Air China flight CA1524 flew normally today after the clear sky turbulence, and the model was changed to Boeing 747.

Air China flight CA1524 flew normally today after the clear sky turbulence, and the model was changed to Boeing 747.

  Air China flight CA1524 flew normally today (July 11th) after the clear sky turbulence, but the aircraft type changed.

  The Paper reporter learned from Fei Changzhun platform that on July 11th, Air China flight CA1524 will still fly normally, and it is scheduled to take off from Shanghai Hongqiao Airport at 14: 45, and it is expected to land at Beijing Capital International Airport at 16: 36, with Boeing 747-89L.

  Fei Changzhun flight status of CA1524 on July 11th. Fei Chang Zhun screenshot

  On July 11th, Air China flight CA1524 was operated by Boeing 747-89L. Fei Chang Zhun screenshot

  On July 11th, China International Airlines issued a notice in its official Weibo: On July 10th, 2023, Air China flight CA1524 (Shanghai-Beijing), model A330-300, was suddenly bumped by the clear sky during the flight, and the crew and crew handled it according to the procedures, making every effort to safeguard the safety of passengers, and one passenger and one flight attendant were injured in the process. The flight landed normally at 17: 18, and Air China arranged a special person to accompany the injured passengers and flight attendants to the hospital for treatment.

  Air China official micro-release notice Weibo screenshot

  On the 11th, the band @SummerVapour Summer Solstice Dream released Weibo, saying that he was on flight CA1524 at that time, and he personally experienced the thrilling scene of the plane bumping. According to its profile in Weibo, SummerVapour Summer Solstice Dream Band consists of three people.

  At noon on the 12th, Weibo replied to the The Paper reporter that the passengers were blinded at first when the plane was bumpy, and only after the plane was stable did everyone slow down and start looking for things, and young people helped the elderly with mobility difficulties. "Thanks to Air China flight CA1524, the professional crew, and the passengers who abide by the regulations, everyone was surprised and had an unforgettable flight."

  In addition, Weibo also shared some warm-hearted clips at the time of the incident. After the turbulence, the crew broadcast for medical practitioners. The fans of star @ Kid-Lil Ghost had medical qualification certificates, and stood up first to help the injured passengers. When landing, @ Boxing World Li Jingliang soothed the passengers around and took everyone to applaud the crew. After landing smoothly, the musicians of various bands on the plane got up and squatted to help some people with mobility difficulties find lost mobile phone headphones and other items.

  This incident has caused many netizens to pay attention to the word "clear sky bumps".

  According to @ Central Meteorological Observatory, clear-sky turbulence usually occurs on sunny days, which is caused by clear-sky turbulence. Turbulence is caused by the irregular flow of the atmosphere. When encountering turbulence, the plane will bump rapidly, and in severe cases, the plane may temporarily lose control. Because it is not accompanied by obvious weather phenomena, it is difficult to observe and detect, which poses a great threat to flight safety.

  According to the Beijing Evening News, in June, 2017, China Eastern Airlines flight MU774 from Paris to Kunming, China, also had a clear sky bump, causing dozens of passengers on board to be injured to varying degrees. At that time, Wu Mingxiang, a senior captain of Shenzhen Airlines, said: "We can only make a comprehensive analysis of the forecast through the high-altitude weather map before taking off, but the accuracy is low. In fact, flying to an area that may be bumpy is not necessarily bumpy, and it is also related to the flight altitude, so ‘ The clear sky is bumpy ’ It is not easy to predict. It is recommended that passengers fasten their seat belts when sitting in their seats. After all, the flight situation is complicated. Planes are different from cars, and the impact force before and after is not as big as that up and down, so wearing a seat belt can prevent people from flying and being injured. Generally speaking, people who are injured by bumps in the air are not wearing a seat belt. "

  According to a recent report by Xinhua News Agency, a British study shows that in recent decades, the probability of aircraft encountering clear sky bumps during flight is increasing, which is inseparable from global warming under climate change.

  Chen Jianguo, a senior pilot, told The Paper that there is no need to panic excessively in the event of bumps. Remember that keeping your seat belt fastened on the plane is the safest preventive measure, regardless of whether the seat belt indicator is on or not.


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