In the eyes of the ancients, the most beautiful scenery

In the eyes of the ancients, the most beautiful scenery

Where is the most beautiful scenery? Is it the mountains in spring, the water in autumn, the poetry in the distance, or the fireworks nearby? In the poems of the ancients, there is no lack of beauty in the world, and there is no shortage of love and hope. Good scenery is also a good mood, and with a good mood, wherever you go, you feel picturesque.

There are many silk in the sky above the main avenue, it is like the butter – like fine and moist, the overlook grass is vaguely connected, but it appears to be sparse in close range.

This is the most beautiful season of the year, far more than the late spring of green willows.

-Tang Han Yu, "Early Spring is a Member of the Ministry of Water Affairs Zhang Shiba"

Chang’ an street is falling with fine light rain, which is as moist as milk, and the light green grass is connected into one piece. From a distance, if there is anything, there is nothing. The poet’s favorite scenery is this early spring season. Everything has just recovered in the silent drizzle, which is far better than the summer when the city is full of smoke and willow. Indeed, the light rain in early spring nourishes everything and gives people endless hope in a hazy way.

There is also a poet Du Fu who loves spring rain. His praise for spring rain is extremely vivid and delicate.

Good rain knows the season, and when spring happens.

Sneak into the night with the wind, moisten things silently.

The wild path is dark, and the river boat is bright.

Look at the red and wet place, and the flowers are heavy in Jinguan City.

-Don Du Fu’s Delighting in Rain on a Spring Night

Good rain knows the season and comes with spring. With the gentle east wind, it sneaked into the night and moistened everything quietly. The path in the field is covered with thick dark clouds, and it is dark everywhere, while the lights on the fishing boats along the river are particularly eye-catching. When I get up in the morning, I see that the spring flowers are wet after the rain. Jinguan City is full of colorful flowers, but it is full of clear feelings. The poet loves this scenery that has been baptized by the spring rain.

Jiangnan is Bai Juyi’s second hometown, and the scenery of Jiangnan has become a unique beauty in his heart. He is immersed in the beautiful scenery of Jiangnan and is full of love and nostalgia.

The scenery of the south of the Yangtze river is beautiful, picturesque scenery has long been familiar.

When spring comes, the sun rises from the surface of the river, and the flowers on the river are brighter than red, the green river green more than blue grass.

How can we call people not miss the south of the Yangtze river?

-Tang Bai Juyi, "Recalling Jiangnan"

Jiangnan is good, and poets have long been familiar with its scenery and have never forgotten it. As soon as the sun comes out, the river flowers on both sides of the strait are bright red and dazzling. When spring comes, the spring water in the south of the Yangtze River reflects the long blue sky, blue and clear. This vibrant and colorful Jiangnan spring has naturally become a beautiful memory that Bai Juyi can’t give up.

Li Bai loves nature very much. He has traveled through countless places and seen countless landscapes, but there is always a special place that makes people peaceful and leisurely.

I asked Yu what he meant to live in the blue mountains, and laughed without answering my heart.

Peach blossoms are flowing away, and there is another world.

-Tang Li Bai’s question and answer in the mountains

My friend asked me why I like living in Bishan. I just smiled and didn’t answer, but my heart was very leisurely. Peach blossoms fall on the water, and slowly flow away with the blue waves. There is a different world here, which is really not like being on earth. This is my Xanadu, where the scenery is beautiful and the mood is smooth. Where else can it be better than here?

There are so many mountains and green waters, and the beautiful scenery written by the poet is also so desirable.

Xisai Mountain before the white egrets fly freely, the river, plump mandarin fish swimming happily, floating in the water in the peach is so bright and full.

An old man in the bank, wearing a green bamboo hat raincoat, wearing a green raincoat, braved the wind and rain, leisurely and leisurely fishing, he was fascinated by the beautiful spring scenery, even the rain did not go home.

