The popularity of the first live broadcast of "Police Flowers and Police Dogs" in Hou Mengsha broke 100,000.

The popularity of the first live broadcast of "Police Flowers and Police Dogs" in Hou Mengsha broke 100,000.

"Police Flowers and Police Dogs" will be broadcasted by Zhejiang Satellite TV on July 7th in China Blue Theater.

The large-scale police-themed youth inspirational TV series "Police Flower and Police Dog" will seize the summer file on the 7 th of this month and start the first summer shot. Yesterday, Hou Mengsha, the powerful actor who plays the heroine "Li Shuhan", and Yu Hewei, the leading actor, held a grand press conference in Beijing with a group of masters, and once again went to the Beijing Police Dog Base to have a warm reunion with the police dogs who were photographed together in the past.
At the event, Hou Mengsha appeared in a black shoulder dress and a long black-and-white dress. This classic black-and-white color combination makes her particularly youthful and beautiful, and she is natural. According to her, she also loves black and white clothes in private, and the simple and natural style is her favorite way of dressing, which also shows Hou Mengsha’s pure and natural personality from the side. At this conference, the theme song MV and the super-long film were first released for media reporters to get a sneak peek. Sometimes warm and sometimes urgent pictures in the film make Hou Mengsha’s memories surge, and even her eyes are wet after seeing the injured figure of her dog "Cherry". In a subsequent interview, she said that after watching the film, she remembered the scenes that she used to get along with "cherry" and felt a lot. I am very reluctant to give up this lovely, smart and loyal little friend, and even said that I want to take "Cherry" home. When the host asked me if I had a pet, Hou Mengsha recalled his pet dog and even choked up.

Today, the live broadcast is in power, and a number of popular live broadcast apps will certainly not miss this rare opportunity. Three new media platforms, Mei Pai, Zanthoxylum bungeanum and a live broadcast, showed the audience the grand occasion of this conference in Hou Mengsha. Hou Mengsha, who has never played live broadcast, also dedicated his first live broadcast to Police Flower and Police Dog. In the police dog base, Hou Mengsha broadcasted her interaction with her dog "Cherry" for the first time. When she met with "Cherry" again, she recognized it at a glance, and "Cherry" was particularly excited and interacted closely with Hou Mengsha.
Such a loving live broadcast instantly attracted the attention of many netizens, and the cumulative number of people watching the whole 50-minute live broadcast reached 110,000, which was a good start. The combination of beautiful police flower Hou Mengsha and cute dog makes the live broadcast room extremely hot, and such a high popularity also makes "Police Flower and Police Dog" fire before it is broadcast, which makes people even more eager to see the feature film.
Love and blood, warm and youthful "Police Flower and Police Dog" agreed that you will be there on Zhejiang Satellite TV on July 7!


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