro-songs that can be compared, and there is no need for a total of gold bottles.

-Song Lin Bu’s "One of Xiaomei in the Mountain Garden"

Flowers wither, only the poet’s favorite plum blossom blooms alone, occupying all the scenery in the small garden. Sparse plum shadows are slanting in the shallow water. At dusk, the moon rises and the faint fragrance floats in the air. Plain birds want to come down, first take a sneak look. If butterflies in spring know the beauty of plum blossoms, they will be heartbroken and lose their souls. The poet sighed with emotion, fortunately, I can also sing poems to praise the plum blossom, and I don’t need to clap the sandalwood to sing songs, and I don’t need to hold a glass of wine to express my love for the plum blossom. The small garden with faint plum fragrance in winter is the most beautiful scenery in the poet’s eyes, and even the spiritual sustenance.

Some people always think that the most beautiful scenery in the world is far away, but people floating in other places deeply understand that when they look back, their hearts are already full of thoughts, and every grass and tree in their hometown is the most beautiful.

You have just come from our hometown, we must know the ways of the world.

When you came to my home carved decorative pattern of the window, the plant of the plum flowers bloom?

-Tang Wang Wei’s "Three Miscellaneous Poems No.2"

The poet asked: You come from your hometown, so you should know something about your hometown, right? Is that plum tree blooming outside my carved window? The plum tree outside the window once accompanied the poet through countless dull but warm times. During the journey, he looked back more than once and all plants and trees were affectionate. Where there are no plum blossoms, but those in my hometown must have taken root and blossomed in my heart.

As time goes by, winter goes and spring comes, how many endless scenery there are?

Only know the search for the beautiful scenery and forget the cold, I am in the spring breeze in the sunset.

I like that Dongshan sunny after the snow, the light of the red in the light of the mountains of Yinshan.

-Song Yang Wanli, "Four mountains are green after the snow clears, but Dongshan’s all-white fu loves Dongshan’s two quatrains after the snow clears."

Poets only know how to chase beautiful scenery, but forget the cold, standing in the sunset and spring breeze. My favorite is Dongshan Mountain, which clears up after the snow. In the soft red light, there is a surge of silver mountains, pure and dazzling! The poet was shocked by the beautiful scenery after the snow!

Welcome the new in time, miss the old in emotion, and what you can’t give up is the feelings of the past.

Without washing and dyeing the dust tassels, I returned to Fangcaoping.

A vine path is green, and there are ten thousand snow peaks and sunny spots.

-Tang Li Bai’s Winter Returning to the Old Mountain

Before the poet could clean the dust from his hat, he came back with grass. A path covered with green vines is green and welcoming, but it clears up after the snow, and the ten thousand peaks are particularly clear in the sun. Returning to the old mountain in winter, the poet was very happy and his eyes were full of beautiful scenery.

The beauty in the eyes of the ancients tells us where they have been and what they have loved. It is a journey of life, a meeting, a fate, and perhaps helplessness in reality. The beautiful scenery they love is still loved by us today, and ordinary people like us will meet many scenery on the way, just like them in the long river of history. What is the most beautiful? Perhaps it is still two words, love. Whether for people or scenery.


He Yu, a woman who likes poetry, is looking for beautiful details in the four seasons, hoping that time will leave warm memories.