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It’s broken! Xiaomi car is no longer cost-effective, and Lei Jun personally admitted that Xiaomi car is "a bit expensive"

Tomorrow (December 28th), the related technology of Xiaomi Automobile will be announced, and Lei Jun has also revealed some mental experiences of building a car in Weibo in recent days. Although this Xiaomi Automobile Conference only talks about automobile technology, it will not actually release a new car, but consumers are often most concerned about the price issue, and Lei Jun also responded on Weibo.

On December 26th, Lei Jun answered some questions about Xiaomi SU7 at the Weibo. When he mentioned "When will Xiaomi SU7 go on the market and how much will it be priced", he said that Xiaomi SU7 is in the trial production and climbing stage, and it will take several months for it to go on the market officially. There is no final decision on pricing, but Xiaomi SU7 is indeed a little expensive, but please believe that what we are doing is "reasonable and expensive" and the experience will definitely exceed everyone’s expectations.

It seems that it is impossible for Xiaomi SU7 to make friends at a price of 180,000 yuan, but Lei Jun also said that the price has not been finalized, and the possibility of persuading executives overnight is not ruled out.

Undoubtedly, Xiaomi SU7 is definitely not behind some contemporary flagship electric cars in terms of technology. Lei Jun even boasted that Xiaomi SU7 hopes to rival Porsche Taycan Turbo in mechanical qualities such as drivability. Intelligently, I hope to be comparable to Tesla ModelS; At the same time, there is the most advanced technology and the richest ecology, but whether a mule is a horse or not, we have to wait until it is listed and tested before we can draw a conclusion.

When Lei Jun announced that he would build a car, whether it was rice noodles or not was boiling, because everyone knew that the "first new energy vehicle for young people" was coming, and the price butcher was coming. But how to price is a big deal for the brand’s first car, especially for Xiaomi, which is still hitting the high-end road.

However, rice noodle people can understand that the name Xiaomi is always labeled as "low price", "cost-effective" and "flat replacement". They also want to watch Xiaomi go to the high end, but just like the sentence "I am afraid that my brother will have a hard time and my brother will drive a Land Rover", this feeling is very tangled. Who doesn’t want to spend less money on a high-end product, but wants to make more money on that product, which is unrealistic. Cars are also the best proof that a brand shows its strength and impacts the high end. Xiaomi’s investment in SU7 is dozens of times the resources of other car companies, and this kind of effort is also to get rid of Xiaomi’s "low-end image".

Of course, Xiaomi car will definitely not be too scary. It should be impossible to price 400,000 to 500,000 yuan. The target model of Xiaomi SU7 is also the ceiling of electric new energy vehicles, and their price is also the same. Therefore, it is reasonable for Lei Jun to say that "it is expensive for a reason". The reason why Xiaomi’s mobile phone can be sold cheaply is mainly because the mobile phone has a large shipment volume and can share part of the cost, and it is extremely difficult for the car to share the cost through sales in a short time.

All major auto companies of new energy electric vehicles within 300,000 yuan have killed their eyes. Xiaomi SU7 is a difficult start in hell. It is hard to imagine how much pressure it has. Judging from the current news, Xiaomi SU7 is not a low-end car, so it will cost less in cost control and materials, and it is not allowed to lower the gear position too much in brand positioning. Do you want to take a cost-effective approach? I guess it’s a little difficult.

M9 officially released Yu Chengdong: The best SUV within 10 million is coming.

The Beijing News Shell Financial News (Reporter Lin Zi) "The best SUV within 10 million is coming". On December 26th, the conference of M9 and Huawei’s whole winter scene was held in Shenzhen. Yu Chengdong, managing director of Huawei, CEO of BG and chairman of BU, a smart car solution, took the stage to introduce the models, and there was a cry of "far ahead".

Yu Chengdong compared the M9 with many cars, saying that the car’s body-in-white aluminum alloy accounted for 80% by volume, and its body lightweight coefficient was 2.02, which was lighter than that of Maibakh GLS600. "The turning radius of the M9 is smaller than that of Model 3".

Wenjie M9 is equipped with the 4th generation extended range platform, with a thermal efficiency of 41%, an oil-to-electricity conversion rate of 3.44kWh/L, and a fuel consumption as low as 6.9L in the extended range version of WLTC. The 52-degree battery version CLTC has a comprehensive battery life of 1402km and a pure battery life of 275km;. The 42-degree battery version CLTC has a comprehensive battery life of 1362km and a pure battery life of 225km.

The pure electric version of Wenjie M9 is equipped with Huawei’s "Whale" 800V high-voltage battery platform, which can last 150km after charging for 5 minutes and 630km under CLTC conditions.

Proofread Li Lijun

Linke 05 is officially launched based on CMA platform.

  Lectra 05, the ultimate masterpiece of CMA basic module architecture of Lectra Auto, was officially launched today, and five models were launched, with a price range of 17.58-212,800 yuan. In order to thank the users for their support and trust, Lectra Auto provides the following exclusive rights and interests for the top 10,000 Lectra 05 owners: the owners of time limited edition enjoy exclusive benefits worth 4,000 yuan; Jin Halo/ Yao Halo owners enjoy a bonus of 4,000 yuan; Jin Plus/ Yao Plus owners enjoy a bonus of 4,000 yuan and a smart optional package. At the same time, Lectra firmly and continuously builds a user brand with temperature. The first owner of Lectra 05 enjoys the "three exemptions" policy of lifetime free warranty, lifetime free road rescue and lifetime free data traffic, and the financial courtesy can enjoy up to 36 interest-free periods.

  Linke 05 has achieved an advanced and breakthrough in brand design language. The front grille shape of the city latitude and longitude, with the North Pole light daytime running lights, has a three-dimensional sense of design. The roof line inclines downward at a golden angle after passing through the B-pillar, creating a slip-back curve with great sense of speed and comfortable space. The length, width and height of the LECK 05 body are 4592mm/1879mm/1628mm, and the wheelbase has reached 2734mm, which is excellent in the same class. The unique tail pillar trim of the extremely bright wing of the car body has a strong visual impact, and the energy matrix taillight further strengthens the unique product image. The electric trunk adopts the unique touch opening of the same level, and the trunk opening sensing area perfectly integrates design and practical functions.