-Don Zhang Zhihe’s "Fisherman’s Song"

There are flocks of egrets flying in front of Mount Cisse, and mandarin fish are at their best in the Bijiang River where peach blossoms are floating. The fisherman is wearing a blue bamboo hat and a green hemp fiber. Although the oblique wind is blowing the drizzle, it doesn’t matter. On the contrary, it adds a different kind of beauty to the scenery. Why rush back? It’s drizzling in the oblique wind, peach blossoms floating on the blue waves, and people who sit firmly in the mountains and rivers are so carefree!

In this world, some people like famous mountains and rivers, but others love the unknown countryside. The scenery is unforgettable, sometimes not just because of the scenery itself.

It was nearly a year before the east hill, and return just caught up with Springfield.

The grass is green in the rain, and the peach blossoms on the water are burning.

You Lou Biqiu studied Confucian classics, and he was a wise man in the village.

Daoxi came out and met me, and laughed heartily before chai men.

-Don Wang Wei’s "Wangchuan Bieye"

I haven’t been to Dongshan for nearly a year, and I came back just in time for spring ploughing. The grass in the rain is green and can be dyed, and the peach blossoms on the water are red and bright, as if to burn. The eminent monks and wise men in the village, who are all good friends of the poet, came to meet each other with joy when they heard that the poet had returned, and they hurried to put on their clothes and even forgot to put on their shoes. Everyone is talking and laughing in front of the firewood. Happiness is so simple, but it is full of sincerity. No wonder the poet is obsessed with Dongshan. The scenery is beautiful, and the world is more affectionate.

I see how charming Qingshan is, and I expect Qingshan to see me as such. This is the most beautiful scenery, the scenery is ruthless, but people are interested.

The birds fly away without a trace, leaving the solitary cloud at ease and ease.

You look at me, I look at you, between each other two, only me and the eyes of jingting mountain mountain.

-Tang Li Bai’s Sitting Alone in Jingting Mountain

All the birds have flown away, and a cloud has drifted away leisurely. Jingting Mountain and I are the only people who never tire of looking at each other. In the arms of Jingting Mountain, I feel clean, kind, peaceful and happy, but I won’t feel lonely.

The most beautiful scenery is actually in a dull life.

I planted beans under the south hill, and the weeds in the fields were full of pea.

Early in the morning get up early to eradicate the weeds, the night falls on the moonlight carry hoe to return.

The narrow path covered with vegetation, and the night dew moistened my clothes.

It is not a pity to wet my clothes, but I hope not to go against my will.

-Wei and Jin Dynasties, Tao Yuanming, "Returning to the Garden, the Third"

Planting beans at the foot of Nanshan Mountain is characterized by lush weeds and sparse bean seedlings. Get up in the morning, clean up the wasteland, and come back with a hoe in the moonlight at night. The road is narrow and lush, and the cool dew in the evening wets my clothes. It doesn’t matter if the clothes are wet, as long as it doesn’t go against the original will, everything is worth it.

Spring flowers and autumn moon, nature and seasons always make us meet with all kinds of beautiful scenery, which is shocking and intoxicating.

The lake and the moon are in harmony, and there is no wind mirror on the pool surface.

Looking at the landscape of Dongting, there is a green snail in the silver plate.

-Don Liu Yuxi’s "Looking at the Dongting"

Lake light and moonlight blend with each other and complement each other. Without a trace of wind, the pool is smooth and seamless, just like an unpolished mirror. Looking at the landscape of Dongting from a distance, the water is bright and clear, and the trees on Dongting Mountain are lush, just like a green snail in a white silver plate, quietly for people to enjoy and ponder. How can we live up to such a beautiful scenery?

When the poet meets the landscape, it completes both the poet and the landscape.

As far away as Hanshan Mountain, the stone path is oblique, and there are people in Bai Yunsheng.

Stop and sit in the maple grove late, and the frost leaves are red in February flowers.

