Wang Bicong threw 6.30 million to recruit screenwriters and excellent scripts

Wang Bicong threw 6.30 million to recruit screenwriters and excellent scripts

The "Banana New Screenwriter Dream Project" initiated by Wang Sicong’s Banana Film Industry recently launched the "Dream Chasing" promotional video, announcing that it will explore the potential talents of Chinese excellent film screenwriters, and collect excellent Chinese original film scripts for playwrights under the age of 45 (inclusive) around the world. It strives to bring outstanding film plays hidden in the folk to the market and help the development of China’s film industry from the source. The deadline for submission of works is February 17, 2019, and the award will be announced in June 2019. The total prize is 6.30 million RMB, and the first prize is 1 1.50 million; the second prize is 2 1.20 million; the third prize is 3 800,000.

The promotional video of "Chasing Dreams" opens with various doubts about the screenwriters, reflecting the collective impression and prejudice of screenwriters in the current market. The screenwriting industry has been in the trough of being criticized by the public for a long time. Then, the screen switches to the screenwriters who are alone in the corner, and several dialogues of characters in different scenes appear in the background music. In the middle of the dialogue, the current situation and pain points faced by screenwriters are reflected: difficulties in entering the industry, life embarrassment, no authorship, no pay and no screenplay can be made. This is also the real situation faced by the screenwriting industry collectively. For this reason, Wang Sicong’s Banana Film launched the "New Screenwriters’ Dream Plan", which aims to break the pain points of the screenwriting industry, resolve the pain of screenwriters, and provide a more secure creative environment for Chinese screenwriters.

The bonus setting of the new screenwriter’s dream plan 6.30 million refuses to pay arrears, the absolute right of authorship protects the screenwriter’s intellectual copyright, the platform resources of banana film industry help the screenwriter’s round theater dream, and the big coffee jury guides the script to help new screenwriters enter the industry and grow. The new screenwriter’s dream plan combines four aspects to attack, disrupt the industry pain points of screenwriters, and help screenwriters open the door to dream.


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