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Vomit… Zhou Xingchi didn’t copy it like that!!!

Pay attention to film school and film shortage, say goodbye

film school

Vol. 3155

Pai Ye is a veteran Internet University enthusiast. After reading countless films, he also discovered a pattern –

Martial arts type, must copy Tsui Hark.

Comedy genre, must copy Stephen Chow.

As it happens, they are very stylized directors.

So, the consequence of copying is,Learning tigers is not anti-dog

For example, "Drunk Fist Su Qier".

Recently, there is another person who is not afraid of death.

The target was the classic "Truant Dragon".

What level?

Very embarrassing. Very boring.

Consumer sentiment?

Have you ever thought about it?

What are feelings?

Why can’t anyone copy Stephen Chow’s movies?

Slide down, Pai Ye decrypts it for you.

The New Truant Dragon

The movie starts at the beginningmoneyYeah.

Look at the classic IP.

Cast, get together"Around Xingchi Zhou"

Luo Jiaying, who plays Detective Cao Dahua (rubbing Wu Mengda’s character name).

Yellow Mountain.

He played Huang Xiaogui in the original "Truant Dragon".

On "The New Truant Dragon"; Next "Truant Dragon"

Huang Yifei.

He is well known to the public for his role as "Big Brother" in "Shaolin Football".

Shaolin Kung Fu is good, really good

The income is really good.

On the line 8 days, the cumulative box office 14.484 million, the cumulative number of people watching 5.943 million.

Yes, Douban score,4.1

It hurts the audience’s feelings.

Where is the new truant dragon?

There is nothing new.

Synopsis of the story.

In a city in South East Asia, the boss of a crime syndicate was arrested. Company accountant Huang Xiaogui (Huang Yishan, played) was willing to be a tainted witness, but was hunted down and escaped. In order to find him, special police Zhang Hao went undercover to the International Noble School and tried to find Huang Xiaogui by approaching his daughter Huang Ying.

This kind of story,1980sThe Hong Kong police and gangster movies have long been shot badly.

The setting is also difficult to establish.

You see the student played by SWAT Zhang Hao,From the looks of it, he is older than the principal

The plot is even more incredible

Approaching Huang Ying was reduced to picking up girls.

And the way is to keep asking the police for money.

From buying a sports car.

To charge the 88888 membership card.

Where does the money come from?

First the police crowdfunded, and laterProvided by a prisoner in a police office.

Why are prisoners still locked up here?

Why did the police respond to unreasonable demands and finally reach the point of death?

It was all crap.

Why do you have to shoot like this?

The only reason Pai Ye could think of was,Imitate Stephen Chow and make nonsense comedies.

There are similar bridges.

For some reason, Zhang Hao suddenly jumped into the swimming pool and fell headfirst, revealing the sign "Water depth 0.4 meters".

For example, Zhang Hao’s international friends and classmates.

Black people are called "Little White", and white people are called "Little Black".

The main creator really wanted to make the audience laugh, but these jokes were separated from the plot, and there was a serious suspicion of making up the numbers. His approach was exactly what Chen Peisi called "stringing candied gourds".

In Pai Ye’s opinion,"The New Truant Dragon" completely misunderstands the meaning of "nonsense comedy".

I really don’t know how Zhou Xingchi would feel when he saw such a work.

We often say "remake film consumption feelings".

What are feelings?

In Pai Ye’s opinion,A good work can withstand time to wash, and the audience’s feelings for it become more and more profound, resulting in feelings

What’s so great about "Truant Dragon"?

That is, it isA mature work of Stephen Chow’s nonsensical comedy style

Nonsensical, what do you mean?

To borrow from a particular subject…

Nonsensical, originally a common saying in Guangzhou, Guangdong and other places, which means that a person does and speaks incomprehensibly, without a center, with no clear purpose in his language and behavior, vulgar and casual, and complaining indiscriminately.But not without reason

During the era of film development in Hong Kong, many people experimented with this style.

Wang Jing specially created "Gambling Saint 2: Street Gambling Saint" for Ge Minhui (a member of the Hong Kong duo "****").

In addition, Wang Jing also promoted Zhang Jiahui and Zhang Weijian, but they were all rejected by the market.

King of a Thousand Kings 2000

"Super School Fighter"

Ultimately, the market chose only Stephen Chow.

Of course, there are reasons for this in terms of appearance and acting skills.

But more importantlyphilosophy

Stephen Chow made a perfect interpretation in the movie "Truant Dragon".

The first layer, golden partner, collision spark

Zhou Xingchi’s nonsensical style can be brought to the extreme, and it must be inseparable from the golden supporting role Wu Mengda.

Wu Mengda said in an interview that the company made "He Came From the Jianghu".

Mr. Chow and Mr. Wu often pretended to date couples at night in order to eavesdrop on their conversations and find inspiration, which became the origin of the so-called "nonsense show."

In "Truant Dragon", there are many such wonderful moments.

For example, when Zhou Xingxing and Cao Dahua were chatting, the two men suddenly kissed.

For example, Zhou Xingxing revealed his identity to his teacher, He Min (played by Zhang Min).

Cao Dahua was worried, and Zhou Xingxing said casually, "You go and kill her."

Cao Dahua on the side immediately revealedA funny, hideous expression

On the second level, no matter how outrageous the actor’s behavior is, it must be meaningful.

Let’s talk about Zhou Xingxing’s appearance.

A rescue operation, he was the captain.

The team rushed out one by one, but he was dripping eye drops

Deploying a course of action, he gestured,Directly stun teammates

Later, the team’s formation was completely messed up.

In desperation, during a duel with his opponent, he left his empty gun as a cover, shuttled up and down the building, and saved the hostages with one person.

Zhou Xingxing makes people around him puzzled whether he talks or does things.

We laugh because of this intensecontrast

And all of this is not for nothing, it all points to a point…

Zhou Xingxing’s personality: outstanding personal ability, but no leadership or cooperative spirit

There is a deeper meaning.

