Tencent king returns? In 2023, eight self-developed games will be launched, one of which can be called Wang Fried.

Tencent king returns? In 2023, eight self-developed games will be launched, one of which can be called Wang Fried.

As we all know, Tencent had a rather bleak life in 2022, and two new games were reviewed throughout the year, which made the giant of the domestic game industry look a little embarrassed. However, all this will usher in a turning point in 2023. In the past three editions of December, January and February, Tencent not only made the list, but also got many heavyweight masterpieces in the imported editions, sweeping away the past.

So today, let’s take a look at what new products Tencent will launch in 2023.

Awakening at dawn: vitality

The "Dawn Awakening: Vitality" mobile game is an open-world survival mobile game independently developed by Tencent Photonics Studio Group. The game has a seamless world, rich survival gameplay and diverse combat experiences, allowing players to explore together in a more realistic and free open world.

The overall gameplay of the game is still a common "zombie doomsday" type in domestic survival mobile games. Players deal with a large number of zombies while searching for props in the wild, and then use materials to build their own safe houses and weapons. This gameplay that integrates architecture, survival and resource exploration is also the mainstream of the mobile game market at present.

As the first self-developed work launched by Tencent this year, "Dawn Awakening: Vitality" is bound to be tilted by various resources, and the future activity intensity and update speed must be guaranteed.

"Dawn Awakening: Vitality" has been officially launched, and players interested in this type of survival sandbox shooting game can also download the experience directly.

King’s chess

"King Chess" is a brand-new derivative game of the glory of the king IP under Tencent Tianmei Studio. The game combines the previously popular self-propelled chess game with the hero role of King IP, thus giving birth to this brand-new self-propelled chess work.

I’m sure everyone will be familiar with the self-propelled chess game. the glory of the king was originally equipped with the corresponding self-propelled chess game, but the built-in self-propelled chess game has great restrictions on the picture effect and board special effects, which will also affect the volume of the game itself.

Therefore, the King’s Chess with better picture effect and more originality will be the best place for the future king’s chess lovers.

Of course, "the glory of the king" will inevitably be separated from some players by this new product, and the specific choice between them depends on Tianmei himself.

At present, after getting the version number in February, King Wan Chess has issued a document to celebrate the approval, and announced that the game will start the "Vientiane Departure" limited file deletion test in the near future. After all, it is a small game, and it will not be too difficult in technology and optimization. It is expected that the public beta will be launched this year.

Metal warhead: awakening

"Metal Warhead: Awakening" is a brand-new horizontal action shooting mobile game authorized by SNK and independently developed by Tencent Tianmei Studio. The game has just completed a round of testing before, and the completion degree has basically met the requirements of public beta.

In the previous test, the game restored the classic arcade "Alloy Warhead" in an all-round way. The game adopted the classic horizontal scroll-style clearance, and the classic maps such as pyramids, deserts and mines were also engraved on the level. Although the picture looks very high-definition, the overall style can still see the classic taste of alloy warheads.

"Metal Warhead: Awakening" has made a drastic transformation in the game’s characteristic gameplay. On the one hand, players can obtain a wide variety of weapons, equipment and characters through extraction, and the cultivation space is greatly improved. On the other hand, the game also incorporates a variety of special gameplay such as copy entry and Roguelike, which brings a lot of freshness to the game.

At present, the game has announced the approximate online time on the App Store, and players may be able to experience this game on April 28 this year.

Bao ke Meng da Ji "

In the list of imported version numbers reviewed at the end of last year, the long-awaited NS lightweight MOBA "Bao Ke Meng Da Ji" finally got the chance to play in World War I. This team strategy battle game jointly developed by Tianmei Studio Group and Nintendo allows players to play an interesting genuine Bao Ke Meng battle game on their mobile phones.

"Bao Ke Meng Da Ji" belongs to a special type of MOBA mobile game. Players can choose their own Bao Ke Meng to enter the game and start the game. In the course of the game, Bao Ke Meng can get points by killing wild monsters, killing enemies, etc. During the upgrade process, Bao Ke Meng can not only strengthen his own skills, but also usher in evolution at different stages, which can be said to be quite restored.

