Do you still want to see the auto show during the "Eleventh" holiday? The 23rd Dongguan International Auto Show is in progress.

Do you still want to see the auto show during the "Eleventh" holiday? The 23rd Dongguan International Auto Show is in progress.

Information Times (Reporter Luo Xiaotong) This year’s "Eleventh""During the holidays, many consumers have plans to visit the auto show. However, October 2nd is the last day of the 2023 (11th) South China International Auto Show. Where else can Guangzhou citizens visit the auto show in the remaining days of the holiday? You can consider going to the ongoing 23rd Dongguan International Auto Show.

It is reported that the 23rd Dongguan International Auto Show opened on October 1st at Guangdong Modern International Exhibition Center in Houjie, Dongguan, and the auto show lasted until October 5th, attracting many auto brands, including independent, joint venture and luxury brands. It is worth mentioning that a total of 1,500 brand-new models were unveiled at the auto show, among which there were many recently listed and hot-selling models, and Guangzhou Automobile Chuanqi held a launch conference of A-class new cars at the auto show. Let’s take a look at two of the heavy new models that debuted in Dongguan.

Chuanqi ES9 opens national pre-sale

On the opening day of the 23rd Dongguan International Auto Show, Chuanqi ES9, the second product of Chuanqi Zhidian New Energy E Series, started the national pre-sale, and four configurations were launched, with the pre-sale price range of 229,800 yuan.Yuan Dynasty (1206-1368)~ 269,800 yuan.

Chuanqi ES9 appearance. Photo courtesy of respondents

Among them, the performance of Chuanqi ES9 is worth looking forward to. It is understood that Chuanqi ES9 adopts a 2.0T PHEV special engine, which is matched with a planetary gear two-speed hybrid special transmission and a 25.57 kWh battery pack. CLTC has a pure battery life of 143 kilometers and a comprehensive cruising range of CLTC of 1,215 kilometers, which is equivalent to charging once a week for daily pure electric commuting. Comprehensive battery life can run long distances. The giant star chassis, Bosch’s latest R-EPS and Bosch One box braking system can make the whole vehicle turn flexibly, the car does not nod, and the deceleration does not cause carsickness. In addition, the whole vehicle can discharge up to 18.3 degrees, such as ambient lights, electric kettles, car refrigerators, electric fans, electric ovens, etc., and can even charge other new energy vehicles with insufficient energy.

There is no problem with the spatial performance of the whole vehicle. The full-size body has a 6/7-seat layout, and it is also equipped with flexible seats, "family bucket NVH bag" and other comfortable configurations. In addition, relying on the new generation of ADiGO 4.0 intelligent driving interconnection ecosystem, Chuanqi ES9 is equipped with an extrasensory interactive intelligent cockpit and 8155 speed chip, which can realize rapid response and richer and more intelligent functions.

Chuanqi ES9 interior. Photo courtesy of respondents

Comments: As the second fist product of Guangzhou Automobile Chuanqi’s transformation to new energy, Chuanqi ES9 aims at consumers’ demand for comfortable and anxiety-free travel. Although there are many competing products in this market segment, Chuanqi ES9 can’t open the market immediately, but the pre-sale price from 229,800 yuan has improved its market competitiveness. We can expect Chuanqi New Energy ES9 to open a new wave of enthusiasm of GAC Chuanqi in the field of new energy.

The performance version of Shanhai cannon was the first show in Dongguan.

The Great Wall Gun brand also brought a number of heavy models to Dongguan International Auto Show, among which the performance version of Shanhai Gun was the leading model. According to the plan, the performance version of Shanhai Gun is expected to be officially listed in the fourth quarter of 2023, and the official price may be as low as 300,000 yuan.

The great wall gun conference site. Photo courtesy of respondents

It is understood that the performance version of Shanhai Gun is based on the tank platform, emphasizing the integration of hard-core off-road and intelligent luxury. The car is 5,493 mm long and nearly 2 meters wide. It is close to a full-size pickup truck and has the exclusive body color of "Golden Armor". It is designed by shortening the rear suspension, increasing the wheelbase, widening the track and optimizing the shock absorption arrangement. The elbow bandwidth in the car reaches 1.6 meters. Inside the car, the interior of Shanhai Gun Performance Edition is covered with all black and gold, with matte electroplating decoration. It is equipped with 12.3-inch instrument, 14.6-inch central control panel, electric small window of rear windshield, electric adjustment of rear seat, L2-level high-order intelligent driving assistance and other functional configurations. In terms of performance, Shanhai Gun Performance Edition is equipped with domestic 3.0T V6 engine, matching 9AT, and has Borgwarner 4A+MLOCK intelligent four-wheel drive, front and rear axle electronically controlled jaw differential lock, 18-inch off-road AT tire, K-MAN nitrogen shock absorption and 12,500-pound T-MAX winch, which not only has abundant power, but also has strong off-road passability. In addition, Shanhai Gun Performance Edition has an open and ever-changing trunk, and the factory has its own C6 towing qualification, which meets the 3.3-ton trailer certification.

In recent years, pickup truck culture has attracted much attention, and many consumers are looking forward to swimming outdoors in their leisure time, so pickup truck products for passenger leisure products are increasingly popular in the market. The performance version of Shanhai Gun chose this track, and its market performance with comprehensive performance in place is worth looking forward to. However, if Shanhai Gun Performance Edition wants to better seize the market share, the price is also critical, and according to the news that the official price will be as low as 300,000 yuan at this stage, the market performance is worth looking forward to.

Auto show site map. Image source: Dongguan International Auto Show Guan Wei

In addition to the above two cars, there are many new models that were first listed in Dongguan at the 23rd Dongguan International Auto Show. For example, Chevrolet Trailblazer, Jietu Traveler, FAW-Volkswagen New ID.7, BYD Yuan Plus Champion Edition, BYD Seal DM-i, Dongfeng Peugeot 508L, Roewe D7 EV, Buick Century Wuling Nebula, imported Volkswagen Touareg Volcanic Rock Painting Sports Edition, 2024 Tucki G9, 2024 Tucki P5, brand-new FAW Red Flag HS7, brand-new Land Rover Range Rover Star Pulse, 2023 Lincoln Navigator, MG.


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