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Geely star is the first to experience, and it is just outside and soft inside.

The "CMA architecture" planted in those years and together is now beginning to bear fruit in the brand-Xingyue, Xingrui, and now Xingyue L, which has set a record for the largest size of CMA.

Although it is named "Xingyue L", the design of this car is completely different from Xingyue. The latter tends to be dynamic and young, while the former pays more attention to maturity and stability.

Although the style orientation is different, the overall design language remains the same, which is also the characteristic of all models at present. A set of recognizable design allows unfamiliar people to recognize the brand without looking at the logo, which is very beneficial to the creation of brand image and the setting of product positioning.

The overall dimensions of Xingyue L are 4770*1895*1689mm and the wheelbase is 2845 mm.. It is reasonable to say that this size can be counted as a medium-sized SUV, but it is still called a compact SUV. One of the reasons is that the CMA architecture was originally aimed at compact models. As a result, the Xingyue L will look a bit "have no martial ethics" when compared with other compact SUVs in the future, similar to the previous Xingrui.

To sum up the shape of Xingyue L in a few words, there are probably: stable, thick, hard and strong. The headlights, grille, rearview mirror, window and wheel hub are all one size larger than the previous models. Although they lack the agility that young people like, they give people a solid and reliable psychological feeling, which is obviously a model for family use.

Matrix headlights are a bright spot, with 126 LED beads, which can control the switch and light and shade separately to ensure the brightness and lighting range, and at the same time, more lighting effects can be achieved through OTA in the later period.

Xingyue L’s car paints are available in six colors, including oyster white, aurora silver (as shown in the picture), basaltic gray, jet black and Mars red, as well as a distinctive "Cuiyu Blue", which is not blue or green, inspired by the mountains and mountains, and at the same time extracts the green texture of traditional porcelain and natural cuiyu. The cost of this car paint will be higher, and it may be available in limited quantities after listing.

When you open the car door, the little oppressive feeling brought by the appearance suddenly disappears, and the warm home atmosphere comes to you. The length of the triple screen across the center console is close to one meter, and the resolution of each screen has reached 1920X720.

This shooting vehicle is a test car, and the screen can’t be lit. The visual effect is quite good in the all-black state, and the overall feeling is very strong. At the recent Shanghai Auto Show, we saw the effect after lighting. The screen quality is very high, but the white theme still has a sense of separation. We look forward to the effect of the black theme.

The air conditioning outlets on both sides are directly opened on the huge black panel of the triple screen, which is a cost-free operation and of course brings good visual effects. Touched by hand, the edge of the opening is very round, and there is no cutting feel, which shows excellent workmanship.

The shape of the shift lever is similar to that of Xingyue and Xingrui, but the unlock key is cancelled, and the operation logic is the same as that of XC40. Shift the shift lever twice. The physical buttons in the air-conditioning control area have been preserved, which I praise.

Previously, the interior was decorated with palindromes, but Xingyue L was replaced with woven texture. There was a red and blue gradient stitch between the white stitches on the decorative board. At first glance, it was complicated, but at second glance, it added a little vitality to the interior.

The interior of this car is a combination of beige and red, while the Cuiyu blue model will be decorated with dark green and gold, which is more luxurious and mysterious. The roof is completely covered with suede material, and the cost is burning.

With such a large size, the rear space will naturally not disappoint, and the seat is wide, which provides good support for my whole body. The backrest angle can be adjusted, and the overhead space is about 15 cm. Because the electric seat of the vehicle can’t move, the passenger seat in the picture is actually in a backward position, which means that even if I have a more indulgent sitting position in the passenger seat, another passenger with a height of 180cm can still ride comfortably in the back row.

The luggage compartment has a great depth, but because the backrest of the rear seat is inclined, large items can’t be put in the depth. Open the lower cover of the luggage compartment, and there is a storage compartment below. After putting down the rear seat, the volume becomes very considerable, and the loading surface is only slightly inclined.

The vehicle being photographed is equipped with a 2.0T medium-power engine, with a maximum power of 218 HP and a maximum torque of 325Nm, which is between T5 and T4. It will be matched with a 7-speed wet dual-clutch gearbox and accelerate 7.9S at zero speed.

The Xingyue L will also have a 2.0T high-power engine with a maximum power of 238 HP and a maximum torque of 350Nm (which can be supercharged to 380Nm), matching 8AT and accelerating for 7.7 seconds. The performance gap between high and low power is so small that it is really rare. I wonder how much difference the price will be at that time.

It is expected that the price of Xingyue L will overlap with the mainstream joint venture compact SUV to a large extent, or even be cheaper. From this static observation, we can see that Xingyue L has obvious advantages over the joint venture SUV in terms of space, design, material selection and configuration. I look forward to the follow-up dynamic test drive and experience the strength of CMA architecture in mechanical and electronic aspects.

The writer of this article is Ao Yifeng, a kicker gang.

Leading intelligence: the cutting-edge technology of battery recycling related industries.

On April 5 th, the financial sector reported that some investors asked Pioneer Intelligence on the interactive platform: Does the company arrange equipment research and development for battery recycling, disassembly and reuse? Considering the large amount of batteries used in the future, recycling will also have a considerable scale.

The company replied: the company continues to pay attention to the cutting-edge technology of battery recycling related industries.

Dunhua News Network transformed consulting rooms in 14 hospitals and sent 38 bloggers for physical examination. Xiaohongshu launched a friendly action for women’s physical examination.

Such as writer Susan • Sontag wrote in Metaphor of Disease that everyone may face the disease, but in thousands of years of culture, some diseases have been labeled, making it difficult for people suffering from the disease to face themselves.

On the occasion of International Women’s Day on March 8th, Xiaohongshu Health launched the activity of "It doesn’t matter if there is something wrong", which helped more people to eliminate their sense of shame and anxiety through online topics and practical actions such as knowledge popularization and physical examination of 38 bloggers, and held the "It doesn’t matter meeting", which provided a place for public discussion on the topic of gynecological diseases that was originally shy. It is also to send care to women through the transformation of offline hospitals.

Susan • Sontag said, it doesn’t matter, the disease is just a disease, not a disaster from heaven, so don’t be ashamed to say it.

And Xiaohongshu also wants to tell you that there is something wrong with it, and it doesn’t matter. Action is the certainty of physical and mental health.

 From slogan to action "it doesn’t matter"

China Reproductive Health Research Report 2022 shows that among more than 3,100 women in 31 provinces and cities, 71% have gynecological symptoms such as irregular menstrual cycle, abnormal vagina and leucorrhea, but only 57.5% choose to see a doctor after gynecological symptoms appear.

