[Network China Festival] Lantern Festival: Regaining the breath of life and waiting for the reunion of thousands of families.

[Network China Festival] Lantern Festival: Regaining the breath of life and waiting for the reunion of thousands of families.

  The stars and the moon are burning in the sky, and there are two yuanxiao on earth. Every year, it’s Lantern Festival again.

  Lantern Festival, also known as "Shangyuan Festival". In this festival, in addition to eating dumplings, enjoying lanterns and solve riddles on the lanterns, there are also countless literati who have left many poetic poems. These poems, or trigger the resonance of missing, or contain similar warmth, as well as countless inner attachments. These beautiful images hidden in ancient poems have amazed the time and the soul.

[Network China Festival] Lantern Festival: Regaining the breath of life and waiting for the reunion of thousands of families.

  Today, let’s walk in poetry and feel the Lantern Festival in poetry.

  Ouyang Xiu wrote in the Northern Song Dynasty: "On the Lantern Festival last year, the flower market was lit like a day. The moon rose above the willow tree, At dusk he had a tryst with me. The lantern festival on the fifteenth day of the first month of this year, the moonlight and the lights are still the same as last year. I didn’t see last year, and my tears wet my spring shirt sleeves. " Just a few crosses create a hazy, quiet, graceful and soft artistic conception, which makes people feel the charm of China’s traditional poems.

  "Jin Li Fang Yan, Lan Hongyan in his early years. The color is far away, and the light is far away. After the Chinese suspect that the stars are falling, the building is like a moon hanging. Don’t have a thousand gold smiles, come and reflect the nine branches. " Lu Zhaolin, one of the four outstanding figures in the early Tang Dynasty, wrote a poem "Watching Lights at Fifteen Nights", which made the colorful Lantern Festival lights unique and brought people into the enchanted fairyland.

  The poet Su Weidao wrote in the poem "The fifteenth night of the first month": "The fire tree and silver flowers are combined, and the star bridge is locked. The crowd surged, the dust float in the sky under the hoofs of the horses; Moonlight all over every corner, where people can see the moon overhead. Prostitutes are all ruined, and songs are all ruined. Jin Wu can’t help but stay up at night, and the jade leaks. " The poem describes the scene of lights scattered and crowds surging on the Lantern Festival night in Chang ‘an, and people still don’t want to leave at midnight. Read it carefully, and you will have a wonderful feeling of being in the capital of Datang and sleepwalking in the sea of people and lights.

[Network China Festival] Lantern Festival: Regaining the breath of life and waiting for the reunion of thousands of families.

  Yuan midnight snack, between the lights. "Find him thousands of baidu in the crowd. Suddenly looking back, the man was there, and the lights were dim. " Xin Qiji, a poet in the Southern Song Dynasty, is well-known for this word in "Qing Yu An Yuan Xi". In fact, in ancient times, Lantern Festival was also a romantic festival. Lantern Festival provides an opportunity for unmarried men and women to get to know each other, and it is also a good opportunity for young men and women to meet their lovers.

  In the Song Dynasty, the anonymous poet "Partridge Sky Shang Yuan" said: "At dusk, we welcome the auspicious to the Royal Return, and the palace flowers carry the brocade in piles. The whip sounded by the bridge in Tianjin, and the shadow was opened in front of Xuande Building. Play Shun music, enter the Yao Cup, and announce that the car will go to Tianjie immediately. The king likes to have fun with the people, and he comes with shock on all sides. " It describes the grand occasion of the Lantern Festival in the capital city of Song Huizong, where the emperor enjoyed the fun with the people, the officials and petty officials swarmed around, and the people flocked to it. Everyone wore all kinds of flowers on his head, and all the way, it was colorful and dazzling, as if it were a sea of flowers.

[Network China Festival] Lantern Festival: Regaining the breath of life and waiting for the reunion of thousands of families.

  Photo by Beijing Daily reporter Pan Zhiwang.

  Tang Bohu, a cynical and talented six-legged layman, also wrote a beautiful work "Yuanxiao". "A moon without lights is not entertaining, and a moon without lights is not spring. Towards everywhere spring comes as seen here with lady fair, Over bright moonlit night flashing lanterns set off the moon as pure silver. All over the street, Zhu Cui swims around the village girls, singing and competing with the social gods. If you don’t show your respect and smile, how can you get rid of this good time? " The Lantern Festival written by him is not only beautiful in artistic conception, but also lively and touching. The lights and the moon are shining, the songs are everywhere, and even the village girls wear red and green to travel. The scene is very spectacular and moving.

  The beauty of poetry lies in its rich flavor of the times and life. The romance of poetry lies in its engraving of human experience and customs changes. Therefore, it can cross the long river of time and let us regain the memory of culture. No matter how time and space change, Lantern Festival is still a spiritual symbol that we can’t give up, and people are still used to reunion in festivals.

  "At the Lantern Festival last year, the flower market lights were as bright as day. On the first night of this year, only the moon remains. " On this day, which should be a family reunion, too many people can’t do so because of the unexpected visitor "COVID-19 epidemic". This sudden epidemic has disrupted the rhythm of everyone’s reunion and disturbed our pace of going home. At this moment, on the Lantern Festival, let’s say a word to the "soldiers" who are fighting against the epidemic: take care and be safe! Say a word to all my family and compatriots: Happy holidays!

  The fight against the epidemic has entered the stage of Armageddon, and we look forward to the early dispersal of the epidemic and the family reunion as soon as possible! (Guangming. com reporter Yuan Qing)


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