Stephen Chow’s comedy is just an appearance. He blends jokes with situations to explore people’s plight or to expose or criticize certain social realities

Remember the story of "Truant Dragon"?

Zhou Xingxing, a man who became a police officer because he hated studying, was sent to the school as an undercover agent to search for the missing gun of kindness from his boss.

Therefore, Zhou Xingxing was in great pain.

He sees the school as a prison

In his eyes, students are punished for being late, just like a **********.

The playground is no different from the **********.

In the classroom, but fantasizing about being imprisoned, he sang "Tears behind bars".

And, reflections on school education.

Overbearing teachers can make students lose interest in learning.

In the movie, the character of He Min is not just one of the elements of love.

She represents Zhou Xingxing’s yearning for an ideal education.

So you see.

Stephen Chow’s comedy is based on real people, real environments, and in-depth social observation

On the contrary, those nonsensical jokes are the embellishments that grow naturally and are the introductions that pull the audience into the world of his films

Such works are often read and updated.

Only then can we go through the washing of time and become an immortal classic.

And a bunch of movies that imitate Stephen Chow haven’t even touched the surface yet.

Watch "The New Truant Dragon" again.

The jokes came out of thin air.

Character behavior, grandiose.

Especially the female characters in it, their role is only to satisfy the obscene YY of some male characters.

Not to mention the profound meaning.

Every time we look at a similar shoddy copy, we have this feeling: "Look at the original and wash your eyes."

Consumer sentiment is shameful.

But there was something even scarier.If lazy creativity can still make money, it is bound to attract more followers

As a consequence, bad money drives out good money.

Pai Ye insisted.

Feelings should not be used for consumption, but for nourishment

In every era, there should be people who are willing to work hard on the road of creation and overcome obstacles.

To be able to create such a work: decades later, it will be regarded as a classic, shrouded in a halo of feelings.

No one can be second to Stephen Chow.

However, someone will definitely become the number one xx.

Successfully "conquered" Mount Everest! Avita 11 Hongmeng Edition opens up a new way for smart drivers to enter Tibet

  Avita 11 Hongmeng version is just listed at the end of August to change the model, the new car price range of 30-390,000 yuan, there is a deposit expansion of the car discount, after the conversion of the starting price of 280,000 yuan. It is reported that the Avita 11 Hongmeng version in the listing 7 days of large orders have exceeded 5000 units, the depth of customization of the Hongmeng cockpit and Huawei high-end intelligent driving assistance system ADS 2.0 also made it popular.

  On October 10th, Avita’s "Smart Driving Challenge to Mount Everest" came to a successful conclusion. The Avita 11 Hongmeng Edition lasted for nine days, climbed over six mountains over 4,000 meters, crossed rivers and rivers, broke through complex terrain obstacles, and successfully arrived at the Everest base camp. The total mileage along the way exceeded 3,376 kilometers and the altitude drop was as high as 5,000 meters. It was undoubtedly a comprehensive test of smart driving functions, three electric systems, and car performance. As a result, Avita also became the world’s first car brand in the industry to drive intelligently "to conquer Sichuan, Tibet, and climb Mount Everest".

  *******cheng, vice-president and chief marketing officer of Avita Technology, said: "From horse-drawn carriages to cars, from refueling to charging, from self-driving to smart driving, human travel has never stopped evolving. Today, Avita has opened up a new way of entering Tibet as a pioneer, bringing users a more relaxed and labor-saving, green and environmentally friendly travel experience, which is also the greatest value of this smart driving Mount Everest."

  In terms of smart driving assistance, with the blessing of Huawei technology, Avita 11 Hongmeng Edition is equipped with HI Huawei’s full-stack smart car solution, with strong sensing and computing power. In this trip, the smart driving mileage reached 3,072 kilometers, accounting for 91% of the total mileage. It is worth mentioning that Avita has gradually launched the NCA for map-free smart driving, which will take the lead in covering the six cities of Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Chongqing, Shenzhen and Hangzhou, and achieve full domestic coverage within the year. This will also unlock more high-frequency smart driving scenarios, making the smart driving experience "more familiar" and "wider and wider".

  In terms of the three-power system, solid cruising range and energy replenishment efficiency have become necessary conditions for a smooth ascent to the top. The Avita 11 Hongmeng Edition is equipped with a battery pack from the Ningde era, with a maximum cruising range of 730km, and the whole system supports 750V high-voltage overcharging technology, with a super battery life of "what you see is what you get". During the journey to conquer Mount Everest, the Avita 11 Hongmeng Edition has an average speed of 62km/h throughout the journey, achieving 0 takeover under the premise of ensuring traffic efficiency. The decision-making of the intelligent driving system takes into account safety and high efficiency.

  The success of Avita 11 Hongmeng Edition "Smart Driving to the Top" is the end of this challenge, and it is another starting point for Avita to climb up. In the future, Avita will continue to explore and break through upward, continue to lead China’s smart electric vehicle industry to climb to new peaks, and bring users a new and advanced smart driving experience.

Stephen Chow’s new film originates from childhood shadows (photo)


    The young actor and the young star (below) are very similar

    The reporter learned from Hong Kong Xinghui Company that the sci-fi family film "Yangtze River No. 7" directed by Stephen Chow has not passed the film bureau’s review and will be released on January 31 next year. Through interviews with the behind-the-scenes staff of "Yangtze River No. 7", the reporter learned that Zhou Xingchi’s filming of "Yangtze River No. 7" was actually to compensate for the missing father and son relationship in childhood, and the title "Yangtze River No. 7" was originally the name of an alien flying saucer.

    Exclusive reveal

    The film makes up for childhood regrets

    As early as during the filming of "Kung Fu", Zhou Xingchi began to conceive the script of "Yangtze River No. 7", and Zhou Xingchi had the idea of shooting a film reflecting the relationship between father and son for a long time. According to Wei Dashen, Zhou Xingchi grew up in a single-parent family, and the lack of fatherly love in his childhood has always been his regret, more or less shadowed, which has also become his motivation for shooting "Yangtze River No. 7". When "Yangtze River No. 7" was about to start filming, no young actors were selected. Until Zhou Xingchi saw Xu Jiao, he only auditioned for one audition and decided that Xu Jiao would play his son in reverse. When everyone saw Xu Jiao, they immediately understood that she was quite similar to Zhou Xingchi in childhood, which verified Zhou Xingchi’s motivation for making the film.

