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Vomit… Zhou Xingchi didn’t copy it like that!!!

Pay attention to film school and film shortage, say goodbye

film school

Vol. 3155

Pai Ye is a veteran Internet University enthusiast. After reading countless films, he also discovered a pattern –

Martial arts type, must copy Tsui Hark.

Comedy genre, must copy Stephen Chow.

As it happens, they are very stylized directors.

So, the consequence of copying is,Learning tigers is not anti-dog

For example, "Drunk Fist Su Qier".

Recently, there is another person who is not afraid of death.

The target was the classic "Truant Dragon".

What level?

Very embarrassing. Very boring.

Consumer sentiment?

Have you ever thought about it?

What are feelings?

Why can’t anyone copy Stephen Chow’s movies?

Slide down, Pai Ye decrypts it for you.

The New Truant Dragon

The movie starts at the beginningmoneyYeah.

Look at the classic IP.

Cast, get together"Around Xingchi Zhou"

Luo Jiaying, who plays Detective Cao Dahua (rubbing Wu Mengda’s character name).

Yellow Mountain.

He played Huang Xiaogui in the original "Truant Dragon".

On "The New Truant Dragon"; Next "Truant Dragon"

Huang Yifei.

He is well known to the public for his role as "Big Brother" in "Shaolin Football".

Shaolin Kung Fu is good, really good

The income is really good.

On the line 8 days, the cumulative box office 14.484 million, the cumulative number of people watching 5.943 million.

Yes, Douban score,4.1

It hurts the audience’s feelings.

Where is the new truant dragon?

There is nothing new.

Synopsis of the story.

In a city in South East Asia, the boss of a crime syndicate was arrested. Company accountant Huang Xiaogui (Huang Yishan, played) was willing to be a tainted witness, but was hunted down and escaped. In order to find him, special police Zhang Hao went undercover to the International Noble School and tried to find Huang Xiaogui by approaching his daughter Huang Ying.

This kind of story,1980sThe Hong Kong police and gangster movies have long been shot badly.

The setting is also difficult to establish.

You see the student played by SWAT Zhang Hao,From the looks of it, he is older than the principal

The plot is even more incredible

Approaching Huang Ying was reduced to picking up girls.

And the way is to keep asking the police for money.

From buying a sports car.

To charge the 88888 membership card.

Where does the money come from?

First the police crowdfunded, and laterProvided by a prisoner in a police office.

Why are prisoners still locked up here?

Why did the police respond to unreasonable demands and finally reach the point of death?

It was all crap.

Why do you have to shoot like this?

The only reason Pai Ye could think of was,Imitate Stephen Chow and make nonsense comedies.

There are similar bridges.

For some reason, Zhang Hao suddenly jumped into the swimming pool and fell headfirst, revealing the sign "Water depth 0.4 meters".

For example, Zhang Hao’s international friends and classmates.

Black people are called "Little White", and white people are called "Little Black".

The main creator really wanted to make the audience laugh, but these jokes were separated from the plot, and there was a serious suspicion of making up the numbers. His approach was exactly what Chen Peisi called "stringing candied gourds".

In Pai Ye’s opinion,"The New Truant Dragon" completely misunderstands the meaning of "nonsense comedy".

I really don’t know how Zhou Xingchi would feel when he saw such a work.

We often say "remake film consumption feelings".

What are feelings?

In Pai Ye’s opinion,A good work can withstand time to wash, and the audience’s feelings for it become more and more profound, resulting in feelings

What’s so great about "Truant Dragon"?

That is, it isA mature work of Stephen Chow’s nonsensical comedy style

Nonsensical, what do you mean?

To borrow from a particular subject…

Nonsensical, originally a common saying in Guangzhou, Guangdong and other places, which means that a person does and speaks incomprehensibly, without a center, with no clear purpose in his language and behavior, vulgar and casual, and complaining indiscriminately.But not without reason

During the era of film development in Hong Kong, many people experimented with this style.

Wang Jing specially created "Gambling Saint 2: Street Gambling Saint" for Ge Minhui (a member of the Hong Kong duo "****").

In addition, Wang Jing also promoted Zhang Jiahui and Zhang Weijian, but they were all rejected by the market.

King of a Thousand Kings 2000

"Super School Fighter"

Ultimately, the market chose only Stephen Chow.

Of course, there are reasons for this in terms of appearance and acting skills.

But more importantlyphilosophy

Stephen Chow made a perfect interpretation in the movie "Truant Dragon".

The first layer, golden partner, collision spark

Zhou Xingchi’s nonsensical style can be brought to the extreme, and it must be inseparable from the golden supporting role Wu Mengda.

Wu Mengda said in an interview that the company made "He Came From the Jianghu".

Mr. Chow and Mr. Wu often pretended to date couples at night in order to eavesdrop on their conversations and find inspiration, which became the origin of the so-called "nonsense show."

In "Truant Dragon", there are many such wonderful moments.

For example, when Zhou Xingxing and Cao Dahua were chatting, the two men suddenly kissed.

