The shadow of the snowstorm in Hangzhou gradually passed and Spring Festival travel rush began to improve.

The shadow of the snowstorm in Hangzhou gradually passed and Spring Festival travel rush began to improve.

Topic: 2008 Spring Festival travel rush

Special topic: all parts of the country are United in freezing disaster



  On the afternoon of January 30, at a temporary stop near Hangzhou Railway Station, the medical staff of the medical rescue station were examining the stranded passengers. Recently, due to the heavy snow, the railway and highway traffic in China has been blocked or interrupted, and a large number of returning passengers have been stranded in Hangzhou Railway Station and major long-distance bus stations in urban areas. It is reported that since January 27, Hangzhou has opened a number of temporary residence points to provide living security and warm services for stranded passengers in various forms. By the afternoon of January 30th, it had received nearly 100,000 people. China News Agency issued Jong Li photo

  Long-distance bus tickets can be signed at any time.

  Hangzhou Railway Station resumed ticket sales, and Xiaoshan Airport operated normally.

  There is good news to tell you. Although many trains stopped on the Hangzhou Railway yesterday, because a large number of passengers responded to the government’s call and chose to refund their tickets for the New Year in Hangzhou, the passenger detention at Hangzhou Railway Station finally began to improve last night, and Hangzhou Railway Station will resume selling train tickets from today. At the same time, the news from the highway and civil aviation departments is that the operation order is gradually improving, and Hangzhou Spring Festival travel rush is getting out of the shadow of the snowstorm day by day.


  Inter-provincial buses are gradually becoming normal.

  The reporter learned from the bus stations in the southeast and northwest that at 9: 00 am yesterday, all the buses at the East Station and the South Station were running normally. The West Railway Station resumed the inter-provincial buses from Hangzhou to Quzhou, Kaihua, Longyou, Tonglu, Xin ‘anjiang, Lin ‘an and Changhua, and the inter-provincial buses from Jingdezhen, Wuyuan, Jiujiang and Nanchang in Jiangxi. Shuttle buses such as Changsha and Wuhan gradually resumed operation. Nearly 60 inter-provincial buses from North Station to Nanjing have been dispatched at one time, which were taken away by police cars, and other inter-provincial buses are ready to start.

  As of 16: 30 pm, it was learned from the bus stations in the southeast and northwest that all the buses at the East Bus Station and the South Bus Station were operating normally. Shuttle buses from West Bus Station to Quzhou, Kaihua, Longyou, Tonglu, Xin ‘anjiang, Lin ‘an and Changhua are running normally. Inter-provincial shuttle buses to Jingdezhen, Wuyuan, Jiujiang, Nanchang and Yushan in Jiangxi are currently operating normally, including 23 flights to Nanchang yesterday; Sent to Jingdezhen class 18; There are as many as 100 shuttle buses to Tunxi and Shexian in Anhui. Other inter-provincial lines such as Changsha and Wuhan are currently suspended. The bus line from North Bus Station to the province is basically normal. The service in Suzhou, Jiangsu Province is basically normal. The shuttle bus to Nanjing runs 67 times in the morning, but it stopped again after 12 noon due to road congestion. Due to the closure of Xuancheng-Guangde Expressway, classes of lines in Huangmei and Wuhan in Hubei were diverted to Hangzhou-Jinhua-Quzhou Expressway and bypassed by Jiangxi Province. Anhui, Henan and other inter-provincial lines continue to stop.

  Long-distance bus tickets do not expire.

  Yesterday, the Spring Festival travel rush Office of Hangzhou released a message that from now on, Hangzhou Changyun will introduce a permanent and effective measure for bus tickets during the Spring Festival travel rush period. As long as the line is opened, ticket holders can go with them as soon as they arrive. That is to say, instead of waiting at the bus station, they can go to the bus station at any time.

  At the same time, the four major stations have also opened the ticketing service telephone number 86981111 and the service consultation telephone number 86046666, providing consultation service 24 hours a day, and adopting the method of multi-point ticketing, all the ticketing windows of the four major bus stations have been opened to serve passengers.

  The bus station will open a temporary waiting area.

  At present, the situation of roads around Hangzhou has improved, and a large number of passengers will flock to the station. At present, the transportation department of Hangzhou has set up departure points outside the station according to the actual situation, in which the temporary waiting point of the West Coach Station is located in the nearby Armed Police Command School, and the temporary waiting point of the North Coach Station is located in the nearby Motor City. Once the station is overcrowded, these places will also be used as temporary departure points, where passengers can wait and get on the bus.


  The detention situation at the railway station has improved.

  As the disastrous rain and snow weather continues, the number of trains stopped at Hangzhou Railway Station has increased. On the 30th, 18 pairs of new trains were stopped, bringing the total number of stopped trains to 38.

  However, due to a large number of passengers returning their tickets at the station according to the outage situation, nearly 40,000 tickets were refunded at Hangzhou Railway Station and Hangzhou East Railway Station in only three days from January 28 to 30. In addition, some passengers responded to the call of government departments and stayed in Hangzhou for the holidays, which made the passengers stranded in Hangzhou Station basically delivered by 30th, and the train operation order was adjusted accordingly due to the suspension. It is expected that the train operation order from Hangzhou to Yunnan, Guizhou, Sichuan and Guangzhou will be gradually restored after today. The situation of Hangzhou’s delay in going to Xi ‘an, Taiyuan, Datong, Fuyang and Hefei has been greatly improved, and the operation order has basically recovered.