    Industry insiders who have seen rough-cut samples say that "Yangtze River No. 7" is the purest of Chow’s films, expressing the sincere love between father and son. Although there is a hazy love between Chow Xingchi and Zhang Yuqi in the film, it is very subtle and the proportion is insignificant.

    Aliens are all computer-generated

    In the movie "Yangtze River No. 7", in addition to Zhou Xingchi and his son, there are also many alien scenes. Although there is only one alien flying saucer "Yangtze River No. 7" in the film, there will be many aliens. For the convenience of posting productin, Zhou Xingchi and Xu Jiao are often acting in the air. Xinghui Company revealed that almost all the alien movements of aliens are synthesized by computers, and only the facial expressions are specially played by real people, similar to "Gollum" in "Lord of the Rings".

    Xinghui spokesperson Wei Dashen admitted that the addition of extraterrestrial elements to the father-son relationship is on the one hand because Zhou Xingchi has always liked Spielberg’s science fiction movies, such as "The Third Kind of Contact" and "E.T.", and on the other hand, it is also for commercial reasons.

    "Take Off the Trash" was filmed for seven days

    The reporter learned that "Changjiang No. 7" is actually the name of the alien flying saucer in the movie. Xinghui recently released a batch of stills of "Changjiang No. 7" to the public. The most eye-catching scene is the scene where Zhou Xingchi watched the alien flying saucer rise slowly from a pile of garbage. This scene seems simple, but it is time-consuming and expensive to shoot. It is reported that this scene cost several million yuan and took seven days to complete. Zhou Xingchi rented an abandoned warehouse in the suburbs of Ningbo and bought tons of garbage to make it look like a garbage dump. He also specially ordered five flying saucers to make it easier for the flying saucers to be replaced after they were damaged during shooting. Sure enough, because the flying saucers were too heavy, the steel wires of the crane could not bear it, and a total of two flying saucers were broken during shooting. In addition, Zhou Xingchi required that garbage constantly fall from the flying saucer during the process of lifting the flying saucer from the garbage heap. In actual shooting, the garbage always fell off the flying saucer as soon as it left the ground, but did not fall down during the ascent process. The staff had to tie the large garbage on the flying saucer with Weiya, so that it could fall down one by one during the ascent of the flying saucer. After such a toss, this scene was filmed for 7 days.

Editor in charge: Yang Leisha

Autonavi Maps released AutoSDK 750 for the automotive industry: upgraded lane-level navigation 5.0, multi-scene lane-level safety warning and other functions

  Recently, at the 16th China Automotive Blue Book Forum, Autonavi Maps officially released AutoSDK 750 for the automotive industry, launching a number of function updates including new energy navigation, multi-scenario lane-level safety warning, lane-level navigation 5.0, co-pilot screen weekend travel assistant, driver interconnection seamless connection experience, scene engine fast departure, etc.

  In recent years, China’s new energy vehicle market penetration rate has been rising, as of March 2024 has reached 48.2%, and in 2023 this data is only 31.6%.

  This growth rate indicates that in the near future, new energy vehicles will become the dominant force in the Chinese market. At the same time, the application of artificial intelligence, big data, cloud computing and other technologies has also brought unprecedented innovation and change to the automotive industry.

  Jiang Rui, vice president of Autonavi Maps, judged that the future mainstream car is a combination of new energy and intelligence, and the core R & D strength of the car factory will be concentrated in these two parts. At the same time, no matter what the price of travel, the driver and passenger experience cannot escape the three keywords of "safety, efficiency and comfort".

  "Autonavi Maps will also provide users with valuable mobility products around these three keywords," Jiang Rui said.

  Intelligent and new energy face challenges

  According to the data, as of May 2023, the member units of the China Charging Alliance have reported a total of 2.084 million public charging piles, including 877,000 DC charging piles and 1.207 million AC charging piles. From June 2022 to May 2023, the monthly average of new public charging piles is about 55,000.

  Although a large number of charging piles have been built, the current total amount of charging piles cannot fully meet the charging needs of electric vehicles. At the same time, factors such as uneven distribution of charging piles and uneven quality of charging piles have caused the tram to be easy to use and difficult to charge.

  When planning the charging route of electric vehicles, taking into account various factors such as different car companies’ different definitions of charging preferences, users’ preferences for charging piles, and the inconvenience of charging piles located underground will lead to "charging anxiety" when users go out.

  With the continuous improvement of the human-vehicle interaction experience, the integration of various information such as navigation, control, and information display into a highly visually impactful screen has become the prelude to the transformation of smart cars, and the multi-screen interconnection design has also become a new generation of smart cars.

  However, the exclusive screen services corresponding to the main driver’s screen, co-pilot’s screen, and rear cabin screen, because of their different functions, how to ensure that the navigation information before the screen flows, rather than exists in isolation. This is affected by many factors such as safety, physical materials, and performance.

  At the same time, due to inconsistent strategies and technologies, users experience differences when using mobile phones and cars to navigate. Intelligence is inseparable from the discussion of "handcar interconnection". In the navigation scenario, how to create intelligent experiences at different end points of mobile phones and cars is also a challenge currently facing.

  In addition, on the one hand, China’s transportation game is extremely complex, not only reflected in the scale and diversity of transportation networks, but also in policy formulation, planning implementation, operation management and other aspects. On the other hand, as of the first half of 2023, China’s new passenger car sales with combined driving auxiliary features have accounted for 42.4%.

  Complex traffic information and a large number of auxiliary driving vehicles also put forward further requirements for maps, mainly reflected in map freshness, complex intersection recognition, dynamic variable processing, recognition training generalization of traffic infrastructure, and understanding of traffic rules.