  In terms of interior, Linke 05 adopts a brand-new design language to build a driver-centered urban sensory cockpit. The air outlet of penetrating air conditioner is rich in layering, characterized by straight lines of urban architectural style, and the cockpit presents a stronger sense of modernity and strength. The center console leans towards the driver, effectively reducing the driver’s visual pressure and increasing the lateral visual width in the car. The application of high-end materials, such as 30 customized imported genuine aluminum decorative plates, North American top NAPPA leather and NUBUCK suede leather, gives drivers the luxury of vision and touch. At the same time, LECK 05′ s unique endless streamer atmosphere lights are distributed in 20 places in the car, which can adjust more than 16 million colors, and support diversified light effect linkage to create a light and luxurious atmosphere with distinctive personality.

  Link 05 comes standard with dual 12+ inch full LCD instruments and central control display screen. The 12.3-inch all-LCD intelligent instrument supports full coverage of navigation maps, and the resolution of the 12.7-inch central touch screen can reach 1920*1080P. The Corning Gorilla glass is flexible and delicate, showing the luxurious atmosphere of science and technology. In order to meet the advanced needs of the younger generation for intelligent configuration in vehicles, the LEICK 05 Halo version is equipped with a 7.5-inch full-color HUD head-up display, which can display driving-related information such as speed, navigation, ADAS and vehicle safety warnings in real time to improve driving quality and safety.

  In terms of power, the LEICK 05 comes standard with the Drive-E series 2.0TD high-power turbocharged engine, with a maximum power of 187kW at 5500rpm and a peak torque output of 350N·m at 1800-4800rpm. With the low inertia turbocharger, it can output 90% peak torque within 2 seconds at the earliest, so as to satisfy the carefree driving feeling of power. With the "exquisite sports" style adjustment of the chassis, the Lectra 05 has an acceleration performance of 6.7 seconds and a braking performance of 35 meters sports car class of 100 kilometers, with a top speed of 230 km/h.

British hackers will be extradited to the United States for trial if they invade US military computers (Figure)

Mckinnon, a 42-year-old unemployed computer worker, invaded the US military computer.

  BEIJING, July 31 (Xinhua)-A British computer hacker is suspected of illegally invading the computer systems of the US Navy, Army and Air Force and the Ministry of National Defense in his London apartment, causing damage. The British authorities wanted to extradite him to the United States for trial. He appealed, but the London court ruled that he lost the case on the 30th. It is expected that he will be taken to the United States in a short time.

  According to Sing Tao Global Network, McKinnon, a 42-year-old unemployed computer practitioner, was accused of successfully hacking into 97 computers of the US military and the Ministry of National Defense from 2001 to 2002. Some people described this as the largest hacking incident into the military computer system in history, which made the US authorities extremely embarrassed.

  The chief prosecutor pointed out that the invasion paralyzed the military region responsible for protecting the capital Washington and the New Jersey Naval Ammunition Station. In addition to the military and the Ministry of National Defense, the computer systems of NASA and several private institutions were also invaded by him. The authorities estimate that the financial losses caused by these actions amount to 900,000 dollars.

  Mckinnon will face eight counts of computer fraud in New Jersey and Virginia. If convicted, he will be sentenced to a maximum of 10 years in prison and a fine of $250,000.

  Mckinnon, whose net name is "SOLO", defended himself in the British court, claiming that he was only trying to expose the loopholes in the computer security system of these departments and looking for evidence about UFOs.

  Mckinnon wrote on the website of the British newspaper The Guardian last year: "I am an possessed man." He claimed that he spent a year sitting in front of the computer for an average of eight hours every day, invading the computer system of the US military, not washing and grooming every day, and binge drinking beer and smoking marijuana. He claimed that he had successfully found some photographic evidence to prove the existence of alien spaceships and the names and ranks of "non-human officers".

  The prosecution accused him of deliberately using these actions to try to blackmail the US government. Mckinnon once left a message in a computer of the U.S. military, accusing the U.S. government of pursuing a foreign policy similar to government-sponsored terrorism.

  He was arrested in 2002, and the defense lawyer asked for a trial in Britain, because if he was extradited to the United States, he might be taken to a military court for trial, or even be held at the US military base in Guantanamo, Cuba.

Editor: Lu Wei

Artificial intelligence is an opportunity and a challenge. Experts suggest that supervision should be strengthened from all aspects.

CCTV News:As an important part of Cyber Security Publicity Week, the 2023 Cyber Security Expo is being held in Fuzhou. The reporter noted that how to better develop the artificial intelligence industry attracted the attention of the participants. Many experts believe that although generative artificial intelligence can greatly facilitate and improve human life style, it also poses a new challenge to network security and needs to strengthen supervision from all aspects.

Experts pointed out that any technology has two sides, and there are a series of security risks hidden behind generative artificial intelligence, which pose new challenges to national security, social security, network security and data security.

In terms of security, experts pointed out that excluding human intervention, the security problem of artificial intelligence itself is also obvious.

China computer federation (CCF) Computer Security Professional Committee Member Degree:First, at the source, the data may be poisoned and polluted, so the original training data may have problems. Second, when training, there may be a big data discrimination algorithm in it, and it may not be a fair algorithm, which will lead to problems in the results. Thirdly, there will be a feedback mechanism in the final output stage, and the feedback mechanism may inject some malicious data or samples, which will also lead to the deviation of the answers obtained by this model.

So, how to deal with the hidden dangers of artificial intelligence? Experts said that this requires joint efforts from the supervision, practitioners and enterprises.

