Kobe Bryant’s former full-time pilot: the helicopter crashed in good condition or because of the weather

Kobe Bryant’s former full-time pilot: the helicopter crashed in good condition or because of the weather

  The picture shows the crash site.

  Overseas Network January 27th Local time January 26th, NBA star Kobe Bryant was killed in a helicopter crash in California, USA, at the age of 41. Kurt Deetz, a former full-time pilot of Kobe Bryant, said that the crashed helicopter was like a "luxury car" with a good safety record, and the crash was more likely caused by bad weather.

  According to the Los Angeles Times, Deeds is a former pilot of "IEX Express Helicopters" and worked as a full-time pilot for Kobe Bryant from 2014 to 2016. He introduced that Kobe will take Sikorsky S-76B helicopter nine times out of ten trips. When Kobe retired in 2016, he arrived in downtown Los Angeles by the same helicopter.

  Dietz said that Kobe prefers Sikorsky S-76B and compares this helicopter to a "limousine". Dietz recalled: "Every time I flew with Kobe, he was always quiet, and he would say hello and say ‘ Hi ’ And then give a thumbs up, or say nothing, he is very professional. "

  According to the published flight records, this Sikorsky S-76B helicopter was built in 1991. Dietz flew on this plane for more than 1,000 hours, and called it "excellent". Sikorsky S-76B helicopter is also loved by celebrities because of its comfort and safety.

  The crashed helicopter belongs to "IEX Helicopter Company", and Dietz said that the company strictly abides by the "complete maintenance plan" for helicopter maintenance. Dietz guessed that the crash was more likely caused by bad weather than by engine or mechanical problems.

  Dietz said: "The helicopter seems to hit the ground at a very fast speed, with a speed of about 160 miles per hour (about 257 kilometers per hour). After flying for 40 minutes, there are about 800 pounds of fuel on the helicopter, which is enough to cause a fire."

  At about 10 am local time on January 26th, a helicopter crash occurred in California, USA. Kobe Bryant, a famous NBA star, died in this plane crash at the age of 41.

  At the time of the accident, Kobe was taking a helicopter to Mamba College for basketball training, accompanied by his 13-year-old daughter Jaina Maria. When the plane was flying over Calabaca, it suddenly crashed on a hillside 30 miles northwest of Los Angeles and caught fire for "unknown reasons". The Los Angeles County Police Department told reporters that when the helicopter crashed, there were 9 people on board, including 8 passengers and 1 pilot, all of whom were killed.

  Kobe Bryant was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA on August 23rd, 1978. He was selected by Charlotte Hornets in the NBA draft in 1996, and then traded to Los Angeles Lakers as a shooting guard and a small forward. As an adult, Kobe spent most of his life in the coastal area of Orange County in southern Los Angeles. Due to the poor traffic conditions in Southern California, he often takes part in training and competitions by helicopter to save time.

  During his 20-year career, he led the Lakers to win the NBA championship five times and was selected to the NBA All-Star Team 18 times, becoming the third leading scorer in NBA history. On April 14th, 2016, Kobe Bryant announced his retirement after completing the last regular-season game of his career. (Overseas network Zhu Huiyue)


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