For example, Zhou Xingxing revealed his identity to his teacher, He Min (played by Zhang Min).

Cao Dahua was worried, and Zhou Xingxing said casually, "You go and kill her."

Cao Dahua on the side immediately revealedA funny, hideous expression

On the second level, no matter how outrageous the actor’s behavior is, it must be meaningful.

Let’s talk about Zhou Xingxing’s appearance.

A rescue operation, he was the captain.

The team rushed out one by one, but he was dripping eye drops

Deploying a course of action, he gestured,Directly stun teammates

Later, the team’s formation was completely messed up.

In desperation, during a duel with his opponent, he left his empty gun as a cover, shuttled up and down the building, and saved the hostages with one person.

Zhou Xingxing makes people around him puzzled whether he talks or does things.

We laugh because of this intensecontrast

And all of this is not for nothing, it all points to a point…

Zhou Xingxing’s personality: outstanding personal ability, but no leadership or cooperative spirit

There is a deeper meaning.

Stephen Chow’s comedy is just an appearance. He blends jokes with situations to explore people’s plight or to expose or criticize certain social realities

Remember the story of "Truant Dragon"?

Zhou Xingxing, a man who became a police officer because he hated studying, was sent to the school as an undercover agent to search for the missing gun of kindness from his boss.

Therefore, Zhou Xingxing was in great pain.

He sees the school as a prison

In his eyes, students are punished for being late, just like a **********.

The playground is no different from the **********.

In the classroom, but fantasizing about being imprisoned, he sang "Tears behind bars".

And, reflections on school education.

Overbearing teachers can make students lose interest in learning.

In the movie, the character of He Min is not just one of the elements of love.

She represents Zhou Xingxing’s yearning for an ideal education.

So you see.

Stephen Chow’s comedy is based on real people, real environments, and in-depth social observation

On the contrary, those nonsensical jokes are the embellishments that grow naturally and are the introductions that pull the audience into the world of his films

Such works are often read and updated.

Only then can we go through the washing of time and become an immortal classic.

And a bunch of movies that imitate Stephen Chow haven’t even touched the surface yet.

Watch "The New Truant Dragon" again.

The jokes came out of thin air.

Character behavior, grandiose.

Especially the female characters in it, their role is only to satisfy the obscene YY of some male characters.

Not to mention the profound meaning.

Every time we look at a similar shoddy copy, we have this feeling: "Look at the original and wash your eyes."

Consumer sentiment is shameful.

But there was something even scarier.If lazy creativity can still make money, it is bound to attract more followers

As a consequence, bad money drives out good money.

Pai Ye insisted.

Feelings should not be used for consumption, but for nourishment

In every era, there should be people who are willing to work hard on the road of creation and overcome obstacles.

To be able to create such a work: decades later, it will be regarded as a classic, shrouded in a halo of feelings.

No one can be second to Stephen Chow.

However, someone will definitely become the number one xx.

Minsheng Securities: Maintaining Changan Automobile’s "Recommended" Rating, Deep Blue G318 Listed to Reshape the Hardcore SUV Pattern

Minsheng Securities Research Report pointed out that Changan Automobile (000625.SZ) Deep Blue G318 was listed to reshape the hard-line SUV pattern, but it can be urban and wild, with excellent performance, and the G318 has full potential for hot sales. The price competitiveness of Deep Blue G318 is strong, as a 200,000 hard-line SUV will fill the market gap, and the G318 has strong hardware configuration, superior mechanical quality and off-road ability. At the same time, the feed fuel consumption is 6-7L, which is significantly improved compared with the traditional fuel hard-line off-road fuel economy. With the export volume of Deep Blue + G318 listed, it is optimistic about the overall sales volume of Deep Blue and the improvement of ASP, and the turning point of new energy profitability is expected. Optimistic about the company’s electric intelligent transformation, superimposed Huawei intelligent empower, maintain profit forecasts, and maintain "

Samuel Hung made an appearance at the movie’s opening ceremony, talking about Alan Tam’s lack of contact

Louis Koo, Samuel Hung

Louis Koo, Samuel Hung

     According to Hong Kong media reports on the 30th, Gu Tianle and Hong Jinbao went to Pingshan on the 30th to participate in the opening ceremony of the new play. Hong Jinbao had a fight in the play and asked if it would be difficult? He said frankly: "There is some difficulty."

  Gu Tianle said that many actors at the scene were specially trained for drama, and everyone went into battle in person. Mentioning that the movie was specially set in the Kowloon walled city scene in the 1980s, Gu Tianle expressed nostalgia and happiness.

  Asked if he had any contact with his friend Alan Tam, who has been involved in the recent uproar, he said: "Less, (know about his news?), a little bit," and when asked if he believed the uproar, he became more and more angry: "I don’t know, a lot of things on the Internet can’t be trusted."

