Millions of greedy people openly shouted: I didn’t make a mistake! The prosecutor used this trick to silence him.

Millions of greedy people openly shouted: I didn’t make a mistake! The prosecutor used this trick to silence him.

  CCTV News:Recently, the Intermediate People’s Court of Zibo City, Shandong Province publicly pronounced the case of Lu Zaimo, former member of the Standing Committee of Shandong Provincial People’s Congress and former chairman of the Foreign Affairs Committee of Ethnic Affairs, accepting bribes, embezzling and misappropriating public funds. The defendant Lu Zaimo was sentenced to 14 years in prison and fined 600,000 yuan.

  At the age of 18, he served as the secretary of the Youth League Committee of Rushan County in Yantai, the head of Fushan District in Yantai at the age of 36, the mayor of Jining at the age of 48, and the first director of the Department of Commerce in the history of Shandong Province at the age of 55. Lu Zaimo’s career can be said to be smooth.

  At work, Lu Zaimo was highly effective and conscientious, and was praised as a "good cadre". However, it is this glamorous "star" official who used his position to illegally accept property of more than 4.28 million yuan; It also reimbursed many times the monthly expenses, transportation expenses, meals and other expenses that should be paid by individuals and families for more than 170,000 yuan; Even the public funds of 9 million yuan from Shandong Provincial Department of Commerce were used to buy houses, decorate houses and buy vehicles in Yantai for their personal use.

  At this point, in the face of censorship, Lu Zaimo refused to explain the problem, and even yelled at the case handlers: "I didn’t make any mistakes, you are so unfair to me! I want to report you! "

  However, no matter how tough his attitude is, he can’t change the outcome that he will be caught if he reaches out.

  Restore massive evidence and sit on the "iron case"

  According to Zhang Jingya, the procurator of the Third Public Prosecution Office of Shandong Provincial People’s Procuratorate, in case Lu Zaimo did not plead guilty, the case handlers worked around the clock almost every day, made a pre-judgment of every possible situation, and went back and forth to Jinan and Zibo several times to look for evidence. Finally, I found a key witness, Qi Moumou, who gave Lu Zaimo 1.5 million yuan in cash four times since 2003.

  In August 2016, Lu Zaimo was suspected of accepting bribes, embezzling and misappropriating public funds. The key witness, Zhai Moumou, testified in court, but Lu Zaimo did not look at him. He even insisted that "I don’t know him at all, and I have no impression at all. The bribe of 1.5 million yuan is unnecessary."

  Lu Zaimo (data map)

  Lu Zaimo’s reaction, investigators have long expected.

  In order to confirm the testimony of the witness, the case-handling personnel went to the scene in advance to extract the paper bag used by the witness company to bribe Lu Zaimo. After the test, it was found that it could indeed hold the cash and gifts mentioned by the witness. Bribery money can be found from the company’s finances; Witnesses can clearly explain the purpose of the loan in detail … …

  In this way, more evidence of bribery by Lu Zaimo was restored one by one.

  The investigators also adopted synchronous recording and video recording technology when Lv Zaimo was first arraigned, and kept all the guilty confessions he made before the trial.

  In the face of overwhelming evidence, Lu Zaimo was finally speechless.

  Diet Coke, jiaozi and Longevity Noodles Break the Suspect’s Psychological Defense Line.

  In the face of censorship, some people are arrogant, while others play dumb.

  Qi Guangsen, a discipline inspector at the tenth discipline inspection and supervision office of the Beijing Municipal Commission for Discipline Inspection, has encountered such a situation.

  When conducting a disciplinary review of Yu of the Municipal Public Security Bureau, Yu pretended to be deaf and dumb and said nothing. Qi Guangsen found that Yu did not speak because he worked in the judicial department for a long time and was very aware of the consequences of his violation of discipline and law.

  After careful observation, Yu was most concerned about his elderly mother, so he adjusted his work ideas and conversation strategies in time, focused on family influence and policy, insisted on talking with Yu every day, had dinner together, and carefully prepared a sugar-free coke that Yu loved to drink.

  In the first 20 days, Yu was still expressionless and stubborn, but Qi Guangsen didn’t give up, and finally influenced Yu to truthfully confess his disciplinary behavior.

  In fact, "moving people with emotion" has long been a common method for case handlers to break through the psychological defense of the censor.

  According to previous media reports, at the beginning of 2014, a cadre of a unit in Xicheng District of Beijing seriously violated the law and was taken "double regulations" measures. Just before the Spring Festival, in order to stabilize the mood of the investigated cadres, the staff of the Commission for Discipline Inspection of Xicheng District of Beijing ensured that he ate jiaozi on the New Year’s Eve, and let him watch the Spring Festival Gala if conditions permitted.

  Similarly, when investigating a case a few years ago, the day when the Xicheng District Commission for Discipline Inspection took the subject to the "double regulations" happened to be his birthday. The staff first gave him a bowl of longevity noodles during the meal. Seeing the noodles, the cadre burst into tears. The follow-up investigation of this case was very smooth.

  Judge the facts of a crime in English

  In order to avoid the organization’s inquiry, what’s more, they came up with a "crooked trick" to communicate and talk with the case handlers in English.

  In the interrogation room of the Dazu District Procuratorate in Chongqing, there was such a scene: the prosecutor Lu Duandong conducted an exchange trial of the suspect in English.


  Lu Duandong (right) discusses the case with colleagues.

  It was a corruption case that Lu Duandong’s case-handling team took over. After the case arrived, the suspect Liu refused to cooperate. During the trial, Liu even insisted that the interrogators communicate with him in English.

  Lu Duandong found that Liu had the habit of persisting in learning English because of his master’s degree and his daughter’s studying in Canada, and his oral English level was also high.

  Grasping this point, Lu Duandong asked during the trial: "If we interrogate in English, you will honestly explain the facts of the crime?"

  Liu didn’t expect the prosecutor on the other side to ask this question, and smiled silently.

  Therefore, after work, Lu Duandong began to suddenly train his listening and speaking skills, preparing for the next contest with Liu.

  The second interrogation of Liu, Lu Duandong calmly and fluently talked with him about English, Liu’s psychological defense line was broken a little bit, and more and more criminal facts were confessed.

  During the trial break, Liu asked, "What do you think of using ‘ Fight back ’ Is it appropriate to describe my current situation? "

  "No, I think ‘ The trapped beast still fights ’ This word is more suitable for you. " Lu Duandong said.

  After listening to the word "trapped beast still fights", Liu was silent for a long time and confessed all the criminal facts.

  Facts have proved that no matter how cunning a fox is, it can’t compete with a resourceful and good hunter. Any act of resisting censorship and inquiry will ultimately be nothing more than shooting yourself in the foot. Corruption and violation of discipline are like stepping into a swamp, sinking deeper and deeper, and breaking free with brute force can only accelerate the fall. (Text/Chen Xin)


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