Li Xinliang, Expert of Guangdong Digital Government Network and Data Security Emergency Response Expert Group:In view of the security risks that AI may bring, I personally feel that it is necessary to speed up relevant legislation at the national level and formulate relevant industry standards as soon as possible. In addition, for AI practitioners, it is necessary to strengthen the corresponding training so that they can carry out it at the level of national laws and regulations when using AI technology. From the enterprise level, we must fully consider the compliance of collecting citizen information, and at the same time, we must strengthen the relevant actions of data protection in the transmission and storage of these collected data.

Dunhua News Network transformed consulting rooms in 14 hospitals and sent 38 bloggers for physical examination. Xiaohongshu launched a friendly action for women’s physical examination.

Such as writer Susan • Sontag wrote in Metaphor of Disease that everyone may face the disease, but in thousands of years of culture, some diseases have been labeled, making it difficult for people suffering from the disease to face themselves.

On the occasion of International Women’s Day on March 8th, Xiaohongshu Health launched the activity of "It doesn’t matter if there is something wrong", which helped more people to eliminate their sense of shame and anxiety through online topics and practical actions such as knowledge popularization and physical examination of 38 bloggers, and held the "It doesn’t matter meeting", which provided a place for public discussion on the topic of gynecological diseases that was originally shy. It is also to send care to women through the transformation of offline hospitals.

Susan • Sontag said, it doesn’t matter, the disease is just a disease, not a disaster from heaven, so don’t be ashamed to say it.

And Xiaohongshu also wants to tell you that there is something wrong with it, and it doesn’t matter. Action is the certainty of physical and mental health.

 From slogan to action "it doesn’t matter"

China Reproductive Health Research Report 2022 shows that among more than 3,100 women in 31 provinces and cities, 71% have gynecological symptoms such as irregular menstrual cycle, abnormal vagina and leucorrhea, but only 57.5% choose to see a doctor after gynecological symptoms appear.

Most of the shackles of women’s fear of illness and medical treatment come from the metaphorical "shame" and "fear" of illness. In addition, the uncertainty of diagnosis and the worry about future results have also discouraged many patients.

How to liberate from the metaphorical pressure brought by the disease, Susan • Sontag gave the answer: to get rid of these metaphors, we can’t just avoid them, they must be exposed, studied and exhausted.

In the online activity of "There is something wrong, it doesn’t matter", Xiaohongshu invited doctors as white coat friends to promote knowledge and ideas. And encourage more users to share the most authentic medical experience. Promote action with popular science, radiate the whole people from women, and reduce the anxiety and shame of ordinary people about diseases.

At present, there are 210 million exposures and 1.76w notes on the series of topics with # small problems and small methods. In addition to inviting many gynecologists and surgeons such as Dr. @Jojo to conduct popular science on women’s health; Xiaohongshu also launched the # It doesn’t matter action with 38 bloggers for physical examination. At present, many bloggers, such as @ Lahongshang @vivi Keaduo @ Sophie and Azhe, have shared the experience of gynecological examination, which is a name for gynecological diseases. Driven by them, more female users are willing to overcome shame and make changes for their health.

At the same time, on March 7th, Xiaohongshu also held a "Never mind meeting", inviting female characters from different fields, including doctors, writers, talk show actors, screenwriters and so on, to share their experiences and stories of coexistence with Xiaoxiao.

In gynecological examination, many women will be afraid of pain, and even wonder if they are too "melodramatic". In fact, individuals’ feelings of pain vary from person to person. As Si Wen said, we should respect the threshold of self-pain. Courageously expressing your pain during the examination is also a key step to face up to the disease.

From Online to Offline Friendly Clinic: A Closed Loop of Community Care

In recent years, the popularization of health knowledge is also driving the change of social concepts and promoting the public to face diseases and daily life with a correct attitude.

The fear and shame before seeing a doctor can be dispelled through popular science and experience sharing, but the discomfort in the actual examination is easy to leave a psychological shadow on women.

Ding Ding, director of the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology of Huashan Hospital (Baoshan Campus) affiliated to Fudan University, told reporters that in terms of physiology, the discomfort caused by gynecological examination may be the feedback of most people, especially in the first or unfamiliar environment. "Some patients will also tell me that they don’t know what examinations to do, or what items to do in the routine physical examination of gynecology, and how often to do them … …”

It is not difficult to see that, in addition to professional medical advice, women also expect a warm and comfortable medical environment. Based on this, Xiaohongshu linked Ruijin Hospital affiliated to Shanghai Jiaotong University School of Medicine, Huashan Hospital affiliated to Shanghai Fudan University (Baoshan Campus), Second Affiliated Hospital of Zhejiang University School of Medicine, Union Medical College Hospital affiliated to Tongji Medical College of Huazhong University of Science and Technology, Xiangya Second Hospital of Central South University, Henan Provincial People’s Hospital, Obstetrics and Gynecology Hospital affiliated to Fudan University (Red House), Hunan Provincial People’s Hospital, Shanghai Tongren Hospital, Shanghai Jiading Central Hospital, Chengdu Women and Children Central Hospital, Changsha Central Hospital (Red House)

Taking Huashan Hospital as an example, Director Ding Ding revealed that through the warm environment transformation, such as relaxing and encouraging floor stickers, gynecological examination posture wall stickers, "it doesn’t matter doll" decoration, and men’s stop to set up illustrations, we strive to create a "it doesn’t matter, relax and friendly clinic" to alleviate everyone’s fear and worry about gynecological examination and treatment and convey the warm concept of "it doesn’t matter, relax".

In order to optimize the experience of women’s physical examination, many warm-hearted copybooks have been posted in the waiting area of the gynecological clinic of Huashan Hospital, such as "Don’t worry, the little problems on your body will always get better slowly" and "If you don’t take good care of yourself, just say sorry to your body, and it will definitely tell you that it doesn’t matter."

The examination bed or chair in the clinic is the place where the patient’s fear concentration is the highest. In order to ease the tension, Xiaohongshu United Hospital posted the slogan "Never mind, relax" on the ceiling, "Speak out if you feel uncomfortable, and the doctor will accompany you" and other encouraging slogans.

