General Administration of Market Supervision: Strengthen the supervision and punishment of live broadcast with goods.

General Administration of Market Supervision: Strengthen the supervision and punishment of live broadcast with goods.

  CCTV News:On April 26th, the State Council held a press conference on the Annual Report on Combating Infringement and Counterfeiting in China (2022). A reporter asked, e-commerce and live broadcast selling fake and shoddy goods and false propaganda have always been the focus of people’s attention because of the difficulty of safeguarding rights and governance. How to treat this problem? What are the countermeasures?

  In this regard, Gan Lin, deputy director of the State Administration of Markets, said that the e-commerce platform and live delivery have developed rapidly in recent years, and some new problems have emerged while providing convenience for our consumers. During the "double 11" last year, China Consumers Association used the Internet public opinion monitoring system to analyze the consumer rights protection situation from October 20th to November 13th. During the monitoring period, a total of 509,000 pieces of negative information about "live sales" were collected, accounting for 9.3% of the total information about "spit". Among them, counterfeiting, wrong version of goods, preferential differences and so on are the main problems.

  Through the monitoring data, we can also see that in the past promotion activities of e-commerce, such as the well-known chaos as "rules are difficult to beat the last payer" and "routines are getting more and more attractive", consumers’ evaluation of e-commerce platform to simplify promotion rules and enhance consumption experience tends to be positive, but problems still exist, mainly in two aspects: First, some business households have a weak sense of integrity; Second, some platforms have not done enough to improve consumer satisfaction and sense of gain. When it comes to countermeasures, we mainly strengthen related work from three aspects:

  First, clarify and compact the platform responsibilities. Guide merchants and platform enterprises to strengthen "self-discipline", strengthen the awareness of integrity and rules, take the initiative to fill the shortcomings in implementing the main responsibility and restricting the management and control of operators in the platform, and continuously improve the satisfaction and acquisition of online shopping.

  The second is to increase supervision and punishment. In view of the new mode and new format of live broadcast with goods, on the one hand, we must adhere to inclusive and prudent supervision, on the other hand, we must keep the legal bottom line and ensure development in norms. For the platform with poor management and frequent problems, we should urge it to be rectified and implemented by interviewing and ordering it to make corrections; Anchors and businesses that obviously violate laws and regulations or harm consumers’ rights and interests should be severely punished according to law, and blacklisted according to the degree of infringement, so as to enhance the effectiveness and deterrent effect of supervision.

  The third is to raise the awareness of consumers. Through publicity and guidance, we call on consumers to constantly improve their self-protection awareness and risk prevention ability, clarify the boundaries of rights and interests, avoid blind impulses, achieve scientific consumption and rational rights protection, and participate in online promotion more maturely, confidently and responsibly.


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