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Blindly ordering more than 25,000 vehicles is just the beginning. With the blessing of Huawei’s full black technology, the M9 industry is getting hotter and hotter.

  On November 9, Huawei officially released a new strategy for smart travel solutions in Shenzhen, and launched a new ecosystem of Huawei’s smart car selection. At present, the new ecosystem has a series of models in the world. At the press conference, Huawei also brought a surprising news: the pre-sale order of M9 in the world exceeded 25,000.

  It is inseparable from the blessing of many Huawei’s "black technology" and Huawei’s quality that the M9 has not been listed yet. After all, from mobile phones to smart travel, Huawei has brought many products with leading quality and technology. At this conference, we also saw Huawei’s latest full set of black technology. As Huawei’s grand finale at the end of this year and the flagship of the series of models, it is very likely that the M9 will fully apply these black technologies, thus further fulfilling the title of "Technology Car King".

  Many black technologies have appeared together, and M9 takes you to "experience the future".

  Huawei is deeply empowered, and various black technologies have never been missing. Many subversive technologies, such as HarmonyOS intelligent cockpit, HUAWEI DATs dynamic adaptive torque system and HUAWEI ADS 2.0 high-order intelligent driving system, have been widely used in the M5 and M7.

  Judging from the information displayed at this conference, the black technology previously used in M5 and M7 has been upgraded. Among them, HarmonyOS Intelligent Cockpit has been upgraded to HarmonyOS 4.0, and its fluency has been improved again, and multi-person and multi-device multi-screen collaboration can be realized, which further increases the entertainment attributes of the whole vehicle. HUAWEI ADS 2.0 advanced intelligent driving system realizes the all-round upgrade of NCA intelligent driving navigation assistance through the first GOD general obstacle detection network and RCR road topology inference network, and can be driven nationwide without relying on high-precision maps.

  On the other hand, the intelligent vehicle control system adds the HUAWEI xMotion intelligent body cooperative control system on the basis of the HUAWEI DATs dynamic adaptive torque system. On the basis of the original millisecond dynamic road condition perception and intelligent torque vector control, it also realizes the centimeter-level vehicle attitude accurate prediction, the central cooperative control of driving, braking, steering and suspension, the degree of freedom body attitude control and adaptive slip rate control. Having said that, I’m already looking forward to the listing of M9.

  In addition, the HUAWEI DriveONE intelligent electric drive platform displayed at the conference site is the most efficient SiC assembly powertrain system in the industry at present, with the highest motor speed of 22000rpm and CLTC efficiency of 92%. Together with Huawei’s fully liquid-cooled overcharge system displayed at the press conference, it brings a "one-second-one-kilometer" rapid charging experience, and truly achieves a worry-free battery life like a fuel car. What’s more worth mentioning is that this fully liquid-cooled overcharge system is not as heavy as expected, even about 55% lighter than the traditional gun line, and it is not difficult to operate with one hand. It is conceivable that these black technologies will completely subvert the new energy industry and lead the new energy industry to the next era after they are installed in the world M9.

  In addition, this conference also brought the HUAWEI xScene light field screen, HUAWEI xPixel smart headlights, and the black technology such as the star ring scatterer that has been patented. Such a dazzling array of new technologies is likely to be presented in the M9. It can be said that the name of the M9 "Technology Car Emperor" in the world is essentially returned.

  Subversive design, asking M9 to open a new era with new aesthetics.

  In addition to the heavy black technology released at this conference, the design of the M9 is also unique. Before this, the appearance of the M9 has been announced, and the effect of the real car is more shocking than the picture! Especially inspired by Kunpeng’s design, the low-lying and steady front, with brand-new headlights and air intake ducts, looks like a majestic gesture when Kunpeng spreads his wings and flies.

  On the side of the car body, the simple, advanced and pure effect shows the different postures of the car, such as stability, speed and strength, to the fullest. At the same time, the water tangent on the side neatly divides the car body into two parts. The rich layering below the water tangent echoes the pure feeling brought by the silver roof above, giving the M9 a unique sense of luxury. Coupled with the design of flat side windows, hidden door handles and suspended rearview mirrors without any protrusions, it not only reduces the drag coefficient of the whole car, but also adds a bit of mystery to the side of the car.

  These unique designs make the intelligent life-form effect of M9 in the world jump out, which opens a new era of intelligent aesthetic design in the world, and will also lead the design of automobile industry to a new height. As for the interior of the M9, there is no news at present, but from the black technology announced at this conference, the interior design of the M9 is likely to show a new height.

  It can be said that the M9 will move the whole set of technology of "Huawei Family Bucket" into the car, which is a truly innovative masterpiece. Previously, the car M9 was awarded the "Top Ten Body", "Top Ten Chassis" and "Best Low Carbon Award" by the Center of China Automobile Research Institute. It can be said that in addition to black technology, the M9 in the world has also achieved the ultimate in safety, handling and environmental protection. It is reported that the M9 will be officially listed in December this year. According to the current blind subscription information, this final work of Huawei in the field of smart travel in 2023 is bound to become a dark horse in the new energy market. It can even be said that a new storm in the smart car market is sweeping.

A picture to understand Xiaomi 14 upgrade point Xiaomi 13 price reduction of 400 is not fragrant?

The series was officially released this week, in which the standard version is well configured and cost-effective; At the same time, in order to make way for the series, there are also discounts around 400 yuan, so users are very confused about which one is more suitable. Therefore, I will make a configuration comparison between Xiaomi 14 and last year’s Xiaomi 13 today, and I will know if I buy it or not.

As can be seen from the above picture, there are still quite a few upgrades to Xiaomi 14 Standard Edition. Let’s analyze it from various aspects.

In terms of performance, Xiaomi 14 has been upgraded from Snapdragon 8 Gen2 to Snapdragon 8 Gen 3. This upgrade is generally relatively large. It adopts 1+5+2 architecture, and the CPU performance and GPU performance are improved by more than 30%, and the AI computing power is improved by 98%. Coupled with LPDDR5X+UFS 4.0 memory, there is no pressure to play heavy mobile games.

In terms of charging, the battery capacity of Xiaomi 14 has been slightly improved, and the charging speed has been upgraded from 67W, which is not enough to see, to 90W. It seems that Mr. Lei still heard the "complaints" of rice noodles and raised the power, which shortened the full charging time by about 10 minutes in the actual experience.

The image aspect can be said to be the biggest upgrade point of Xiaomi 14, and even it failed to open a big gap with the standard version.The combination of 14mm super wide angle +23mm main camera +75mm telephoto can meet the shooting needs of multiple scenes, in which the main camera is "Light and Shadow Hunter 900" (Pro version supports stepless zoom), and both telephoto and super wide angle sensors are Samsung JN1, which can be said to be a comprehensive leap compared with Xiaomi 13′ s 10 million pixel telephoto+12 million pixel wide angle.

Friends who like to take pictures can directly choose Xiaomi 14 series, but subjectively speaking, I feel that the rear camera module of Xiaomi 14 is also a big circle, and the look and feel looks a little bloated, but the appearance is also different.

