The "Belt and Road" international music season ended successfully, explaining and conveying the connotation of Silk Road with music.

The "Belt and Road" international music season ended successfully, explaining and conveying the connotation of Silk Road with music.

  sznewsNews On the stage of Shenzhen Concert Hall on the evening of April 14th, "Chanting West and East" — — The closing concert of the 2019 Shenzhen "Belt and Road" international music season was staged in shock, and artists from all over the world presented a carnival of vocal music art, which brought the music season to a successful conclusion. During the 22 days from March 24th to April 14th, 809 world-renowned musicians from 41 countries and regions gathered in the 2019 "Belt and Road" international music season in Shenzhen, bringing 23 high-level wonderful performances and 7 supporting art extension activities to the general public in Shenzhen to jointly play the wonderful music in spring.

  On the occasion of the upcoming second "Belt and Road" international cooperation summit forum, the 2019 Shenzhen "Belt and Road" international music season played a prelude. Since it was held for the first time in 2017, the Music Festival has responded to the national "One Belt, One Road" initiative, focusing on "promoting the spirit of Silk Road and promoting mutual learning among civilizations". By providing an opportunity and a broad platform for countries along the "Belt and Road" to fully display and gather their outstanding national music arts, it has enhanced the integration, exchange and interaction between countries and China cultures, and explained and conveyed the connotation and development concept of Silk Road spirit with music, and reached consensus.

  This season’s art feast has written a wonderful note of harmonious coexistence and harmony between the people of China and the people of the world, effectively promoted the communication and common prosperity and progress of different civilizations in countries and regions along the Belt and Road, and even in the global field, and made Shenzhen a veritable "la la land".

  An important platform for exchanges and dialogues among different civilizations.

  Looking at the well-known art festivals with great influence in China, beijing music festival and Shanghai International Art Festival all belong to the category of big art, and their artistic forms are all-encompassing; The Silk Road International Art Festival in Xi ‘an and the Maritime Silk Road International Art Festival in Quanzhou, which also focus on the Silk Road, respectively focus on the separate display of the Silk Road on land and the Maritime Silk Road due to their geographical advantages.

  Different from the above-mentioned art festivals, the "One Belt, One Road" international music season in Shenzhen adheres to the spirit of "peaceful cooperation, openness and tolerance, exchange and mutual learning, mutual benefit and win-win", and takes the two silk roads of land and sea as the main line of the music season, showing and promoting the traditions and development of countries along the "Belt and Road" and countries around the world in the field of music and art, and playing a symphony of mutual understanding and cooperation in the community of human destiny.

  The theme of the "Belt and Road" international music season is "connecting China and foreign countries and communicating with the world", which fully reflects the cultural responsibility of Shenzhen. At the beginning of the music season, it received great attention and support from all walks of life, and was praised and praised by fans all over the world. In this year’s 23 performances, there are not only classic music such as Franz Wilser-Most concert with Cleveland Orchestra in the United States, but also folk music presented by Indonesian, Qatari, Vietnamese and Georgian art groups along the Belt and Road Initiative.

  Music season is not only a music festival, but also an important platform for exchanges and dialogues between different civilizations in the world. As one of the important extension activities of this year’s music season, the "High-end Dialogue on Modern Dance between China and Israel" takes music as a clue, extends to the field of modern dance, bases itself in Shenzhen and radiates across the country, which promotes the ideological exchange, academic mutual learning and win-win cooperation between China and Israel in the field of modern dance, and will effectively promote modern dance to become an important carrier for consolidating cultural exchanges between China and Israel. Classics and pop, East and West, tradition and contemporary, have merged into colorful art scrolls in Shenzhen, and the theme of "playing Silk Road music together and learning from each other" in the music season has been vividly interpreted.

  After three years of unremitting efforts, the "One Belt, One Road" international music season in Shenzhen has become an important art festival platform for "gathering the world’s top art, encouraging all kinds of artistic creation, focusing on tradition and modernity, and condensing humanities and creativity from all over the world", and it will surely become an important business card for Pengcheng Shenzhen International Music.

  Originality and innovation are different from other festivals.