Most of the shackles of women’s fear of illness and medical treatment come from the metaphorical "shame" and "fear" of illness. In addition, the uncertainty of diagnosis and the worry about future results have also discouraged many patients.

How to liberate from the metaphorical pressure brought by the disease, Susan • Sontag gave the answer: to get rid of these metaphors, we can’t just avoid them, they must be exposed, studied and exhausted.

In the online activity of "There is something wrong, it doesn’t matter", Xiaohongshu invited doctors as white coat friends to promote knowledge and ideas. And encourage more users to share the most authentic medical experience. Promote action with popular science, radiate the whole people from women, and reduce the anxiety and shame of ordinary people about diseases.

At present, there are 210 million exposures and 1.76w notes on the series of topics with # small problems and small methods. In addition to inviting many gynecologists and surgeons such as Dr. @Jojo to conduct popular science on women’s health; Xiaohongshu also launched the # It doesn’t matter action with 38 bloggers for physical examination. At present, many bloggers, such as @ Lahongshang @vivi Keaduo @ Sophie and Azhe, have shared the experience of gynecological examination, which is a name for gynecological diseases. Driven by them, more female users are willing to overcome shame and make changes for their health.

At the same time, on March 7th, Xiaohongshu also held a "Never mind meeting", inviting female characters from different fields, including doctors, writers, talk show actors, screenwriters and so on, to share their experiences and stories of coexistence with Xiaoxiao.

In gynecological examination, many women will be afraid of pain, and even wonder if they are too "melodramatic". In fact, individuals’ feelings of pain vary from person to person. As Si Wen said, we should respect the threshold of self-pain. Courageously expressing your pain during the examination is also a key step to face up to the disease.

From Online to Offline Friendly Clinic: A Closed Loop of Community Care

In recent years, the popularization of health knowledge is also driving the change of social concepts and promoting the public to face diseases and daily life with a correct attitude.

The fear and shame before seeing a doctor can be dispelled through popular science and experience sharing, but the discomfort in the actual examination is easy to leave a psychological shadow on women.

Ding Ding, director of the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology of Huashan Hospital (Baoshan Campus) affiliated to Fudan University, told reporters that in terms of physiology, the discomfort caused by gynecological examination may be the feedback of most people, especially in the first or unfamiliar environment. "Some patients will also tell me that they don’t know what examinations to do, or what items to do in the routine physical examination of gynecology, and how often to do them … …”

It is not difficult to see that, in addition to professional medical advice, women also expect a warm and comfortable medical environment. Based on this, Xiaohongshu linked Ruijin Hospital affiliated to Shanghai Jiaotong University School of Medicine, Huashan Hospital affiliated to Shanghai Fudan University (Baoshan Campus), Second Affiliated Hospital of Zhejiang University School of Medicine, Union Medical College Hospital affiliated to Tongji Medical College of Huazhong University of Science and Technology, Xiangya Second Hospital of Central South University, Henan Provincial People’s Hospital, Obstetrics and Gynecology Hospital affiliated to Fudan University (Red House), Hunan Provincial People’s Hospital, Shanghai Tongren Hospital, Shanghai Jiading Central Hospital, Chengdu Women and Children Central Hospital, Changsha Central Hospital (Red House)

Taking Huashan Hospital as an example, Director Ding Ding revealed that through the warm environment transformation, such as relaxing and encouraging floor stickers, gynecological examination posture wall stickers, "it doesn’t matter doll" decoration, and men’s stop to set up illustrations, we strive to create a "it doesn’t matter, relax and friendly clinic" to alleviate everyone’s fear and worry about gynecological examination and treatment and convey the warm concept of "it doesn’t matter, relax".

In order to optimize the experience of women’s physical examination, many warm-hearted copybooks have been posted in the waiting area of the gynecological clinic of Huashan Hospital, such as "Don’t worry, the little problems on your body will always get better slowly" and "If you don’t take good care of yourself, just say sorry to your body, and it will definitely tell you that it doesn’t matter."

The examination bed or chair in the clinic is the place where the patient’s fear concentration is the highest. In order to ease the tension, Xiaohongshu United Hospital posted the slogan "Never mind, relax" on the ceiling, "Speak out if you feel uncomfortable, and the doctor will accompany you" and other encouraging slogans.

In addition, for women’s concerns, such as "will gynecological examination hurt?" "How to check the posture?" There are also wall stickers and signs to help patients who enter the clinic for the first time quickly understand how to cooperate with doctors for examination. After the examination, "it doesn’t matter" accompanying dolls, including cute cartoon immune cells, uterus, stomach, etc., will be sent as long-term companionship to bring emotional value to patients.

It is worth mentioning that all warm-hearted and encouraging slogans come from the notes sharing of real users in Xiaohong Bookstore. In this process, Xiaohongshu realized the real concern for women from online to offline.

According to feedback from many hospitals, these improvements have been well received by many patients, and "fun" and "warm heart" are their most direct feelings. When waiting for treatment, many patients punch in and take pictures next to the floor stickers and wall stickers. A doctor admitted that she saw more patients’ smiles in the reformed clinic.

Xiaohongshu hopes that through the activity of "It doesn’t matter if there is something wrong", the public’s concept of diseases and women’s health problems can be changed, and the social value as a lifestyle platform can be highlighted.


Industry standard "navigation" and "speed-up" of China’s autonomous driving technology commercial track

  Developing autonomous driving technology is an important content of building a transportation power. In recent years, with the rapid development of new technologies such as artificial intelligence, 5G and big data, the application of autonomous driving technology in the field of transportation has been accelerated, and the rapid iteration from closed site testing to road testing and from pilot demonstration to commercial trial operation has been realized.

  The Ministry of Transport recently issued the "Guide to Transportation Safety Services for Self-driving Vehicles (Trial)" (hereinafter referred to as the "Guide"), which made it clear for the first time from the national policy level that intelligent networked vehicles can be used for transportation business activities, and pressed the "acceleration button" for the commercial application of self-driving technology in China.

  What is the development of autonomous driving technology at present? How to improve the safety guarantee ability of autonomous driving? The reporter interviewed the relevant person in charge of the Ministry of Transport and relevant experts.

  The market scale is growing rapidly, and it is steadily moving towards commercial application.