Stephen Chow’s new film originates from childhood shadows (photo)


    The young actor and the young star (below) are very similar

    The reporter learned from Hong Kong Xinghui Company that the sci-fi family film "Yangtze River No. 7" directed by Stephen Chow has not passed the film bureau’s review and will be released on January 31 next year. Through interviews with the behind-the-scenes staff of "Yangtze River No. 7", the reporter learned that Zhou Xingchi’s filming of "Yangtze River No. 7" was actually to compensate for the missing father and son relationship in childhood, and the title "Yangtze River No. 7" was originally the name of an alien flying saucer.

    Exclusive reveal

    The film makes up for childhood regrets

    As early as during the filming of "Kung Fu", Zhou Xingchi began to conceive the script of "Yangtze River No. 7", and Zhou Xingchi had the idea of shooting a film reflecting the relationship between father and son for a long time. According to Wei Dashen, Zhou Xingchi grew up in a single-parent family, and the lack of fatherly love in his childhood has always been his regret, more or less shadowed, which has also become his motivation for shooting "Yangtze River No. 7". When "Yangtze River No. 7" was about to start filming, no young actors were selected. Until Zhou Xingchi saw Xu Jiao, he only auditioned for one audition and decided that Xu Jiao would play his son in reverse. When everyone saw Xu Jiao, they immediately understood that she was quite similar to Zhou Xingchi in childhood, which verified Zhou Xingchi’s motivation for making the film.

    Industry insiders who have seen rough-cut samples say that "Yangtze River No. 7" is the purest of Chow’s films, expressing the sincere love between father and son. Although there is a hazy love between Chow Xingchi and Zhang Yuqi in the film, it is very subtle and the proportion is insignificant.

    Aliens are all computer-generated

    In the movie "Yangtze River No. 7", in addition to Zhou Xingchi and his son, there are also many alien scenes. Although there is only one alien flying saucer "Yangtze River No. 7" in the film, there will be many aliens. For the convenience of posting productin, Zhou Xingchi and Xu Jiao are often acting in the air. Xinghui Company revealed that almost all the alien movements of aliens are synthesized by computers, and only the facial expressions are specially played by real people, similar to "Gollum" in "Lord of the Rings".

    Xinghui spokesperson Wei Dashen admitted that the addition of extraterrestrial elements to the father-son relationship is on the one hand because Zhou Xingchi has always liked Spielberg’s science fiction movies, such as "The Third Kind of Contact" and "E.T.", and on the other hand, it is also for commercial reasons.

    "Take Off the Trash" was filmed for seven days

    The reporter learned that "Changjiang No. 7" is actually the name of the alien flying saucer in the movie. Xinghui recently released a batch of stills of "Changjiang No. 7" to the public. The most eye-catching scene is the scene where Zhou Xingchi watched the alien flying saucer rise slowly from a pile of garbage. This scene seems simple, but it is time-consuming and expensive to shoot. It is reported that this scene cost several million yuan and took seven days to complete. Zhou Xingchi rented an abandoned warehouse in the suburbs of Ningbo and bought tons of garbage to make it look like a garbage dump. He also specially ordered five flying saucers to make it easier for the flying saucers to be replaced after they were damaged during shooting. Sure enough, because the flying saucers were too heavy, the steel wires of the crane could not bear it, and a total of two flying saucers were broken during shooting. In addition, Zhou Xingchi required that garbage constantly fall from the flying saucer during the process of lifting the flying saucer from the garbage heap. In actual shooting, the garbage always fell off the flying saucer as soon as it left the ground, but did not fall down during the ascent process. The staff had to tie the large garbage on the flying saucer with Weiya, so that it could fall down one by one during the ascent of the flying saucer. After such a toss, this scene was filmed for 7 days.

Editor in charge: Yang Leisha

Smart travel makes cities faster

The project team successfully upgraded the public from traffic information users to traffic information collectors

On October 9th, at 18:00, due to the unlimited number, the evening rush hour in Beijing was particularly congested that day.

But for Qi Peng, who commutes between Tongzhou and Zhongguancun every day, dealing with such congestion is "very good". Before setting out, he always uses the mapping software on his mobile phone to navigate, so that he can choose the best driving route.

"Mobile navigation is one of the most frequent apps I open every day. Whether I’m driving or taking public transportation, it allows me to reach my destination accurately and quickly," Qi Peng told reporters.

Nowadays, with the rapid development of cities in our country, the increase in car ownership, and the development of mobile Internet, there are more and more people like Qi Peng, and smart travel has become the "new normal" for many people.

So, how can these navigation software that acts as a "guide" provide accurate road conditions to avoid congested roads? How can navigation software provide reasonable travel plans to help us reach our destinations easily?

In this regard, the "Urban Traffic Guidance and Navigation Travel Key Technology and Application Service" project team composed of the Institute of Geographic Resources of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Zhangcheng Technology, Qianfang Group and other units has spent many years of research, using satellite positioning, mobile communication, high-performance computing, geographic information system and other technologies to implement the real-time perception of the status of urban and intercity road traffic systems, accurately and comprehensively providing traffic conditions to the people through mobile phone navigation, roadside electronic bulletin boards, traffic radio and other channels. On this basis, the integrated driving behavior real-time sensing and analysis technology to achieve multi-mode and multi-standard dynamic navigation for public travel, improve travel efficiency; and assist traffic management departments to formulate traffic management plans, promote urban energy conservation and emission reduction, and improve urban operation efficiency. In the 2015 Beijing Science and Technology Awards review, the project won the first prize.