  Holding the "One Belt, One Road" international music season is an important measure to echo the national "One Belt, One Road" initiative, implement the "Shenzhen Cultural Innovation and Development 2020 (Implementation Plan)", build a global regional cultural center city and an international cultural innovation and creativity pioneer city, and is a brand-new pioneering work to create Shenzhen’s international cultural business card. In the previously released "New Top Ten Cultural Facilities" construction plan of Shenzhen, a number of major cultural and sports facilities such as Shenzhen Opera House and Shenzhen Conservatory of Music have condensed the deep expectations of Shenzhen people; This season’s music season is also actively helping Shenzhen’s new positioning as a "global city", building a music "New Silk Road" starting from Shenzhen, and continuing to enhance city soft power.

  Han Wangxi, deputy director of the "Belt and Road" International Music Festival Executive Committee, said that the city of Shenzhen is full of imagination and creativity, and the melody of music is flowing in its veins. Originality and innovation are the highlights of the music season that are different from other art festivals, and they are also the embodiment of Shenzhen’s urban cultural characteristics.

  In this year’s music season, originality is the soul of music development, whether it is the original concert tailored by Ye Xiaogang, chairman of the China Musicians Association, and many composers, and performed by the National Symphony Orchestra, or the light of the future created by Thai composer Pang Narong, or the brand concert "Mei Lan Zhu Ju" in the music season. Providing a platform for outstanding artists, especially young artists, in countries along the Belt and Road has further condensed the common feelings of countries and people along the route and promoted the consciousness of "community of human destiny".

  The creativity of the "Belt and Road" international music season is also reflected in the relationship between inheritance and innovation. The innovative expression of Cantonese opera works, the cross-border integration of percussion and Beijing opera, the Slovenian symphony carnival, the Polish artist’s rock Chopin and so on are all presented on the basis of classical and traditional art, with the modern expression that young people like, which makes the art have a wonderful chemical reaction in Shenzhen.

  Artists invited to participate in the music season also expressed the concept of "Belt and Road" in a variety of ways with their infinite creativity. Musicians from Vietnam, Georgia, Russia, Qatar, Thailand, Indonesia, Hungary, Slovenia, India, Poland and other countries along the route fully demonstrated their colorful national music art. Artists from other countries and regions use their own musical forms to express their understanding of the Belt and Road Initiative — — Piano master Cazalis, a French citizen, connected the music of 25 countries along the route into a silk road picture through adaptation and creation; Cleveland Orchestra played Ye Xiaogang’s "Guangdong Suite" on his return, and made his own thoughts on the origin and connection of China’s art.




  In 2019, the "Belt and Road" international music season in Shenzhen has the participation of artists from Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area, both in the opening concert and in the setting of sections. Zhang Heyun, director of the Shenzhen Municipal Bureau of Culture, Radio, Film, Tourism and Sports and deputy director of the Music Festival Executive Committee, said that Shenzhen is adjacent to Hong Kong and Macao and plays a core engine role in Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area’s "9+2" urban belt. Culture, tourism and sports, especially culture, need to continuously strengthen cooperation and exchanges in this area under the background of Greater Bay Area. You have me and I have you. "Although it is one country, two systems, we are a family, and there are more and more cultural exchanges."

  In addition, the cultivation of young audiences is also a highlight of this year’s music season. In order to let more young audiences enter the concert hall, the lowest student ticket price in 80 yuan was set for all the performances in the music season. Except for Cleveland Orchestra, the ticket price of all other performances below 180 yuan accounted for 30%, and four Huimin performances were open to the public free of charge. In addition, there are young musicians with great positive energy and educational function, such as Emma Doicher, a British prodigy, who provide reference for Shenzhen teenagers to learn art. Various lectures, extended activities and open rehearsals provide a platform for young audiences to communicate with masters at close range.

  In this season’s performances, more and more audiences easily walked into the elegant art hall, enjoyed high-level wonderful performances at close range, shared the light of the city, and enjoyed tangible cultural benefits for the people. (Shenzhen Business Daily reporter Qi Qi/Wen Han Mo/map)


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