  "With the joint efforts of all parties, in recent years, China’s autopilot-related industries and market scale have shown a rapid growth trend, and autopilot technology has steadily moved from testing and demonstration to commercial application." Zhang Jinhua, chairman of China Automotive Engineering Society, introduced.

  The industrial development environment continues to improve. At present, 17 national-level test demonstration zones, 7 national-level vehicle networking pilot zones and 16 "Shuangzhi" pilot cities have been built nationwide, with a cumulative open test road of over 22,000 kilometers and a cumulative test mileage of over 70 million kilometers. Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen and other cities have introduced policies to allow self-driving cars to engage in commercial trial operation of urban public buses, taxis, logistics and distribution in specific areas and at specific time periods, and the application scale has been expanding.

  In Shunyi District, Beijing, hundreds of bright yellow automatic delivery vehicles appeared in the streets and lanes, waiting for traffic lights side by side with pedestrians, or avoiding other vehicles safely on the road. "After years of iterative upgrading, unmanned delivery vehicles can not only ‘ Get ’ , can provide consumers with ‘ Send it quickly ’ Service experience. " The person in charge of the automatic delivery department of Meituan said that at present, in Shunyi, the daily delivery orders of automatic delivery vehicles of Meituan have reached thousands.

  In the Economic Development Zone of Wuhan, Hubei Province, open the "radish run" taxi software, and you can quickly call an unmanned self-driving car by setting the starting point and the ending point. Passengers click "OK" on the back screen, and the vehicle can travel according to the established route. "The fisheye camera and laser sensor on the roof device can help the vehicle avoid obstacles accurately and automatically adjust the speed according to the road conditions." According to the person in charge, 300 driverless cars have been put into operation since the unmanned self-driving travel service was opened in Wuhan in August 2022, covering a population of over 4 million.

  The application of industry innovation has accelerated. Scene-level autonomous driving solutions have accelerated to maturity, and some autonomous driving products have reached the conditions of mass production application, and have been applied to transportation service scenes such as urban travel and freight logistics on a certain scale, and new formats such as autonomous parking service and unmanned distribution have emerged continuously. At present, there are more than 200 self-driving city buses, more than 1,500 self-driving taxis and about 1,000 self-driving trucks in China. Baidu Apollo autopilot test has a total mileage of more than 78 million kilometers, and its travel service covers more than 10 cities.

  With the continuous expansion of market scale, it is urgent to strengthen industry norms. "At present, the basic requirements for using self-driving cars for transportation operations are still unclear, which is not suitable for the healthy and orderly development of self-driving cars, and the safety pressure is increasing." The relevant person in charge of the Transportation Service Department of the Ministry of Transport said that the Guide clarified the basic requirements for using self-driving cars to engage in transportation business activities under the framework of current laws and regulations, and guided the healthy development and standardized application of self-driving cars in the field of transportation services in an orderly manner while ensuring transportation safety.

  Build a security system to provide compliance for business activities.

  Transportation services are related to the national economy and people’s livelihood. Continuously improving the safety and security capability is the primary goal of transportation services, and it is also the basic requirement for the promotion and application of self-driving cars in transportation services. Sorting out the measures in the Guide, the word "safety" runs through.

  "Adapting to the development trend of autonomous driving, the Guide focuses on ensuring the transportation safety of autonomous vehicles. Under the condition of meeting the requirements of relevant departments for the access and road traffic of autonomous vehicles, it puts forward requirements for the production conditions and qualifications of transportation operations, dynamic supervision and emergency handling of vehicle operation, and operational supervision, and guides the transportation safety services of autonomous vehicles in all directions and in the whole chain." Zhang Jinhua said.

  In terms of technical standards, the Guide clarifies the technical requirements for self-driving cars, emphasizing that "self-driving cars engaged in taxi passenger transport, road passenger transport and road cargo transport should also meet the requirements of technical standards for operational motor vehicle safety in the transportation industry". "This move has achieved the connection with the management boundary of self-driving cars in the departments of industry, information and public security." Li Bin, vice president of the Highway Research Institute of the Ministry of Transport, said.

  In terms of personnel allocation, the Guide specifically puts forward the concept of "safety officer" in view of the safety problems during driving.

  "The on-board driver or operation safety guarantee personnel of the self-driving car is ‘ Safety officer ’ 。” Li Bin said that the Guide fully considers the business models of self-driving transportation with different formats, and provides for the allocation, skills and qualification requirements of safety officers engaged in different transportation business activities by classification on the premise of ensuring safety. Among them, in view of the application scenario of fully self-driving cars engaged in taxi passenger transport, the form of personnel support for remote safety officers is put forward in particular, and it is clear that "with the consent of the people’s government of the district and city, remote safety officers can be used when operating in designated areas, and the ratio of people to vehicles of remote safety officers should not be less than 1: 3".

  "Overall, the Guide has built a safety guarantee system from six aspects: safety production system, transportation safety guarantee, running state information management, vehicle dynamic monitoring, safety notification and emergency response." Li Bin believes that under the premise of being consistent with the current road transportation management, the Guide fully combines the new characteristics of self-driving car transportation, and provides compliance for self-driving cars to engage in road transportation business activities safely.

  Classified scenarios provide normative guidance to accelerate the application of technology.

  As a new technology, autonomous driving has been widely used in various transportation service scenarios. Different scenarios have different design and operation conditions, different security risks and different risk level requirements. In order to further ensure safety, "classified policy" has become a highlight of the Guide.

  The Guide clarifies the application scenarios of self-driving cars to carry out road transport services. For urban public buses and trams, related passenger transport business activities can be carried out under the scenes of physically closed, relatively closed or simple road conditions with fixed lines and controllable traffic safety; For taxis, passenger transport business activities can be carried out in the scene of good traffic conditions and controllable traffic safety; At the same time, self-driving cars are prohibited from engaging in road dangerous goods transportation business activities. At the same time, the Guide clarifies the requirements for "self-driving transport operators", and taxi passenger transport and road passenger transport should be insured with carrier liability insurance according to law.

  "Standardizing the application of self-driving cars in the field of transportation services by classification, scene and level will effectively guide all kinds of transportation service business activities to carry out self-driving applications, effectively ensure the safety of self-driving transportation services, and promote the healthy and orderly development of commercial applications of auto-driving." Wang Advanced, vice president of the Research Institute of the Ministry of Transport, said.

  The overall scale of China’s automobile industry remains in the forefront of the world, and the production capacity and application technology level have been greatly improved. As an important breakthrough to improve the level of industrial intelligence, autonomous driving has been valued and supported by relevant departments.

