Geely star is the first to experience, and it is just outside and soft inside.

Geely star is the first to experience, and it is just outside and soft inside.

The "CMA architecture" planted in those years and together is now beginning to bear fruit in the brand-Xingyue, Xingrui, and now Xingyue L, which has set a record for the largest size of CMA.

Although it is named "Xingyue L", the design of this car is completely different from Xingyue. The latter tends to be dynamic and young, while the former pays more attention to maturity and stability.

Although the style orientation is different, the overall design language remains the same, which is also the characteristic of all models at present. A set of recognizable design allows unfamiliar people to recognize the brand without looking at the logo, which is very beneficial to the creation of brand image and the setting of product positioning.

The overall dimensions of Xingyue L are 4770*1895*1689mm and the wheelbase is 2845 mm.. It is reasonable to say that this size can be counted as a medium-sized SUV, but it is still called a compact SUV. One of the reasons is that the CMA architecture was originally aimed at compact models. As a result, the Xingyue L will look a bit "have no martial ethics" when compared with other compact SUVs in the future, similar to the previous Xingrui.

To sum up the shape of Xingyue L in a few words, there are probably: stable, thick, hard and strong. The headlights, grille, rearview mirror, window and wheel hub are all one size larger than the previous models. Although they lack the agility that young people like, they give people a solid and reliable psychological feeling, which is obviously a model for family use.

Matrix headlights are a bright spot, with 126 LED beads, which can control the switch and light and shade separately to ensure the brightness and lighting range, and at the same time, more lighting effects can be achieved through OTA in the later period.

Xingyue L’s car paints are available in six colors, including oyster white, aurora silver (as shown in the picture), basaltic gray, jet black and Mars red, as well as a distinctive "Cuiyu Blue", which is not blue or green, inspired by the mountains and mountains, and at the same time extracts the green texture of traditional porcelain and natural cuiyu. The cost of this car paint will be higher, and it may be available in limited quantities after listing.

When you open the car door, the little oppressive feeling brought by the appearance suddenly disappears, and the warm home atmosphere comes to you. The length of the triple screen across the center console is close to one meter, and the resolution of each screen has reached 1920X720.

This shooting vehicle is a test car, and the screen can’t be lit. The visual effect is quite good in the all-black state, and the overall feeling is very strong. At the recent Shanghai Auto Show, we saw the effect after lighting. The screen quality is very high, but the white theme still has a sense of separation. We look forward to the effect of the black theme.

The air conditioning outlets on both sides are directly opened on the huge black panel of the triple screen, which is a cost-free operation and of course brings good visual effects. Touched by hand, the edge of the opening is very round, and there is no cutting feel, which shows excellent workmanship.

The shape of the shift lever is similar to that of Xingyue and Xingrui, but the unlock key is cancelled, and the operation logic is the same as that of XC40. Shift the shift lever twice. The physical buttons in the air-conditioning control area have been preserved, which I praise.

Previously, the interior was decorated with palindromes, but Xingyue L was replaced with woven texture. There was a red and blue gradient stitch between the white stitches on the decorative board. At first glance, it was complicated, but at second glance, it added a little vitality to the interior.

The interior of this car is a combination of beige and red, while the Cuiyu blue model will be decorated with dark green and gold, which is more luxurious and mysterious. The roof is completely covered with suede material, and the cost is burning.

With such a large size, the rear space will naturally not disappoint, and the seat is wide, which provides good support for my whole body. The backrest angle can be adjusted, and the overhead space is about 15 cm. Because the electric seat of the vehicle can’t move, the passenger seat in the picture is actually in a backward position, which means that even if I have a more indulgent sitting position in the passenger seat, another passenger with a height of 180cm can still ride comfortably in the back row.

The luggage compartment has a great depth, but because the backrest of the rear seat is inclined, large items can’t be put in the depth. Open the lower cover of the luggage compartment, and there is a storage compartment below. After putting down the rear seat, the volume becomes very considerable, and the loading surface is only slightly inclined.

The vehicle being photographed is equipped with a 2.0T medium-power engine, with a maximum power of 218 HP and a maximum torque of 325Nm, which is between T5 and T4. It will be matched with a 7-speed wet dual-clutch gearbox and accelerate 7.9S at zero speed.

The Xingyue L will also have a 2.0T high-power engine with a maximum power of 238 HP and a maximum torque of 350Nm (which can be supercharged to 380Nm), matching 8AT and accelerating for 7.7 seconds. The performance gap between high and low power is so small that it is really rare. I wonder how much difference the price will be at that time.

It is expected that the price of Xingyue L will overlap with the mainstream joint venture compact SUV to a large extent, or even be cheaper. From this static observation, we can see that Xingyue L has obvious advantages over the joint venture SUV in terms of space, design, material selection and configuration. I look forward to the follow-up dynamic test drive and experience the strength of CMA architecture in mechanical and electronic aspects.

The writer of this article is Ao Yifeng, a kicker gang.


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