  This also puts forward further requirements for the safety early warning capability in the travel ecosystem. At present, the Autonavi map app has realized the lane-level early warning function of the top ten scenarios, providing users with real-time early warning of driving risks in an all-round and over-the-horizon manner, making travel safer.

  Finally, although all mid-to-high-end models are currently equipped with lane-level navigation functions as standard, there is still room for improvement in terms of effectiveness, performance, and efficiency.

  AutoSDK 750 + lane-level navigation 5.0 + HQLive map services provide comprehensive solutions to help automakers create user experiences that exceed expectations

  Based on this background, Autonavi Maps officially released AutoSDK 750 for the automotive industry, providing users with better services and experiences together with automakers.

  Based on the rich and prepared charging pile data, it brings users more personalized type screening and search recommendation functions. Support checking "alternative charging stations", user setting pile preference/block charging piles, alternative routes, and can provide a consistent experience of handcar interconnection.

  Starting with the short-distance tour scene of a family trip, the co-pilot screen will display the full list of the journey and highlight the unique geographical location information during the journey, allowing the co-pilot to be a good driver and helper.

  It can be connected on foot. When the user plans to go to the shopping mall store, they can navigate to the parking lot, walk to the store in the shopping mall, automatically connect to the AutoNavi Map mobile APP, and navigate the return on foot through the recorded parking location.

  Non-inductive interconnection, supports more effective mutual discovery between the car and the Autonavi mobile APP, prompts the user to scan and log in from the mobile phone side to realize connection, and can realize functions such as mobile phone viewing POI and automatic navigation initiated by the car after planning the route.

  Based on massive travel data, anticipate the user’s travel purpose, prompt the user on the car map, and directly click on the navigation to start quickly.

  In addition, last year, Autonavi Maps released HQ Live MAP, which integrates the advantages of HD MAP and SD MAP, and through self-developed crowdsource equipment, based on the visual crowdsource acquisition technology under the compliance platform, it is widely deployed to a large number of logistics vehicles, industry vehicles, dispatching vehicles, etc., to achieve a significant improvement in the complete process from discovery, collection, production to release, and to create a "living map" with multiple partners.

  Jiang Rui said that the current HQ Live MAP is constantly improving its freshness, not only expressing complex intersection scenes with sufficient detail, but also providing a large amount of real-time and accurate dynamic data such as lane-level construction and accidents, which can not only provide over-the-horizon warning when driving, but also effectively improve the safety of advanced driver assistance systems.

  At present, Autonavi has partnered with Ideal to update the dynamic construction information function, which will alert the driver earlier when the assisted driving is turned on.

  Jiang Rui said that we clearly know that Autonavi is not enough to develop a navigation that exceeds users’ expectations in the car. We are very grateful to the customer’s Product R & D test team, without whom Autonavi would not have been successful in the automotive field. We also hope to use our modest power to help them develop a product that exceeds expectations more efficiently through knowledge and tool system.

  At present, the Autonavi Automotive Open Service website has provided comprehensive product, design, development and testing guidelines for certified users for customer reference, and will increase the ability of models in the future. Launched a new development intelligence kit, continuously reducing granularity to provide engineers with effective code, and will continue to improve design tools, power builders and testing tools, dedicated to providing customers with a tool chain that can reduce costs and increase efficiency.

  Jiang Rui said that we will continue to work on the road of "good development" and "good development", so that car companies can develop products that exceed user expectations more efficiently and cost-effectively. Dozens of car companies have chosen AutoSDK750 and lane-level 5.0 version for mass production or OTA, and we are also working non-stop on the development of the next generation version and the planning of the next generation version.

  As a leading provider of digital map content, navigation and location-based service solutions in China, "making a map" has been Autonavi’s original intention since its establishment in 2002. Over the past two decades, it has accumulated strong technologies, products and ecological capabilities, and is in a leading position in the industry from the perspective of "guiding people" and "guiding cars". As of now, Autonavi has more than 40 car company partners and has served hundreds of thousands of cars in mass production.

  Jiang Rui said that China’s automobile industry is facing upgrading changes, and opportunities and challenges coexist on the road to new energy and intelligence. Autonavi Map will work with all partners to contribute to the upgrading of China’s automobile industry.


Chery’s new Tiggo 8 exposure: the configuration is greatly increased and there is a 1.5T+48V hybrid!

Tiggo 8 is a medium-sized SUV owned by Chery, and it is also the sales pillar model of Chery. At the beginning of this year, Chery revealed that the Tiggo 8 will usher in a modified model this year, with the internal code name T1D.

A few days ago, we obtained some configuration information of the new Tiggo 8(T1D) through the network channel. In addition to the brand-new innovation and upgrade in appearance and interior, the new car also added a number of comfort and safety configurations.

And in terms of power, the 48V light mixing system was introduced for the first time, which also means that the price of the new car may be raised. At present, the price range of the current Tiggo 8 model is 8.88-155,900 yuan, focusing on the medium-sized SUV market of 100,000 yuan.

Is there a difference between different motors? Accelerated measurement of krypton 001