In addition, for women’s concerns, such as "will gynecological examination hurt?" "How to check the posture?" There are also wall stickers and signs to help patients who enter the clinic for the first time quickly understand how to cooperate with doctors for examination. After the examination, "it doesn’t matter" accompanying dolls, including cute cartoon immune cells, uterus, stomach, etc., will be sent as long-term companionship to bring emotional value to patients.

It is worth mentioning that all warm-hearted and encouraging slogans come from the notes sharing of real users in Xiaohong Bookstore. In this process, Xiaohongshu realized the real concern for women from online to offline.

According to feedback from many hospitals, these improvements have been well received by many patients, and "fun" and "warm heart" are their most direct feelings. When waiting for treatment, many patients punch in and take pictures next to the floor stickers and wall stickers. A doctor admitted that she saw more patients’ smiles in the reformed clinic.

Xiaohongshu hopes that through the activity of "It doesn’t matter if there is something wrong", the public’s concept of diseases and women’s health problems can be changed, and the social value as a lifestyle platform can be highlighted.


Zhiji has released a roadmap for the landing of smart driving products, and will "technology go to sea" in 2024.

Guo Hui said, "The NOA public beta of the city to be opened in October means that Zhiji Automobile has completed the accumulation of other industries for many years in two years, and has continuously set a new record for the fastest mass production of intelligent driving products in the industry."

Guo Hui revealed that IM AD is preparing for the technology to go to sea, and has completed the European localization adaptability training, and the planning algorithm has adapted to the local environment and driving habits. In 2024, with the launch of the first global strategic model LS6 of Zhiji Automobile, Zhiji Automobile will share China’s intelligent driving technology with the world and rapidly expand its overseas influence.

In September, open the public beta of "NOA to high-precision map"; In October, open the "Urban NOA" public beta; In 2024, the "commuting mode" covers 100+ cities across the country; In 2025, IM AD will enter the era of Door to Door (full scene commuting) …

Guo Hui, deputy CTO of Zhiji Automobile and chief scientist of Intelligent Driving, announced the "Landing Roadmap of Intelligent Driving Products of Zhiji Automobile in the Next 3-5 Years" at the "iAd Day Intelligent Driving Conference in Tsinghua" held yesterday (August 16th).

Photo by Guo Hui Wang Yueyue, deputy CTO of Zhiji Automobile and chief scientist of intelligent driving

"The NOA public beta of the city that will be opened in October means that Zhiji Automobile has completed the accumulation of head players in other industries for many years in two years (the Zhiji brand was released in 2021), and constantly refreshed the landing record of’ the fastest mass production of intelligent driving products’ in the industry." Guo Hui said, "iAd, the intelligent driver assistance system of Zhiji Automobile, not only surpasses most human drivers in safety, traffic efficiency and road game ability, but also provides users with an experience that is obviously superior to the industry standard."

According to reports, at present, Zhiji Automobile has achieved intelligent driving 3.2 times the safety of human driving. The statistical results of actual driving data show that at present, the number of collision accidents per million kilometers of IM AD is 0.6, which is far lower than the number of collision accidents per million kilometers driven by human beings, which provides a solid security guarantee for the user experience of man-machine driving. IM AD’s safety class false braking frequency is less than once per million kilometers, which is 5 times better than the industry head standard.

In terms of performance experience, IM AD’s delivery standards are equally strict, whether it is "driving performance" such as lane-changing efficiency, driving center performance, driving fluency and driving comfort, or "parking performance" such as parking space recognition ability, parking success rate and parking fluency, all of which exceed the level of the industry’s top players; The success rate of IM AD lane change is as high as 98%, the uncomfortable deceleration is only 1.3 times per thousand kilometers, and the success rate of parking is 97%. It can be called a typical "hexagonal warrior".

In Guo Hui’s view, as a new brand, behind the distance between Zhiji Automobile and its head players in two years is the underlying technical advantage of joint development and two-way empowerment with Momenta-the core competence composed of more efficient architecture, rapidly evolving algorithms and higher utilization of generative data, which will continue to drive the accelerated running of iAd’s intelligent driving evolution.

Momenta CEO Cao Xudong Wang Yueyue photo

According to Cao Xudong, CEO of Momenta, iAd is the only dual-intelligent computing platform compatible with Xavier and Orin, with more efficient architecture adaptability, 90% reduction in computing power requirements and 500% improvement in model operation efficiency. Based on this, limited computing power can also achieve global visual integration; Only the scheme of "single lidar+single Orin chip" can also cover all urban scenes and meet the needs of NOA for high-precision maps.

At the same time, IM AD algorithm has faster technical evolution ability. In 2021, OneModel, BEV and Transformer technologies have been implemented, and in 2022, the first car was equipped to achieve mass production, laying the industry-leading technology base. In April 2023, Zhiji Automobile and Momenta released the industry’s first D.L.P artificial intelligence model, which solved the bottleneck problem of cognitive intelligence. The "NOA-to-high-precision map" public beta, which will be launched in September this year, will gradually realize the switching of map technology schemes and realize the uninterrupted assisted driving experience without relying on high-precision maps. On this basis, in 2024, IM AD is expected to enter the application stage of Occupancy occupying the network and realize automatic driving in most scenarios.

Guo Hui revealed that as the pinnacle of intelligent Zhiji automobile, the third model Zhiji LS6, which will be unveiled at Chengdu Auto Show, is equipped with NOA ability to go to high-precision maps. The delivery is equipped with the industry’s first "one-button scene driving" function, which solves the high-frequency pain points in certain scenes of users’ urban travel based on iAd intelligent driving technology.

At present, IM AD is preparing for the technology to go to sea, and has completed the European localization adaptability training, and the planning algorithm has adapted to the local environment and driving habits. In 2024, with the launch of the first global strategic model LS6 of Zhiji Automobile, Zhiji Automobile will share China’s intelligent driving technology with the world and rapidly expand its overseas influence. (China Economic Net reporter Wang Yueyue)

Do you still want to see the auto show during the "Eleventh" holiday? The 23rd Dongguan International Auto Show is in progress.