  In 2020, the Ministry of Transport issued the Guiding Opinions on Promoting the Development and Application of Road Traffic Autopilot Technology; In 2021, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology issued the Opinions on Strengthening the Access Management of Intelligent Networked Automobile Manufacturers and Products; In November 2023, four ministries and commissions, including the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, issued the Notice on Launching the Pilot Work of Intelligent Networked Vehicle Access and Road Access, which covered the key links of vehicle use, such as production access and road management of automobile products, and the management policies for the production and use of self-driving vehicles were gradually established … … In recent years, various ministries and commissions have accelerated the research on policies related to the commercial application of autonomous driving and issued a series of policy documents.

  "The increasingly perfect industrial development environment has made it possible for self-driving cars to accelerate their application in transportation services." Wang Advanced said that the release of the Guide has established a safe bottom line for the application of self-driving cars, and also left enough room for the innovative application of autonomous driving, which will further promote the application of autonomous driving technology in the transportation field.

How does the market guarantee supply? How to promote holiday consumption? -Multi-sectoral interpretation of measures to promote consumption during the Spring Festival

Xinhua News Agency, Beijing, February 6th Question: How does the market guarantee supply? How to promote holiday consumption? -Multi-sectoral interpretation of measures to promote consumption during the Spring Festival

Xinhua News Agency reporter Wei Hongyi

The Spring Festival is the traditional peak season for consumption. At the press conference of the State Council Office held on the 6th, the Ministry of Commerce, the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, the State Sports General Administration and other departments introduced relevant information and answered reporters’ questions on ensuring the supply of the Spring Festival market and promoting holiday consumption.

The national consumer market was stable and orderly before the holiday.

Sheng Qiuping, Vice Minister of Commerce, said that on the occasion of the Spring Festival in year of the loong, commercial departments at all levels continued to improve various measures to strengthen the production, marketing and supply of people’s livelihood commodities during the festival. Generally speaking, the operation of the pre-holiday consumer market presents the following three characteristics:

Sufficient supply. Large-scale wholesale markets of agricultural and sideline products around the country have sufficient stocks of daily necessities such as grain, oil, meat, eggs, milk, fruits and vegetables, and the stocking of daily necessities in key wholesale markets and supermarkets is 10% to 30% higher than usual. Major e-commerce platforms continue to provide distribution services during the Spring Festival.

The price is stable. Relevant statistics on February 5th show that the average wholesale prices of grain, edible oil, beef and mutton in 100 large-scale agricultural and sideline products wholesale markets in China have remained stable since the beginning of February, and vegetable prices have shown a seasonal increase.

Sales are booming. With the growing flavor of the year, major shopping malls, supermarkets and online platforms have ushered in sales peaks. In late January, the sales of retail enterprises monitored by the Ministry of Commerce increased by 19.9% month-on-month. In January, sales of key monitoring e-commerce platforms increased by 20% year-on-year.

Ensuring that the supply in the holiday market is not out of stock and uninterrupted is the key point of ensuring the supply and price stability in the market. In terms of strengthening the construction of the system of ensuring the supply of daily necessities, Xu Xingfeng, director of the Department of Market Operation and Consumption Promotion of the Ministry of Commerce, said that the Ministry of Commerce will constantly improve the three networks of "monitoring, dispatching and storage" to keep abreast of the basic situation of the production, circulation and consumption of key varieties of daily necessities, improve the emergency response capability, increase the commercial inventory according to the times and circumstances, and ensure that the reserved commodities are "adequately stored, transferred and used".

Multi-departmental measures to promote consumption during the Spring Festival

With the change of people’s lifestyle, China’s consumer market presents many new features. Xu Xingfeng said that these characteristics mainly include four aspects: more pursuit of green health, more prominent personality diversity, more prominent cultural characteristics, and more favor for scientific and technological intelligence.

Based on these characteristics, many departments have launched targeted measures to promote consumption-

The Ministry of Commerce promotes the linkage between urban and rural markets, online and offline, and jointly organizes online Chinese New Year Festival, "Happy Shopping in Rural Areas" and other activities, and organizes a series of activities such as sales promotion, rural tourism, skill display and cultural communication, and carries out a series of thematic activities around new consumption such as digital, green and health.

The Ministry of Culture and Tourism organizes cultural and tourism activities on the theme of "Happy New Year". Miao Muyang, Director of the Industrial Development Department of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, said that related activities include launching a special program of "Literary China" in the Spring Festival, launching a series of "Village Evening" exhibition projects in conjunction with various localities, and launching a series of special courses, boutique routes and theme activities for study tours to make the festival more festive and cheerful.

Wang Xiaopeng, head of the Sports Economics Department of the State Sports General Administration, said that the State Sports General Administration will focus on the consumption characteristics of "green health" and do a good job in deepening the integration of business travel, culture and sports through a series of events of the "outdoor sports vitality landscape" action plan.

Continue to meet the consumer demand of the people

Sheng Qiuping said that the Ministry of Commerce has designated 2024 as the "Year of Consumption Promotion". The Ministry of Commerce will adhere to the "policy and activity" two-wheel drive, run a series of consumption promotion activities well, and introduce more policy measures to promote consumption from post-epidemic recovery to continuous expansion.

Sheng Qiuping introduced that the Ministry of Commerce will achieve "there are themes in the season, there are activities in the month, and there are scenes in the week". Four major theme activities will be held throughout the year, and 12 key activities will be carried out, including a series of activities such as the National Consumption Promotion Month and the International Consumption Season. Optimize consumption supply and innovate consumption scenarios to fully meet the diversified consumption needs of ordinary people.

In addition, around the goal of actively cultivating the consumption growth point of domestic products, the Ministry of Commerce will focus on time-honored brands and organize a series of activities to promote the consumption of domestic products. At the same time, taking the pedestrian street as the carrier, we will guide the pedestrian streets, business districts, and quarter-hour convenient living circles around the country to combine the peak consumption season and strengthen the promotion of domestic "trendy products" according to local conditions.

Wang Xiaopeng said that in order to promote the quality and efficiency of the ice and snow industry and meet the diversified consumption needs of the people, the State Sports General Administration will hold high-level competitions and accelerate the improvement of ice and snow services to provide more and better quality services for the people to participate in ice and snow sports.