Passive safety Extreme Krypton 001 2021 Super Long Endurance Double Motor YOU Edition Extreme Krypton 001 2021 Long-life Double Motor WE Edition Extreme Krypton 001 2021 Super Long Life Single Motor WE Edition Main/passenger seat airbag Main ●/Deputy ● Main ●/Deputy ● Main ●/Deputy ● Front/rear side airbag Front ●/Back- Front ●/Back- Front ●/Back- Front/rear head airbag (air curtain) Front ●/rear ● Front ●/rear ● Front ●/rear ● knee airbag – – – Passenger seat cushion airbag – – – Front middle airbag – – – Rear seat belt airbag – – – Rear seat anti-sliding airbag – – – Rear center airbag – – – Rear forward airbag – – – Rear windshield airbag – – – Passive pedestrian protection – – – Runflat tire zero zero zero ISOFIX child seat interface ● ● ● ABS anti-lock braking ● ● ● Braking force distribution (EBD/CBC, etc.) ● ● ● Brake assist (EBA/BAS/BA, etc.) ● ● ● Traction control (ASR/TCS/TRC, etc.) ● ● ● Body stability control (ESC/ESP/DSC, etc.) ● ● ● Active safety Extreme Krypton 001 2021 Super Long Endurance Double Motor YOU Edition Extreme Krypton 001 2021 Long-life Double Motor WE Edition Extreme Krypton 001 2021 Super Long Life Single Motor WE Edition lane departure warning system ● ● ● Active braking/active safety system ● ● ● Fatigue driving tips ● ● ● DOW opening warning ● ● ● Forward collision warning ● ● ● Rear collision warning ● ● ● Moving object early warning system – – – Sentinel mode/clairvoyance – – – Low speed driving warning ● ● ● Built-in driving recorder ● ● ● Road rescue call ● ● ● Anti-rollover system – – – Driving control Extreme Krypton 001 2021 Super Long Endurance Double Motor YOU Edition Extreme Krypton 001 2021 Long-life Double Motor WE Edition Extreme Krypton 001 2021 Super Long Life Single Motor WE Edition Single pedal mode – – – Energy recovery system ● ● ● Automatic parking ● ● ● hill start assist control ● ● ● Steep slope descent ● ● ● Air suspension ● zero zero Electromagnetic induction suspension ● zero zero Magic carpet intelligent suspension – – – Variable steering ratio ● ● ● Trailing mode – – – Four-wheel drive/cross country Extreme Krypton 001 2021 Super Long Endurance Double Motor YOU Edition Extreme Krypton 001 2021 Long-life Double Motor WE Edition Extreme Krypton 001 2021 Super Long Life Single Motor WE Edition Integral active steering system – – – Wading induction system – – – Low speed four-wheel drive – – – Creep mode – – – Tank turn – – – Wading throat – – – Driving hardware Extreme Krypton 001 2021 Super Long Endurance Double Motor YOU Edition Extreme Krypton 001 2021 Long-life Double Motor WE Edition Extreme Krypton 001 2021 Super Long Life Single Motor WE Edition Front/rear parking radar Front ●/rear ● Front ●/rear ● Front ●/rear ● Transparent chassis /540-degree image ● ● ● Driving function Extreme Krypton 001 2021 Super Long Endurance Double Motor YOU Edition Extreme Krypton 001 2021 Long-life Double Motor WE Edition Extreme Krypton 001 2021 Super Long Life Single Motor WE Edition Reversing vehicle side early warning system zero zero zero satellite navigation system ● ● ● Navigation road information display ● ● ● AR real-life navigation – – – High precision map ● ● ● Parallel auxiliary ● ● ● lane keeping assist system ● ● ● Lane centering ● ● ● Road traffic sign recognition zero zero zero night vision system – – – park assist vision zero zero zero Remote parking zero zero zero Memory parking – – – Valet parking – – – Automatic lane change assistance ● ● ● Automatic exit (entry) of ramp – – – Signal lamp recognition – – – Track backwards – – – Remote summoning – – – Steering wheel off-hand detection – – – Start reminder – – – Appearance/theft prevention Extreme Krypton 001 2021 Super Long Endurance Double Motor YOU Edition Extreme Krypton 001 2021 Long-life Double Motor WE Edition Extreme Krypton 001 2021 Super Long Life Single Motor WE Edition Sports appearance kit – – – Electric spoiler – – – Automatic door opening and closing ● zero zero Frameless design door ● ● ● Magic induction door – – – Electric trunk ● ● ● Induction trunk ● zero zero Electric trunk position memory ● ● ● The tailgate glass opens independently. – – – Garage door remote control device – – – roof luggage rack – – – Central lock in car ● ● ● keyless start system ● ● ● Hidden electric door handle ● ● ● Push-button door opening – – – Active closed air intake grille ● ● ● Battery preheating ● ● ● External discharge ● ● ● Vehicle wireless charging – – – Exterior lighting Extreme Krypton 001 2021 Super Long Endurance Double Motor YOU Edition Extreme Krypton 001 2021 Long-life Double Motor WE Edition Extreme Krypton 001 2021 Super Long Life Single Motor WE Edition LED daytime running lights ● ● ● Adaptive far and near light ● ● ● Automatic headlights ● ● ● Steering assist light – – – Steering headlight – – – Headlight rain fog mode – – – Headlight height is adjustable. ● ● ● Headlight cleaning device – – – Headlights are turned off with delay. ● ● ● Scene lamp language – – – Skylight/glass Extreme Krypton 001 2021 Super Long Endurance Double Motor YOU Edition Extreme Krypton 001 2021 Long-life Double Motor WE Edition Extreme Krypton 001 2021 Super Long Life Single Motor WE Edition Sky skylight zero zero zero Light-sensing canopy – – – Front/rear power windows Front ●/rear ● Front ●/rear ● Front ●/rear ● Anti-pinch function of window ● ● ● Rear windshield sunshade – – – Rear privacy glass ● – – Rear wiper – – – Heatable water spray nozzle – – – Screen/system Extreme Krypton 001 2021 Super Long Endurance Double Motor YOU Edition Extreme Krypton 001 2021 Long-life Double Motor WE Edition Extreme Krypton 001 2021 Super Long Life Single Motor WE Edition Rotating large screen – – – Reversible central control screen – – – Central control LCD screen display – – – Bluetooth/car phone ● ● ● Gesture control – – – Face recognition ● ● ● Voiceprint recognition – – – Application store – – – mobile TV – – – Rear row control multimedia ● zero zero Multi-finger flying screen control – – – Touch screen vibration feedback – – – Screen peep prevention – – – Phonetic wake-up-free words – – – Speech continuous recognition – – – It can be said by sight. – – – Intelligent configuration Extreme Krypton 001 2021 Super Long Endurance Double Motor YOU Edition Extreme Krypton 001 2021 Long-life Double Motor WE Edition Extreme Krypton 001 2021 Super Long Life Single Motor WE Edition Internet of Vehicles ● ● ● OTA upgrade ● ● ● Wi-Fi hotspot ● ● ● V2X communication – – – In-vehicle biological monitoring system – – – Active noise reduction – – – Simulated sound wave – – – Vehicle-mounted KTV – – – Steering wheel/interior rearview mirror Extreme Krypton 001 2021 Super Long Endurance Double Motor YOU Edition Extreme Krypton 001 2021 Long-life Double Motor WE Edition Extreme Krypton 001 2021 Super Long Life Single Motor WE Edition Multifunction steering wheel ● ● ● Steering wheel shift – – – Steering wheel heating ● zero zero Steering wheel memory ● ● ● Full LCD instrument panel ● ● ● HUD head-up digital display ● ● ● AR-HUD augmented reality head-up display – – – Electric adjustable pedal – – – ETC device – – – In-vehicle charging Extreme Krypton 001 2021 Super Long Endurance Double Motor YOU Edition Extreme Krypton 001 2021 Long-life Double Motor WE Edition Extreme Krypton 001 2021 Super Long Life Single Motor WE Edition 220V/230V power supply – – – Luggage compartment 12V power interface ● ● ● Seat configuration Extreme Krypton 001 2021 Super Long Endurance Double Motor YOU Edition Extreme Krypton 001 2021 Long-life Double Motor WE Edition Extreme Krypton 001 2021 Super Long Life Single Motor WE Edition Sports style seat – – – Electric adjustment of main/passenger seat Main ●/Deputy ● Main ●/Deputy ● Main ●/Deputy ● Head and neck heating system – – – Adjustable button in the back row of the co-pilot seat ● ● ● Electric adjustment of the second row seat ● ● ● Liftable front and rear compartment partition – – – Fuzhi seat – – – Back table board – – – Second row of independent seats – – – Electric adjustment of the third row seat – – – Rear seat electric recline – – – Front/rear center armrest Front ●/rear ● Front ●/rear ● Front ●/rear ● Rear cup holder ● ● ● Move the armrest box back and forth – – – Audio/interior lighting Extreme Krypton 001 2021 Super Long Endurance Double Motor YOU Edition Extreme Krypton 001 2021 Long-life Double Motor WE Edition Extreme Krypton 001 2021 Super Long Life Single Motor WE Edition Dolby Atmos – – – Touch reading lamp – – – Active ambient light – – – Air conditioner/refrigerator Extreme Krypton 001 2021 Super Long Endurance Double Motor YOU Edition Extreme Krypton 001 2021 Long-life Double Motor WE Edition Extreme Krypton 001 2021 Super Long Life Single Motor WE Edition Heat pump air conditioning ● ● ● Rear independent air conditioning ● zero zero Rear seat air outlet ● ● ● Temperature zone control ● ● ● car air purifier – – – In-vehicle PM2.5 filtering device ● ● ● negative ion generator – – – Interior fragrance device ● zero zero Air quality monitoring – – – Car refrigerator – – –