Information Times (Reporter Luo Xiaotong) This year’s "Eleventh""During the holidays, many consumers have plans to visit the auto show. However, October 2nd is the last day of the 2023 (11th) South China International Auto Show. Where else can Guangzhou citizens visit the auto show in the remaining days of the holiday? You can consider going to the ongoing 23rd Dongguan International Auto Show.

It is reported that the 23rd Dongguan International Auto Show opened on October 1st at Guangdong Modern International Exhibition Center in Houjie, Dongguan, and the auto show lasted until October 5th, attracting many auto brands, including independent, joint venture and luxury brands. It is worth mentioning that a total of 1,500 brand-new models were unveiled at the auto show, among which there were many recently listed and hot-selling models, and Guangzhou Automobile Chuanqi held a launch conference of A-class new cars at the auto show. Let’s take a look at two of the heavy new models that debuted in Dongguan.

Chuanqi ES9 opens national pre-sale

On the opening day of the 23rd Dongguan International Auto Show, Chuanqi ES9, the second product of Chuanqi Zhidian New Energy E Series, started the national pre-sale, and four configurations were launched, with the pre-sale price range of 229,800 yuan.Yuan Dynasty (1206-1368)~ 269,800 yuan.

Chuanqi ES9 appearance. Photo courtesy of respondents

Among them, the performance of Chuanqi ES9 is worth looking forward to. It is understood that Chuanqi ES9 adopts a 2.0T PHEV special engine, which is matched with a planetary gear two-speed hybrid special transmission and a 25.57 kWh battery pack. CLTC has a pure battery life of 143 kilometers and a comprehensive cruising range of CLTC of 1,215 kilometers, which is equivalent to charging once a week for daily pure electric commuting. Comprehensive battery life can run long distances. The giant star chassis, Bosch’s latest R-EPS and Bosch One box braking system can make the whole vehicle turn flexibly, the car does not nod, and the deceleration does not cause carsickness. In addition, the whole vehicle can discharge up to 18.3 degrees, such as ambient lights, electric kettles, car refrigerators, electric fans, electric ovens, etc., and can even charge other new energy vehicles with insufficient energy.

There is no problem with the spatial performance of the whole vehicle. The full-size body has a 6/7-seat layout, and it is also equipped with flexible seats, "family bucket NVH bag" and other comfortable configurations. In addition, relying on the new generation of ADiGO 4.0 intelligent driving interconnection ecosystem, Chuanqi ES9 is equipped with an extrasensory interactive intelligent cockpit and 8155 speed chip, which can realize rapid response and richer and more intelligent functions.

Chuanqi ES9 interior. Photo courtesy of respondents

Comments: As the second fist product of Guangzhou Automobile Chuanqi’s transformation to new energy, Chuanqi ES9 aims at consumers’ demand for comfortable and anxiety-free travel. Although there are many competing products in this market segment, Chuanqi ES9 can’t open the market immediately, but the pre-sale price from 229,800 yuan has improved its market competitiveness. We can expect Chuanqi New Energy ES9 to open a new wave of enthusiasm of GAC Chuanqi in the field of new energy.

The performance version of Shanhai cannon was the first show in Dongguan.

The Great Wall Gun brand also brought a number of heavy models to Dongguan International Auto Show, among which the performance version of Shanhai Gun was the leading model. According to the plan, the performance version of Shanhai Gun is expected to be officially listed in the fourth quarter of 2023, and the official price may be as low as 300,000 yuan.

The great wall gun conference site. Photo courtesy of respondents

It is understood that the performance version of Shanhai Gun is based on the tank platform, emphasizing the integration of hard-core off-road and intelligent luxury. The car is 5,493 mm long and nearly 2 meters wide. It is close to a full-size pickup truck and has the exclusive body color of "Golden Armor". It is designed by shortening the rear suspension, increasing the wheelbase, widening the track and optimizing the shock absorption arrangement. The elbow bandwidth in the car reaches 1.6 meters. Inside the car, the interior of Shanhai Gun Performance Edition is covered with all black and gold, with matte electroplating decoration. It is equipped with 12.3-inch instrument, 14.6-inch central control panel, electric small window of rear windshield, electric adjustment of rear seat, L2-level high-order intelligent driving assistance and other functional configurations. In terms of performance, Shanhai Gun Performance Edition is equipped with domestic 3.0T V6 engine, matching 9AT, and has Borgwarner 4A+MLOCK intelligent four-wheel drive, front and rear axle electronically controlled jaw differential lock, 18-inch off-road AT tire, K-MAN nitrogen shock absorption and 12,500-pound T-MAX winch, which not only has abundant power, but also has strong off-road passability. In addition, Shanhai Gun Performance Edition has an open and ever-changing trunk, and the factory has its own C6 towing qualification, which meets the 3.3-ton trailer certification.

In recent years, pickup truck culture has attracted much attention, and many consumers are looking forward to swimming outdoors in their leisure time, so pickup truck products for passenger leisure products are increasingly popular in the market. The performance version of Shanhai Gun chose this track, and its market performance with comprehensive performance in place is worth looking forward to. However, if Shanhai Gun Performance Edition wants to better seize the market share, the price is also critical, and according to the news that the official price will be as low as 300,000 yuan at this stage, the market performance is worth looking forward to.

Auto show site map. Image source: Dongguan International Auto Show Guan Wei

In addition to the above two cars, there are many new models that were first listed in Dongguan at the 23rd Dongguan International Auto Show. For example, Chevrolet Trailblazer, Jietu Traveler, FAW-Volkswagen New ID.7, BYD Yuan Plus Champion Edition, BYD Seal DM-i, Dongfeng Peugeot 508L, Roewe D7 EV, Buick Century Wuling Nebula, imported Volkswagen Touareg Volcanic Rock Painting Sports Edition, 2024 Tucki G9, 2024 Tucki P5, brand-new FAW Red Flag HS7, brand-new Land Rover Range Rover Star Pulse, 2023 Lincoln Navigator, MG.