Create a national traffic information map

During the driving process, the navigation software would issue instructions and prompts in real time: "Turn left 100 meters ahead" "Congestion ahead is one kilometer, it is expected to take 5 minutes to pass"… Many people would be surprised, why is the navigation software so "smart"? Is it relying on the cameras on both sides of the road or the induction coil buried in the ground?

Lu Feng, the project owner and a researcher at the Institute of Geographic Resources of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, told reporters that traditional traffic information acquisition relies on devices such as induction coils deployed under road sections or video probes above roads. "These devices are fixed in location and have high costs, so they cannot fully reflect the real-time status of urban traffic."

Therefore, the project team must "find another way".

The project team "targeted" the taxis. Since the taxis were equipped with satellite navigation and positioning, they could periodically send back location and status information to the monitoring and dispatching center. These taxis that cruised the streets every day became an important source of urban traffic information collection.

However, taxis are not a "one-and-done" solution. After all, the scale and range of taxis are limited. Especially with the increasing popularity of self-driving travel, timely access to inter-city and even national traffic information has become a "rigid demand" for people to travel.

The project team decided to build a new "traffic status induction coil," which covers a wide range of areas, including long-distance buses and trucks, monitoring tracks, mobile phone map client side tracks, Internet websites and social network text messages.

"According to the requirements of the state, all long-distance buses, tourist chartered buses, dangerous goods transporters and general cargo trucks across the country must be equipped with mandatory traffic monitoring equipment to monitor the whole process of driving, prevent drivers from driving fatigue and reduce traffic accidents. These instruments will upload the driving track of the car in real time, and the accuracy rate is extremely high, so that we have a mobile information source covering the whole country," Lu Feng said.

Not only that, the project team also keenly observed that in the Internet age, a large number of users use mobile map services online every day, and these high-frequency satellite positioning trajectories have undoubtedly greatly expanded the ranks of car-based mobile information sources. In addition, there is a huge amount of traffic information on the Internet, both official and netizens’ own road conditions, road books and other information posted on social networks. So, can we make full use of these high-frequency trajectories of Internet maps and massive text on social networks to give full play to the power of the masses and obtain real-time traffic information?

In response to these technical bottlenecks, the project team broke through technical bottlenecks such as large-scale high and low frequency moving target trajectory map matching and traffic state analysis, Internet and social media text contains traffic information extraction, and multi-source traffic information real-time fusion, and built a service delivery and user feedback traffic information ecosystem. A nationwide traffic information service system was established, and a national traffic information map was realized.

The project team successfully upgraded the public from traffic information users to traffic information collectors. This information provides people with the operation status of the urban road network, effectively guides people to travel and avoid congested road sections.

"When you open the navigation software, your current traffic information will be automatically uploaded, which means that everyone is both a beneficiary and a provider of traffic information, which is also a manifestation of the Internet sharing economy," Lu Feng said.

It is reported that today, the system processes more than 2 million taxis and vans, more than 8 million mobile phone map tracks, more than 10,000 fixed sensors, and more than 10,000 traffic event texts every day.

The efficiency of navigation map update is greatly improved

In navigation, we often worry that map updates cannot keep up with changes in roads or surrounding business districts. Due to the intensive construction of cities and frequent changes in commercial outlets, current applications such as mobile maps generally have insufficient timeliness.

In the past, navigation map updates had to be done by collecting vehicles and other means. Unlike ordinary vehicles, there was a half-meter-high white shelf on the roof of the collecting vehicle, and the camera on the shelf could take a full-angle shot of the surrounding scenery, and then transmit it to the computer. Then, the data operator would post-process the captured video, generate or update the navigation map, and store it in the system.

"This kind of update is very labor-intensive, and often a navigation map company has to maintain a data collection and update team of several hundred people, and the cost is huge," Lu Feng said.

The project team believes that the mobile Internet has provided a good information sharing environment for businesses and the general public, and various time-sensitive road network maps and business service information have emerged in an endless stream. If these non-professional maps originated from volunteers are integrated with professional navigation map data, they can provide services to the general public faster and better.

In response to this technical bottleneck, the project team conducted in-depth research, first proposed a geometric pattern-based interest point and road network integration model, established a mapping relationship between the two, and broke through the problem of semantic consistency detection. Then, a heuristic probabilistic relaxation matching model was proposed to achieve the perfect integration of volunteer sources and commercial navigation road networks, with matching accuracy better than 95%, effectively ensuring the richness of information in travel navigation and map applications.

Convenient and accurate multimodal path navigation

Nowadays, the use of mobile phone navigation is not only in driving, but also in the bus, subway, bicycle or walking.