Xuzhou Zhiji LS7 is on sale, with a maximum discount of 10,000! If you miss it, you won’t

In [car home Xuzhou Promotion Channel], we bring you preferential information about a luxury SUV—— that has attracted much attention. At present, Zhiji LS7 is under way in Xuzhou, with the highest discount of 10,000 yuan and the lowest starting price of 279,800 yuan. If you are interested in this model, you can click the "Check Car Price" button in the quotation form to get a higher discount and buy your favorite model.


Zhiji LS7 is a stylish and dynamic large SUV with a unique front face design. The air intake grille adopts a unique diamond design, which highlights the sense of movement and technology of the vehicle. Overall style, Zhiji LS7 adopts a streamlined body design, with smooth lines and tension, showing a strong sporty atmosphere. The side of the car body adopts tough lines, which further highlights its luxurious atmosphere. In addition, Zhiji LS7 is also equipped with full LED headlight group, which makes the lighting effect of the vehicle more excellent, and also improves the safety of driving at night. In a word, the design of Zhiji LS7 is very attractive, and people can be attracted by its unique shape at a glance.


Zhiji LS7 is a medium and large SUV with a body size of 5049*2002*1731mm, a wheelbase of 3060mm, and front and rear wheel tracks of 1700mm and 1715mm respectively. Viewed from the side, the lines of Zhiji LS7 are smooth and the whole vehicle looks very atmospheric. The front and rear wheels are equipped with 255/55 R20 and 275/50 R20 tires respectively, and the rim design is fashionable, showing a sporty style as a whole. The tyre size and rim style of the car provide a strong guarantee for the handling performance and driving stability of the vehicle.


The interior design of Zhiji LS7 is simple and elegant, with high-quality materials and fine workmanship, creating a comfortable and luxurious driving experience. The steering wheel is made of leather and equipped with electric up and down+front and rear adjustment function, so that the driver can adjust according to his own needs and be more comfortable. The central control screen size is 26.3 inches, and it has advanced speech recognition control system, which can realize multimedia, navigation, telephone, air conditioning and other aspects of control. The seat is made of imitation leather or genuine leather. The main seat supports fore-and-aft adjustment, backrest adjustment, height adjustment (4-way) and lumbar support (4-way). The auxiliary seat supports fore-and-aft adjustment, backrest adjustment, height adjustment (2-way) and lumbar support (2-way). The front seat is also equipped with heating function. In addition, the rear seats support proportional tilting, providing passengers with more flexible spatial layout. Both the front row and the back row are equipped with Type-C interfaces, which is convenient for users to charge and transmit data. Overall, the interior design and configuration of Zhiji LS7 are excellent, providing drivers and passengers with a comfortable and convenient driving experience.


