Banks raise the threshold of free SMS notification. To save money, you have to use mobile banking.

Banks raise the threshold of free SMS notification. To save money, you have to use mobile banking.

  The picture shows a Nanjing citizen showing her bank cards of different banks. (Profile photo) Photo by China News Service reporter Li Bo

  BEIJING, Beijing, August 13 (Zhong Qing) Did not receive the SMS reminder from the bank by swiping a credit card to buy a box mask? Is there something wrong with the banking system? Or didn’t the deduction succeed at all? According to a survey conducted by a reporter from Zhongxin. com, in order to develop the mobile financial business, the bank once again raised the threshold of free SMS notification, and switched to the client and WeChat WeChat official account to provide a series of free services to guide users to use mobile banking.

  Investigation — —

  After debit card, banks raise the threshold of free SMS notification for credit cards.

  "Recently, I always didn’t receive SMS prompts when I swiped my card. At first, I thought that the system was slow and delayed, and then it appeared several times." Xiao Wang, who is usually very restrained in spending, will check text messages and calculate accounts from time to time.

  Later, Xiao Wang called the bank for consultation and learned that it was the bank that increased the credit card SMS reminder quota, and no longer sent SMS messages after spending 300 yuan.

  The reporter found that many banks are gradually raising the threshold for free SMS reminders of credit cards. Industrial and Commercial Bank of China since August 1st,Stop sending credit card RMB transaction amount below (including) 300 yuan balance change reminder SMS., instead of sending information through the e-linked mobile phone client.

  “Including the use of credit cards at ATMs, as long as it does not exceed 300 yuan, it will not send free SMS reminders."ICBC customer service staff said that the initiative has been launched nationwide.

  China Merchants Bank also set up the 300 yuan threshold. The customer service staff told the reporter: "Since February 2014, China Merchants Bank has cancelled the SMS reminder for credit card consumption within 300 yuan, butEach consumption detail can be sent to users through WeChat WeChat official account, and WeChat official account also has the functions of checking the amount and repayment in installments."

  The SMS prompt of Shanghai Pudong Development Bank’s credit card triggers a higher amount. Starting from July 20th, the trigger amount of short message notification for online credit card transaction under personal name of Shanghai Pudong Development Bank was adjusted to 500 yuan.If cardholders want to know the whole story of each transaction through SMS, they need to buy this service at the price of 4 yuan every month.

  The SMS reminder service for debit cards remains basically unchanged. After adjustment in recent years, at present, most domestic banks charge a monthly SMS reminder fee ranging from 2-4 yuan for ordinary debit card accounts with this function.

  Tracing the cause — —

  Respond to the impact of third-party payment and make efforts in the field of mobile finance

  "On the one hand, banks adjust the SMS reminder method to reduce the cost of sending SMS through mobile operators; On the other hand, sending information in a closed loop in the banking system can improve security, "Guo Jing, an analyst at Analysys Financial, explained to the reporter of

  Take ICBC’s e-link mobile phone client as an example. If users want to receive free balance change reminders, they need to bind the bank card with the client and turn on the automatic push function of the software.

  Some insiders believe that with the rapid development of the mobile Internet,The banking industry has suffered from the impact of new financial models such as third-party payment platforms. The ultimate goal is for banks to cancel the free SMS reminder service for small changes and guide consumers to form the habit of using electronic channels such as online banking and mobile banking..

  Guo Jing said that compared with the traditional short message service and counter service, WeChat WeChat official account and mobile client make financial services more flexible and convenient. "Mobile finance has the advantages of network-wide interconnection, high-speed data exchange and self-service completion, and it also has the mobility and portability of anytime and anywhere interconnection, making it easier for customers to accept and master."

  In his view, the development of mobile finance is an extension of bank outlets and an expansion of service channels; It can not only give full play to its convenience advantages, but also create personalized services according to customer needs.

  Depth — —

  Mobile banking transfer and remittance step into the era of "free"

  On December 25, 2015, the People’s Bank of China officially issued the Notice on Improving Personal Bank Account Services and Strengthening Account Management, proposing that "commercial banks are encouraged to exempt depositors from handling fees for transfer and remittance services below a certain amount through online banking and mobile banking".

  The introduction of the policy ended the "individual combat" of banks, laid the foundation for online banking and mobile banking transfer fees to enter a comprehensive free stage, and banks began to "group" to promote the new regulations.

  On February 25th, ICBC, Agricultural Bank, China Bank, China Construction Bank and Bank of Communications.The "five major banks" rarely joined hands and announced that they would waive the handling fee for individual customers’ transfer and remittance services through mobile banking.; Transfer and remittance services of less than 5,000 yuan handled through online banking are free of handling fees.

  On July 28th, China CITIC Bank and China Merchants Bank.Twelve joint-stock banks set up the "Commercial Bank Network Finance Alliance", announcing that all users of the alliance banks can handle inter-bank transfer business through electronic channels (mobile banking and personal online banking) free of charge..

  Recently, the reporter learned from the announcement of "Five Major Banks" in official website and the customer service staff that the "Five Major Banks" have implemented the fee concessions for individual customers to transfer money through mobile banking and online banking.

  Extension — —

  Middle-aged and elderly customers are embarrassed to open exclusive services or the general trend.

  "Now banks are encouraging online operations. In the future, the cost of going to outlets to do business will definitely be higher and higher. Even many high-yield wealth management products are exclusive to mobile phones, which is a bit embarrassing for middle-aged and elderly people."

  Ms. Wu, who just retired from a public institution at the beginning of the year, said that it is no problem to read news and send messages with smart phones, but online shopping only chooses cash on delivery. "The behavior involving money is still not used to being done on mobile phones."

  "It is the general trend to open exclusive mobile financial services for the elderly." Guo Jing pointed out that China has entered an aging society. According to data from the Ministry of Civil Affairs, as ofBy the end of 2015, there were 222 million elderly people aged 60 and over in China, accounting for 16.1%. "It is a pretty big blue ocean for banks, and there is no reason to give up."

  Guo Jing suggested developing a dedicated online bank or client for the elderly, and introducing corresponding security functions, such as setting a hard limit for online banking and mobile banking transfer and remittance; At the same time, provide regular financial knowledge training and cognitive assessment for the elderly to raise their awareness of safety protection. (End)


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