When we go to unfamiliar places by public transportation, we usually need to consider a series of questions: which bus to take? How to get to the bus stop? Which subway to change? How to change to the subway? Which subway exit to enter and exit from? How to get to where we want to go after getting out?…

Due to the differences in the road network environment, these personalized multi-mode travel needs are becoming increasingly prominent. Coupled with the real-time changes in road condition information and the rapid changes in the road network environment, how to provide multi-mode, multi-standard and reliable travel route choices according to the needs of the people?

In response to this problem, the project team developed a travel path planning algorithm group that takes into account different travel standards (short time, low cost, low fuel consumption, less transfer, etc.) and involves different travel modes (self-driving, taxi, bus, subway, walking, etc.).

The algorithm breaks through the technical bottlenecks of multi-mode traffic network spatial data model, multi-mode connectivity automatic processing, reliable travel time prediction, multi-mode multi-standard reliable path planning, multi-user concurrent path query load balancing, etc., and realizes the upgrade of the navigation system.

"We can provide a reasonable travel plan based on the starting and ending points set by the people themselves, and help the people reach the destination conveniently," Lu Feng said.

Environmentally friendly driver assistance systems reduce energy waste

Advocating green travel and achieving energy conservation and emission reduction is the eternal pursuit of urban transportation. Drivers’ bad driving habits often increase the fuel consumption cost of cars, resulting in energy waste and environmental pollution.

In response to this problem, the project team developed an environmentally friendly driving assistance system to provide drivers with a driving strategy suggestion function. This function uses mathematical modeling to transform environmentally friendly driving problems into optimization problems, and calculates the speed range of the car through traffic flow modeling. Then, the optimal driving strategy (optimal gear, speed) of the car in each speed range is solved through the equation between fuel consumption and the driving speed, gear position, and engine load of the car.

The system also collects vehicle driving data such as engine speed and acceleration through a variety of sensors to judge the driver’s environmental protection driving level, establish an incentive mechanism for environmental scoring rankings, and promote a benign change in drivers’ driving habits. At the same time, combined with real-time traffic information, a dynamic path method for energy-saving and environmentally friendly driving has been developed, providing people with green travel planning for energy conservation and emission reduction.

It is understood that the real-time traffic information released by the project covers major highways, national highways and provincial highways across the country (with a mileage of more than 85,000 kilometers), as well as 47 large and medium-sized cities such as Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, and Shenzhen, with an accuracy rate of more than 90%. The research results are directly transformed into three software products and a traffic information service website, and through traffic information services and traffic information technology services, it has successfully cooperated with Internet manufacturers, automobile manufacturers, navigation map manufacturers, and mobile communication operators. The users of traffic information products exceed 200 million, and the daily visits exceed 10 million, generating direct economic benefits 120 million yuan.

The research results of this project have greatly improved the technical level of our country’s traffic information service industry, promoted the formation and improvement of our country’s traffic information service technology system, provided mature traffic guidance information support for large and medium-sized urban traffic management departments across the country, and provided hundreds of millions of users across the country with all-weather and large-scale smart travel information services. (reporter, statement)

Blindly ordering more than 25,000 vehicles is just the beginning. With the blessing of Huawei’s full black technology, the M9 industry is getting hotter and hotter.

  On November 9, Huawei officially released a new strategy for smart travel solutions in Shenzhen, and launched a new ecosystem of Huawei’s smart car selection. At present, the new ecosystem has a series of models in the world. At the press conference, Huawei also brought a surprising news: the pre-sale order of M9 in the world exceeded 25,000.

  It is inseparable from the blessing of many Huawei’s "black technology" and Huawei’s quality that the M9 has not been listed yet. After all, from mobile phones to smart travel, Huawei has brought many products with leading quality and technology. At this conference, we also saw Huawei’s latest full set of black technology. As Huawei’s grand finale at the end of this year and the flagship of the series of models, it is very likely that the M9 will fully apply these black technologies, thus further fulfilling the title of "Technology Car King".

  Many black technologies have appeared together, and M9 takes you to "experience the future".

  Huawei is deeply empowered, and various black technologies have never been missing. Many subversive technologies, such as HarmonyOS intelligent cockpit, HUAWEI DATs dynamic adaptive torque system and HUAWEI ADS 2.0 high-order intelligent driving system, have been widely used in the M5 and M7.

  Judging from the information displayed at this conference, the black technology previously used in M5 and M7 has been upgraded. Among them, HarmonyOS Intelligent Cockpit has been upgraded to HarmonyOS 4.0, and its fluency has been improved again, and multi-person and multi-device multi-screen collaboration can be realized, which further increases the entertainment attributes of the whole vehicle. HUAWEI ADS 2.0 advanced intelligent driving system realizes the all-round upgrade of NCA intelligent driving navigation assistance through the first GOD general obstacle detection network and RCR road topology inference network, and can be driven nationwide without relying on high-precision maps.