In view of the phenomenon that culture and tourism consumption have continued to be hot since New Year’s Day in 2024, Miao Muyang concluded that it is necessary to persist in exerting efforts at both ends of supply and demand, promote overall planning, strengthen the construction of a service-oriented government, and adhere to the concept of sharing between host and guest. It is necessary to expand the supply of high-quality products to meet the consumer demand of the masses, innovate products and services in line with the consumer demand of the masses, consolidate the guarantee system of cultural and tourism policies and systems, standardize and rectify the order of cultural and tourism markets, and improve the supply quality and service level of cultural tourism.

Shipments increased by more than 100% year-on-year, and the price reduction of folding screen mobile phones led to "new war"

"With the continuous increase in R&D investment by Android manufacturers and upstream supply chains, the hardware technology has improved and matured, the application of software systems has been optimized, and the consumer experience has been continuously improved. The further decline in prices has also made more consumers willing to use folding screen mobile phones early. "

On February 20th, the latest quarterly tracking report of mobile phones released by International Data Corporation (IDC) showed that in the fourth quarter of 2023, the market shipment of folding screen mobile phones in China was about 2.771 million units, up 149.6% year-on-year. A number of new products from Huawei, OPPO and Glory promoted the rapid growth of the folding screen market in this quarter.

In 2023, the China folding screen mobile phone market shipped about 7.007 million units, up 114.5% year-on-year. Since the launch of the first product in 2019, the folding screen mobile phone market in China has grown by over 100% year-on-year for four consecutive years.

However, folding screen mobile phones still often appear "the screen is not resistant to falling, the maintenance price is expensive, and the screen itself is prone to problems". Guo Tianxiang, senior analyst of IDC China, told the Beijing News Shell Finance reporter that with the continuous progress and maturity of technology, especially the increasing participation of domestic supply chains, some problems related to folding screens will continue to improve. "But it still takes more time to completely solve it."

The price of folding screen dropped to 400-600 dollars.

The market share of transverse folding products increased to 68% again.

The price of folding screen mobile phone continues to drop. According to IDC data, in 2023, the share of mobile phones with folding screens above $1,000 has dropped from 81.0% a year ago to 66.5%, down 14. 5 percentage points year-on-year. In addition to the overall cost reduction, the products in vertical folding form are relatively cheaper, which also makes the price of folding screen drop to the price range of 400-600 dollars in 2023.

In terms of product form, horizontal folding products are more popular with consumers in China. Although the price of vertical folding products is relatively lower, horizontal folding products have been favored by more consumers in China because they can better reflect the big screen experience of folding screen mobile phones. In 2023, the market share of transverse folding products increased to 68.1%, up by 10.4 percentage points year-on-year.

At present, the vertical folding products are not only easy to carry, but also consumers still lack the necessary use scenarios. At the same price, there is also a clear gap between the use experience and the straight board machine, and there is still room for improvement in product quality.

IDC pointed out that the importance of horizontal folding products in the mobile office scene of high-end business people is increasing. At the same time, the high-end people pay less attention to the price, and are more willing to choose the horizontal folding products with full product configuration.

Recently, it has been reported that individual mobile phone manufacturers have stopped planning to release new small folding models this year. In this regard, Guo Tianxiang said to the Shell Finance reporter that it is mainly a demand issue. "There is no rigid requirement for vertical folding usage scenarios. The sales volume is not up, the price is not high, and the product quality problems lead to great after-sales pressure, and the final cost is high, and most manufacturers are losing money. Individual manufacturers are not saying that they will not do it at all, but they will be suspended. When the supply chain technology is more mature and the cost and quality are better, they may come back. "

Huawei occupies the first place in the domestic folding screen market in 2023.

Folding screen is still the key product of various manufacturers in 2024.

In terms of the market performance of folding screen mobile phone manufacturers, the above report pointed out that Huawei Mate X5 series has been in a state of price increase since its listing, and the supply is in short supply, helping Huawei firmly occupy the first position in the domestic folding screen market in 2023, with a market share of 37.4%.

OPPO gained 18.3% market share and ranked second in the overall folding screen market; Among them, the market share of vertical folding products ranks first with 36.3%; The horizontal fold Find N3 series has been widely praised around the world.

Glory made great efforts in the folding screen mobile phone market in the second half of 2023, and won the third place in the folding screen mobile phone market for the whole year with the hot sales of Magic V2 and other new folding products, with a share of 17.7%, and the shipment volume increased by 467.0% year-on-year, with the fastest growth rate.

Samsung occupies more than half of the global folding screen mobile phone market, but ranks fourth in the highly competitive China market with 11% market share. Vivo ranks fifth, and its first 5G horizontal folding product X Fold 2 released in 2023 is about to be replaced.

Guo Tianxiang concluded that "thinness" has become the primary factor affecting consumers’ choice of folding screen mobile phones. However, if the pursuit of "thinness" blindly leads to the decline of reliability, it will directly affect consumers’ long-term choices in the future. However, the use scenario of vertical folding products has not been fully discovered, and products that position potential users as "fashionable young women" will form direct competition with Apple.

"Folding screen mobile phones are still the key products of various manufacturers in 2024. The participation of more manufacturers and the launch of more products will continue to promote the rapid development of the folding screen mobile phone market. " Guo Tianxiang said.

In addition to the flexible size of the screen itself, will there be some new innovation highlights compared with the straight board machine? In this regard, Guo Tianxiang responded to reporters that vertical folding products are more convenient to carry after folding. Horizontal folding products are mainly the advantages of large screen, but more need to be reflected by the adaptation of software system applications.

Beijing News Shell Financial Reporter Sun Wenxuan

Editor Yue Caizhou

Proofread Liu Baoqing

Search in a circle without jumping into Samsung Galaxy S24 series, opening up a new way of mobile phone search.

People’s demand for accurate and fast access to information is growing day by day. Whether it’s proper nouns in the field of work or new bags they see during the drama, they need to know more details quickly. With the continuous development of AI technology, mobile phone applications are also constantly innovating to provide users with more convenient and intelligent services. Samsung Galaxy S24 series pioneered the function of "search by circle", which combines AI technology with search experience, and brings users a brand-new search method with intuitive interaction, which can obtain valuable information more efficiently and quickly.

In the past, when I saw unknown things on my mobile phone and wanted to explore them in depth, the first thing I had to do was to leave what I was browsing, open a browser or a specific APP, type in keywords, and even take screenshots and upload pictures to complete the search. The function of "circle and search" greatly simplifies this process, which is deeply integrated into the system. Therefore, users do not need to leave the screen they are browsing, just press the Home button for a long time, and then circle the content of interest on the screen with their fingers or S Pen. Samsung Galaxy S24 series will intelligently analyze the circled content with the help of high-precision image segmentation, OCR recognition and large model understanding, and quickly return the search results in the current window. You don’t need to take photos or take screenshots, and you don’t have to rack your brains to think about what keywords to use to search. You can immediately understand the unknown world through simple gestures.

