On November 9 th, the news was counted.

On November 9 th, the news was counted.

  The three major indexes oscillated and sorted out the coal and photovoltaic sectors, with the top gains.

  Up by 0.03%,Down 0.2%,It fell by 0.23%. The turnover exceeded 960 billion, and coal, photovoltaic,The plate was among the top gainers, and the media,The automobile sector was among the top losers.

  More than 100 funds rose more than 10% and medicine became a big winner!But was urgently warned.

  Since the CSRC issued a package of policies and measures on "activating the capital market and boosting investors’ confidence" on August 18th, a large number of equity funds have recovered strongly in the rebound market. As of November 8th, the highest rate of return of some funds exceeded 20%. Many funds have even increased more than the increase in the past year, restoring the high elasticity of the past and successfully countering the previous market query that "initiative is not as good as passivity". View the original > > >

  Results released: the second batch of science and technology innovation 100Total fundraising is 5.5 billion yuan!

  In the fund market at the end of the year, Kechuang 100ETF "rolled up to fly". The second batch of science and technology innovation 100ETF, which has received much attention, has been freshly released.It shows that the total fundraising scale of the second batch of three science and technology 100ETFs exceeds 5.5 billion, of which the highest fundraising scale of a single one is close to 3.9 billion yuan, which is the highest fundraising record of the current science and technology 100ETF and the best equity fund raised in this fourth quarter.View the original > > >

  Approaching 2 trillion! How to become a "smart" investor when ETF continues to be hot?

  Since 2023, especially since the fourth quarter, the market’s attention to ETFs has continued to heat up. On the occasion of the market-wide ETF approaching 2 trillion, November 6,uniteWaiting for 9 familiesTogether, launch "Insight: 2023 ETF Investor Behavior Trend Report. The Report publicly solicited relevant questions from investors in the form of questionnaires. Through in-depth analysis of over 6,500 valid questionnaires, it revealed the current investors’ cognition of ETF and the behavioral characteristics in ETF trading.View the original > > >

  Full coverage, heavy punches and no blind spots. The CSRC will promote the standardized operation of private equity funds throughout the process.

  ShanghaiThe reporter was informed that the CSRC is comprehensively revising the Interim Measures for the Supervision and Management of Private Equity Funds, formulating supporting normative documents, clarifying the entry threshold and continuous normative requirements for private equity fund managers, strengthening risk source control, delineating the regulatory bottom line, and promoting the standardized operation of private equity funds throughout the process.View the original > > >

  Shanghai and Shenzhen Stock Exchanges issued five measures to regulate refinancing investment bankers: It is expected that a large number of refinancing plans will be limited.

  On the evening of November 8, the responsible persons of Shanghai Stock Exchange and Shenzhen Stock Exchange respectively answered questions from reporters on optimizing the refinancing supervision arrangements. Among them, the Shanghai and Shenzhen stock exchanges have introduced five specific measures to optimize the refinancing supervision arrangements, including strictly restricting the refinancing of listed companies in the case of breaking the net; Strictly control the financing interval of continuous loss-making enterprises; Pay attention to refinancing with a high proportion of financial investment; Strictly control the use of funds raised before; Strictly check the relevant requirements that the funds raised by refinancing are mainly invested in the main business.View the original > > >

  Starting todayWhat is the truth about the limited scale of DMA and OTC stock securities lending? Look at three interpretations

  Many securities firms have received the regulatory notice, requiring that starting from November 9th (today), the "nominal principal scale =max (long and short portfolio, short portfolio)+non-long and short portfolio" of DMA business should be quantified at the end of each day according to the manager’s dimension, and the quota can be adjusted between different products under the manager.

