Education informatization speeds up in an all-round way, and Acer builds a wireless digital campus.

Education informatization speeds up in an all-round way, and Acer builds a wireless digital campus.

  In the process of promoting educational informatization in China, primary and secondary schools have accumulated a good foundation and practice in the construction and application of digital campus after years of exploration. In the new development period, faced with the revolutionary impact of the rapid development of information technology on education and teaching reform, it is a new task for schools to use information facilities and equipment, fully integrate information technology into their daily teaching, truly share high-quality resources, improve the quality of education and realize the transformation of education and teaching methods.
  The Outline of the National Medium-and Long-Term Education Reform and Development Plan (2010-2020) clearly puts forward that it is necessary to speed up the construction of educational information infrastructure, and emphasizes "accelerating the popularization of terminal facilities, promoting the construction of digital campus, and realizing various ways to access the Internet". In order to implement the opinions of the Ministry of Education on "Digital Campus", and in view of the limitations of the current digital learning environment, Acer Group, with the help of foreign successful experience, organized its efforts to build a new generation of "Acer Mobile Wireless Network Classroom", so that computers are no longer simply the objects to be studied, but truly become the tools for assisting learning. As an advanced model of "Banbantong", mobile network classrooms will surely become the mainstream of the future "Digital Campus" construction.

  Computer classroom with wheels
  In the practical teaching application, teachers will encounter various practical problems, such as how to broadcast all kinds of multimedia content and teachers’ operation demonstrations to students in real time? How can teachers broadcast the contents of their laptops directly to students? How to fully develop effective interaction in online teaching classroom? How to effectively manage students and prevent them from doing things unrelated to the classroom? How to quickly organize online quizzes and exams and automatically complete marking analysis? How to quickly upgrade ordinary classrooms to network classrooms? How to broadcast multimedia content smoothly and without delay in wireless network environment? How to record online classroom teaching activities in real time? How to help parents fully and truly understand the teaching situation, assist students in learning and so on. Through Acer’s mobile network classroom solution, these problems can be solved easily. The mobile network classroom can be used not only in class, but also before and after class, which can basically cover all aspects of teaching activities.
  As the world’s leading computer brand, Acer has been committed to providing solutions for industry users to help them develop better. This set of mobile wireless network classroom solution specially tailored for the education industry puts forward improvement methods for the disadvantages of traditional desktop computer classrooms (wires and network cables), such as complexity, high cost and narrow classroom utilization, and has the characteristics of mobility, quick construction, high security and low maintenance cost.
  In this scheme, the traditional computer classroom is miniaturized into a mobile cabinet through a mobile laptop, which becomes a "classroom with wheels", and the functions of wireless communication, random movement, centralized charging and safe storage of dozens of laptops are realized. With the help of functional software such as wireless multimedia teaching system and teaching service support system, teachers and students can interact freely, and students can study freely in classrooms, campuses and families at any time and anywhere, making learning truly a way of life.
  In the teaching process, smooth screen broadcasting and online cinema can be realized in the wireless network environment. In addition, the scheme supports a variety of screen broadcasting methods: full screen, area and designated program, and can be easily selected through the floating menu, and the number of multi-window monitoring can be dynamically selected. Meet the multi-channel, multi-teacher and multi-class simultaneous teaching application. Through the technology of disconnecting the network and locking the screen, students can automatically lock the student screen by unplugging the network cable. Make full use of roll call, screen silence, voice teaching, grouping management and quizzes in electronic classroom control software to manage students’ learning state, realize efficient and interactive communication between teachers and students in the whole learning process, and improve classroom teaching efficiency.
  In the pre-class and after-class sessions, a professional, personalized and localized teaching application platform integrating teaching, lesson preparation, office work, teaching research, evaluation and resource collection has been created for teachers, which realizes the communication between teachers and students, teachers and parents at any time and place, and enables teachers to complete the preparation and management of teaching more conveniently and quickly.
  Acer’s mobile wireless network classroom solution greatly facilitates the information-based teaching task, which not only builds a wireless digital classroom environment, but also strengthens the real-time interaction in the classroom, and achieves the teaching goal of teaching students in accordance with their aptitude in 1:1.


  High-specification configuration meets the demand of information PC in education industry
  Acer’s mobile wireless network classroom solution is equipped with Acer’s new TRAVELMATE P643 notebook. TRAVELMATE P6 series is a star product in Acer’s notebook family with Acer’s wireless signal enhancement technology (SignalUp™ ): Adopt a high-efficiency wireless antenna and optimize the antenna position at the top of the panel. Compared with the traditional antenna, ACER TravelMate antenna has stronger ability to receive wireless signals, faster wireless Internet access speed, stronger efficiency to receive wireless signals, no signal attenuation and no dead angle.
    P643 body has HDMI™ High-definition interface and VGA interface. The docking station has display interfaces such as DP and DVI, which can support multi-screen display output and make screen sharing more convenient.
  P643 is equipped with Acer intelligent fan dust removal technology. This technology uses the high-speed reverse rotation of the fan when the machine is turned on to discharge the dust inside the machine outside the machine body, which can prevent the dust from gathering, and keep the smooth cooling airflow, thus achieving the purpose of prolonging the service life of the equipment.
  In terms of endurance, based on Acer’s unique long-lasting battery technology, TRAVELMATE P643 has the long endurance of short-term explosion and the ability of repeated charging. Acer long-lasting battery adopts intelligent charging management technology, which can reduce battery attenuation, charge it 1000 times, which is three times that of ordinary battery, and can still ensure strong endurance after 2-3 years of use.
  In addition, Acer TRAVELMATE P643 specially upgraded Acer’s unique DASP hard disk protection to the third generation in order to better protect the hard disk. The third generation technology uses special shock-absorbing material to wrap 360 degrees to realize all-round protection of hard disk. At the same time, there are flexible cord connections, which can reduce friction and aging; The vibration sensor can sensitively respond to external changes and make adjustments automatically at any time to ensure the high-speed and stable operation of the machine.

  As the main sponsor of the 2012 London Olympic Games, Acer has realized the integration of PC and industry environment from the perspective of industry users, thus helping users to develop better and faster. With the rapid development of information technology, the gradual popularization of notebook computers, and the wireless network is becoming a public resource, Acer wireless mobile network classroom will become a new choice for the construction of network multimedia classroom in "digital campus" because of its low construction cost, convenient maintenance and mobility. Acer’s wireless mobile network classroom solution will meet the needs of educational informatization construction with ultra-high specifications, provide a strong guarantee for educational informatization construction through excellent technology, and help accelerate educational informatization in an all-round way.


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