On the atmosphere, China football is still far ahead, far ahead of German football.

On the atmosphere, China football is still far ahead, far ahead of German football.

Do you remember that last year, the Top10 classic story happened in China football?

It is said that there was a big upset in the second round of the FA Cup in 2022. Beijing Guoan was eliminated by Jingchuan Wenhui, the Chinese champion team, at 5: 7, which broke the big upset. You should know that Zhongguan is the fourth professional league in China and it is an amateur team, but Jingchuan Wenhui still belongs to the downstream team in the Chinese champion.

However, after the game, the official account of Beijing Guoan issued a document saying: This is a close game, and finally said that Jingchuan Wenhui, which is better in strength, won the game. This also made some Guoan fans angry, lost to amateur teams, and boasted that they were stronger than themselves, and they really lost face.

In a word, the top team in the top football league in China lost to the fourth league, which is quite calm. How easy it is to respect that this is a close game.

Let’s go to German football, Bundesliga and European football overlord Bayern Munich, needless to say; The other team, Saarbrü cken, is quite unknown to us. According to media reports.Saarbrü cken is a German football team in the third division. In the second round of the German Cup between these two teams with such a big difference, Saarbrü cken actually pulled down the giant Bayern 2-1 in 96 minutes.

The 96 th minute lore

After the game, start fromThe Saarbrü cken team came to see their mood. Saarbrü cken player Zelitz said: Up to now, my mind is in a mess. I don’t know how to be happy. No one can guess the result. Before the game, we had achieved the result that we might suffer a fiasco, but in the end, when you saw that the scoreboard said 2-1, it was incredible.

The winner is not as calm as our China team, which is quite understandable, because it is difficult to leapfrog the victory because of the details and systematization of German football.

Look at Bayern again, losing and losing. From the club official, "this is unacceptable. I don’t understand why the players played so badly in the first half." Disappointment is huge. " To the players’ "Unbelievable. Unbelievable. We are really disappointed with this result. "

Compared with Beijing Guoan, Bayern’s tolerance is much smaller and a little frustrated. Look at the official announcement of Guoan: this is a close game, and the opponent’s strength is even better.

My humble opinion, rather critical, I wonder if football in China is the real atmosphere, or is it shameful.


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