  At the same time, the scale of quantitative DMA business is also limited. The notice shows that from November 9, the nominal principal scale of OTC stock short selling at the end of each day according to the manager’s dimension (ETF will not be affected for the time being, and subsequent caliber updates will be notified separately) cannot exceed the nominal principal scale at the end of November 8, and the quota can be adjusted between different products under the manager.View the original > > >

  Bureau of Statistics: OctoberDown 0.2% year-on-year Down 2.6% year-on-year

  In October 2023, the national consumer price dropped by 0.2% year-on-year. Among them, the city decreased by 0.1% and the rural area decreased by 0.5%; Food prices fell by 4.0% and non-food prices rose by 0.7%; Consumer goods prices fell by 1.1%, and service prices rose by 1.2%. From January to October, the national consumer price rose by 0.4% over the same period of last year. In October 2023, the ex-factory price of industrial producers nationwide decreased by 2.6% year-on-year, which was the same as the previous month. The purchase price of industrial producers decreased by 3.7% year-on-year and increased by 0.2% quarter-on-quarter.View the original > > >

  concentrateThe proportion of equity assets of listed companies is still low, and some insurance funds will take the opportunity to increase their positions.

  Recently, the pace of insurance research on A-share listed companies has accelerated. The data shows that since October, as of November 8,Institutions (including companies and asset management companies) have investigated A-share listed companies for more than 4,000 times.View the original > > >

  Or the latest improved version for China will be launched.

  According to the sources in the industrial chain, the latest improved series of chips have been developed for China: HGX H20, L20 PCle and L2 PCle. According to people familiar with the matter, the latest three chips are improved from H100, and will be announced as soon as possible after the 16th of this month, and domestic manufacturers will get the products in these days at the earliest. As of press time, there is no response from NVIDIA.View the original > > >

  Huawei big news! After asking the boundary, the intellectual boundary came.

  Following the "asking the world", the "intellectual world" has also come. The reporter of Times E Company was informed that asThe second brand under the smart car selection mode is also the high-end created by Huawei and Chery.The car brand, Zhijie S7 (pure electric coupe), the first model of Zhijie, will be officially released and pre-sold in Shenzhen tonight (November 9), which is also the first car under Huawei’s smart car selection mode.View the original > > >

  Open source: the media sector is expected to usher in againAnd estimate upward resonance.

  Open source securitiesIt is pointed out that after the media sector reached the high point of valuation in June 2023, the valuation has dropped significantly since the third quarter. In terms of performance, Q3 is stable and positive, Q3 for film and television is greatly improved, Q3 for publishing continues to be stable, and Q3 for advertising is under pressure. However, with the arrival of e-commerce consumption peak season, Q4 is expected to start to improve. With the continuous release of content supply, as well as the continuous upgrading of large-scale models and multimodal applications, the media sector is expected to once again usher in the upward resonance of performance and valuation.View the original > > >

  Hao Miao: Medical valuation has reached the bottom to pay attention to industrial investment opportunities.

  Hao Miao said that after more than two years of decline, the pharmaceutical sector has fallen to a very low position in the historical valuation range, and the space for the whole sector is really limited. Although the policy has a great influence on the pharmaceutical industry, the direction of policy care, support and encouragement for the industry has not changed. Judging from the situation in the past year or so, there have been obvious changes and improvements in the policy.View the original > > >

  Investment strategy of real estate sector in 2024: recommend four types of targets.

  The research report on the investment strategy of the real estate sector in 2024 is released, and it is believed that the road of butterfly change of housing enterprises in the future has been clear, and the optimization of business model and return performance will naturally drive the valuation center to rise. The suppression of the long and short dimension valuation of high-quality targets is now reversed. The four types of targets are in the key window of short-term valuation suppression and slow release, and the prospect of long-term central uplift is becoming clearer.View the original > > >

  : high-quality housing enterprises in high-energy cities are expected to benefit first.

  On November 9 th, the research newspaper pointed out that the decline in real estate sales narrowed in October, and second-tier cities performed outstandingly. In October, the A-share financing of housing enterprises fell again, the scale of bond financing stabilized, and the financing cost decreased to 3.59%. Four single-consumption REITs were audited in Shanghai and Shenzhen Stock Exchanges.View the original > > >



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