  On the other hand, the intelligent vehicle control system adds the HUAWEI xMotion intelligent body cooperative control system on the basis of the HUAWEI DATs dynamic adaptive torque system. On the basis of the original millisecond dynamic road condition perception and intelligent torque vector control, it also realizes the centimeter-level vehicle attitude accurate prediction, the central cooperative control of driving, braking, steering and suspension, the degree of freedom body attitude control and adaptive slip rate control. Having said that, I’m already looking forward to the listing of M9.

  In addition, the HUAWEI DriveONE intelligent electric drive platform displayed at the conference site is the most efficient SiC assembly powertrain system in the industry at present, with the highest motor speed of 22000rpm and CLTC efficiency of 92%. Together with Huawei’s fully liquid-cooled overcharge system displayed at the press conference, it brings a "one-second-one-kilometer" rapid charging experience, and truly achieves a worry-free battery life like a fuel car. What’s more worth mentioning is that this fully liquid-cooled overcharge system is not as heavy as expected, even about 55% lighter than the traditional gun line, and it is not difficult to operate with one hand. It is conceivable that these black technologies will completely subvert the new energy industry and lead the new energy industry to the next era after they are installed in the world M9.

  In addition, this conference also brought the HUAWEI xScene light field screen, HUAWEI xPixel smart headlights, and the black technology such as the star ring scatterer that has been patented. Such a dazzling array of new technologies is likely to be presented in the M9. It can be said that the name of the M9 "Technology Car Emperor" in the world is essentially returned.

  Subversive design, asking M9 to open a new era with new aesthetics.

  In addition to the heavy black technology released at this conference, the design of the M9 is also unique. Before this, the appearance of the M9 has been announced, and the effect of the real car is more shocking than the picture! Especially inspired by Kunpeng’s design, the low-lying and steady front, with brand-new headlights and air intake ducts, looks like a majestic gesture when Kunpeng spreads his wings and flies.

  On the side of the car body, the simple, advanced and pure effect shows the different postures of the car, such as stability, speed and strength, to the fullest. At the same time, the water tangent on the side neatly divides the car body into two parts. The rich layering below the water tangent echoes the pure feeling brought by the silver roof above, giving the M9 a unique sense of luxury. Coupled with the design of flat side windows, hidden door handles and suspended rearview mirrors without any protrusions, it not only reduces the drag coefficient of the whole car, but also adds a bit of mystery to the side of the car.

  These unique designs make the intelligent life-form effect of M9 in the world jump out, which opens a new era of intelligent aesthetic design in the world, and will also lead the design of automobile industry to a new height. As for the interior of the M9, there is no news at present, but from the black technology announced at this conference, the interior design of the M9 is likely to show a new height.

  It can be said that the M9 will move the whole set of technology of "Huawei Family Bucket" into the car, which is a truly innovative masterpiece. Previously, the car M9 was awarded the "Top Ten Body", "Top Ten Chassis" and "Best Low Carbon Award" by the Center of China Automobile Research Institute. It can be said that in addition to black technology, the M9 in the world has also achieved the ultimate in safety, handling and environmental protection. It is reported that the M9 will be officially listed in December this year. According to the current blind subscription information, this final work of Huawei in the field of smart travel in 2023 is bound to become a dark horse in the new energy market. It can even be said that a new storm in the smart car market is sweeping.

Chery’s new Tiggo 8 exposure: the configuration is greatly increased and there is a 1.5T+48V hybrid!

Tiggo 8 is a medium-sized SUV owned by Chery, and it is also the sales pillar model of Chery. At the beginning of this year, Chery revealed that the Tiggo 8 will usher in a modified model this year, with the internal code name T1D.

A few days ago, we obtained some configuration information of the new Tiggo 8(T1D) through the network channel. In addition to the brand-new innovation and upgrade in appearance and interior, the new car also added a number of comfort and safety configurations.

And in terms of power, the 48V light mixing system was introduced for the first time, which also means that the price of the new car may be raised. At present, the price range of the current Tiggo 8 model is 8.88-155,900 yuan, focusing on the medium-sized SUV market of 100,000 yuan.

Baoji Tiggo 8 PLUS hot promotion, the highest discount is 17,000! Preferential treatment waits for no man.

In car home Baoji preferential promotion channel, we are pleased to announce that Chery Automobile’s subsidiary is carrying out preferential promotion activities. As an SUV model that has attracted much attention, the price of Tiggo 8 PLUS in Baoji area is now only 109,900 yuan. In addition, the maximum discount is 17,000 yuan, so you can buy this model with excellent performance and rich configuration at a more affordable price. If you are interested in this model, you can click "Check the car price" in the quotation form to get a higher discount.


The Tiggo 8 PLUS is a medium-sized SUV with a stylish and atmospheric overall style. The front face design is decorated with a large area of chrome plating, and the air intake grille is designed with a horizontal penetration, which makes the whole front look wider. The body lines are smooth, and the roof is suspended, which increases the sense of movement of the whole vehicle. The side of the car body adopts double waistline design, which makes the visual effect more dynamic. The rear part of the car adopts the design of penetrating taillights, which echoes the front of the car and increases the coordination of the whole car. In the interior, the color scheme of black and beige is adopted, and the overall style is simple and generous. The center console is equipped with a large touch screen, which is convenient to operate. The design of Tiggo 8 PLUS is fashionable and sporty, which meets the aesthetic needs of young consumers.


