Volleyball synthesis: the men’s volleyball team beat Japan 3-2 to qualify in a favorable position.

Volleyball synthesis: the men’s volleyball team beat Japan 3-2 to qualify in a favorable position.

  Xinhuanet Beijing August 14th Olympic Special (Reporter Shi Chundong Yi Ling) On the evening of 14th, China men’s volleyball team beat the old enemy Japanese team 3-2, occupying a favorable qualifying position in the group.

  Twenty years after bidding farewell to the Olympic Games, China Men’s Volleyball Team entered the Olympic Games directly as the host. At present, the Japanese team ranks 12th in the world, and the China men’s volleyball team ranks 21st. In recent years, the records of the Chinese and Japanese teams have been evenly divided.

  The 12 teams of men’s volleyball team in Beijing Olympic Games were divided into two groups to compete. Of the six teams in each group, the top four entered the top eight.

  In Group A, China’s men’s volleyball team won the Venezuelan team narrowly, and only after winning the Japanese men’s volleyball team can it be expected to qualify. If you lose this game, it will be extremely difficult to win against the United States and Italy.

  The game started at 20 o’clock that night, and more than two hours before the start of the game, the audience poured into the Capital Gymnasium. China men’s volleyball team was so powerful at home that it was deafening with the support of more than 12,000 spectators.

  The starting lineup of China Men’s Volleyball Team is Shen Qiong, Cui Jianjun, Bian Hongmin, Yu Dawei, Yuan Zhi and Jiao Shuai.

  The China team didn’t start as nervous as expected. Yuan Zhi’s diagonal smash and Cui Jianjun’s serve scored the goal, and the team entered the state quickly. In the second timeout, China led by 7 points. The Japanese team wanted to defend on the Internet, but the opponent’s heavy artillery was too strong. Japan made a mistake of 12 points in the first game. On the 16th, Yujie Ishishima served out of bounds and introduced the game into the game. Japan made another mistake: 25: 20.

  China continued to exert his strength in the second game. In the second timeout, China led by two points. In this game, all the points of the China team were fully alive, and many good balls were played, and the players were very excited. China led by 3 points into the inning, but the Japanese team almost caught up with it by one point. Experienced Zhou Jianan called for a time-out to curb the opponent’s counter-offensive momentum. Yuan Zhi brought the game into the inning, and Yu Dawei took the lead at No.2: 25: 23.

  The Japanese team that lost the game didn’t sink. In the third game, it changed its passivity, strengthened the supervision of China’s main attack and response, and focused on man-to-man interception. Score 7 points in a row in the middle game. As long as the China team attacked, they were stopped by their opponents, and Ren Qi, a free man, flew to save the ball, which was very tragic. Fourth inning: 17: 25.

  In the deciding game, Zhou Jianan arranged for the new face to attack Fang Yingchao and the veteran to attack Shi Hairong in the third and fourth games. The score was 2: 3, and Chinese captain Shen Qiong killed again at No.4, followed by a one-man block. The China men’s volleyball team suddenly burst into unprecedented strength. Fang Yingchao became a top player on the Internet. At 9: 8 stalemate, his 3-position fastball and serve directly stimulated the team’s fighting spirit. The China team completely controlled the opponent with three blocks, and at 14: 10, Fang Yingchao’s 4-position winner sealed the victory.

  "Win China! China will win "cheers, China boys embrace together, excited to shout.

  Zhou Jianan, head coach of China Men’s Volleyball Team, said in an interview with Xinhua News Agency: "Today, the China team played its best level since the team was formed, and walked out of the strange circle of winning first and then losing for many years. The fighting spirit has been played out. At a critical time, I boldly launched a new face, which made my opponent very uncomfortable. This is also a reason for winning. "

  China men’s volleyball team will also play against the United States and Italy in the group stage.

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