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These things you have to know as a badminton player.

If our partners are good at football, we have a better chance of winning.

At work, a good partner,

It can really make people experience twice the efficiency with half the effort.

The partner has a good temper, and it is comfortable to win or lose a game.

In life, you need such a warm friend.

Being with TA is comfortable, cozy and the whole person is better.

In amateur circles, there are people outside,

No matter how awesome you are, there must be someone better than you.

Just try playing a few more groups.

Vision is very important, modest people always look at the soles of their feet, down-to-earth,

Proud people’s nostrils are facing the sky.

In the amateur circle, 80% of golfers dare not pretend to be good at playing.

Because playing badminton well will never happen overnight.

Badminton is a sport that looks easy and is hard to play.

This feature has also frustrated new golfers.

No one wants to fight you or can’t fight.

Actually, it doesn’t matter. Everyone learned it all the way.

Don’t feel bad about yourself,

When you think like this,

People who are not enterprising are already worse than you.

The old man in the arena, this is a process that never goes to the meeting.

Many people helped themselves when they were growing up.

Also try to help the little white golfer.

It’s great to win, and I feel that I have reached a certain level in badminton.

Losing is not angry, how can you lose? You shouldn’t lose!

You know, no one can always win.

I can’t see the performance of some golfers after losing the game. They look very hurt and make people speechless.

Li Zongwei was runner-up in the Third Olympic Games, but it became braver and braver, with a bent heart and not giving in!

With this mentality, you are already a winner in life.

For modern urbanites, being able to go out and exercise,

Its significance is not limited to fitness, but also a process of reshaping character and soul.

Playing badminton will change people’s mood, which is a consensus.

Of course, the purpose of playing the game is to win!

If there is a winning or losing thing, we must all strive to win!

One can’t play badminton,

You must have the cheek to ask your golfers in the arena.

Seeing some new golfers, I am not familiar with them.

Or if you don’t play well, you’re too embarrassed to ask your golfers out.

Wait for the golfer to ask him out, look through it with his mobile phone,

You know, the golfers don’t know you well,

Please don’t be shy when you need us.

It’s the same in life, not that others don’t want to help you,

You’re the one who kept them from knowing their plight.

Badminton rules are many and must be observed.

There are rules for sending and receiving, but the service court and sideline of singles and doubles are different.

Wear badminton shoes when entering the arena …

Respect the rules, at least not make mistakes,

Only we can adapt to the rules, and it is impossible to adapt the rules to you.

When you serve illegally and are pointed out by your golfer, be sure to thank him.

In the arena, players who don’t follow the rules are not welcome.

No, pot calling the kettle black.

Amateurs. Don’t pretend to be a professional bitch.

When an opponent makes an improper mistake,

Even if you don’t want to give him an encouraging look,

Please don’t smile scornfully,

In the arena, that expression hurt the golfers very much.

If you lose, you lose, so don’t make excuses!

Don’t take any objective reasons to find reasons for your loss. It’s very low.

The wind will tilt your ball and your opponent’s ball.

The lights are dazzling, and the opponent is not wearing sunglasses.

The venue is not suitable and the opponent is not at home.

This is also a kind of recognition of your own mind.

Growth is to make yourself better, and maturity is to accept those shortcomings.

The highest state in the face of misunderstanding is not to defend, but not to explain.

In the game, was misjudged? Forget it quickly and look at the next round.

Just kidding, we don’t have an eagle eye,

Tell him that the ball from the other side is out of bounds!

It is better to ask others to be practical and meaningful than to ask yourself to come.

Being a good partner in the eyes of a golfer is more important than finding a good partner.

This also applies to all couples, lovers and singles in the world.

Behave the rules and make clear the size of Fiona Fang is the premise.

It is more square to know clearly where the sideline of the court is.

Don’t be silly to catch the ball out of bounds or the ball that hasn’t been served out of bounds.

I remember when I first played ball, I didn’t have this concept.

I feel that the stadium is so big and the pace is not in place.

Buy some buckets of good balls, open your own new ball, and play with the ball.

In the same way, you can’t always lick others when eating, and you have to pay for it several times!

How many local tyrants are willing to keep you playing with the ball!

Strength determines everything. Don’t take luck for granted.

Luck is very important, and a lucky ball may be the key point.

But I can’t help you win the whole game,

Don’t be complacent because of the lucky ball, and you will be dissatisfied in every way after losing in the end.

Brother, winning or losing is really determined by strength, and all the players can see it.

Let’s get off the court after playing the ball. No one can dominate the court forever.

Never be a bully, no matter how much red bull you drink.

And don’t communicate with your golfers on the court. The golfers off the court are embarrassed to remind you …

It’s hard to squeeze time, and the venue is so tight. Put yourself in another’s shoes!

There are so many people in China that we have to do everything like this.

Focusing on playing ball is a completely different experience.