This time, Xiaomi 14 is still a straight screen, but its quality has been greatly upgraded. It adopts C8 luminescent material jointly developed with TCL Huaxing, and its frame is also very narrow. The front screen accounts for a very high proportion, and the resolution is also upgraded from 1080P to 1.5K, and the peak brightness directly rises from 1900nit to 3000nit. The most important thing is to upgrade from gear refresh to 1-120Hz LTPO. Except for 2K and high-frequency PWM, it can be said to be the top flagship configuration.

Not only that, but the screen cover of Xiaomi 14 also uses the Corning Gorilla Victus 2, which is only available in 13 Pro, and there is no pressure to fall at high altitude. 14 Pro also uses the "Longjing Glass" named by Xiaomi brand. If you are worried about the durability of the screen, Xiaomi 14 Pro can meet your needs.

In addition to these configuration upgrades, Xiaomi 14 has also been upgraded in other hardware aspects. For example, its cooling system has been upgraded from a large-area VC to an annular cold pump, and the vapor-liquid separation path design is adopted. Under the same area, the equivalent thermal conductivity can be three times as effective as that of the traditional VC, which reduces the core temperature and helps the high performance to play for a long time; Custom-made motor combined with Tsinghua University future lab tactile users to experience the cooperation between production and learning, and adopted the third generation ESA technology to develop stronger vibration in a limited space.

Moreover, Xiaomi 14 also has a brand-new 澎湃 OS blessing, which is people-centered and creates an all-ecological operating system for people and cars, which is worth experiencing by rice noodles.

In my opinion, the upgrade of Xiaomi 14 is much more worthwhile than that of 400 yuan. Such a strong upgrade also makes Xiaomi 13 somewhat embarrassed, unless it is impossible to grab the goods, friends who want to buy Xiaomi’s high-end flagship can just start with the new model.


Xiaomi 14 series was officially released this week, in which the standard version is well configured and cost-effective; At the same time, in order to make way, Xiaomi 13 series also has discounts around 400 yuan, so many rice noodle users are struggling to decide which one is more suitable. Therefore, I will make a configuration comparison between Xiaomi 14 and last year’s Xiaomi 13 today, and I will know if I buy it or not. Xiaomi 14 Leica optical lens light and shadow hunter 900 Leica 75m …

Baoji Tiggo 8 PLUS hot promotion, the highest discount is 17,000! Preferential treatment waits for no man.

In car home Baoji preferential promotion channel, we are pleased to announce that Chery Automobile’s subsidiary is carrying out preferential promotion activities. As an SUV model that has attracted much attention, the price of Tiggo 8 PLUS in Baoji area is now only 109,900 yuan. In addition, the maximum discount is 17,000 yuan, so you can buy this model with excellent performance and rich configuration at a more affordable price. If you are interested in this model, you can click "Check the car price" in the quotation form to get a higher discount.


The Tiggo 8 PLUS is a medium-sized SUV with a stylish and atmospheric overall style. The front face design is decorated with a large area of chrome plating, and the air intake grille is designed with a horizontal penetration, which makes the whole front look wider. The body lines are smooth, and the roof is suspended, which increases the sense of movement of the whole vehicle. The side of the car body adopts double waistline design, which makes the visual effect more dynamic. The rear part of the car adopts the design of penetrating taillights, which echoes the front of the car and increases the coordination of the whole car. In the interior, the color scheme of black and beige is adopted, and the overall style is simple and generous. The center console is equipped with a large touch screen, which is convenient to operate. The design of Tiggo 8 PLUS is fashionable and sporty, which meets the aesthetic needs of young consumers.


Tiggo 8 PLUS is a medium-sized SUV with a body length * width * height of 4722*1860*1745mm, a wheelbase of 2710mm, a front tread of 1582mm and a rear tread of 1604 mm.. The tyre size of this model is 235/55 R18, and the front and rear wheels are of this specification. The lines on the side of the car are smooth, simple and powerful, showing a dynamic design. The rim style is fashionable and atmospheric, which adds a lot of sporty atmosphere to the whole car.


The interior design of the Tiggo 8 PLUS is fashionable and atmospheric, with a leather steering wheel and leather-like seats, which makes it feel comfortable. The central control screen has a size of 12.3 inches, supports voice recognition control system, and can control functions such as multimedia, navigation, telephone, air conditioning and skylight. There are three USB/Type-C interfaces in the front row and one in the back row, which is convenient for charging and connecting devices. The main seat supports fore-and-aft adjustment, backrest adjustment and height adjustment (2-way), the auxiliary seat supports fore-and-aft adjustment and backrest adjustment, the second row of seats supports fore-and-aft adjustment and backrest adjustment, and the rear seat supports proportional reclining. These configurations make the interior of the Tiggo 8 PLUS more comfortable and practical, and meet the needs of consumers for driving and riding.


The Tiggo 8 PLUS is powered by a 1.6T 197 HP L4 engine with a maximum power of 145 kW and a maximum torque of 290 N m.. This engine adopts advanced turbocharging technology, which makes the vehicle more powerful in power output and smoother to drive. At the same time, with the 7-speed wet dual-clutch gearbox, the shift is more stable and the driving experience is more comfortable. In addition, the engine also has high fuel economy performance, which makes your driving more fuel-efficient and environmentally friendly. Generally speaking, the engine of the Tiggo 8 PLUS performs very well, and it is an engine with both performance and economy.

In the evaluation of the owner of car home, we can see that he has a high evaluation of the front face of the Tiggo 8 PLUS. He described the front face of the Tiggo 8 PLUS as full, durable, exquisite and atmospheric, and the design of the tiger’s head is very suitable for men to drive. From these evaluations, we can see that Tiggo 8 PLUS really has unique charm in design. The fullness and exquisiteness of the front face not only make people unforgettable, but also meet the aesthetic needs of Chinese people for the atmosphere and luxury. The design of looking dignified and strong gives people a strong visual impact, which makes people want to find out. Therefore, the front face design of the Tiggo 8 PLUS is not only a bright spot, but also the drop-dead gorgeous of the whole vehicle.

Is there a difference between different motors? Accelerated measurement of krypton 001