Thanks to the unimaginable convenience experience, the instant search function of Samsung Galaxy S24 series allows you to obtain useful information at any time. If you are planning a trip and want to know the attractions, food and local customs of the destination, you can directly circle other people’s travel notes, pictures or videos when browsing travel blogs or social media by using the instant search function of Samsung Galaxy S24 series. AI will analyze the content of the circle selection, provide detailed information that can be used for travel strategy, and help to understand the destination in depth and plan the itinerary.

Shopping is an indispensable part of people’s daily life. Browse the street photos of the new season on the Internet, or you are interested in the clothes of the people in the drama when you are chasing the drama. At this time, the function of "circle search" can also provide convenience. No matter whether you are browsing pictures or videos, as long as you press the Home button and circle the items you are interested in, the system will identify and search related products through AI to help make more informed shopping decisions.

News report is one of the important ways for people to get current affairs information. When reading news articles or watching news videos, sometimes you will encounter interesting topics or want to know more about them. At this time, the function of "circle search" can help to get more relevant information quickly. Just press the Home button for a long time and circle the key content, that is, circle and search, which can help to understand the event more comprehensively.

Samsung Galaxy S24 series pioneered the function of circle-to-circle search, which combined artificial intelligence technology with search engine, realized intelligent identification and rapid acquisition of information, and provided users with a brand-new search experience. In daily life, whether planning a trip, shopping for goods or reading news, the function of circle-to-circle search can give full play to its advantages, provide users with search services more conveniently and accurately, and greatly improve the efficiency and experience of information acquisition.

Whether you see flowers you have never seen before when traveling in a foreign country, or encounter unfamiliar terms when delving into scientific research topics, the instant search function of Samsung Galaxy S24 series can quickly find the information you need without interrupting the browsing experience. In addition, the Samsung Galaxy S24 series is also equipped with rich AI applications such as real-time call translation, note taking assistant, transcription assistant, and generative editing. The vast world empowered by Galaxy AI is waiting for you to explore.

Disclaimer: The market is risky, so you should be careful when choosing! This article is for reference only, not as a basis for trading.

"Tracing back to the Double Ditch" and the launch of the town reading club

  Shuanggou Town, Suining County, Xuzhou City, recently held the "Tracing to the Source Shuanggou" and the launching ceremony of the town reading club at the local Zhaoyi Academy, aiming to build the town reading club into an important platform for local residents to learn and communicate, and to stimulate residents’ love for culture and art.

  At the event site, Zhao Xu, vice president of Suining Reading Association, as the keynote speaker, told the history and culture of Shuanggou Town, shared the importance of reading, and introduced in detail the goal, activity form and daily operation mode of the town reading club.

  It is reported that the reading club will last until the end of March, and various literary lectures, sentiment exchange meetings, reading sharing meetings and other activities will be held regularly to meet the needs of residents of different ages and hobbies. (Shi Wenqiang)

World Cup+Golden Ball! In just one year, Messi opened Ronaldo: the era of double arrogance officially ended.

Chatelet Opera House, Golden Globe Festival. When Beckham handed the Golden Globe Award to Messi, the audience stood up and gave applause!

This is a tribute to the ball king. During the performance inspection period of the 2023 Golden Globe Awards (from August 1, 2022 to July 31, 2023), Messi contributed 42 goals and 26 assists, as well as the World Cup champion, World Cup MVP and Ligue 1 champion trophy. The 8 th Golden Globe Award is in hand, and Messi leads alone in the century-old football.

Messi smiles and accepts the award, and we will think of Cristiano Ronaldo, one of the peerless double arrogance.

38-year-old Cristiano Ronaldo, will he feel "injured"? Cristiano Ronaldo is really a little injured-Cristiano Ronaldo, who played successfully in Riyadh, suffered a slight bruise on his ankle, which did not affect his play. The Golden Globe Award is 5-8 behind Messi, and Cristiano Ronaldo, who is competitive, is hard to quiet inside.

Sports media all over the world gave the front page headline of the cover to Messi, who was holding the Golden Globe Award, and the praise was overwhelming. At this time, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia is already late at night, and Cristiano Ronaldo may have fallen asleep, preparing for the quarter-final of Saudi Arabia’s "Guardian Cup of Two Holy Temples" on the second day, or the quarter-final of Saudi Arabia’s King’s Cup, without much attention.

At this moment, we can feel the fact more: the dispute between the peerless and arrogant has ended.

On December 10, 2022, Portugal was eliminated in the quarter-finals, and Cristiano Ronaldo said goodbye with tears; On December 18, 2022, Messi won the sacred World Cup under the crowd, and the global media all exclaimed that "the new ball king was born". In just 8 days, the peerless double pride has embarked on a different track, and its historical position has been frozen.

In the twilight of his football career, Messi made a great leap to lift the World Cup and achieve the greatest goal. C Ronaldo left regrets and explained disappointment and unwillingness with tears. On the night of the Golden Globe, Messi was crowned with the Golden Globe Award for the eighth time-this is the continuation of Messi’s joy and Cristiano Ronaldo’s sadness in the World Cup, which really ended the dispute between the two arrogance.

The era of double arrogance PK has ended, and the era of Messi and Ronaldo has also ended.Messi in Miami and Cristiano Ronaldo in Riyadh are veterans running in the afterglow of sunset, and the direction of sunset is the time to hang up your boots. This day will come eventually, and watch and cherish it.

The future belongs to Bellingham and Harland. Premier League, Champions League, La Liga, this is the sun-like stage, the center of world football. The dispute between Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo is no longer the mainstream-although the two veterans can still contribute to the monopoly level of heat and topic, the gods also have the end of the day, and next year’s Golden Globe Award is likely to completely turn over the page of double arrogance.

On February 2 nd, "Dragon Food" sold well, royal banquets became commonplace, and folk snacks were innovated.

