[National Fitness Day] @ Skiers don’t fall into these misunderstandings!

[National Fitness Day] @ Skiers don’t fall into these misunderstandings!

With the approach of the Winter Olympics, the public’s interest in ice and snow sports is increasing day by day. Among them, as a popular sport of ice and snow, skiing has gained a lot of fans. "Many people want to come to the ski resort to experience it now, and the number of skiers suddenly shows an bursting state." Zhao Yue, head coach of Beijing Lianhuashan Ski Resort, told Guangming. com.

People’s high interest in skiing is certainly worthy of recognition, but there are still some cognitive misunderstandings. On the occasion of National Fitness Day, come and recognize these misunderstandings of skiing!

Children experience the pleasure of skiing. (Sun Kaifang/photo)

Myth 1: Skiing can only be carried out in northern winter.

Some people think that skiing has high requirements for time and place, and it needs to go to the northern cities in winter.

[Coach dispels doubts]

In this regard, Zhao Yue said that skiing has already broken the boundaries between time and space. Many southern cities have also built ice and snow venues, and people can enjoy skiing at home. Skiing is no longer just a winter sport. In hot summer, people can also choose to ski in indoor ski resorts, which is cool and healthy.

In addition, there are ski simulators in clubs in many big cities. "It’s similar to normal skiing, but the location has changed from snow to machine." Zhao Yue said that there is a 5× 10m field in the middle of the ski simulator, on which there is an upward rolling conveyor belt, and people can put on snowshoes and skis to slide on it. The special material on the conveyor belt can give participants a feeling of skiing, but the sliding speed will be slower, which is suitable for beginners.

Myth 2: Skiing threshold is high.

Many people think that skiing is a difficult sport and requires participants to have a high foundation. In addition, some people think that skiing is a "money-burning" sport, and whether it is skiing tickets or skiing equipment, it is not a small expense. Is the threshold for skiing really so high?

[Coach dispels doubts]

"In fact, this is not the case." Zhao Yue said that there are two main restrictions on skiers, one is their age and the other is their health. The ski resort stipulates that children under 4 years old are not allowed to ski, and older people should judge whether they are suitable for skiing according to their physical condition. Under normal circumstances, people with cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases are not recommended to ski. If skiers have had ligament tears and fractures before, it depends on their recovery before judging whether they can ski.

Regarding the skiing cost, Zhao Yue took Beijing Lianhuashan Ski Resort as an example and calculated an account for the reporter. On weekdays, the price of a 4-hour ski ticket for one person is -108 yuan in 88 yuan, and the total cost will play a role in 150 yuan. It can be seen that skiing is not as expensive as you think. Zhao Yue suggested that the public can give priority to some small and medium-sized ski resorts when they experience skiing. "The prices of small and medium-sized ski resorts are usually lower. Beginners generally start to experience from the primary ski slopes. The slopes of the primary ski slopes of each ski resort are basically the same."

Myth 3: Short people are more suitable for learning skiing.

During skiing, it is very important for participants to control the center of gravity. There is a saying that the lower the center of gravity, the easier the skiing process is to control, so does it mean that short people are more suitable for learning skiing?

[Coach dispels doubts]

Zhao Yue said that this statement is not very accurate. To be precise, short people will learn to ski faster. Because short people have low center of gravity, it is easier to grasp the center of gravity in the process of learning skiing; Tall people, on the other hand, have a high center of gravity and are easy to swing back and forth, so they will be slower in mastering balance. "It can only be said that the level of the center of gravity has a certain impact on learning efficiency, but it does not mean that the learning effect is good or bad."

For this reason, Zhao Yue suggested that skiing should start with children. "Children are short, so it is easier to master skiing skills.".

Myth 4: People with poor balance should avoid learning skiing.

Many people who think they have a poor sense of balance are full of fear of skiing. So, can people with poor balance learn to ski?

[Coach dispels doubts]

Zhao Yue said that the sense of balance is not a factor that restricts people from learning to ski. "People with poor balance just learn to ski more slowly, but once they learn it, they won’t forget it." Zhao Yue said that skiing is a skill-based sport, just like riding a bicycle. It may be a little unfamiliar without contact for a long time, but with a little practice, you can get your feeling back.

Zhao Yue suggested that beginners with poor balance should give priority to snowboarding. "Getting started with two boards will be relatively simple, because the two feet are fixed on two boards respectively, and beginners will be more confident in maintaining balance."

Myth 5: When skiing, snow goggles is dispensable.

Many people don’t wear snow goggles when skiing, especially some friends who wear glasses. They think it’s more troublesome to wear a snow goggles outside their glasses. So, is snow goggles dispensable when skiing?

[Coach dispels doubts]

Zhao Yue said that the snow goggles is as necessary as the helmet in skiing. Snow goggles has two functions, one is to prevent the damage to the eyes caused by sunlight reflected from the snow surface, and the other is to prevent the stimulation of the eyes caused by the wind during sliding. "If it is cloudy, people can slide on the primary road without wearing snow goggles." Zhao Yue said.

In addition, Zhao Yue reminded that sunscreen is also very important for skiers who participate in outdoor skiing. It is suggested that skiers wear sunscreen every two hours to prevent ultraviolet rays from burning their skin.

(Guangming. com reporter zhangqian)

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