Passive safety Extreme Krypton 001 2021 Super Long Endurance Double Motor YOU Edition Extreme Krypton 001 2021 Long-life Double Motor WE Edition Extreme Krypton 001 2021 Super Long Life Single Motor WE Edition Main/passenger seat airbag Main ●/Deputy ● Main ●/Deputy ● Main ●/Deputy ● Front/rear side airbag Front ●/Back- Front ●/Back- Front ●/Back- Front/rear head airbag (air curtain) Front ●/rear ● Front ●/rear ● Front ●/rear ● knee airbag – – – Passenger seat cushion airbag – – – Front middle airbag – – – Rear seat belt airbag – – – Rear seat anti-sliding airbag – – – Rear center airbag – – – Rear forward airbag – – – Rear windshield airbag – – – Passive pedestrian protection – – – Runflat tire zero zero zero ISOFIX child seat interface ● ● ● ABS anti-lock braking ● ● ● Braking force distribution (EBD/CBC, etc.) ● ● ● Brake assist (EBA/BAS/BA, etc.) ● ● ● Traction control (ASR/TCS/TRC, etc.) ● ● ● Body stability control (ESC/ESP/DSC, etc.) ● ● ● Active safety Extreme Krypton 001 2021 Super Long Endurance Double Motor YOU Edition Extreme Krypton 001 2021 Long-life Double Motor WE Edition Extreme Krypton 001 2021 Super Long Life Single Motor WE Edition lane departure warning system ● ● ● Active braking/active safety system ● ● ● Fatigue driving tips ● ● ● DOW opening warning ● ● ● Forward collision warning ● ● ● Rear collision warning ● ● ● Moving object early warning system – – – Sentinel mode/clairvoyance – – – Low speed driving warning ● ● ● Built-in driving recorder ● ● ● Road rescue call ● ● ● Anti-rollover system – – – Driving control Extreme Krypton 001 2021 Super Long Endurance Double Motor YOU Edition Extreme Krypton 001 2021 Long-life Double Motor WE Edition Extreme Krypton 001 2021 Super Long Life Single Motor WE Edition Single pedal mode – – – Energy recovery system ● ● ● Automatic parking ● ● ● hill start assist control ● ● ● Steep slope descent ● ● ● Air suspension ● zero zero Electromagnetic induction suspension ● zero zero Magic carpet intelligent suspension – – – Variable steering ratio ● ● ● Trailing mode – – – Four-wheel drive/cross country Extreme Krypton 001 2021 Super Long Endurance Double Motor YOU Edition Extreme Krypton 001 2021 Long-life Double Motor WE Edition Extreme Krypton 001 2021 Super Long Life Single Motor WE Edition Integral active steering system – – – Wading induction system – – – Low speed four-wheel drive – – – Creep mode – – – Tank turn – – – Wading throat – – – Driving hardware Extreme Krypton 001 2021 Super Long Endurance Double Motor YOU Edition Extreme Krypton 001 2021 Long-life Double Motor WE Edition Extreme Krypton 001 2021 Super Long Life Single Motor WE Edition Front/rear parking radar Front ●/rear ● Front ●/rear ● Front ●/rear ● Transparent chassis /540-degree image ● ● ● Driving function Extreme Krypton 001 2021 Super Long Endurance Double Motor YOU Edition Extreme Krypton 001 2021 Long-life Double Motor WE Edition Extreme Krypton 001 2021 Super Long Life Single Motor WE Edition Reversing vehicle side early warning system zero zero zero satellite navigation system ● ● ● Navigation road information display ● ● ● AR real-life navigation – – – High precision map ● ● ● Parallel auxiliary ● ● ● lane keeping assist system ● ● ● Lane centering ● ● ● Road traffic sign recognition zero zero zero night vision system – – – park assist vision zero zero zero Remote parking zero zero zero Memory parking – – – Valet parking – – – Automatic lane change assistance ● ● ● Automatic exit (entry) of ramp – – – Signal lamp recognition – – – Track backwards – – – Remote summoning – – – Steering wheel off-hand detection – – – Start reminder – – – Appearance/theft prevention Extreme Krypton 001 2021 Super Long Endurance Double Motor YOU Edition Extreme Krypton 001 2021 Long-life Double Motor WE Edition Extreme Krypton 001 2021 Super Long Life Single Motor WE Edition Sports appearance kit – – – Electric spoiler – – – Automatic door opening and closing ● zero zero Frameless design door ● ● ● Magic induction door – – – Electric trunk ● ● ● Induction trunk ● zero zero Electric trunk position memory ● ● ● The tailgate glass opens independently. – – – Garage door remote control device – – – roof luggage rack – – – Central lock in car ● ● ● keyless start system ● ● ● Hidden electric door handle ● ● ● Push-button door opening – – – Active closed air intake grille ● ● ● Battery preheating ● ● ● External discharge ● ● ● Vehicle wireless charging – – – Exterior lighting Extreme Krypton 001 2021 Super Long Endurance Double Motor YOU Edition Extreme Krypton 001 2021 Long-life Double Motor WE Edition Extreme Krypton 001 2021 Super Long Life Single Motor WE Edition LED daytime running lights ● ● ● Adaptive far and near light ● ● ● Automatic headlights ● ● ● Steering assist light – – – Steering headlight – – – Headlight rain fog mode – – – Headlight height is adjustable. ● ● ● Headlight cleaning device – – – Headlights are turned off with delay. ● ● ● Scene lamp language – – – Skylight/glass Extreme Krypton 001 2021 Super Long Endurance Double Motor YOU Edition Extreme Krypton 001 2021 Long-life Double Motor WE Edition Extreme Krypton 001 2021 Super Long Life Single Motor WE Edition Sky skylight zero zero zero Light-sensing canopy – – – Front/rear power windows Front ●/rear ● Front ●/rear ● Front ●/rear ● Anti-pinch function of window ● ● ● Rear windshield sunshade – – – Rear privacy glass ● – – Rear wiper – – – Heatable water spray nozzle – – – Screen/system Extreme Krypton 001 2021 Super Long Endurance Double Motor YOU Edition Extreme Krypton 001 2021 Long-life Double Motor WE Edition Extreme Krypton 001 2021 Super Long Life Single Motor WE Edition Rotating large screen – – – Reversible central control screen – – – Central control LCD screen display – – – Bluetooth/car phone ● ● ● Gesture control – – – Face recognition ● ● ● Voiceprint recognition – – – Application store – – – mobile TV – – – Rear row control multimedia ● zero zero Multi-finger flying screen control – – – Touch screen vibration feedback – – – Screen peep prevention – – – Phonetic wake-up-free words – – – Speech continuous recognition – – – It can be said by sight. – – – Intelligent configuration Extreme Krypton 001 2021 Super Long Endurance Double Motor YOU Edition Extreme Krypton 001 2021 Long-life Double Motor WE Edition Extreme Krypton 001 2021 Super Long Life Single Motor WE Edition Internet of Vehicles ● ● ● OTA upgrade ● ● ● Wi-Fi hotspot ● ● ● V2X communication – – – In-vehicle biological monitoring system – – – Active noise reduction – – – Simulated sound wave – – – Vehicle-mounted KTV – – – Steering wheel/interior rearview mirror Extreme Krypton 001 2021 Super Long Endurance Double Motor YOU Edition Extreme Krypton 001 2021 Long-life Double Motor WE Edition Extreme Krypton 001 2021 Super Long Life Single Motor WE Edition Multifunction steering wheel ● ● ● Steering wheel shift – – – Steering wheel heating ● zero zero Steering wheel memory ● ● ● Full LCD instrument panel ● ● ● HUD head-up digital display ● ● ● AR-HUD augmented reality head-up display – – – Electric adjustable pedal – – – ETC device – – – In-vehicle charging Extreme Krypton 001 2021 Super Long Endurance Double Motor YOU Edition Extreme Krypton 001 2021 Long-life Double Motor WE Edition Extreme Krypton 001 2021 Super Long Life Single Motor WE Edition 220V/230V power supply – – – Luggage compartment 12V power interface ● ● ● Seat configuration Extreme Krypton 001 2021 Super Long Endurance Double Motor YOU Edition Extreme Krypton 001 2021 Long-life Double Motor WE Edition Extreme Krypton 001 2021 Super Long Life Single Motor WE Edition Sports style seat – – – Electric adjustment of main/passenger seat Main ●/Deputy ● Main ●/Deputy ● Main ●/Deputy ● Head and neck heating system – – – Adjustable button in the back row of the co-pilot seat ● ● ● Electric adjustment of the second row seat ● ● ● Liftable front and rear compartment partition – – – Fuzhi seat – – – Back table board – – – Second row of independent seats – – – Electric adjustment of the third row seat – – – Rear seat electric recline – – – Front/rear center armrest Front ●/rear ● Front ●/rear ● Front ●/rear ● Rear cup holder ● ● ● Move the armrest box back and forth – – – Audio/interior lighting Extreme Krypton 001 2021 Super Long Endurance Double Motor YOU Edition Extreme Krypton 001 2021 Long-life Double Motor WE Edition Extreme Krypton 001 2021 Super Long Life Single Motor WE Edition Dolby Atmos – – – Touch reading lamp – – – Active ambient light – – – Air conditioner/refrigerator Extreme Krypton 001 2021 Super Long Endurance Double Motor YOU Edition Extreme Krypton 001 2021 Long-life Double Motor WE Edition Extreme Krypton 001 2021 Super Long Life Single Motor WE Edition Heat pump air conditioning ● ● ● Rear independent air conditioning ● zero zero Rear seat air outlet ● ● ● Temperature zone control ● ● ● car air purifier – – – In-vehicle PM2.5 filtering device ● ● ● negative ion generator – – – Interior fragrance device ● zero zero Air quality monitoring – – – Car refrigerator – – –