The map in "Bao Ke Meng Da Ji" is also relatively special. There are only two normal alignment lines, and all of them are wild areas in the middle. Players need to get points and compress their opponents’ activity space by scoring them into enemy strongholds until they break through the base.

This game can be downloaded for free on NS except the national service. In the future, the national service of "Bao Ke Meng Da Ji" will also realize the interoperability between the mobile terminal and NS Bank.

Edge of rebirth

Edge of Rebirth is a TPS tactical escape game produced by NEXT Studio of Tencent. Before that, the international version of the game has been publicly tested on the Steam platform, and the gameplay and operating experience are relatively mature.

The game combines various elements such as survival, construction and base construction, and also has a PVPVE gameplay experience of 50 players in a single game. Players can fight with other players while playing monsters and upgrading in the game.

At the same time, Beyond the traditional shooting and escape, The Edge of Rebirth incorporates the mechanism of nano-core control, which gives players a variety of skills and special abilities, such as being able to form a shield in the battlefield at any time, scouting the surrounding enemies, or remotely controlling powerful zombies. These skills can make players change the battlefield situation, and are not limited to simple gun fighting.

It is reported that "Rebirth Edge" will start a new round of testing in April, so interested players may wish to pay attention to it.

Rainbow falling in

Rainbow Falling, also developed by NEXTStudios, is a puzzle-solving game with "light and shadow" as its core concept and individual artistic style. In addition to the strong black-and-white contrast picture, there is also an imaginative story.

"Rainbow Falling" creates a light and shadow experience of a closed space "small world" in black and white, creates a unique artistic style, and uses a purer black and white comic style. Here, black and white is not a color subtraction, but an artistic technique to highlight the change of light and shadow.

Players can switch between 3D landscape and 2D shadow, and use mechanical devices to switch light sources to solve puzzles in the shadow world. Switch between reality and shadow, light and darkness, and personally feel the deep immersion brought by the picture change.

The game was logged into PC and host platform in 2020, and it also achieved excellent results in the Steam platform. It is expected that the mobile version of the game will be launched this year, and interested players may wish to pay attention to it.

Aurora at White Night

Aurora on a White Night is a strategy game of war chess. The protagonist awakens Bahamos, an ancient weapon of ten thousand years, in an unexpected excavation, and has the ability to recognize the color of light, which has caused a chain reaction among various forces. When the sleeping miracle reappears, the son of resonance will be guided by light.

"White Night Aurora" was first sold in overseas markets in 2021. After obtaining the version number in January this year, it immediately publicized the publicity PV and reservation channels. Recently, the publicity content has been constant, and it is expected that it will not be too far away from the national service public beta.

The game has a very high standard in art, and it is precisely because of this that the game has won a place in Japan where the second element blooms everywhere. The exquisiteness of the original painting of the character is not only involved in the character itself, but also in the background, which is a model of the original painting.

However, due to the recent revelation that co-artists used AI to draw commercial drafts, the game has attracted a lot of controversy, so Tencent still has to operate cautiously.

Handmade planet

"Handmade Planet" is a large-scale multiplayer online sandbox game with the theme of planet adventure launched by tencent games. Players can freely venture, build and fight in the civilizations of various planets.

As an online planet sandbox game integrating adventure, creation and socialization, players can explore many strange planets, experience a large number of fine games with friends, or build a planet home with different styles at will, or even create their own small games.

In terms of gameplay, the game is similar to the traditional pixel sandstorm box game on the market, which has a lot of free construction gameplay and challenges to BOSS. It has many similarities with games such as My World and Lego Unlimited, and is very suitable for players who like sandbox construction.

These are the self-developed works that Tencent will launch in 2023. From the game lineup, this year is undoubtedly a year of Tencent’s concentrated efforts, and players will also see a large number of new tencent games in the market.


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