The spy war drama "Battlefield Lost Love": Do not forget your initiative mind, Remember the Mission.

The spy war drama "Battlefield Lost Love": Do not forget your initiative mind, Remember the Mission.

  Since August 15th, the TV series "Battlefield Fantasy" started broadcasting on CCTV 8, and the viewing performance broke through 1%, and it has been rising all the way since then. Directed by Hai Yi and starring Apollo, Wu Qianyu, Gao Shuguang and Liu Dekai, the play tells the story of the life-and-death struggle between the young revolutionaries headed by He Wenqing and the Kuomintang and the Japanese around the economic war after the failure of the Great Revolution.

  The hero, He Wenqing, was originally a battalion commander of the Northern Expeditionary Army. Later, he was imprisoned by the enemy and released from prison with recommendation. However, he was still wrongly handled in the organization and expelled from the party during the White Terror period. After leaving the organization to become a businessman, He Wenqing still carried out the instructions of the Party to the letter, faced the strong enemy with dauntless spirit, and solved problems with perseverance and wisdom. According to the director, the original intention of "Battlefield Fantasy" is to create a communist party person who is "Do not forget your initiative mind and mindful of his mission": the protagonist He Wenqing did not go to extremes or indulge in ordinary things after being expelled from the Party, but "saved the country by curves" and continued to realize the revolutionary ideal with excellent business talents.

  In terms of cast, Apollo, who plays He Wenqing, is a powerful actor familiar to the audience. In the 2001 martial arts TV series Xiao Eleven Lang, Apollo played the role of "Lian Chengbi", which has remained in the hearts of many post-80s audiences. In recent years, he has performed well in costume dramas such as Shui Yue Dong Tian, Qin Shi Ming Yue, and General on the Top. In 2011, Apollo starred in CCTV-8 TV series "Soul of the Sea", which got good ratings. Wu Qianyu, a young actress in Hong Kong, is one-eighth of Chinese-French mixed blood. In the play, she plays Fan Fengjin, an overseas Chinese with a background of studying abroad, but her temperament is very consistent.

  In the last century, Liu Dekai, who entered the dreams of thousands of families and countless young girls with Qiong Yao dramas such as "A Curtain of Dreams", is still old and handsome as Fan Rongnan, a patriotic overseas Chinese. Gao Shuguang, an actor, changed the positive image of the past, and performed a wily Fuxing Club leader.

  It is reported that although "Battlefield Romance" is a red theme, it has some light comedy elements. In particular, the emotional line between the man and the woman, from tell it to the judge to the partner who fought side by side, their love stories are intertwined in the tense spy front, which has played a role in relaxing the atmosphere and changing the rhythm.

  Different from the general fictional spy war drama, the plot of the spy war in this drama is basically based on the real historical events in the 1930s, which restores the customs of the underground party, overseas Chinese and business circles in Fujian, and to some extent, sees the big picture from the small, which truly reproduces the scene of that year. The play jumped out of the same theme, and the story line closely revolved around the historical truth of how the Red Army crushed the enemy’s economic blockade. According to the director, he hopes to explore these unknown details of real history through the hero’s special experience of using shopping malls as battlefields.


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