Revealing New Deceptions, Preventing Deceptions by online celebrity, a New Old Man.

  [Keywords:] fraud of "magic medicine", "free travel", "asking for change", "high return" and "special telephone".

  Fraud cases against the elderly are always emerging. The reason why criminals focus on the elderly is that they don’t know enough about social development information and common fraud methods, and their ability to prevent fraud is lower than that of people of other ages.

  Recently, many "new old people" have emerged in online celebrity, who are themselves silver-haired old people. By revealing the scams set for the elderly and imparting anti-fraud knowledge and means, they have gained the attention and praise of middle-aged and elderly people. The public security department can also cooperate with these elderly online celebrity to improve the elderly’s anti-fraud awareness and ability while increasing the publicity of new media platforms.

  "New old age" online celebrity focuses on revealing scams

  More and more old people come to the stage to record their lives. online celebrity, an old man, has not only become a new "source of happiness" for young people, but also taught anti-fraud knowledge through entertaining performances like family members.

  Online celebrity, an elderly woman named "Detective Aunt" on the Tik Tok, focuses on uncovering old people’s scams. Her head is a silver-haired old lady with a fan. Eyes are the pure big eyes of a beautiful girl warrior, but she is not pure at all. She is a wily aunt. Her scam video attracted more than 11.12 million likes and more than 2.44 million fans.

  At the top of the "detective aunt" is a bad short video that helps the uncle to look after the children and steal them. The commentary is simple: "divert attention" and "recognize relatives" are the usual routines of traffickers! This video has the most likes and comments, with 2.77 million likes and 60,000 comments. Recently, the suspect "Mei Yi" who abducted nine children was attacked by netizens on the online platform, and the short video made by "Detective Aunt" undoubtedly reminded the elderly to be vigilant while taking care of their children, so that they could always pay attention to their children!

  Another reasoning video of "Detective Aunt" demonstrates the play that Su Daqiang always fell in love with in "Everything is Fine". In the play, Su Daqiang thinks that he met the "considerate" nanny Cai Genhua and is desperate to marry the nanny. However, what Cai Genhua covets is Su Daqiang’s real estate. This reasoning video of "Detective Aunt" has a simple annotation: seemingly sweet love is actually a well-designed script. The old man was coaxed by the young woman and forced by emotional pressure, saying, "I’ll give you all my bankbooks tonight." On the spot, "Detective Aunt" poked two young women’s "pig-killing plate" investment in the elderly and warned the elderly not to be deceived by swindlers. I can’t help but remind people that on April 21 this year, Jia Laobo, an 80-year-old family with children in Wuzhong, Suzhou, gave a property to a nanny who took care of himself in the form of a book legacy. Netizens talk about it in succession, which is the true feelings nurtured by meticulous care, but some people say that this is another typical trick to defraud the elderly.

  Nowadays, many fraudulent means seem seamless, but many tricks appear repeatedly. The reason why they succeed repeatedly is mainly to grasp the shortcomings of the elderly, such as emotional lack, attention to health, insufficient awareness of prevention, and one-sided knowledge reserve. Here, remind the elderly that if they encounter such things, they should first think calmly. "There will be no pie in the sky." As long as they are treated with caution, many tricks will be seen through.

  There are five types of new scams that need to be guarded against.

  On November 22nd, Tian Xingjun, a community policeman from Jimei Police Station in Xiamen, Fujian Province, successfully stopped a winning fraud against the elderly. On the same day, the police visited the community, and suddenly an 80-year-old Mr. Wang Lao stopped him and asked for help to verify the number. Surprisingly, when the police asked about the use of the number, Mr. Wang prevaricated and told the truth after being enlightened. It turned out that Mr. Wang received a letter containing a lottery ticket for health care products. "I scraped the lottery ticket and found myself winning 1 million yuan." Mr. Wang immediately contacted the so-called redemption notary "Wang Juan" on the lottery ticket. The other party said that the premise is that the notary fee of 20,000 yuan and personal income tax should be paid to the designated bank card on the same day. Mr. Wang prepared to remit money, but fortunately, the community police stopped him, which saved his property from loss. Mr. Wang suddenly realized that he had bought the company’s health care products. After the salesman asked for personal information, he also told the company that there were activities in the near future, indicating that he would inform the elderly to participate. "I am also convinced because of such a premise." Such new tricks are not uncommon. Criminals use psychological hints to cheat the elderly frequently.

  In daily life, all kinds of fraud methods for the elderly need to be guarded against. To sum up, there are the following categories:

  Deception 1: "God doctor" fraud. Fraudsters flaunt themselves as "magic doctors" who can cure all diseases and promote the so-called "all-purpose magic medicine", just like the fraud case in which "Shaolin monks" promote "magic medicine".

  Scam 2: "free travel" fraud. Attracting the attention of the elderly with "free travel" is actually just a cover. What is important is to bring the elderly to the pre-arranged site, match them with famous doctors and lecturers, boast in an all-round way, and fool the elderly into buying thousands of so-called "health care products", just like the fraud case of "filial piety in China".

  Scam 3: "seeking change" fraud. This kind of fraud mostly happens to the elderly who set up stalls selling vegetables in the suburbs. The swindlers pretend to buy food from the elderly and lie that they have no change. In the process of finding change, they will take the opportunity to replace the fake money. When the old man found out, the criminals had already escaped.

  Scam 4: "high return" fraud. The fraudsters first rented high-grade office buildings, decorated them carefully, and made up "investment projects" to publicize them everywhere. When old people come to invest and consult, they warmly receive them, and ask so-called experts to explain the industry background and market trend, and lure the old people with high interest rates. At first, short-term investment is allowed. Once the old people invest a lot of money, the office building will be empty.

