Counting the big show, the fragrant-shouldered dice queen Ada incarnates the amorous feelings of "female gambler"

Counting the big show, the fragrant-shouldered dice queen Ada incarnates the amorous feelings of "female gambler"

As a sequel, the comedy fantasy film produced by Cinema Media, Anle Film and Blue Star Film was released in Chinese mainland on the first day of the New Year’s Day. It was released for seven days, and the cumulative box office has exceeded 1.719 billion, bringing joy to tens of millions of families. Starring Tony Leung Chiu Wai, Bai Baihe, Jing Bo Ran, Chris Lee and Ada, the film mainly tells the story of Tianyin and Xiaolan’s family reunion in Hu Ba.


Ada became a "female gambler" with a variety of amorous feelings.


In the film, Ada, a popular actress, plays a master of enchanting beauty and incarnates into a "female gambler" with all kinds of amorous feelings. She confronts Tu Sigu, played by Tony Leung Chiu Wai, and presents a very gorgeous fancy gambling. She wears a thin pink blouse with a sapphire skirt, half veiled and half fragrant shoulders, and her elegant collarbone sets off her breasts, which is domineering and provocative. Fans who have seen the film pointed out that Ada’s "goddess of gamblers" is very similar to Raquel’s role as the Queen of Dice in the film and Japanese actress Michiko Nishiwaki, who also played the King of Dice in Hong Kong’s hot movies in the early years.


Raquel’s eyes are full of murderous look.


In the movie "storm riders in Macau", Raquel, a 90-year-old girl in Tsing Yi, also plays the "female gambler" dice king. She confronts the pony played by Nick Cheung. She is dressed in a black and red kimono, with a small dew shoulder and a variety of amorous feelings, and her over-the-shoulder dragon tattoo is the most amazing highlight of the audience. When confronting Nick Cheung at the gambling table, Raquel’s eyes are full of charm and murderous look. Although there are not many appearances, it is the most memorable role in the film.


Michiko Nishiwaki modeling becomes the designated action of rolling dice.


In the early years, in the classic movie "God of Gambling", Japanese actress Michiko Nishiwaki also played the role of "God of Gambling", also wearing a kimono. When the dice were about to be rolled, she tore off her button and exposed her tattooed shoulders. This scene can be called the most classic scene in "God of Gambling", which is still memorable after many years. So far, this shape has also become a roll in the film.


Later, Raquel’s dice queen model in the movie storm riders, Macau and Ada’s beauty master model in Catch the Demon 2, all three of them also play a variety of female gamblers, who are equally skilled and show off their shoulders, and also compete with the film’s male actor. The difference is that their shapes in the film are more amazing and more brilliant than each other. Please pay attention to Catch the Demon 2.


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