From the beginning of sending and receiving, concentrate, talk less and laugh less,

If you don’t play casually, you will play better.

Find out the priority of things, sometimes playing ball is not the most important thing!

No matter how much you love it, playing ball is just an entertainment project.

Fight or not, whoever loses wins, tomorrow will be the same.

Sometimes it may be more important to spend time with your daughter and your wife.

Because badminton is addictive, our golfers should arrange their time reasonably.

Of course, it is best to take your lover and children with you to the goal hall.

Microsoft executives revealed that GPT-4 will be launched next week as a multimodal model with video.

According to The Paper, on March 9th, local time, AndreasBraun, chief technology officer of Microsoft German Company, revealed, "We will launch GPT-4 next week, which will be a multi-modal model and provide completely different possibilities-such as video." According to the German science and technology media heise Online, Braun called LLM(LargeLanguageModel) a "game changer". They taught machines to understand natural languages, and then the machines statistically understood what was previously only read and understood by humans. At the same time, this technology has developed to be basically "applicable to all languages", which means "you can ask questions in German and get answers in Italian. With multimodal, Microsoft (and OpenAI) will make the model comprehensive. " Earlier, IT was reported that Microsoft AzureOpenAI service launched ChatGPT preview IT House on March 10th. At the Build2022 conference, Microsoft launched AzureOpenAI preview service, which provided customers with a way to use some of the most advanced AI language models in various use cases. Earlier this year, Microsoft officially launched AzureOpenAI service, and will access OpenAI model in several product lines. With AzureOpenAI service, Azure Global Enterprise customers can directly call OpenAI model.Including GPT-3, Codex and DALL.E models, and enjoy the trusted enterprise-level services of Azure and the infrastructure optimized for artificial intelligence. And promised that ChatGPT for enterprise users will soon be launched in the global version of Azure. Now, Microsoft has fulfilled its promise and launched the ChatGPT preview service in AzureOpenAI service, enabling developers to take advantage of various AI-driven scenarios. Through AzureChatGPT, we can now enhance the existing chat bot experience to get more efficient customer support and better claim processing automation. In addition, Azure cognitive services can be combined with AzureOpenAI services in a powerful way, such as knowledge-based retrieval of the company’s own data, and more "credible" responses to build and improve interaction patterns. Microsoft focuses on various customers who will use chat bots in AzureOpenAI service, including OfficeDepot, Singapore Smart National Digital Government Office and Icertis. CarlBrisco, vice president of office products and technology of Odie, commented on the company’s interest in using ChatGPT in this way, and pointed out: "OfficeDepot(ODP)Corporation is very happy to take advantage of the powerful ChatGPTAI technology in AzureOpenAI service, which is possible through our cooperation with Microsoft.This technology will help [OfficeDepotCorporation] to promote the continuous transformation of business more effectively, explore new possibilities, and design innovative solutions to provide greater value for our customers, partners and colleagues. […] By using ChatGPT’s natural language processing and machine learning functions, [OfficeDepotCorporation] aims to simplify its internal operations and promote business success. Microsoft AzureOpenAI service customers can start using ChatGPT today, but the billing will start on March 13th, and the price will be 0.002 USD/1 kTokens (Note of IT House: it is equivalent to 2.7 USD per output of 1 million words, Note of IT House: it is about RMB in 19 yuan at present). Interested users can click here for more information and gain access to AzureOpenAI service here.

Mbappé escaped the red card before the lore! Hook down the opponent+revenge kick yellow VAR not changed.

On March 12th, Beijing time, Paris Saint-Germain beat brest 2-1, and Mbappé scored in the 91st minute, but before that, he was almost sent off with a red card!

Mbappé has become the top scorer of the team history in Greater Paris. However, against Bayern in the Champions League, he got nothing, only stopped in the top 16 and missed the big ear cup again. The battle with brest was a good opportunity for Tim to prove himself again. He put on the captain’s armband and performed quite well.

In the 37th minute, Great Paris broke the deadlock on the field, and the goal came from Mbappé’s long-range shot hitting the post, and Sohler shot back into the net. In the 62 nd minute, he didn’t pass it to Messi after stealing in the restricted area, but chose to shoot with his right foot, but unfortunately it was outrageous.

In the 86th minute, when Mbappé was fighting, he hooked Belko Bula from behind, and the latter hugged General Mu’s left leg. Mbappé retaliated and kicked Belko Bula. brest midfielder immediately stood up and theorized, and the two sides clashed!

In the end, the referee on duty presented a yellow card to each of them, and after VAR intervened, there was no revision. However, Tim can get a red card for this retaliatory kick, can’t he?

Five minutes later, Messi went straight to the goal, and Mbappé scored the winner after passing the goalkeeper, becoming a hero in Paris, scoring 40+ goals for four consecutive seasons, ranking first in Ligue 1, which is also the 3000th goal in the top league in team history.