-Tang Du Mu’s "Mountain Walk"

Along the winding path up the mountain, where the white clouds are born, there are several families. I stopped because I like the late scenery of the maple forest. After the wind and frost, the maple leaves are red and dazzling, which is even more beautiful than the spring flowers in February. The poet fell in love with the red maple in autumn and was reluctant to leave for a long time. Thousands of years later, the maple leaf burning like fire in front of his eyes will still arouse people’s yearning and enthusiasm. The red leaf has never faded after thousands of years, and his mood at that time made people feel the same.

The most beautiful scenery in people’s eyes is often because of their love and even their preference.

The flowers withered, the unique plum blossom against the wind swept out, the beautiful scenery of the small park scenery.

"Dappled shadows hang aslant over the clear shallow water, in the evening of moonlight their fragrances peacefully expand."

When the cold bird wants to fly, it first peek at the plum blossom; Butterflies, if you know the beauty of plum blossom, will be enchanting.

Fortunately, there are micro-songs that can be compared, and there is no need for a total of gold bottles.

-Song Lin Bu’s "One of Xiaomei in the Mountain Garden"

Flowers wither, only the poet’s favorite plum blossom blooms alone, occupying all the scenery in the small garden. Sparse plum shadows are slanting in the shallow water. At dusk, the moon rises and the faint fragrance floats in the air. Plain birds want to come down, first take a sneak look. If butterflies in spring know the beauty of plum blossoms, they will be heartbroken and lose their souls. The poet sighed with emotion, fortunately, I can also sing poems to praise the plum blossom, and I don’t need to clap the sandalwood to sing songs, and I don’t need to hold a glass of wine to express my love for the plum blossom. The small garden with faint plum fragrance in winter is the most beautiful scenery in the poet’s eyes, and even the spiritual sustenance.

Some people always think that the most beautiful scenery in the world is far away, but people floating in other places deeply understand that when they look back, their hearts are already full of thoughts, and every grass and tree in their hometown is the most beautiful.

You have just come from our hometown, we must know the ways of the world.

When you came to my home carved decorative pattern of the window, the plant of the plum flowers bloom?

-Tang Wang Wei’s "Three Miscellaneous Poems No.2"

The poet asked: You come from your hometown, so you should know something about your hometown, right? Is that plum tree blooming outside my carved window? The plum tree outside the window once accompanied the poet through countless dull but warm times. During the journey, he looked back more than once and all plants and trees were affectionate. Where there are no plum blossoms, but those in my hometown must have taken root and blossomed in my heart.

As time goes by, winter goes and spring comes, how many endless scenery there are?

Only know the search for the beautiful scenery and forget the cold, I am in the spring breeze in the sunset.

I like that Dongshan sunny after the snow, the light of the red in the light of the mountains of Yinshan.

-Song Yang Wanli, "Four mountains are green after the snow clears, but Dongshan’s all-white fu loves Dongshan’s two quatrains after the snow clears."

Poets only know how to chase beautiful scenery, but forget the cold, standing in the sunset and spring breeze. My favorite is Dongshan Mountain, which clears up after the snow. In the soft red light, there is a surge of silver mountains, pure and dazzling! The poet was shocked by the beautiful scenery after the snow!

Welcome the new in time, miss the old in emotion, and what you can’t give up is the feelings of the past.

Without washing and dyeing the dust tassels, I returned to Fangcaoping.

A vine path is green, and there are ten thousand snow peaks and sunny spots.

-Tang Li Bai’s Winter Returning to the Old Mountain

Before the poet could clean the dust from his hat, he came back with grass. A path covered with green vines is green and welcoming, but it clears up after the snow, and the ten thousand peaks are particularly clear in the sun. Returning to the old mountain in winter, the poet was very happy and his eyes were full of beautiful scenery.

The beauty in the eyes of the ancients tells us where they have been and what they have loved. It is a journey of life, a meeting, a fate, and perhaps helplessness in reality. The beautiful scenery they love is still loved by us today, and ordinary people like us will meet many scenery on the way, just like them in the long river of history. What is the most beautiful? Perhaps it is still two words, love. Whether for people or scenery.


He Yu, a woman who likes poetry, is looking for beautiful details in the four seasons, hoping that time will leave warm memories.


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