  Scam 5: "special phone" fraud. Fraudsters call themselves staff members of state organs such as courts and public security bureaus, claiming that the children of the elderly need money to deal with "crimes" in other places, and falsify court "subpoenas" and public security "arrest warrants" to convince the elderly; Or lied that the children of the elderly had a car accident and needed money for treatment. Old people are eager to "save their children" and will quickly remit money.

  Therefore, the public security and other relevant departments should strengthen law enforcement, severely crack down on fraud such as health care for the elderly, investment in pension projects, "unfreezing national assets" and antiques, and enhance the deterrence against criminals. At the same time, we can cooperate with the old online celebrity on the network platform, increase publicity and improve the anti-fraud awareness and ability of the elderly.

  Many old people think that "they cross more bridges and eat more salt than the younger generation", but in a rapidly changing society, new types of fraud are everywhere, and social experience obviously cannot keep up with the changes of the times, so the old people are easily deceived. For the anti-fraud propaganda of the elderly, we need to pay attention to methods, and instilling opinions directly will easily hurt their self-esteem and produce resistance. Just like the short video of "Detective Aunt", there should be more case propaganda. Through deductive display, the old people should be aware of the hidden dangers and realize that their anti-fraud ability is different from that of young people, so as to strengthen communication and discussion with their children and effectively reduce the probability of being cheated.

  Text/Wang Wei

General Administration of Market Supervision: Strengthen the supervision and punishment of live broadcast with goods.

  CCTV News:On April 26th, the State Council held a press conference on the Annual Report on Combating Infringement and Counterfeiting in China (2022). A reporter asked, e-commerce and live broadcast selling fake and shoddy goods and false propaganda have always been the focus of people’s attention because of the difficulty of safeguarding rights and governance. How to treat this problem? What are the countermeasures?

  In this regard, Gan Lin, deputy director of the State Administration of Markets, said that the e-commerce platform and live delivery have developed rapidly in recent years, and some new problems have emerged while providing convenience for our consumers. During the "double 11" last year, China Consumers Association used the Internet public opinion monitoring system to analyze the consumer rights protection situation from October 20th to November 13th. During the monitoring period, a total of 509,000 pieces of negative information about "live sales" were collected, accounting for 9.3% of the total information about "spit". Among them, counterfeiting, wrong version of goods, preferential differences and so on are the main problems.

  Through the monitoring data, we can also see that in the past promotion activities of e-commerce, such as the well-known chaos as "rules are difficult to beat the last payer" and "routines are getting more and more attractive", consumers’ evaluation of e-commerce platform to simplify promotion rules and enhance consumption experience tends to be positive, but problems still exist, mainly in two aspects: First, some business households have a weak sense of integrity; Second, some platforms have not done enough to improve consumer satisfaction and sense of gain. When it comes to countermeasures, we mainly strengthen related work from three aspects:

  First, clarify and compact the platform responsibilities. Guide merchants and platform enterprises to strengthen "self-discipline", strengthen the awareness of integrity and rules, take the initiative to fill the shortcomings in implementing the main responsibility and restricting the management and control of operators in the platform, and continuously improve the satisfaction and acquisition of online shopping.

  The second is to increase supervision and punishment. In view of the new mode and new format of live broadcast with goods, on the one hand, we must adhere to inclusive and prudent supervision, on the other hand, we must keep the legal bottom line and ensure development in norms. For the platform with poor management and frequent problems, we should urge it to be rectified and implemented by interviewing and ordering it to make corrections; Anchors and businesses that obviously violate laws and regulations or harm consumers’ rights and interests should be severely punished according to law, and blacklisted according to the degree of infringement, so as to enhance the effectiveness and deterrent effect of supervision.

  The third is to raise the awareness of consumers. Through publicity and guidance, we call on consumers to constantly improve their self-protection awareness and risk prevention ability, clarify the boundaries of rights and interests, avoid blind impulses, achieve scientific consumption and rational rights protection, and participate in online promotion more maturely, confidently and responsibly.

On November 9 th, the news was counted.

  The three major indexes oscillated and sorted out the coal and photovoltaic sectors, with the top gains.

  Up by 0.03%,Down 0.2%,It fell by 0.23%. The turnover exceeded 960 billion, and coal, photovoltaic,The plate was among the top gainers, and the media,The automobile sector was among the top losers.

  More than 100 funds rose more than 10% and medicine became a big winner!But was urgently warned.

  Since the CSRC issued a package of policies and measures on "activating the capital market and boosting investors’ confidence" on August 18th, a large number of equity funds have recovered strongly in the rebound market. As of November 8th, the highest rate of return of some funds exceeded 20%. Many funds have even increased more than the increase in the past year, restoring the high elasticity of the past and successfully countering the previous market query that "initiative is not as good as passivity". View the original > > >

  Results released: the second batch of science and technology innovation 100Total fundraising is 5.5 billion yuan!

  In the fund market at the end of the year, Kechuang 100ETF "rolled up to fly". The second batch of science and technology innovation 100ETF, which has received much attention, has been freshly released.It shows that the total fundraising scale of the second batch of three science and technology 100ETFs exceeds 5.5 billion, of which the highest fundraising scale of a single one is close to 3.9 billion yuan, which is the highest fundraising record of the current science and technology 100ETF and the best equity fund raised in this fourth quarter.View the original > > >

  Approaching 2 trillion! How to become a "smart" investor when ETF continues to be hot?

  Since 2023, especially since the fourth quarter, the market’s attention to ETFs has continued to heat up. On the occasion of the market-wide ETF approaching 2 trillion, November 6,uniteWaiting for 9 familiesTogether, launch "Insight: 2023 ETF Investor Behavior Trend Report. The Report publicly solicited relevant questions from investors in the form of questionnaires. Through in-depth analysis of over 6,500 valid questionnaires, it revealed the current investors’ cognition of ETF and the behavioral characteristics in ETF trading.View the original > > >

  Full coverage, heavy punches and no blind spots. The CSRC will promote the standardized operation of private equity funds throughout the process.

  ShanghaiThe reporter was informed that the CSRC is comprehensively revising the Interim Measures for the Supervision and Management of Private Equity Funds, formulating supporting normative documents, clarifying the entry threshold and continuous normative requirements for private equity fund managers, strengthening risk source control, delineating the regulatory bottom line, and promoting the standardized operation of private equity funds throughout the process.View the original > > >

  Shanghai and Shenzhen Stock Exchanges issued five measures to regulate refinancing investment bankers: It is expected that a large number of refinancing plans will be limited.

  On the evening of November 8, the responsible persons of Shanghai Stock Exchange and Shenzhen Stock Exchange respectively answered questions from reporters on optimizing the refinancing supervision arrangements. Among them, the Shanghai and Shenzhen stock exchanges have introduced five specific measures to optimize the refinancing supervision arrangements, including strictly restricting the refinancing of listed companies in the case of breaking the net; Strictly control the financing interval of continuous loss-making enterprises; Pay attention to refinancing with a high proportion of financial investment; Strictly control the use of funds raised before; Strictly check the relevant requirements that the funds raised by refinancing are mainly invested in the main business.View the original > > >

  Starting todayWhat is the truth about the limited scale of DMA and OTC stock securities lending? Look at three interpretations

  Many securities firms have received the regulatory notice, requiring that starting from November 9th (today), the "nominal principal scale =max (long and short portfolio, short portfolio)+non-long and short portfolio" of DMA business should be quantified at the end of each day according to the manager’s dimension, and the quota can be adjusted between different products under the manager.

