Huge harvest comment: the market shocks back to artificial intelligence ebb tide

Huge harvest comment: the market shocks back to artificial intelligence ebb tide

  Disk brief description

  On Wednesday, A shares oscillated back. On the disk,Lead the rise,、、Other industries rose slightly,Real estate led the decline,Wait for a small callback. Theme stocks, short play interaction,Wait for the lead,, PEEK material,Wait for a small callback.

  hot plate

  The media has soared,20cm daily limit,Up more than 10%,Wait for the daily limit

  The concept is active,Up more than 16%,Daily limit

  Strong,Daily limit,The gains are among the highest.

  The concept changed in the afternoon,Daily limit,Wait for it to rise.

  News surface

  The entry clearance for listing has been tightened again: the proportion of on-site inspection will be greatly increased soon.

  Following the tightening of IPO in the second half of last year, the "entry barrier" of listing will be further tightened this year. Recently, there are rumors that the IPO will increase the intensity of on-site inspection and on-site supervision, and many project teams will be notified in the near future, especially for the on-site inspection of enterprises under review.

  The first 200 billion-level stock ETF was officially born! Witness history once again.

  The stock ETF market ushered in a new milestone! According to the latest data of the Exchange, as of March 12th, the total scale of Huatai Bairui CSI 300ETF exceeded 200.2 billion yuan, making it the first stock ETF product with a scale of 200 billion yuan in Chinese history.

  The three major US stock indexes collectively closed up.Up 7%, popular Chinese stocks generally rose.

  On Tuesday, Eastern Time, US stocks opened higher and higher, and the three major indexes collectively closed higher. The Nasdaq rose 1.54%, the S&P 500 index rose 1.12% and the Dow rose 0.61%. Among them, the S&P 500 index hit a record closing high. Most large-scale technology stocks rose, up over 7%, and Meta rose over 3%.Up more than 2%,Up more than 1%, Google,Slight increase;It fell slightly. Popular Chinese stocks generally rose,China Jinlong Index rose by 3.96%.Up nearly 9%,Up more than 7%,Up more than 5%.

  Jufeng viewpoint

  In early trading, A-shares shrank back and rebounded near midday. On the disk,, games,,,,,,, ChatGPT, concept, etc. are at the forefront of the increase list. 、, chicken,, pork,、、And other sectors performed poorly, leading the market down.

  Afternoon,,,,The sectors such as Kechuang 50, Shenzhen Component Index, Growth Enterprise Market Index and Shanghai Composite Index have turned red. Late,Diving,The concept ebbs and the stock index falls. Northbound funds flowed in slightly in the afternoon, and the net inflow for the whole day exceeded 1.5 billion yuan. The market is active, and the turnover of the two cities has shrunk slightly compared with yesterday, but it still exceeds 1 trillion.

  Since August 2023, the adjustment of A-share position has been mainly influenced by the depreciation of RMB exchange rate and geopolitical factors. In the medium term, with the implementation of various counter-cyclical adjustment policies and measures, the domestic economy has entered a recovery cycle, and A-shares have gradually identified the market bottom and fluctuated upward, suggesting a bargain-hunting layout.

  capital proposals

  Jufeng Investment believes that under the expectation of economic recovery, A shares are expected to enter a medium-and long-term bull market. In the short term, the market is mainly affected by exchange rate and peripheral geopolitical factors. In the medium and long term, the market has resumed its activity, and the attractiveness of A shares will be further enhanced in the future. Investors can arrange on dips and expect to increase their holdings or repurchase.Subject matter; And grasp the active varieties in the market:,Opportunities for oversold rebound in sectors such as automobiles.


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