The year 2024 is year of the loong, and dragon-related food is naturally highly respected. But whether it is year of the loong or not, the "dragon food" will become the focus every year on the second day of the second lunar month. Chen Liansheng, a leading snack expert and Beijing snack expert, said that "the dragon looks up" is also called Spring Farming Festival, Farming Festival, Qinglong Festival and Spring Dragon Festival. On this day, people’s eating should be related to dragons. For example, eating spring cakes is called "eating Long Lin", eating noodles is called "eating dragon whiskers", eating wonton is called "eating longan", eating jiaozi is called "eating dragon ears", cooking noodles and wonton together is called "taking dragon beads", and eating onion cakes is called "tearing dragon skin".

Every year, "February 2nd" is a very busy day for the snack origin shop in Huguosi. Several long queues are almost arranged from the counter window to the dining area, all of which are customers who come to buy "Gentiana". This kind of excitement will start almost a week before February 2, and it can even reach more than 4,000 on February 2.

"Gentian" is actually a fried cake with stuffing. In some areas such as Beijing and Tianjin, it is customary to eat "Gentian" on February 2, probably because the fried cake is golden in color and similar in appearance to the "Gentian" that everyone imagined. The "Gentian" fried cake in Huguosi snack origin shop pays attention to the production of millet flour. In addition to the most traditional red beans and jujube paste fillings, in recent years, lotus seed paste, sea salt cheese fillings and chocolate fillings have been newly developed, and "Gentian" has also been transformed into a "flowing heart" through technological improvement. Steamed millet noodles and fried fillings have introduced various new tastes that young people like, which is also an "attack" for Beijing snacks to adapt to the development of the times.

"Gentian" is fried cake with stuffing. Photo courtesy of respondents

Before February 2nd this year, I just finished the third solar term of the traditional 24 solar terms in China. There is also a dragon-related food-"lazy dragon" on the day of "Jing Zhe". It is a season of high vitality and enterprising spirit in a year when the spring thunder begins to sound and everything recovers. Small hanging pear soup, which focuses on Beijing cuisine, is always full of diners who come to eat "memory lazy dragon" during the "shocking" season every year. Liu Zheng, the brand official of Xiaotiao Pear Soup, said that in Beijing’s folk customs and food customs, "lazy dragon" means to get rid of "lazy spirit", cheer up and work hard to refuel.

"Lazy Dragon" is a kind of steamed pasta, which has a sweet mouth and a salty mouth. It can be added with different fillings such as bean paste, sesame sauce and pork. It looks like a long dragon, and the method is not complicated. It is a very grounded old Beijing cuisine. Many children in Beijing, whether at home or in kindergarten, always have a memory related to the "lazy dragon": the elders rolled the dough into a big piece, then evenly spread the mixed meat into it, and then rolled it into a roll and put it into a steamer like a dragon. At the moment when the pot is steamed and uncovered, the kitchen is full of steaming heat. The "lazy dragon" is plump and white. When it is slightly cooled on the curtain, adults will cut it into sections, and the children holding plates next to it will be drooling. The gravy soaked in soy sauce flowed out and soaked in the white flour roll, and it was full of satisfaction.

◆ Ancient and modern "dragon food"

China’s cuisine pays attention to the culture of not eating from time to time, the concept of balance between Yin and Yang, harmony of five flavors, the technique of reverence for heaven and earth and respect for ingredients, and "what to eat" has always been deeply linked with long-standing folk customs. From the twenty-four solar terms, known as "the fifth invention of China", to the Chinese Zodiac, which is given to 1.4 billion people in China, there are delicious foods endowed with food culture, prayers and folk legends.

Zodiac is a long-standing symbol of folk culture. "What to eat in what year" is the expectation, hope and blessing of people for the new year, just like issuing zodiac stamps, zodiac commemorative coins and derived zodiac mascots. Eleven of China’s 12 Zodiacs are real animals, and only "dragon" exists in legends. The food related to dragon has more symbols and meanings: pictograms combine wishes and symbols combine expectations, and the culture and interest contained in "dragon food" become more and more prominent.

From Palace Cuisine to "Homemade Edition" of "Oolong Spitting Beads"

The dragon exists in the myth of China, whether it is the ancient Nu Wa who tried to mend the sky by refining stones "killing the black dragon to help Jizhou" or the Four Seas Dragon King in The Journey to the West, which is well-known by women and children. This kind of animal is "a mixture of a serpent as the main body, a horse’s head, a raccoon’s tail, a deer’s horn, a dog’s paw, a fish’s scales and whiskers".

"Dragon" was also related to emperors in the past, so the food related to "Dragon" should naturally appear in the "Imperial Diet" menu. In Beijing Beihai Park, Fangshan Restaurant was founded by chefs Zhao Renzhai, Sun Shaoran, Wang Yushan, Zhao Chengshou, etc. in the imperial dining room of Qing Palace, with a history of 99 years. Xu Xianlin, the current director of the kitchen administration of Fangshan Restaurant, has been working in Fangshan for 32 years. In his memory, Fangshan not only launched the "Man-Han Banquet" for the first time in China in 1979, but also had a "Dragon Banquet". However, with the society paying more and more attention to food civilization and deepening the concept of wildlife protection, many dishes on the "Dragon Banquet" have stopped cooking. Except for some "dragon dishes" presented in the form of setting plates and modeling, it is still the signature dish of Fangshan restaurant, and there is only one "Wulong Tuzhu".

"Wulong Tuzhu" is a traditional Qing court dish, which belongs to Shandong cuisine in terms of cuisine. At first, on the imitation food menu, the name of this dish was the more "luxurious" "Golden Dragon Spitting Beads". The staple food "Oolong" is actually sea cucumber, one of the "Eight Treasures of the Sea" in the "Man-Han Banquet". The "Oolong" is quail eggs, and Xinfeng Building, one of the "Eight Buildings" in that year, upgraded quail eggs to pigeon eggs. Xu Xianlin said that the "Wulong Tuzhu" of imitation food uses 9 pieces of 40 sea cucumbers with good color, and the whole root can reach about 20 cm after hair production. Then, with broth and special cooking sauce, it is repeatedly simmered and slowly stewed. Finally, 9 sea cucumbers symbolizing the "Ninth Five-Year Plan" can be served with quail eggs. The combination of the two ingredients brings out the best in each other, with fresh and strong taste and soft waxy teeth.

Today, "Oolong Tuzhu" is still the top three specialty dishes of Fangshan restaurant, and it simplifies the more economical "home-cooked version". Xu Xianlin said that although the "home-cooked version" of "Oolong Tuzhu" replaces the whole ginseng with a broken sea cucumber, it will not be as serious as a banquet, but there are many production processes and the taste is not bad. Sea cucumber is no longer an unreachable delicacy in the past, and "Wulong Tuzhu" has also changed from royal meals and banquet dishes to people’s daily meals. In many consumers’ comments on it, just like comments on home cooking, they think it is "delicious" and "nutritious".

