How do senior three students prepare for the exam when the countdown to the college entrance examination is less than 100 days?

How do senior three students prepare for the exam when the countdown to the college entrance examination is less than 100 days?

  This year, the number of college entrance examination candidates in China is expected to exceed 10 million. Weng Tiehui, Vice Minister of Education, said at the press conference of the joint prevention and control mechanism in the State Council on February 28th that the Ministry of Education will carefully study the implementation plan of this year’s college entrance examination, and relevant work arrangements will be announced to the public in time. The reporter found out that since the resumption of the college entrance examination, the college entrance examination has never been rescheduled for any reason. Even during the SARS period, the original plan was still implemented, one month ahead of the previous year, and it was carried out normally. According to the usual arrangement, the 2020 college entrance examination will officially enter the 100-day countdown on February 28th. How to stay in the sprint stage and get rid of the adverse effects caused by the epidemic has also become a challenge that this year’s senior three students must go all out to face.

  Recording and broadcasting lectures, live answering questions, opening the "online teaching" mode in the third grade of senior high school.

  Wang Yi, director of the third grade of Wuchang Experimental Middle School in Hubei Province, told the reporter that the "online preparation" model carried out by the school has been going on for more than a month due to the epidemic.

  Wang Yi said: "We started our holiday on January 20th. We originally planned to start classes on February 1st, the eighth day of the first month, and the winter vacation lasted for 10 days. Due to the sudden outbreak, online teaching has become a routine mode. Before that, to be honest, most of our teachers, including myself, taught online ‘ Zero foundation ’ . I thought at that time, I would take advantage of the winter vacation to explore. I had a holiday on January 21st, and I started to broadcast live on the Internet on the 22nd … …”

  With the development of the epidemic situation, in late January, the Ministry of Education announced that schools all over the country should "close classes without stopping studying", integrate online learning resources according to their own reality, enrich learning content, and provide suitable home learning methods for candidates.

  Wang Yi led the team to take action formally. He introduced: "On the fifth and sixth day of junior high school, I suggested to the school to hold a video conference through QQ group to let the teachers get familiar with the operation. After four or five meetings, everyone gradually became proficient, brainstorming and communicating with each other, and this kind of teaching channel was gradually established. "

Interactive screenshot of online teaching feedback in Class 5, Grade 3, Wuchang Experimental Middle School, Hubei Province

  Designated e-mail to send and receive grading homework, mobile phone applet to conduct quizzes, and online simulation exam to test learning results … … After two weeks of exploration, the online teaching feedback mode in this special period has been continuously enriched and improved.

  Li Huisuo, secretary of the Party Committee and president of Hebei Hengshui School, introduced in an interview with CCTV News 1+1 that Hengshui School has taken three measures to help senior three students prepare for the exam: 1. All the students participate in student management: a teacher subcontracts several students for video home visits and individual counseling to keep abreast of their situation; 2. Expand the content of education in an all-round way: the cultural class adopts the way of combining recording and broadcasting teaching with live answering questions; Physical education class arranged gymnastics suitable for family exercise; Carry out labor education classes and let students do some housework. 3. Highlight inspirational education in the whole process: record inspirational theme class meetings and inspirational micro-videos to keep students energetic.

  Parents of online exams and home exams turned into "invigilators"

  From January 30 to February 11, the teaching and research staff of senior three in Wuhan began to develop and revise the February research examination questions in Wuhan online, and completed the online and offline versions of 9 sets of papers. On February 26th, relying on the Wuhan Education Cloud Platform, the city’s senior high schools were organized to carry out the online quality testing of senior three English subjects, and the feasibility of online quality testing of senior three English subjects was studied and analyzed, which also provided a practical basis for the online quality testing of senior three English subjects in Wuhan in the future.

  Su Min, the educational director of Wuhan No.11 Middle School, said: "We have designed an online exam, which is called the heart-taking exam, to make students transition from the loose state of holidays to the tense state of study as soon as possible. There is a weekly test once a week to test the learning state of the week. There is a monthly exam once a month to understand the learning status of the whole month. Teachers can fully understand students’ learning situation through testing and adjust their own teaching. Students can also check for gaps and make timely adjustments, and at the same time, they can also conduct sufficient exercises to hone their skills, speed and mentality. "

The cloud system invigilation of Guangqumen Middle School in Beijing

  On March 3rd, the first adaptive test of Beijing New College Entrance Examination was held. Affected by the epidemic, more than 50,000 candidates took the "home exam" for four consecutive days.

  According to the different conditions of each school, the test papers reach the candidates by flash mail, on-site collection by parents, and self-printing by mailbox extraction. Because this test needs candidates to be conducted at home, parents become "invigilators". In order to ensure the effectiveness of the test, schools let parents receive "cloud" training before invigilation through online counseling and "A Letter to Parents" before the test. 15 minutes before each exam, parents remind students to empty their desks, prepare school supplies, mute electronic products such as mobile phones, prepare test papers, answer sheets and barcodes for the subject, and issue instructions such as "The exam is about to begin, please confirm that electronic products such as mobile phones are mute". After the exam is completed, submit the answer sheet by mail or sending pictures according to the requirements of middle school.

  Psychological micro-courses and expert lectures relieve stress and boost morale.

  In the past, the "countdown to the college entrance examination" hanging above the blackboard in the classroom can only "move into" the class groups of online platforms such as QQ and WeChat. Without the teacher around, the pressure and anxiety of many students have increased.

  Xi Huisuo, secretary of the Party Committee and president of Hebei Hengshui School, said that the college entrance examination is a big competition of comprehensive strength, which not only tests knowledge and ability, but also tests students’ psychological quality, will quality, behavior habits and physical health. In a special period, children are prone to anxiety at home, and even have some problems with their parents. At this time, psychological counseling becomes very important. To this end, Hengshui has arranged a special psychological teacher to record psychological micro-courses, and students can watch them on demand according to their own wishes.





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