  To this end, the ticket offices of Hangzhou Railway Station and Hangzhou East Railway Station will resume the sale of train tickets to all parts of the country within three days from today, and the ticket outlets in the city will still sell train tickets to all parts of the country within 11 days. In the early stage, due to the serious delay of trains in the direction of Yunnan, Guizhou, Sichuan and Guangzhou, passengers who have not yet refunded their tickets and are still waiting for news, if they still need to continue to take the bus, Hangzhou Station and hangzhou east railway station can go through the formalities of changing the corresponding trains to late boarding according to passenger demand and train operation and transportation capacity. From today, Hangzhou Railway Station will set up a special window for changing tickets in the North Ticket Office to handle the corresponding change procedures for passengers who hold train tickets for Yunnan, Guizhou, Sichuan and Guangzhou from the 27th to 31st. All refunds will be made in the lobby of the North Ticket Office.

  Increased train stops

  The newly stopped trains confirmed yesterday are: 29: 2997 from Hangzhou to Nanchang; 30th: 1213 trips to Hainan-Guiyang, K539 trips to Hangzhou-Guiyang and 2927 trips to Hangzhou East-Nanchang; 31st: 1213 trips to Hainan-Guiyang, K422/3 trips to Ningbo-Chengdu, K539 trips to Hangzhou-Guiyang, K149 trips to Hainan-Zhanjiang, K71 trips to Hainan-Chongqing North, K111 trips to Hainan-Guiyang, 5125 trips to Hangzhou-Wenzhou, L129 trips to Hangzhou-Nanchang and Suzhou-Ganzhou. February 1st: K149 trips to Hainan-Zhanjiang, K537 trips to Hainan-Nanning, K584/1 trip to Ningbo-Nanning and 5125 trips to Hangzhou-Wenzhou.

  Passengers with the above train tickets should go to Hangzhou Railway Station and Hangzhou East Railway Station for full refund immediately. When refunding tickets, please go to the refund window of Hangzhou Railway Station and Hangzhou East Railway Station. Don’t trust the lobbying of suspicious people, and don’t refund tickets to these people at will, so as not to take advantage of the loopholes for ticket sellers or cause unnecessary losses.

  There are more and more waiting passenger settlement points.

  With the strong support of government departments, armed police officers and soldiers, an army unit stationed in Hangzhou, Hangzhou Volunteers Association and other social circles, the railway department has properly arranged about 30,000-40,000 train passengers who are delayed every day. At present, the resettlement sites that have been used and are in use include: leisure waiting room of Hangzhou Railway Station, 4 self-provided garages under the railway building, 20 military tents under Qingtai overpass, Hangzhou Railway Station, hangzhou east railway station Square, Red Star Theatre, Zhongmin Building, Hangzhou Gymnasium and Peace International Convention and Exhibition Center.

  In these places, community workers, medical staff and local police officers provided a series of services such as water, food, heating, mobile toilets, security, medical treatment and psychological intervention for migrant workers who were late for the train, and tried their best to serve and appease the stranded migrant workers.

  civil aviation

  Xiaoshan airport is back to normal.

  Because the snow caused the airport to close for six hours, the flight delay at Xiaoshan Airport on the 29th was very serious. By 10: 00 pm on the 29th, there were more than 100 flights that day, accounting for nearly half of the total number of flights. Xiaoshan airport was brightly lit all night, and people came and went, which was very lively. The latest flight didn’t end until 6: 00 a.m. on the 30th.

  On the 30th, the rainy and snowy weather for several days came to an end temporarily, and the flights at Xiaoshan Airport finally returned to normal. At 7 o’clock in the morning, flights began to take off one after another, and the flights were orderly, and the crowd waiting in the terminal was not as crowded as it was a few days ago.

  After several days of continuous closure, Changsha Airport has accumulated a large number of flights to be flown, so there are strict restrictions on receiving inbound flights, basically one every two hours, so the waiting time for flights from Hangzhou to Changsha is longer. Air China flight CA1789, which originally left in the morning, has not taken off until five o’clock in the afternoon. Guiyang airport was closed before 9: 00 in the morning, so Air China flight CA1751 from Hangzhou to Guiyang was delayed until 10: 59.

  According to statistics, there were about 30 flights delayed at Xiaoshan Airport yesterday, mainly due to flow control. Generally speaking, the airport flight operation has basically returned to normal. Next, it will be the rush hour in Spring Festival travel rush, and the number of flights has increased a lot these days. It is expected that the daily average number of flights at Xiaoshan Airport will exceed 320 in the next few days.

  National airport flights began to resume.

  Two days ago, the bad weather in a large area of the country caused many airport flights to be abnormal, and delays and cancellations were very common. Since yesterday, flights at airports around the country have been gradually on the right track, because many flights were cancelled two days ago and many make-up flights were left behind. In addition, it is the rush hour in Spring Festival travel rush, and the daily flight volume of major airports has reached saturation. Because the air traffic is too large, there is traffic control in many directions, especially in Guangzhou, Beijing, Shenzhen and other directions. Because these directions have traffic control more or less, most of the delayed flights on the 30th are in these directions. (Xia Chun Gao Yun Yang Hanyu Li Yanzhou Gao Yanhua)

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