Tiggo 8 PLUS is a medium-sized SUV with a body length * width * height of 4722*1860*1745mm, a wheelbase of 2710mm, a front tread of 1582mm and a rear tread of 1604 mm.. The tyre size of this model is 235/55 R18, and the front and rear wheels are of this specification. The lines on the side of the car are smooth, simple and powerful, showing a dynamic design. The rim style is fashionable and atmospheric, which adds a lot of sporty atmosphere to the whole car.


The interior design of the Tiggo 8 PLUS is fashionable and atmospheric, with a leather steering wheel and leather-like seats, which makes it feel comfortable. The central control screen has a size of 12.3 inches, supports voice recognition control system, and can control functions such as multimedia, navigation, telephone, air conditioning and skylight. There are three USB/Type-C interfaces in the front row and one in the back row, which is convenient for charging and connecting devices. The main seat supports fore-and-aft adjustment, backrest adjustment and height adjustment (2-way), the auxiliary seat supports fore-and-aft adjustment and backrest adjustment, the second row of seats supports fore-and-aft adjustment and backrest adjustment, and the rear seat supports proportional reclining. These configurations make the interior of the Tiggo 8 PLUS more comfortable and practical, and meet the needs of consumers for driving and riding.


The Tiggo 8 PLUS is powered by a 1.6T 197 HP L4 engine with a maximum power of 145 kW and a maximum torque of 290 N m.. This engine adopts advanced turbocharging technology, which makes the vehicle more powerful in power output and smoother to drive. At the same time, with the 7-speed wet dual-clutch gearbox, the shift is more stable and the driving experience is more comfortable. In addition, the engine also has high fuel economy performance, which makes your driving more fuel-efficient and environmentally friendly. Generally speaking, the engine of the Tiggo 8 PLUS performs very well, and it is an engine with both performance and economy.

In the evaluation of the owner of car home, we can see that he has a high evaluation of the front face of the Tiggo 8 PLUS. He described the front face of the Tiggo 8 PLUS as full, durable, exquisite and atmospheric, and the design of the tiger’s head is very suitable for men to drive. From these evaluations, we can see that Tiggo 8 PLUS really has unique charm in design. The fullness and exquisiteness of the front face not only make people unforgettable, but also meet the aesthetic needs of Chinese people for the atmosphere and luxury. The design of looking dignified and strong gives people a strong visual impact, which makes people want to find out. Therefore, the front face design of the Tiggo 8 PLUS is not only a bright spot, but also the drop-dead gorgeous of the whole vehicle.

It’s broken! Xiaomi car is no longer cost-effective, and Lei Jun personally admitted that Xiaomi car is "a bit expensive"

Tomorrow (December 28th), the related technology of Xiaomi Automobile will be announced, and Lei Jun has also revealed some mental experiences of building a car in Weibo in recent days. Although this Xiaomi Automobile Conference only talks about automobile technology, it will not actually release a new car, but consumers are often most concerned about the price issue, and Lei Jun also responded on Weibo.

On December 26th, Lei Jun answered some questions about Xiaomi SU7 at the Weibo. When he mentioned "When will Xiaomi SU7 go on the market and how much will it be priced", he said that Xiaomi SU7 is in the trial production and climbing stage, and it will take several months for it to go on the market officially. There is no final decision on pricing, but Xiaomi SU7 is indeed a little expensive, but please believe that what we are doing is "reasonable and expensive" and the experience will definitely exceed everyone’s expectations.

It seems that it is impossible for Xiaomi SU7 to make friends at a price of 180,000 yuan, but Lei Jun also said that the price has not been finalized, and the possibility of persuading executives overnight is not ruled out.

Undoubtedly, Xiaomi SU7 is definitely not behind some contemporary flagship electric cars in terms of technology. Lei Jun even boasted that Xiaomi SU7 hopes to rival Porsche Taycan Turbo in mechanical qualities such as drivability. Intelligently, I hope to be comparable to Tesla ModelS; At the same time, there is the most advanced technology and the richest ecology, but whether a mule is a horse or not, we have to wait until it is listed and tested before we can draw a conclusion.

When Lei Jun announced that he would build a car, whether it was rice noodles or not was boiling, because everyone knew that the "first new energy vehicle for young people" was coming, and the price butcher was coming. But how to price is a big deal for the brand’s first car, especially for Xiaomi, which is still hitting the high-end road.

