Innovative measures of Budweiser China to help road traffic safety construction

Innovative measures of Budweiser China to help road traffic safety construction

  On March 3rd, Budweiser China and the Traffic Police Corps of Shanghai Public Security Bureau gathered together in Lujiazui cultural landmark — — Pudong Art Museum, celebrating the launch of the theme publicity campaign of "Spring Guarding Action" for Shanghai traffic safety. Zhu Jiangliu, Vice President of Corporate Affairs of Budweiser China, attended and participated in the event to share the latest achievements of Budweiser China in helping road traffic safety construction.

Innovative measures of Budweiser China to help road traffic safety construction

In 2023, Shanghai traffic safety "Spring Guarding Action" theme publicity campaign was launched.

  This activity is based on "Civilization and Law-abiding     Go home safely as the theme. Ding Bin, director of the Propaganda Center of the Traffic Police Corps of Shanghai Public Security Bureau, said: "Civilized and law-abiding can build a traffic safety defense line, and returning home safely is related to personal and family happiness. As the world’s leading brewer and responsible corporate citizen, Budweiser China continues to carry out public welfare publicity activities, which plays an indispensable role in road traffic safety construction. In the future, I hope that more enterprises will take up social responsibilities and help build a civilized, harmonious, safe and smooth high-quality road traffic environment! "

   Drink wisely "   sequence 15 year whole country   Interaction on drunk driving  Fat chance   "

  In recent years, China’s road traffic has developed rapidly. By the end of November 2022, the number of motor vehicle drivers in China has exceeded 500 million, ranking first in the world. According to official statistics, in 2021, there were 273,098 traffic accidents and 62,218 traffic accident deaths in China, and traffic violations were still common. In 2021, the number of non-motor vehicle traffic accidents was 35,141, up 17.3% year-on-year. The emergence of new traffic formats made the situation of traffic safety prevention and control more complicated.

  As the earliest initiative in China to "drink wisely     Budweiser China, one of the enterprises that refused the public welfare activities of drunk driving, has always been committed to promoting the construction of road traffic safety, and has been innovating for fifteen years. From the "Red Wall of the Forbidden City", "E-sports Battlefield" to "Trendy Street", Budweiser China not only launched publicity activities all over the country, but also frequently launched public welfare "big moves" to young people. 2022 coincides with the World Cup carnival feast. However, according to the survey, during the 2018 World Cup, there were more than 130,000 cases of drunk driving in China [2], and the drinking behavior of fans watching the game may increase the probability of drunk driving. Therefore, in 2022, Budweiser China made another precise attack, reminding consumers with rich online interaction that "Harbin Beer has a door     There is no way to drink and drive!

  In 2022, Budweiser China once again joined hands with Harbin Beer, which is favored by young people, to combine the popular dance and rap elements and lead the new trend of public welfare in a cross-border way of entertainment — — Recruit drunk driving "goalkeepers" through online methods such as small programs, and rap street dance "Harbin Beer has a door     There is no way for drunk driving, which deeply cultivates community communication and triggers netizens from 100 cities to participate in interaction; At the same time, Huang Jun, a star traffic policeman in Shanghai, was linked to help out, and together with the national "gatekeepers", the "gate" of drunk driving was well guarded.

  On the day of the event, Budweiser China won the title of "public welfare alliance Cooperation Unit of Traffic Civilization" again, which is the eighth consecutive year that Budweiser China has been awarded this honor. Zhu Jiangliu, vice president of corporate affairs of Budweiser China, said: "For Budweiser China, this is both affirmation and encouragement. We believe that drinking is a positive experience and hope to convey ‘ in a more vivid way. Drink wisely     Refuse to drink and drive ’ The concept of public welfare, to guide a wider range of people to establish road traffic safety awareness. The lone traveler is fast, and many travelers are far away. In the future, Budweiser China will unswervingly respond to the call of the traffic police department, make efforts to coordinate social governance, persist in innovation, and let the concept of civilized and law-abiding and wise drinking enter thousands of households! "

Innovative measures of Budweiser China to help road traffic safety construction

For the eighth consecutive year, Budweiser China was awarded the title of "public welfare alliance Cooperation Unit with Civilized Traffic".

