Why run?

Why run?

This work was recommended to me by my good friend. At that time, I signed up for a relay race together, and he mentioned it to me. However, after watching three episodes, I didn’t have much interest. It seemed to be just an ordinary straightforward account, so I shelved it.

Later, before the relay race, he mentioned this work to me again. At the end of the relay race, I once again recalled and thought about my relay race (I won the fifth place in the team, barely ranked, and the top six had certificates)

So, I started from episode 4 and kept watching; At the same time, I started running, aiming at 5 km PB.

Watch the fan and run, simultaneously.

I thought that running was just an ordinary sport. After these dozens of days, I have experienced a lot of thinking, and I have improved a lot in psychology, physique and all aspects. Of course, any sport is not simple, and it is extremely worthy of respect. Let’s talk about several animation scenes that I feel deeply:

Running is a wonderful thing to imagine. Even so, we have to face all kinds of affairs in life, even some annoying and frustrating things. These will affect our mood and our willingness to run.

Naked king

What Grey Er said made me think for a long time. I have always liked running, and I am not slow. However, in the first 11 months of 2021, I only ran 92.86km. This is really too little, the daily average is only 0.28km, too little. Maybe I will blame the study task, etc. Many things are meaningless. I just want to ask myself, why not go running? Most of these running distances are also about people to run. Why don’t I run myself?

On the other hand, my running amount in the last 30 days is 90.05km, which is 11 times of the previous one. And I consciously control the amount of running, and I have run once every 1~2 days. I don’t know that this period of time is full of final exams, and it is unheard of to practice running in the final week.

To sum up, everyone’s situation is different, but for me:It’s good to run with reality.

This training form, I am very concerned about:

Training table

Perhaps, of course, everyone should have everyone’s personal tailor training, but it is not possible for ordinary players. In the animation, the track and field teams and high school teams of other universities, every ordinary person can only practice with the big troops. In my experience in junior high school and senior high school, there has never been a scene of special guidance.

From this, it can be seen more.Grey’s good intentionsIt is reasonable for everyone to improve their grades. (I have to mention that everyone’s meals are also handled by the gray two! )

Many people will be confused. Why do they like running?

In fact, if you don’t like it, you don’t like it, but it’s hard to give an exact reason for liking it. You may say "running is good for your health" and "running is very comfortable", but this is not very convincing and does not touch the essence. So in this regard, I can only give the reason of "simply liking", although it seems to be unknown so. In the animation, the prodigy said this:

The words of a prodigy

So, during this time, so have I. What is like? Or, what is love?

Like is serious.

When I carefully run every step, warm-up and stretching, related equipment, water supply, energy supply, pace frequency, stride length, breathing, posture, pay attention to every detail, be serious and unfocused, so as to enjoy it more and like it more.

Going to the kitchen is ecstatic!
Grey said to Ah Zou

This reminds me of the sentence "Go slowly and enjoy!"

Although running is running, it is not just running.

JOJO terrier

Is the prince a success? Not necessarily, depending on the specific definition of "success" here.
Is the prince a hard worker? There is no doubt that it is.


What is the prince trying to tell us? His achievements are unremarkable, but we see the significance of hard work from him. Without hard work, he can’t stand on the track in Hakone, and he can’t experience twists and turns, so beautiful as he wants.

KING’s monologue, in my opinion, is the most perfect monologue in this work, which perfectly interprets the spirit of this work.

KING’s monologue

This is the meaning of Hakone’s biography in this work. Why are 12 players allowed, but Grey II only found 10 players? Grey II tells us what the close relationship between individuals and groups should be.

Are you ready to press the answer key?

Successful people, without exception, are working hard. -the prince
It is arrogant to think that you can do everything by hard work. -Grey II


Hard work is not a guarantee of good grades. The real experiences of Hirosuke and Fujioka tell us this.

There is no need to answer.


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