However, rice noodle people can understand that the name Xiaomi is always labeled as "low price", "cost-effective" and "flat replacement". They also want to watch Xiaomi go to the high end, but just like the sentence "I am afraid that my brother will have a hard time and my brother will drive a Land Rover", this feeling is very tangled. Who doesn’t want to spend less money on a high-end product, but wants to make more money on that product, which is unrealistic. Cars are also the best proof that a brand shows its strength and impacts the high end. Xiaomi’s investment in SU7 is dozens of times the resources of other car companies, and this kind of effort is also to get rid of Xiaomi’s "low-end image".

Of course, Xiaomi car will definitely not be too scary. It should be impossible to price 400,000 to 500,000 yuan. The target model of Xiaomi SU7 is also the ceiling of electric new energy vehicles, and their price is also the same. Therefore, it is reasonable for Lei Jun to say that "it is expensive for a reason". The reason why Xiaomi’s mobile phone can be sold cheaply is mainly because the mobile phone has a large shipment volume and can share part of the cost, and it is extremely difficult for the car to share the cost through sales in a short time.

All major auto companies of new energy electric vehicles within 300,000 yuan have killed their eyes. Xiaomi SU7 is a difficult start in hell. It is hard to imagine how much pressure it has. Judging from the current news, Xiaomi SU7 is not a low-end car, so it will cost less in cost control and materials, and it is not allowed to lower the gear position too much in brand positioning. Do you want to take a cost-effective approach? I guess it’s a little difficult.

The price of Zhiji LS7 in Dongying area has been greatly reduced, with a maximum discount of 10,000! Not to be missed

In [car home Dongying Preferential Promotion Channel], we now bring you a very noteworthy model. This model is currently being promoted in Dongying, with a maximum discount of 10,000 yuan. The minimum starting price is 279,800 yuan, which allows you to own this luxury SUV at a more affordable price. If you are interested in learning more about the preferential details of Zhiji LS7, please click "Check the car price" in the quotation form to get a higher discount and make your car purchase more relaxed and enjoyable.


Zhiji LS7 is a stylish and dynamic SUV with a unique front face design. The car adopts a large-size air intake grille, and the grille adopts a black grid design, which is in sharp contrast with the color of the car body. The headlights of Zhiji LS7 adopt LED light source, with unique shape and smooth lines, which is impressive. The body lines are smooth, and the overall style is fashionable and dynamic, showing a strong sporty atmosphere. The tail design of Zhiji LS7 is simple and generous, the taillights are unique in shape, and the overall style echoes the front face. The body size is large and impressive. Generally speaking, Zhiji LS7 is an SUV with excellent design, which leaves a deep impression on people.


Zhiji LS7 is a medium and large SUV with excellent performance and luxurious configuration. The body size is 5049mm long, 2002mm wide and 1731mm high, with a wheelbase of 3060mm, a front track of 1700mm and a rear track of 1715mm, providing drivers with spacious and comfortable driving space. The smooth lines on the side of the car highlight the sense of movement and fashion of Zhiji LS7, and at the same time show its unique design style. In terms of tires, the former tyre size is 255/55 R20, and the latter tyre size is 275/50 R20, providing better handling and stability. The car uses high-performance tires and rims, which further improves the sports performance and driving experience of the vehicle. Whether it is daily driving or long-distance travel, Zhiji LS7 can bring excellent driving experience to drivers.


The interior design of Zhiji LS7 is simple and elegant, with advanced materials, creating a luxurious and comfortable driving environment. The steering wheel is made of genuine leather, which makes it feel comfortable. The electric up-and-down+front-and-back adjustment function enables drivers to make personalized adjustments according to their body size, providing a better driving experience. The 26.3-inch central control screen has a large size, clear display effect, and supports multimedia system, navigation, telephone and air conditioning voice recognition control, which is convenient and quick to operate. The front row and rear row are equipped with USB/Type-C interface, which is convenient for passengers to charge. The seat is made of imitation leather and genuine leather. The main driver’s seat has the functions of fore-and-aft adjustment, backrest adjustment, height adjustment (4-way) and lumbar support (4-way). The co-pilot seat has the functions of fore-and-aft adjustment, backrest adjustment, height adjustment (2-way) and lumbar support (2-way). The front seat is also equipped with heating function. The rear seats support proportional tilting, which increases the flexibility of space. The overall interior design is both practical and comfortable, providing a pleasant driving experience for drivers and passengers.


The engine of Zhiji LS7 has a maximum power of 250 kW and a maximum torque of 475 N m.. This engine can provide strong power output for the vehicle, so that the driver can feel excellent acceleration performance and power performance during driving. Its high-performance engine design makes the vehicle run more stably and smoothly, and also brings more exciting driving experience to drivers.

In the test drive of Zhiji LS7, we found that the characteristics of linear acceleration and good control of braking effect mentioned by car home car owners have indeed been reflected. In addition, Zhiji LS7 performed well in cornering, with stable posture and no unnecessary swing at the rear, which was also affirmed by the owner. The chassis adjustment of Zhiji LS7 is really commendable, which makes drivers feel a smooth and comfortable driving experience during driving. I believe that in the future, Zhiji LS7 will continue to make breakthroughs in handling and bring better driving experience to car owners.