The peak of power battery scrapping is coming! The cost of changing batteries is comparable to buying a new car?

  Power battery replacement is expensive, and many car companies regard "battery replacement" as one of the main directions for designing pure electric vehicles in the future.

  New energy vehicles are gradually entering thousands of households, but for some users who ate "crabs" early six or seven years ago and bought pure electric vehicles, they are now facing new troubles — — The cost of changing the battery is more expensive than the original price of buying a car! All-media reporters learned from market interviews that the current service life of automobile power batteries is mostly 5-8 years, which means that the power batteries of the first batch of new energy vehicles put into the market during 2009-2013 have entered the "retirement" period. In view of this situation, let’s see what new tricks car companies have.

  Text, photo: Guangzhou Daily all-media reporter Deng Li

  [Change the "electricity" scene] The battery is scrapped and the car is "scrapped"!

  The owner, Mr. Chen, bought a Chery EQ electric car four years ago. After the subsidy, the price of the new car was about 65,000 yuan. Recently, after a heavy rain, the car was soaked in water and the battery was scrapped! After dragging it to the 4S shop, the car dealer told him that he had to replace the battery, but the cost was nearly 70,000 yuan! Mr. Chen was dumbfounded, which is thousands of dollars more expensive than buying a new pure electric car! In this regard, 4S stores also expressed helplessness: because there is no separate subsidy policy for automobile power batteries, the price of battery replacement is very expensive.

  All-media reporters noticed that at present, because the price of "battery replacement" of many independent brands of pure electric vehicles is higher than that of buying new cars, in the event of battery failure, most car owners give up replacing batteries and directly scrap their vehicles. It is also very expensive to change batteries for imported new energy vehicles. Some people have calculated that a Tesla Model S with a price of 700,000 yuan to 800,000 yuan needs more than 300,000 yuan to replace batteries, so you can buy a BMW.

  [Market survey]

  The battery is guaranteed for 5~6 years, but there are constraints.

  All-media reporters noticed that the current state requires the key components of new energy vehicles (batteries, electronic controls, motors) to provide a warranty of not less than 5 years or 100,000 kilometers. During the warranty period, the owner’s maintenance is completely free.

  The reporter searched a number of automobile brands and found that BYD Qin currently provides "a six-year or 150,000-kilometer warranty for the whole vehicle and a lifetime warranty for the battery"; SAIC Roewe has provided E50 vehicles with 3-year and 100,000-kilometer warranties, as well as 5-year and 100,000-kilometer battery core component warranties, and some models also have battery decay warranties; BAIC provides a five-year unlimited-kilometer commitment for the battery of E150ev, and users who purchase the new EX260/EU260 before April this year can enjoy the lifetime warranty service of the battery. Generally speaking, at present, the mainstream new energy vehicle companies only guarantee the whole vehicle, and only a few manufacturers have an extra warranty for the battery for a long time. In terms of foreign automakers, Tesla has just changed the warranty terms of the Model S drive and battery pack of electric vehicles to 8 years of unlimited mileage.

  Despite this, the cost of replacing batteries as high as 60,000 to 70,000 yuan is still in the minds of car owners. If the warranty period ends after 5~8 years, and the life of the battery just ends, then the owner will have to make a headache choice between replacing the battery or scrapping the vehicle; If the battery is within the service life and there is a problem that is not covered by the warranty (such as soaking in water), it may be necessary to break up the battery after seeing that other parts of the vehicle are still in good condition, because the high battery replacement bill is very "disgusting".

  [Current Scheme]

  The manufacturer’s policy encourages "replacement" in three or four years.

  However, replacing the whole battery is not the only solution. The engineer of JAC pure electric vehicle clarified to the reporter: With the development of technology, if there is a problem with the current battery, it is no longer necessary to replace the whole battery as it was a few years ago. Now it is only necessary to replace one or several corresponding faulty batteries. The engineer told the reporter that the cost of a single battery is only a few hundred dollars, and the working hours are up to one or two thousand yuan. In general, it is cheaper than the engine maintenance of fuel vehicles.

  However, there are many problems in the use of electric vehicles, and the high cost of batteries still inevitably becomes a resistance for many people to buy. The reporter noticed that many car companies started the "buy-back plan" to solve the problems of fast depreciation and fast battery loss of pure electric vehicles, and encouraged consumers to replace new pure electric vehicles in three or four years. For example, at the beginning of the listing of Yundu New Energy, a three-year repurchase policy was introduced at the same time, and the guaranteed price of its pure electric vehicle was 50% of the original price.

  All-media reporters also noticed from the second-hand market that the current depreciation of second-hand new energy vehicles is faster than that of ordinary fuel vehicles. For example, in 2013-2014, the price of Beiqi E150EV in the second-hand market ranged from 20,000 to 40,000 yuan. After the updated Beiqi EX360 went on the market, manufacturers also complied with the repurchase and replacement policy. As long as the car condition of the old pure electric vehicle meets the official standards, it can offset the purchase price of 39,800 yuan, which is much more cost-effective than direct scrapping. In doing so, manufacturers not only encourage consumers to trade in old ones for new ones, but also help consumers avoid the embarrassment of finding out that the battery life has ended after six or seven years of use and being forced to scrap their vehicles.

  [Car enterprise goal]

  Load a detachable battery

  Perhaps it is precisely because the high cost of batteries has aroused the concerns of users, and many car companies regard "battery replacement" as one of the main directions for designing pure electric vehicles in the future. It only takes three to five minutes, and a "blood tank is empty" battery is directly removed and replaced with a new battery with full charge. Although the power exchange technology has not been verified by a large number of landing operations, this idea is favored by many new energy vehicle companies.