"Home-cooked version" of "Oolong Spitting Beads". Photo courtesy of respondents

A dragon that Emperor Guangxu punched in.

A dragon restaurant, which opened in 1785, is more historic than the "dragon dish". In 1785, it was fifty years since the reign of Emperor Qianlong. It was impossible for a restaurant to be named after the word "dragon". At that time, a dragon was called "Nanhengshun Mutton Restaurant", and it was just a small shop dealing in mutton and biscuits. It was not until August 1921 that the inscription "One Dragon" was inscribed by Yang Duosheng, the former Qing Dynasty Ministry of Industry.

According to legend, one day in the late spring of the 23rd year of Guangxu (AD 1897), two customers like master and servant came to Nanhengshun. Like a servant, the host ordered hotpot, halal dishes and several halal snacks. Like the host, he told the Korean shopkeeper who stood by while eating, boasting that the meat and tender vegetables were fragrant and delicious, and giving directions to the dishes, but he didn’t have the money to pay the bill after eating. The clerk was just about to collect the bill. The shopkeeper saw that these two people didn’t look like people who ate food, so he smiled and said, "It doesn’t matter, just bring it when it’s convenient for you." Then he taught the clerk: "Didn’t you hear his comments just now? His suggestions for improvement are also enough for meals. Remember to improve according to what the guests say, no more words. "

The next day, a little eunuch in the palace sent the money, and everyone knew that the one who looked like the master the day before was Emperor Guangxu. The shopkeeper immediately consecrated the stools and used hot pots that the emperor had sat on the day before as "treasures" and wrapped them in yellow silk, and no one was allowed to use them again; At the same time, according to the "oral instructions" of Emperor Guangxu when dining, I consulted the chef in the imperial dining room of Qing Palace for many times, and improved the flavor of hotpot and the color, flavor and shape of dishes. The story of "the real dragon emperor" eating in Nanhengshun soon spread in Beijing, and people called Nanhengshun "a dragon". Since then, a small mutton restaurant has become famous. Apart from its delicious taste, it has to be said that this is not unrelated to the shopkeeper’s open-minded and kind management.

Now, the plaque of "Mutton Restaurant" and the copper pot used by Emperor Guangxu are still in the store. Although the old shop has experienced several twists and turns, a dragon that returned to Qianmen Street in 2008 still has the characteristics of "fine selection of materials", "fine processing", "complete seasoning" and "fragrant staple food". A dragon’s mutton is specially selected from the "Tan Sheep" in Gansu, which has a small skeleton, pink meat and white waist, and is tender and tender. Cut the meat by hand, and make a frozen meat roll by "cold pressing" process to remove the fat and keep it tender. A variety of meat-washing and dipping materials are blended with dozens of raw materials. At the same time, the sesame cakes that inherit the palace characteristics are exquisite in technology, tender in the outside, distinct in layers and crisp in taste.

Beijingers love to eat hotpot, especially in the dead of winter, when relatives and friends sit around a table, they feel extremely comfortable. Many old diners of a dragon recalled that in the past, materials were scarce and wages were not high. If they could earn more occasionally, they would like to go to a dragon to eat once. At that time, the feeling was that "there was not enough meat to eat", which was actually related to "less oil and water" and "less money to earn". "I haven’t finished this meal yet, so I will lick it next time." Today, a 239-year-old Longmen store is still steaming. In the copper hot pot on the guest table, tender meat and fresh vegetables roll together. The difference is that in the past, I was short of money, but now I am dripping with joy.

Bolong and Ma Xiaoer, another kind of "dragon" in ingredients.

The name of the dish with "dragon" is mostly the product of adding legends and people’s good expectations and integrating them into reasonable imagination according to the shape. The most representative of the "dragon" in the ingredients is lobster. This animal has a thick shell, so it is named because it looks like a mythical dragon. Although they are all lobsters, there are 11 genera of lobsters, with a total of about 46 species. China has also found 8 species of lobster, including Jinxiu lobster, China lobster and ripple lobster.

With the continuous improvement of people’s living standards, lobster consumption is increasing day by day, and the market prospect is quite broad. According to media reports, in 2018, Boston lobsters imported from Canada sold more than 2 million in Box Horse. In addition to going to a restaurant, you can order a cheese-baked bologna, turn on your mobile phone and place an order, and a fresh Boston lobster will be delivered to your home. Whether it is steaming, frying or baking, it is simple and fast. It is an indisputable fact that the "high-end consumption" in the past has become the "daily routine" today.

More grounded than Boston lobster, it is spicy crayfish, which is called "Ma Xiaoer" by Beijingers. Crayfish is not a "lobster as a child", but belongs to freshwater crayfish. The meat is tight, the taste is spicy and delicious, and it is not full of people and exciting enough, which has become the best choice for classic nightingales.

The fire in Guijie Street in Beijing is largely related to crayfish. In the early 1990s, Sun Yuzhen wholesaled aquatic products in Dazhong Temple and brought Anhui crayfish into Beijing, becoming the largest supplier in Guijie. In 1998, she founded Hu Da Restaurant. The earliest spicy crayfish was the "main melody melody" for northerners who were accustomed to heavy tastes. In about 2004, crayfish became the "explosive product" of catering in Beijing, and reached its peak in 2008. Guo Dong, general manager of Hu Da Restaurant, recalled that there were more than 100 restaurants in Guijie Street at that time, and 70% of them were selling crayfish. The sales peak of Hu Da restaurants can sell 15,000 Jin a day, and the number of people queuing lasts from noon to midnight, reaching more than 2,000.

On the New Year’s Eve at the turn of 2023 and 2024, crayfish in Hu Da sold 7,400 Jin, and many diners even finished "bidding farewell to the old year and welcoming the new year" in line. Nowadays, the hardware facilities of Guijie Street have been upgraded several times, and the catering on Guijie Street has also experienced several rounds of "big waves and sand scouring". The format of this street is more abundant: people spend leisurely and equal time in cafes, drink beer and peel crayfish in the dim night, and hold milk tea and skewers in a relaxed atmosphere. "The more beautiful the night is, the more beautiful it is." "Crayfish" is an indelible impression on people here, and "lobster red" is still the most enthusiastic main color here.

Beijing News reporter Wang Ping

Editor Wang Lin

Proofread Sissi