  At the same time, the scale of quantitative DMA business is also limited. The notice shows that from November 9, the nominal principal scale of OTC stock short selling at the end of each day according to the manager’s dimension (ETF will not be affected for the time being, and subsequent caliber updates will be notified separately) cannot exceed the nominal principal scale at the end of November 8, and the quota can be adjusted between different products under the manager.View the original > > >

  Bureau of Statistics: OctoberDown 0.2% year-on-year Down 2.6% year-on-year

  In October 2023, the national consumer price dropped by 0.2% year-on-year. Among them, the city decreased by 0.1% and the rural area decreased by 0.5%; Food prices fell by 4.0% and non-food prices rose by 0.7%; Consumer goods prices fell by 1.1%, and service prices rose by 1.2%. From January to October, the national consumer price rose by 0.4% over the same period of last year. In October 2023, the ex-factory price of industrial producers nationwide decreased by 2.6% year-on-year, which was the same as the previous month. The purchase price of industrial producers decreased by 3.7% year-on-year and increased by 0.2% quarter-on-quarter.View the original > > >

  concentrateThe proportion of equity assets of listed companies is still low, and some insurance funds will take the opportunity to increase their positions.

  Recently, the pace of insurance research on A-share listed companies has accelerated. The data shows that since October, as of November 8,Institutions (including companies and asset management companies) have investigated A-share listed companies for more than 4,000 times.View the original > > >

  Or the latest improved version for China will be launched.

  According to the sources in the industrial chain, the latest improved series of chips have been developed for China: HGX H20, L20 PCle and L2 PCle. According to people familiar with the matter, the latest three chips are improved from H100, and will be announced as soon as possible after the 16th of this month, and domestic manufacturers will get the products in these days at the earliest. As of press time, there is no response from NVIDIA.View the original > > >

  Huawei big news! After asking the boundary, the intellectual boundary came.

  Following the "asking the world", the "intellectual world" has also come. The reporter of Times E Company was informed that asThe second brand under the smart car selection mode is also the high-end created by Huawei and Chery.The car brand, Zhijie S7 (pure electric coupe), the first model of Zhijie, will be officially released and pre-sold in Shenzhen tonight (November 9), which is also the first car under Huawei’s smart car selection mode.View the original > > >

  Open source: the media sector is expected to usher in againAnd estimate upward resonance.

  Open source securitiesIt is pointed out that after the media sector reached the high point of valuation in June 2023, the valuation has dropped significantly since the third quarter. In terms of performance, Q3 is stable and positive, Q3 for film and television is greatly improved, Q3 for publishing continues to be stable, and Q3 for advertising is under pressure. However, with the arrival of e-commerce consumption peak season, Q4 is expected to start to improve. With the continuous release of content supply, as well as the continuous upgrading of large-scale models and multimodal applications, the media sector is expected to once again usher in the upward resonance of performance and valuation.View the original > > >

  Hao Miao: Medical valuation has reached the bottom to pay attention to industrial investment opportunities.

  Hao Miao said that after more than two years of decline, the pharmaceutical sector has fallen to a very low position in the historical valuation range, and the space for the whole sector is really limited. Although the policy has a great influence on the pharmaceutical industry, the direction of policy care, support and encouragement for the industry has not changed. Judging from the situation in the past year or so, there have been obvious changes and improvements in the policy.View the original > > >

  Investment strategy of real estate sector in 2024: recommend four types of targets.

  The research report on the investment strategy of the real estate sector in 2024 is released, and it is believed that the road of butterfly change of housing enterprises in the future has been clear, and the optimization of business model and return performance will naturally drive the valuation center to rise. The suppression of the long and short dimension valuation of high-quality targets is now reversed. The four types of targets are in the key window of short-term valuation suppression and slow release, and the prospect of long-term central uplift is becoming clearer.View the original > > >

  : high-quality housing enterprises in high-energy cities are expected to benefit first.

  On November 9 th, the research newspaper pointed out that the decline in real estate sales narrowed in October, and second-tier cities performed outstandingly. In October, the A-share financing of housing enterprises fell again, the scale of bond financing stabilized, and the financing cost decreased to 3.59%. Four single-consumption REITs were audited in Shanghai and Shenzhen Stock Exchanges.View the original > > >


The peak of power battery scrapping is coming! The cost of changing batteries is comparable to buying a new car?

  Power battery replacement is expensive, and many car companies regard "battery replacement" as one of the main directions for designing pure electric vehicles in the future.

  New energy vehicles are gradually entering thousands of households, but for some users who ate "crabs" early six or seven years ago and bought pure electric vehicles, they are now facing new troubles — — The cost of changing the battery is more expensive than the original price of buying a car! All-media reporters learned from market interviews that the current service life of automobile power batteries is mostly 5-8 years, which means that the power batteries of the first batch of new energy vehicles put into the market during 2009-2013 have entered the "retirement" period. In view of this situation, let’s see what new tricks car companies have.

  Text, photo: Guangzhou Daily all-media reporter Deng Li

  [Change the "electricity" scene] The battery is scrapped and the car is "scrapped"!

  The owner, Mr. Chen, bought a Chery EQ electric car four years ago. After the subsidy, the price of the new car was about 65,000 yuan. Recently, after a heavy rain, the car was soaked in water and the battery was scrapped! After dragging it to the 4S shop, the car dealer told him that he had to replace the battery, but the cost was nearly 70,000 yuan! Mr. Chen was dumbfounded, which is thousands of dollars more expensive than buying a new pure electric car! In this regard, 4S stores also expressed helplessness: because there is no separate subsidy policy for automobile power batteries, the price of battery replacement is very expensive.

  All-media reporters noticed that at present, because the price of "battery replacement" of many independent brands of pure electric vehicles is higher than that of buying new cars, in the event of battery failure, most car owners give up replacing batteries and directly scrap their vehicles. It is also very expensive to change batteries for imported new energy vehicles. Some people have calculated that a Tesla Model S with a price of 700,000 yuan to 800,000 yuan needs more than 300,000 yuan to replace batteries, so you can buy a BMW.

  [Market survey]

  The battery is guaranteed for 5~6 years, but there are constraints.

  All-media reporters noticed that the current state requires the key components of new energy vehicles (batteries, electronic controls, motors) to provide a warranty of not less than 5 years or 100,000 kilometers. During the warranty period, the owner’s maintenance is completely free.

