Exercise can really lower blood pressure, and the research has been hammered! 3 kinds of exercise, especially suitable for patients with hypertension.

Exercise can really lower blood pressure, and the research has been hammered! 3 kinds of exercise, especially suitable for patients with hypertension.

Hypertension is one of the most common metabolic diseases, and most patients suffer from it. On the one hand, it means taking medicine for a long time or even for life. On the other hand, in life, they need to regulate their own lives and adjust their daily behavior, and then they are subject to many restrictions.

However, in order to control blood pressure and stabilize the disease, these things have to be done, and they must be adhered to in order to get healthy. As for the methods of lowering blood pressure in daily life, most people will think of exercise, but few people know whether exercise can lower blood pressure and how to lower it.

Can exercise lower blood pressure? Look at the answers given by scientific research.

Here’s one for everyone first."reassuring":

Getting into the habit of exercise does have a stable antihypertensive effect.

according toAberdeen Thai university of dundee, UKThe comparative experiment conducted by the research group shows that conveningMore than 6000 elderly people with hypertension were treated.People, after a series of moderate and high-intensity exercises such as pedaling bicycles and jogging,Blood pressure dropped by about 9% on average..

According to the researchers’ further discovery, the tension of the autonomic nervous system is reduced due to the acceleration of metabolism during the exercise of the elderly.catecholamineThe amount of release is reduced, soBlood vessels will also expand reasonably.With the increase of vascular capacity, blood pressure naturally decreases.

Not only that, exercise can also make the bodyMuscle fibers thicken, which in turn makes blood vessels more elastic., can withstand the negative effects of hypertension and reduce the risk of complications.

It can be seen that exercise does have the effect of lowering blood pressure, but although exercise is good, it is not appropriate to take the wrong method, such asExcessive exercise, the choice is not suitable for their own physical fitness.Sports events, etc., on the contrary, it is easy for your bones and muscles to be consumed and worn, increasing injuries and hidden dangers of diseases.

Therefore, for friends who want to rely on exercise to lower their blood pressure, it is very important to choose their own exercise methods. Here are three kinds of exercises recommended, which are especially in line with the physiology and condition of patients with hypertension.

Want to lower blood pressure through exercise? Try these three kinds of exercise.

The first kind: running or jogging.

Running should be the simplest and most obvious exercise mode, as the mostClassic aerobic exerciseExercise intensity is moderate, and it can effectively enhance the body’s blood oxygen content, further improve blood quality, and play a better role in lowering blood pressure.

Of course, running also needs to pay attention to "degree". Generally speaking, patients with hypertensionRun about 1 km to 3 km every day.That is, greed is easy to burden knees and muscles.

The second type: light and moderate resistance exercise.

What is resistance movement? Simply put, it is a way of exercise that will impose a certain burden or oppression on the body, such asDumbbells, sandbags, push-ups, etc, all belong to the typical resistance movement mode.

However, some studies have found that proper resistance exercise canReduce the activity of vagus nerve in patients with hypertension,Down-regulating the sensitivity of peripheral sympathetic nerveTo reduce vascular resistance.Therefore, proper circulatory resistance training has also been written into the guidelines of the European Heart Association in 2020.

The third kind: cycling

Simply put, cycling is one of the typical endurance sports methods.Adjust the leg shape, strengthen the muscles and body shape., has a very good effect.

At the same time, cycling can also play a good role in lowering blood pressure. While riding a bicycle,Because of breathing and wind pressure,The frequency of oxygen we breathe will increase,Increased blood oxygen content. Therefore, the blood circulation in the heart will also be accelerated, which will strengthen the heart and maintain blood pressure.

Not only that, according to research, riding a bike often, justPrevent nerve aging and osteoporosisIt can also help.

To sum up, for patients with hypertension, it is absolutely right to exercise regularly. Choosing the exercise method that suits them best, arranging life plans scientifically and reasonably, controlling blood pressure and stabilizing their condition are actually things that are easy to grasp.


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