  Traditional car companies, such as BAIC New Energy, have taken the lead in distributing in several cities across the country since last year to carry out the service of "changing power stations". After the taxi industry has achieved good response, this year, the "changing power" model has been extended to the field of pure electric private cars in Beijing. As for the new car-making enterprises, it has been included in the research and development category. Previously, Tesla had announced a 15-minute power exchange technology; Weilai, the representative of China’s new car manufacturers, plans to build more than 1,100 power stations nationwide in 2020, hoping to let car owners realize "changing electricity within 3 kilometers" in the central areas of first-tier cities such as Beishangguangshen and Shenzhen; Another new car manufacturer, Chehejia’s first SEV, its biggest highlight is the use of detachable batteries, which is also the official claim that they do not rely on the capital of charging piles.

  China new energy vehicles ushered in the first peak of power battery scrapping.

  In 2009, China officially launched the demonstration and promotion of "10 cities and 1000 vehicles" new energy vehicles.

  From 2012 to 2014, demonstration applications were conducted in the north, Guangzhou and Shenzhen, and new energy vehicles entered the era of private consumption.

  In 2015, the sales volume of new energy vehicles in China was 331,000, of which 247,000 were pure electric vehicles, ranking first in the world.

  In 2017, the sales volume of new energy vehicles in China reached 777,000, ranking first in the world for three consecutive years.

  In 2018, the first batch of new energy vehicle battery systems will enter the "seven-year itch" elimination period, which will usher in the first peak of power battery scrapping.

  In recent years, the relevant state departments have paid extra attention to the market guidance of battery recycling. At the same time, the data of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology shows that the first peak of power battery scrapping will be ushered in 2018. Gao Yunhu, director of the Department of Energy Conservation and Comprehensive Utilization of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, pointed out that it is necessary to accelerate the recycling of power batteries for new energy vehicles and implement the formulation and implementation of pilot programs. On August 1st, the Interim Measures for the Management of Recycle and Utilization of Power Batteries for New Energy Vehicles was promulgated and implemented. In September, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology issued the List of Qualified Enterprises (First Batch).

Ministry of Industry and Information Technology: Severely punish the fraudulent behavior of new energy vehicles and standardize the order of industrial development

  CCTV News:According to the website of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, after the Ministry of Finance publicly exposed some typical cases of serious "fraudulent compensation" of new energy vehicles to the public in September 2016, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology announced the administrative punishment decision on Suzhou Jinlong and other enterprises on the portal website on December 20, giving four enterprises involved in "having a license without a car" such punishment measures as "ordering to stop producing and selling problem models, suspending the application qualification of the recommended catalogue of new energy vehicles, and ordering to carry out rectification for six months".

  Since then, the relevant departments in charge of the promotion and application of new energy vehicles in China have made a clear decision on the handling of the "fraudulent compensation" incident of new energy vehicles that the society is concerned about according to their own functions, conveying the attitude and determination of the state to attach great importance to and seriously deal with the "fraudulent compensation" incident of new energy vehicles, and standardizing the development order and improving the development environment through special rectification work and further improving policy measures and supervision mechanism.

  First, the central and local governments should work together to seriously deal with the enterprises and relevant personnel involved.

  How to deal with the "fraudulent compensation" incident of new energy vehicles in China has been highly concerned by the whole society and even the international automobile industry since the incident was exposed in January this year. the State Council attaches great importance to it and demands serious investigation and punishment of fraudulent compensation. The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the Ministry of Finance and other departments and local governments have joined forces to carry out comprehensive and thorough special inspection actions, severely punish enterprises that find problems according to laws and regulations, not only expose the enterprises involved and relevant personnel, but also give punishment measures such as recovering "fraudulent compensation" funds, imposing fines, canceling the qualification of financial subsidies for new energy vehicles, canceling/suspending the production qualification of enterprises and announcing catalogue models according to the seriousness of the circumstances. Those who violate the law shall be investigated for legal responsibility according to law.

  The ministries and commissions will work together to seriously deal with the enterprises involved. From February to March this year, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the Ministry of Finance and other four ministries and commissions jointly carried out special inspections on the implementation of the promotion and application of new energy vehicles and the management of the use of financial funds. In late March, Miao Wei, Minister of Industry and Information Technology, publicly stated that the "fraudulent compensation" behavior of new energy vehicles should be dealt with seriously and found to be disposed of together. On March 25th, the CCTV news channel "Chao Wen Tian Xia" reported the investigation of "fraudulent compensation" of new energy, focusing on the alleged "fraudulent compensation" of Suzhou Jim West. At the beginning of September, the Ministry of Finance exposed some typical cases of serious "cheating" to the public. On December 20th, the portal website of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology issued a decision on administrative punishment for Suzhou Jinlong and other enterprises. The Ministry of Finance and the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology have successively issued punishment documents for new energy automobile manufacturers involved in the problems of "no car with a license", "car without electricity" and "inconsistent logo", among which Suzhou Jimixi, who has the most serious fraud, was given the punishment of "canceling the qualification of vehicle production". This is the first enterprise whose production qualification has been cancelled since the implementation of the vehicle production enterprise and product announcement management system. The above measures highlight the country’s rectification of the field of new energy vehicles.Cheat "problem, the determination to standardize the development of the industry.

  The local government followed up and investigated the responsibility of the relevant personnel according to law. In addition to the serious handling of the enterprises involved at the national level according to law, the local government subsequently initiated legal procedures to investigate the responsibility of the relevant personnel according to law according to the verification results. According to the inspection results of the Ministry of Finance, Jiangsu Province further verified and implemented the responsibilities of relevant functional departments and staff, and the personnel involved were handed over to procuratorial organs, public security departments and administrative supervision departments; Responsible persons of relevant enterprises and government workers suspected of committing crimes shall be investigated for criminal responsibility according to law; According to the law, arrest the relevant personnel of Suzhou Public Security Traffic Police Detachment Vehicle Management Office who are suspected of abusing their powers, and arrest the relevant personnel such as Yang Level, the actual controller of Suzhou Jim West Bus Manufacturing Co., Ltd. who are suspected of fraud; The relevant personnel of Suzhou Jinlong were dismissed and transferred.

  Second, carry out special rectification, and the industry shows a good development trend.