The maximum power and torque of Zhiji LS7 engine are 250 kW and 475 N·m respectively. This engine can provide strong power output, so that drivers can feel excellent acceleration performance during driving. At the same time, the engine also has the characteristics of high efficiency and energy saving, which makes Zhiji LS7 perform well in fuel economy. Whether on urban roads or highways, Zhiji LS7 can easily meet various driving needs and provide users with a comfortable and safe driving experience.

In the evaluation of car home car owners, he mentioned that the appearance of Zhiji LS7 is very handsome, especially the front part, at least he thinks so. This shows that the design of Zhiji LS7 really left a deep impression on the owner. In addition, the owner also mentioned the design of the rear part, which is very beautiful. On the whole, the exterior design of Zhiji LS7 has been highly praised by car owners and has become one of the important factors to attract consumers.

Revealing New Deceptions, Preventing Deceptions by online celebrity, a New Old Man.

  [Keywords:] fraud of "magic medicine", "free travel", "asking for change", "high return" and "special telephone".

  Fraud cases against the elderly are always emerging. The reason why criminals focus on the elderly is that they don’t know enough about social development information and common fraud methods, and their ability to prevent fraud is lower than that of people of other ages.

  Recently, many "new old people" have emerged in online celebrity, who are themselves silver-haired old people. By revealing the scams set for the elderly and imparting anti-fraud knowledge and means, they have gained the attention and praise of middle-aged and elderly people. The public security department can also cooperate with these elderly online celebrity to improve the elderly’s anti-fraud awareness and ability while increasing the publicity of new media platforms.

  "New old age" online celebrity focuses on revealing scams

  More and more old people come to the stage to record their lives. online celebrity, an old man, has not only become a new "source of happiness" for young people, but also taught anti-fraud knowledge through entertaining performances like family members.

  Online celebrity, an elderly woman named "Detective Aunt" on the Tik Tok, focuses on uncovering old people’s scams. Her head is a silver-haired old lady with a fan. Eyes are the pure big eyes of a beautiful girl warrior, but she is not pure at all. She is a wily aunt. Her scam video attracted more than 11.12 million likes and more than 2.44 million fans.

  At the top of the "detective aunt" is a bad short video that helps the uncle to look after the children and steal them. The commentary is simple: "divert attention" and "recognize relatives" are the usual routines of traffickers! This video has the most likes and comments, with 2.77 million likes and 60,000 comments. Recently, the suspect "Mei Yi" who abducted nine children was attacked by netizens on the online platform, and the short video made by "Detective Aunt" undoubtedly reminded the elderly to be vigilant while taking care of their children, so that they could always pay attention to their children!

  Another reasoning video of "Detective Aunt" demonstrates the play that Su Daqiang always fell in love with in "Everything is Fine". In the play, Su Daqiang thinks that he met the "considerate" nanny Cai Genhua and is desperate to marry the nanny. However, what Cai Genhua covets is Su Daqiang’s real estate. This reasoning video of "Detective Aunt" has a simple annotation: seemingly sweet love is actually a well-designed script. The old man was coaxed by the young woman and forced by emotional pressure, saying, "I’ll give you all my bankbooks tonight." On the spot, "Detective Aunt" poked two young women’s "pig-killing plate" investment in the elderly and warned the elderly not to be deceived by swindlers. I can’t help but remind people that on April 21 this year, Jia Laobo, an 80-year-old family with children in Wuzhong, Suzhou, gave a property to a nanny who took care of himself in the form of a book legacy. Netizens talk about it in succession, which is the true feelings nurtured by meticulous care, but some people say that this is another typical trick to defraud the elderly.

  Nowadays, many fraudulent means seem seamless, but many tricks appear repeatedly. The reason why they succeed repeatedly is mainly to grasp the shortcomings of the elderly, such as emotional lack, attention to health, insufficient awareness of prevention, and one-sided knowledge reserve. Here, remind the elderly that if they encounter such things, they should first think calmly. "There will be no pie in the sky." As long as they are treated with caution, many tricks will be seen through.

  There are five types of new scams that need to be guarded against.

  On November 22nd, Tian Xingjun, a community policeman from Jimei Police Station in Xiamen, Fujian Province, successfully stopped a winning fraud against the elderly. On the same day, the police visited the community, and suddenly an 80-year-old Mr. Wang Lao stopped him and asked for help to verify the number. Surprisingly, when the police asked about the use of the number, Mr. Wang prevaricated and told the truth after being enlightened. It turned out that Mr. Wang received a letter containing a lottery ticket for health care products. "I scraped the lottery ticket and found myself winning 1 million yuan." Mr. Wang immediately contacted the so-called redemption notary "Wang Juan" on the lottery ticket. The other party said that the premise is that the notary fee of 20,000 yuan and personal income tax should be paid to the designated bank card on the same day. Mr. Wang prepared to remit money, but fortunately, the community police stopped him, which saved his property from loss. Mr. Wang suddenly realized that he had bought the company’s health care products. After the salesman asked for personal information, he also told the company that there were activities in the near future, indicating that he would inform the elderly to participate. "I am also convinced because of such a premise." Such new tricks are not uncommon. Criminals use psychological hints to cheat the elderly frequently.

  In daily life, all kinds of fraud methods for the elderly need to be guarded against. To sum up, there are the following categories:

  Deception 1: "God doctor" fraud. Fraudsters flaunt themselves as "magic doctors" who can cure all diseases and promote the so-called "all-purpose magic medicine", just like the fraud case in which "Shaolin monks" promote "magic medicine".

  Scam 2: "free travel" fraud. Attracting the attention of the elderly with "free travel" is actually just a cover. What is important is to bring the elderly to the pre-arranged site, match them with famous doctors and lecturers, boast in an all-round way, and fool the elderly into buying thousands of so-called "health care products", just like the fraud case of "filial piety in China".

  Scam 3: "seeking change" fraud. This kind of fraud mostly happens to the elderly who set up stalls selling vegetables in the suburbs. The swindlers pretend to buy food from the elderly and lie that they have no change. In the process of finding change, they will take the opportunity to replace the fake money. When the old man found out, the criminals had already escaped.