  The reporter searched a number of automobile brands and found that BYD Qin currently provides "a six-year or 150,000-kilometer warranty for the whole vehicle and a lifetime warranty for the battery"; SAIC Roewe has provided E50 vehicles with 3-year and 100,000-kilometer warranties, as well as 5-year and 100,000-kilometer battery core component warranties, and some models also have battery decay warranties; BAIC provides a five-year unlimited-kilometer commitment for the battery of E150ev, and users who purchase the new EX260/EU260 before April this year can enjoy the lifetime warranty service of the battery. Generally speaking, at present, the mainstream new energy vehicle companies only guarantee the whole vehicle, and only a few manufacturers have an extra warranty for the battery for a long time. In terms of foreign automakers, Tesla has just changed the warranty terms of the Model S drive and battery pack of electric vehicles to 8 years of unlimited mileage.

  Despite this, the cost of replacing batteries as high as 60,000 to 70,000 yuan is still in the minds of car owners. If the warranty period ends after 5~8 years, and the life of the battery just ends, then the owner will have to make a headache choice between replacing the battery or scrapping the vehicle; If the battery is within the service life and there is a problem that is not covered by the warranty (such as soaking in water), it may be necessary to break up the battery after seeing that other parts of the vehicle are still in good condition, because the high battery replacement bill is very "disgusting".

  [Current Scheme]

  The manufacturer’s policy encourages "replacement" in three or four years.

  However, replacing the whole battery is not the only solution. The engineer of JAC pure electric vehicle clarified to the reporter: With the development of technology, if there is a problem with the current battery, it is no longer necessary to replace the whole battery as it was a few years ago. Now it is only necessary to replace one or several corresponding faulty batteries. The engineer told the reporter that the cost of a single battery is only a few hundred dollars, and the working hours are up to one or two thousand yuan. In general, it is cheaper than the engine maintenance of fuel vehicles.

  However, there are many problems in the use of electric vehicles, and the high cost of batteries still inevitably becomes a resistance for many people to buy. The reporter noticed that many car companies started the "buy-back plan" to solve the problems of fast depreciation and fast battery loss of pure electric vehicles, and encouraged consumers to replace new pure electric vehicles in three or four years. For example, at the beginning of the listing of Yundu New Energy, a three-year repurchase policy was introduced at the same time, and the guaranteed price of its pure electric vehicle was 50% of the original price.

  All-media reporters also noticed from the second-hand market that the current depreciation of second-hand new energy vehicles is faster than that of ordinary fuel vehicles. For example, in 2013-2014, the price of Beiqi E150EV in the second-hand market ranged from 20,000 to 40,000 yuan. After the updated Beiqi EX360 went on the market, manufacturers also complied with the repurchase and replacement policy. As long as the car condition of the old pure electric vehicle meets the official standards, it can offset the purchase price of 39,800 yuan, which is much more cost-effective than direct scrapping. In doing so, manufacturers not only encourage consumers to trade in old ones for new ones, but also help consumers avoid the embarrassment of finding out that the battery life has ended after six or seven years of use and being forced to scrap their vehicles.

  [Car enterprise goal]

  Load a detachable battery

  Perhaps it is precisely because the high cost of batteries has aroused the concerns of users, and many car companies regard "battery replacement" as one of the main directions for designing pure electric vehicles in the future. It only takes three to five minutes, and a "blood tank is empty" battery is directly removed and replaced with a new battery with full charge. Although the power exchange technology has not been verified by a large number of landing operations, this idea is favored by many new energy vehicle companies.

  Traditional car companies, such as BAIC New Energy, have taken the lead in distributing in several cities across the country since last year to carry out the service of "changing power stations". After the taxi industry has achieved good response, this year, the "changing power" model has been extended to the field of pure electric private cars in Beijing. As for the new car-making enterprises, it has been included in the research and development category. Previously, Tesla had announced a 15-minute power exchange technology; Weilai, the representative of China’s new car manufacturers, plans to build more than 1,100 power stations nationwide in 2020, hoping to let car owners realize "changing electricity within 3 kilometers" in the central areas of first-tier cities such as Beishangguangshen and Shenzhen; Another new car manufacturer, Chehejia’s first SEV, its biggest highlight is the use of detachable batteries, which is also the official claim that they do not rely on the capital of charging piles.

  China new energy vehicles ushered in the first peak of power battery scrapping.

  In 2009, China officially launched the demonstration and promotion of "10 cities and 1000 vehicles" new energy vehicles.

  From 2012 to 2014, demonstration applications were conducted in the north, Guangzhou and Shenzhen, and new energy vehicles entered the era of private consumption.

  In 2015, the sales volume of new energy vehicles in China was 331,000, of which 247,000 were pure electric vehicles, ranking first in the world.

  In 2017, the sales volume of new energy vehicles in China reached 777,000, ranking first in the world for three consecutive years.

  In 2018, the first batch of new energy vehicle battery systems will enter the "seven-year itch" elimination period, which will usher in the first peak of power battery scrapping.

  In recent years, the relevant state departments have paid extra attention to the market guidance of battery recycling. At the same time, the data of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology shows that the first peak of power battery scrapping will be ushered in 2018. Gao Yunhu, director of the Department of Energy Conservation and Comprehensive Utilization of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, pointed out that it is necessary to accelerate the recycling of power batteries for new energy vehicles and implement the formulation and implementation of pilot programs. On August 1st, the Interim Measures for the Management of Recycle and Utilization of Power Batteries for New Energy Vehicles was promulgated and implemented. In September, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology issued the List of Qualified Enterprises (First Batch).

New energy vehicles will be piloted in five cities including Shanghai with special number plates.

  CCTV News:The reporter learned from the Ministry of Public Security that in order to better promote the development of new energy vehicles, better distinguish and identify new energy vehicles, and implement differentiated traffic management policies, from December 1, 2016, the Ministry of Public Security will be in Shanghai, Nanjing, Wuxi, Jinan and Shenzhen. Five cities will take the lead in piloting the use of special number plates for new energy vehicles. 

  Different from the "blue" license plate used by ordinary passenger cars now, the special license plate for new energy vehicles takes "green" as the main tone, which embodies the meaning of "green environmental protection". The background color of small new energy vehicles adopts gradient green, while that of large new energy vehicles adopts yellow-green double color.

 Figure 1 Small new energy vehicle number plate style

  In order to better implement the national new energy vehicle industry development and differentiated management policy, the new energy vehicle license plate is managed in sections according to different vehicle types.The letter "D" stands for pure electric vehicles, and the letter "F" stands for non-pure electric vehicles (including plug-in hybrid vehicles and fuel cell vehicles).          

 Fig. 2 Number plate style of large-scale new energy vehicles

  At the same time, the number of special number plates for new energy vehicles has been increased by one, from 5 to 6 for ordinary cars, with increased number plate capacity and richer resources. The new energy vehicle license plate fee remains unchanged, and the current national standard for ordinary vehicle license plate fees is still implemented, and each license plate is 100 yuan.

  During the pilot period, new energy vehicles newly purchased by the masses will be registered in five pilot cities, and special number plates for new energy vehicles will be issued; For registered new energy vehicles, according to the principle of voluntary renewal, the owner can choose whether to renew the new number plate. In order to avoid the crowded queue caused by centralized license change, the pilot cities will adopt the Internet service platform to make an appointment to change the license plate, at the same time, add a green channel or special window for the license plate business of new energy vehicles, set up on-site license plate production points, provide delayed or Saturday and Sunday license plate change services, and provide free license plate installation services to meet the needs of the masses to the greatest extent. In addition, the public security traffic control departments of the pilot cities will simultaneously launch a unified motor vehicle number plate selection system to ensure the open, fair and just issuance of number plates.