   Traffic safety experience class " Upgrade again     Safety of creative teaching AIDS  child "   line

  Road traffic accidents are one of the reasons that endanger the lives and health of children and adolescents. The road traffic safety problem of children in China is still grim [3], and children have become an important part of traffic safety education. Budweiser China has supported the public welfare project "Traffic Safety Experience Class" guided by the Traffic Management Bureau of the Ministry of Public Security and sponsored by China Children’s Press and Publication Corporation for many years, aiming to help raise the public’s awareness of civilized travel in an innovative form of entertaining and entertaining.

  In order to better protect the public’s safe travel, last year, the charity project not only upgraded the online training course, but also creatively developed a traffic safety magic schoolbag, including a traffic safety reader, a reflective vest and a reflective yellow hat. At present, Budweiser China has donated more than 8,000 sets of traffic safety teaching AIDS, including magic boxes, magic boxes, magic schoolbags, 100 sets of traffic safety civilized etiquette bags and 5,000 reflective vests to carry out safety education for the community.

Innovative measures of Budweiser China to help road traffic safety construction

 "Traffic Safety Experience Class" public welfare project innovatively launched children’s traffic safety magic schoolbags.

  Budweiser Group and UNITAR Join hands again     Welcome the new future of civilized transportation together

  In October 2021, the World Health Organization issued the Ten-Year Plan for Global Road Safety Action, calling on countries to take measures to reduce the number of road traffic casualties worldwide by at least 50% by 2030. As supporters of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in 2030 and practitioners of global road traffic safety construction, Budweiser Group and the United Nations Institute for Training and Research (UNITAR) are constantly upgrading in the field of improving road safety. Budweiser Group not only effectively promotes the construction of road traffic safety, but also injects new vitality into road traffic safety by using innovative means such as digitalization. In 2022, Budweiser Group and UNITAR continued to cooperate, starting a new chapter in the fields of wise drinking, empowering women entrepreneurs and water resources management, and exploring more innovative and pragmatic solutions.

Innovative measures of Budweiser China to help road traffic safety construction

Budweiser China actively responded to the government’s call to create a harmonious future of "civilized, law-abiding and safe return home" with all parties.

  Ke Ruige, chief legal and corporate affairs officer of Budweiser Asia Pacific, said: "Budweiser Asia Pacific, headquartered in Belgium and with a history of 600 years, has always placed ESG issues at the core of its strategy and operation, and put ‘ Wise drinking and moderate drinking ’ Included in the eight ESG strategic priorities, we believe that every drinking experience should be positive. Therefore, we have maintained close cooperative relations with partners such as the United Nations Institute for Training and Research, the Traffic Police Corps of Shanghai Public Security Bureau for a long time, helped the high-quality development of road traffic in China, and made full use of digitalization and other means to promote multi-win social value. In the future, we will actively respond to the government’s call, join hands with many partners, lead a good drinking experience with rational and wise drinking fashion, and jointly create a future of common prosperity and symbiosis and applause! "

  About Budweiser China:

  Budweiser China    A number of legal entities operating in China are directly or indirectly controlled by Budweiser Asia Pacific Holdings Limited ("Budweiser Asia Pacific"), which is in a leading position in the field of high-end and ultra-high-end beer. Budweiser China is responsible for brewing, importing, promoting, distributing and selling more than 50 beer brands under Budweiser Asia Pacific, including Budweiser, Time, Corona, Fujia, Harbin and Xuejin. In recent years, Budweiser China has expanded to products other than beer, such as alcoholic beverages, energy drinks and spirits. Headquartered in Shanghai, China District operates more than 30 breweries in China, with a total staff of over 17,000.

  Budweiser Asia Pacific was established under the laws of Cayman Islands and listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange in 2019 with the stock code of 1876, and is one of the constituent stocks of Hang Seng Index. Budweiser Asia Pacific is also the Anheuser-Busch    InBev). Budweiser Group has more than 600 years of brewing heritage, and its business is all over the world.

  Budweiser Group entered China in 1984, set up Budweiser Brewery in Wuhan in 1995, and registered Budweiser Investment (China) Co., Ltd. in Huangpu District in 2003. In 2011, Budweiser China Shanghai Headquarters was recognized as the regional headquarters of multinational companies by Shanghai Municipal Commission of Commerce.


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