  Scam 4: "high return" fraud. The fraudsters first rented high-grade office buildings, decorated them carefully, and made up "investment projects" to publicize them everywhere. When old people come to invest and consult, they warmly receive them, and ask so-called experts to explain the industry background and market trend, and lure the old people with high interest rates. At first, short-term investment is allowed. Once the old people invest a lot of money, the office building will be empty.

  Scam 5: "special phone" fraud. Fraudsters call themselves staff members of state organs such as courts and public security bureaus, claiming that the children of the elderly need money to deal with "crimes" in other places, and falsify court "subpoenas" and public security "arrest warrants" to convince the elderly; Or lied that the children of the elderly had a car accident and needed money for treatment. Old people are eager to "save their children" and will quickly remit money.

  Therefore, the public security and other relevant departments should strengthen law enforcement, severely crack down on fraud such as health care for the elderly, investment in pension projects, "unfreezing national assets" and antiques, and enhance the deterrence against criminals. At the same time, we can cooperate with the old online celebrity on the network platform, increase publicity and improve the anti-fraud awareness and ability of the elderly.

  Many old people think that "they cross more bridges and eat more salt than the younger generation", but in a rapidly changing society, new types of fraud are everywhere, and social experience obviously cannot keep up with the changes of the times, so the old people are easily deceived. For the anti-fraud propaganda of the elderly, we need to pay attention to methods, and instilling opinions directly will easily hurt their self-esteem and produce resistance. Just like the short video of "Detective Aunt", there should be more case propaganda. Through deductive display, the old people should be aware of the hidden dangers and realize that their anti-fraud ability is different from that of young people, so as to strengthen communication and discussion with their children and effectively reduce the probability of being cheated.

  Text/Wang Wei

2023 Volvo XC60 arrived at the store with the same appearance and a small upgrade.

  [Pacific Auto Network New Car Channel] Recently, we photographed the real car picture of the 2023 Volvo XC60 (parameter picture) (inquiry base price | check and match) from the dealer. As an annual redesigned model, the appearance of the new car has not changed much, but it has been improved in terms of configuration, and the new car will be listed in the near future.

  Appearance, the new car still uses the design of the current model, the front of the car also uses a polygonal grille, and with the straight waterfall design of the middle net, the classic Raytheon hammer headlights on both sides are still sharp. The overall design still retains the steady atmosphere of XC60. The rear of the new car is not much different from the cash, and it still retains the gas field that the tough urban SUV should have.

  In terms of interior, the new car adopts a full LCD instrument panel and a three-spoke multi-function steering wheel. The central control is equipped with a longitudinal multimedia touch screen and an electronic gear shifting mechanism. The entire central control layout is as simple as ever.

  In terms of configuration, referring to the 2023 XC60 T8 model, laminated glass will be added to the new car. In addition, the new car may be equipped with a brand-new intelligent infotainment system, and the safety configuration will re-match the functions of automatic braking, emergency parking assistance, crystal lever, remote control and automatic parking of some models.

  In terms of power, the real shot model is the 2023 B5 four-wheel drive Zhiyi Deluxe Edition, which is equipped with a 2.0T turbocharged engine and a 48V light mixing system. In terms of data, its maximum power is 184kW(250PS) and its maximum torque is 350N·m, which matches the automatic gearbox of 8AT and is also equipped with a four-wheel drive system. (Photo/Text: Pacific Auto Network Ke Kaiwen)

General Administration of Market Supervision: Strengthen the supervision and punishment of live broadcast with goods.

  CCTV News:On April 26th, the State Council held a press conference on the Annual Report on Combating Infringement and Counterfeiting in China (2022). A reporter asked, e-commerce and live broadcast selling fake and shoddy goods and false propaganda have always been the focus of people’s attention because of the difficulty of safeguarding rights and governance. How to treat this problem? What are the countermeasures?

  In this regard, Gan Lin, deputy director of the State Administration of Markets, said that the e-commerce platform and live delivery have developed rapidly in recent years, and some new problems have emerged while providing convenience for our consumers. During the "double 11" last year, China Consumers Association used the Internet public opinion monitoring system to analyze the consumer rights protection situation from October 20th to November 13th. During the monitoring period, a total of 509,000 pieces of negative information about "live sales" were collected, accounting for 9.3% of the total information about "spit". Among them, counterfeiting, wrong version of goods, preferential differences and so on are the main problems.

  Through the monitoring data, we can also see that in the past promotion activities of e-commerce, such as the well-known chaos as "rules are difficult to beat the last payer" and "routines are getting more and more attractive", consumers’ evaluation of e-commerce platform to simplify promotion rules and enhance consumption experience tends to be positive, but problems still exist, mainly in two aspects: First, some business households have a weak sense of integrity; Second, some platforms have not done enough to improve consumer satisfaction and sense of gain. When it comes to countermeasures, we mainly strengthen related work from three aspects:

  First, clarify and compact the platform responsibilities. Guide merchants and platform enterprises to strengthen "self-discipline", strengthen the awareness of integrity and rules, take the initiative to fill the shortcomings in implementing the main responsibility and restricting the management and control of operators in the platform, and continuously improve the satisfaction and acquisition of online shopping.

  The second is to increase supervision and punishment. In view of the new mode and new format of live broadcast with goods, on the one hand, we must adhere to inclusive and prudent supervision, on the other hand, we must keep the legal bottom line and ensure development in norms. For the platform with poor management and frequent problems, we should urge it to be rectified and implemented by interviewing and ordering it to make corrections; Anchors and businesses that obviously violate laws and regulations or harm consumers’ rights and interests should be severely punished according to law, and blacklisted according to the degree of infringement, so as to enhance the effectiveness and deterrent effect of supervision.

  The third is to raise the awareness of consumers. Through publicity and guidance, we call on consumers to constantly improve their self-protection awareness and risk prevention ability, clarify the boundaries of rights and interests, avoid blind impulses, achieve scientific consumption and rational rights protection, and participate in online promotion more maturely, confidently and responsibly.