  It is understood that up to now, the number of pure electric vehicles registered nationwide has reached 555,500. According to the State Council’s Industrial Development Plan for Energy Saving and New Energy Vehicles (2012-2020), new energy vehicles mainly include pure electric vehicles, plug-in hybrid vehicles and fuel cell vehicles. By 2020, the cumulative production and sales of pure electric vehicles and plug-in hybrid vehicles will exceed 5 million.

  The person in charge of the Traffic Management Bureau of the Ministry of Public Security said that on the basis of the pilot, it will constantly sum up experience and practices, gradually expand the application scope of special number plates for new energy vehicles, and strive to promote their use throughout the country in the second half of 2017. In addition, the Ministry of Public Security will also study and improve the style of ordinary car number plates to further enhance the informationization, scientification and standardization of motor vehicle management. (CCTV reporter Qi Chenghai)

Marc jacobs’s fashion darling is plagued by criticism (Photos)

Supermodel Lily Cole and Yang Ziqiong armed themselves with new LV products (CFP).

Supermodel Lily Cole and Yang Ziqiong armed themselves with new LV products (CFP).


  Marc Jacobs

  Fashion darling is beset with criticism

  Ten years ago, Marc Jacobs (marc jacobs) became the design director of LV. This American fashion designer’s ambitious plan of "New wine in old bottles" made LV, a century-old French brand, shine again. Among them, the new cute printed pattern jointly launched by Jacob and Murakami Takashi brought more than $300 million in sales to LV with solemn brown logo in 2003 alone.

  Everything changed dramatically this year. After LV’s 2008 Spring/Summer ready-to-wear series suffered bad reviews, marc jacobs was defeated at the 2008 CFDA Award, which is known as the Oscar in fashion.

  This talented designer is about to get married in Paris by lightning, with Lorenzo Martone, the boyfriend of a Brazilian advertiser who has only been dating for three months-this is even more surprising after the biggest gossip in the fashion world came out last week.

  What happened to marc jacobs?

  Who’s marc jacobs?

  Born in new york in 1963, his father died young, and his mother’s marriage failed many times. marc jacobs’s childhood with his mother and siblings was the darkest period of his life. His only interest is fashion. After leaving his family to live with his grandmother, he entered Parson School of Design, a famous design school in new york, and started his fashion world.

  In 1993, Jacob was fired after launching the "ronin fashion" series for Perry Ellis as the design director. However, this series just became his mark, and he and his long-term partner Robert Duffy were able to independently launch their personal brands again, which made him set foot in the international fashion industry. Since 1997, he has been appointed as the design director of LV.

  Face criticism

  Long-term struggle with abstinence and illness have brought Jacob a strong sense of insecurity.

  Does the fashion world still love marc jacobs? This is already a problem in 2008.

  "Recently, the public pointed to my personal criticism, which made me feel like I was about to collapse." Marc jacobs said.

  Six years ago, new york was intoxicated with Marc Jacobs, and this intoxication quickly spread around the world. After 15 years of struggle, marc jacobs was officially hailed as a new benchmark figure in American fashion. However, with the strong financial support from LVMH Group, Jacob became as conservative and boring as Mickey Mouse shoes he designed.

  For this, his own explanation is that the long-term struggle with abstinence and colic caused by ulcerative colitis have brought him a strong sense of insecurity.

  When marc jacobs was 9 kilograms heavier than now, his fashion was cautious and full of ladylike demeanor, more like a classic version of CHANEL. Now, his spring series is more like "repackaging the life of a female star and putting it on the runway". "People don’t want to see the real world," Jacob said. "All they want is something that has been decorated. The evil in the real world shocked me, just like a circus or a cartoon paradise. "

  Does the fashion world still love marc jacobs? This is already a problem in 2008. Some people in the fashion industry have explained that the cross-border cooperation between Mark Jacobs and some young designers has caused discomfort to another group of fashion giants who can still be called "young"-perhaps this is one of the reasons for his career decline.

  Jacob himself said: "My design is not intended to be provocative, but I just want the audience to see a bigger, fuller and more fashionable picture combination. You know, people are always looking forward to a new fashion show. "

  Design Q&A

  When victoria beckham took Sprouse’s graffiti bag, all the disputes stopped.

  In new york, if you have no leisure, it means you are successful. In Paris, if you have free time, it means you have succeeded.

  About andy warhol.

  Nowadays, many people think that popular art has been developed in the past 50 years.

  Jacob: Yes, exactly. I didn’t really get a good education, except when I was 15 years old, I studied art investigation in an art and design high school in new york. I don’t know the history of art, but I didn’t know what I wanted until I got close to art. When someone says, "Why did you do that?" I said, "Because I like it." I think this is really enough. I don’t want to work so hard, you know? I like fashion. I think I live in a world where everyone loves fashion.

  Am I going to be the andy warhol of fashion? To be honest, I feel weird, but I guess that’s exactly what I’m going to do. But I didn’t do it on purpose. I’m just interested in the world outside the fashion world.

  About graffiti

  Why do you want to create graffiti in the most well-known part of the brand?

  Jacob: When I went to charlotte gainsbourg’s apartment, I saw a big suitcase in the corner. It was louis vuitton brand, black, but it had faded. That’s her father’s. For some reason, it reminds me of marcel duchamp’s "L.H.O.O.Q" (putting a beard on the Mona Lisa’s face), which I once liked. And I think the combination of letters and patterns in louis vuitton is the Mona Lisa of this company, so I came up with the idea of letting stephen Sprouse doodle.  

  It’s a very different situation here in louis vuitton this time. I basically broke the tradition, and I was told bluntly that I couldn’t change the canvas or do anything. And I’m tired of trying to please the communication director, and I’m tired of the rules of the game. So I think, this is the only time I need to do something different, and it is also the only time to make some changes.

  About Murakami Takashi.

  People are surprised that the top management of the company accepted Murakami Takashi’s works against LV’s previous style so quickly.

  Jacob: It was controversial to make these graffiti bags. Every week I get a message: "No, they decided not to produce them." It wasn’t long before they said, "OK, we’ll produce it, but we only do the pattern part." There is a lot of repetition and deliberation, which almost drives me crazy. So, when a British media published that victoria beckham was holding Sprouse’s graffiti bag, all the disputes stopped.

  For all the critics, they have enjoyed the MOCA exhibition in Murakami Takashi in louis vuitton’s shops. I think it challenges some categories, like, what is art here? Is it on the bag? Did you buy a bag or art? It’s hard to define it now.

  About Paris and new york

  What’s the difference between living in new york and living in Paris?

  Jacob: It’s great that my lifestyle in Paris is so different from that in new york. In new york, if you have no leisure, it means you are successful. In Paris, if you have free time, it means you have succeeded. So, I will stay at home for a while here, or invite my friends over for dinner. In new york, if you don’t go to restaurants, art exhibitions or fashion shows with others, you will feel like a loser. So working in two completely different countries can make my life more balanced.