  If the purpose of severely punishing the cheating behavior of new energy vehicles is to eliminate the "black sheep" in China’s new energy vehicle industry, then the special rectification work after the special verification will undoubtedly play a positive role in standardizing and promoting the development of new energy vehicles in China. Based on the development of new energy vehicles in China this year, after this round of rectification, the development of the whole industry has been gradually standardized, enterprises have paid more attention to technological innovation, and the market has maintained steady growth. China’s new energy vehicle industry has entered a more rational and healthy development stage.

  Relevant enterprises actively carry out rectification. Since the special rectification work was carried out, most enterprises that have been punished have set up special rectification teams to carry out comprehensive rectification work. First, pursue the responsibility of the responsible person who caused the problem vehicle; Second, return the financial pre-allocated funds and pay the fine according to the prescribed procedures and requirements; The third is to replenish or replace batteries, motors and other parts for vehicles with problems of "lack of electricity in vehicles" and "inconsistent signs" to make them meet the requirements of product consistency; Fourth, take practical measures to promote idle vehicles to put into actual operation; Fifth, earnestly implement the provisions of vehicle production, strengthen the consistency of product production and the management of motor vehicle factory certificate; Sixth, standardize financial management procedures. At the same time, relevant departments of Chongqing, Zhejiang and other local governments have strengthened the supervision of problem enterprises and urged enterprises to speed up the implementation of rectification requirements to ensure that rectification is in place.

  Strengthen the supervision and inspection of new energy vehicles. From November 21 to 25 this year, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology entrusted experts from the Automobile Association and China Automobile Technology Center to supervise and inspect the production behavior of new energy automobile manufacturers, and conducted on-site inspections on enterprises such as Xiamen Jinlong, Xiamen Jinlv, BYD, Zhongtong Bus, Anhui An Kai and Chery Automobile. The expert group conducted a comprehensive inspection of the certificate management, spare parts procurement, production inspection and financial management of the enterprise by means of seminars and random sampling of sample cars, focusing on checking whether the certificate management is one car and one certificate, and whether it is in compliance, and checking the vehicle products randomly to see that they are consistent with the announcement parameters.

  Enterprises increased investment and the market developed rapidly. According to the investigation of more than 40 new energy vehicle manufacturers by China Automobile Association and China Automobile Technology Research Center, it is found that enterprises have generally increased their investment in technology research and development, operation management and quality assurance, accelerated product upgrading, and enhanced their research and development capabilities. Most enterprises have established a monitoring platform for the quality operation of new energy vehicle products. The energy density of lithium-ion power battery reaches 220 WHr/kg, and the system price drops to 2 yuan/WHr. The power density of the driving motor exceeds 3 kW/kg, which is basically equivalent to the international level; The charging efficiency, power density and output voltage range of the fast charging system have been steadily improved, and the functions of dual-gun charging and mobile payment have been realized, and the cost has decreased by more than 30% compared with 2015. From January to November this year, the production and sales of new energy vehicles reached 427,000 and 402,000 respectively, up by 59.0% and 60.4% respectively, and remained the first in the world.

  Third, improve measures and mechanisms to standardize the order of industrial development.

  While rectifying China’s new energy vehicles, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the Ministry of Finance and other departments in charge of the promotion and application of new energy vehicles have adjusted subsidy policies, strengthened supervision, and further improved the policy environment for industrial development.

  Adjust the financial subsidy policy. In view of the problems exposed in the special inspection, such as excessive subsidy standards for some vehicles, excessive dependence of enterprises on subsidy policies, low technical performance of subsidized new energy vehicles and low actual utilization rate of some vehicles, the Ministry of Finance, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology and other four ministries and commissions put forward a plan to adjust and improve the subsidy policies for new energy vehicles on the basis of consulting relevant enterprises and third-party institutions. First, on the premise of maintaining the overall stability of the subsidy policy from 2016 to 2020, appropriately adjust the subsidy methods for passenger cars and special vehicles, raise the technical threshold, encourage technological progress, set the upper limit of central and local subsidies, and prevent the phenomenon that the local supporting subsidy standards are too high. The second is to improve the allocation method of subsidy funds. From 2016, the subsidy funds for the purchase of new energy vehicles will be changed from pre-payment to post-liquidation, and the review and promotion of local fund application reports will be strengthened. Third, in combination with industrial development and technological progress, we should appropriately raise the requirements of recommended catalogue models, establish a dynamic adjustment mechanism, and give full play to the guiding role of subsidy policies in helping the excellent and the strong.

  Improve the entry threshold for enterprises. As the competent department of industry, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology revised the Regulations on the Access Management of New Energy Vehicle Manufacturers and Products, strengthened safety requirements, raised access thresholds, and curbed the scattered development of the industry. At present, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology has reviewed and approved the Regulations on the Administration of New Energy Vehicle Manufacturers and Products Access, which will be officially released in the near future. The new regulations improve the entry threshold from the aspects of enterprise design and development ability, manufacturing ability, after-sales service ability, product technical performance and quality assurance ability, and strengthen the safety supervision requirements, which can effectively improve product quality and safety level.

  Improve the supervision and management mechanism. In order to ensure the implementation of national policies, prevent the recurrence of "fraudulent compensation" and effectively promote the healthy and sustainable development of new energy vehicles in China, we should improve three major guarantee mechanisms: first, establish a real-time adjustment mechanism for subsidy policies for new energy vehicles, increase the assessment conditions for linking vehicle mileage with subsidies, improve the technical conditions of subsidized vehicles, appropriately reduce the subsidy amount and promote the application of vehicles according to technological progress and market conditions; The second is to establish a real-time monitoring mechanism for the operation of new energy vehicles, improve the monitoring platform at the central, local and enterprise levels, ensure the safety of vehicle use, and strengthen the assessment of vehicle use; The third is to improve the supervision system after the event, implement a unified coding system for power batteries, strengthen market sampling verification of new energy automobile products, and increase penalties for violations of laws and regulations.