ChatGPT fire out of the circle! Artificial intelligence foreground geometry?

ChatGPT has become very popular on the Internet with its unique personalized answers and interesting interactions. It can not only answer a wide range of questions, including emotional and scientific aspects, but also provide users with interesting games and interesting chat interactions, which not only makes users experience the fun brought by knowledge, but also relieves the psychological fatigue caused by pressure.

ChatGPT realizes the translation between any languages through its intelligent algorithm, and it enables users of different languages to communicate effectively through voice chat. ChatGPT also has the ability to prevent harassment and protect users’ privacy, and provides immediate technical support services.

Thanks to ChatGPT’s powerful technical ability and excellent service, this intelligent robot has won a series of praise and reputation among users. It not only brings convenience to users, but also helps users enjoy a new lifestyle. ChatGPT is not only an ordinary intelligent assistant, but also an indispensable helper in users’ lives, providing people with more interactive ways and lifestyles, making all aspects of users’ lives more humanized, intelligent and convenient.

Now, ChatGPT has already become a star product in a circle. In this impetuous Internet era, ChatGPT is loved by users for its continuous innovation and professional service, and has won the trust and support of users. ChatGPT’s popularity not only shows the increasing improvement of artificial intelligence technology, but also shows the good prospects and development space of intelligent customer service market.

Perhaps the current ChatGPT has developed from a fledgling intelligent customer service platform to a leader in the industry, but its development cannot be separated from the continuous attention and support for users. The ChatGPT team will, as always, be committed to providing intimate and convenient services for users and constantly innovating to bring more surprises and touches to users.

Go their separate ways after three months? Meme teamed up with the 300th assists of the king’s career.

After cleaning icardi and Sarabia, Paris’ goals this season depend entirely on NMM Trident. Now that Neymar has been reimbursed for the serious injury season, Paris can only rely entirely on Messi and Mbappé. In the face of Bayern, the overall strength of Paris is obviously insufficient, and Messi and Mbappé failed to create miracles. When facing brest tonight, the familiar Meme’s flirtation appeared on the pitch again. Thanks to the excellent performances of Messi and Mbappé, Paris won a 2-1 away game.

The first goal in Paris belongs to Sohler, but the real heroes are Messi and Mbappé. Paris’s conventional offensive means can’t break Brest’s iron drum array. The key to breaking the game is the two superstars on the front line. Messi made a breakthrough on the right. After attracting many people to defend, he sent the ball to the top of the arc in the penalty area, and Mbappé was in a defensive vacuum. Mbappé’s subsequent long-range shot, though at a positive angle, was surprisingly powerful. Bizot managed to save the ball and finally got rid of it, which led to Sohler’s follow-up shot.

After the Paris defence unexpectedly gave gifts again, Meme made a pass to help the French leader score the winning goal in the 90th minute. This goal stands out as a clean one. When receiving a direct pass from the backcourt, Messi shook his left ankle slightly on the right side of the midfield, while Mbappé pressed the offside line in the middle to start the sprint. When Mbappé got the ball, he didn’t have any defenders around him, only the goalkeeper Bizot was left in front of him. Mbappé easily broke through Bizot with a vertical acceleration, and the Frenchman then pushed the ball into the empty net. In a flash, Messi and Mbappé decided the trend of the whole game.

This goal is the 3000th goal of Paris in the top league. This assist is the 300th in Messi’s career. He assisted 269 times in Paris and 29 times in Paris. In the five major leagues this season, Messi has assisted 13 times, and he beat Braune to lead Europe. This goal is Mbappé’s 40th goal in the club and national team this season. Mbappé has scored 40+ goals in four seasons, and he is the first French player to do this in five major leagues. Mbappé scored 138 French goals for Paris, tied with cavani for the first place in history, and tied Lille striker David with 19 goals in the French top scorer list.

After nearly two years of cooperation, Messi and Mbappé obviously have a better understanding. However, judging from the current situation, the probability of disintegration of NMM Trident in Paris after three months is quite high. Messi’s contract is about to expire, and at present he prefers not to renew it. Mbappé and Real Madrid had an affair again, and Neymar was pushed into the transfer market for the nth time. This group of tridents, which had high hopes, failed to achieve the expected success because of the top-heaviness in the Paris lineup. Paris missed the quarter-finals of the Champions League for two consecutive seasons, and this transcript is not a pass anyway.

China Artificial Intelligence Industry Trend Report in 2023

This report analyzes the key elements of various trends from three aspects: infrastructure, algorithm model and industrial application of artificial intelligence industry, and deeply analyzes the development nodes and core driving forces of trends. Yiguan believes that artificial intelligence will accelerate into thousands of industries, deeply participate in the construction of digital China and become one of the core driving forces of high-end industries, and the industrial structure of artificial intelligence will also usher in rapid changes.