Linke 05 is officially launched based on CMA platform.

Linke 05 is officially launched based on CMA platform.

  Lectra 05, the ultimate masterpiece of CMA basic module architecture of Lectra Auto, was officially launched today, and five models were launched, with a price range of 17.58-212,800 yuan. In order to thank the users for their support and trust, Lectra Auto provides the following exclusive rights and interests for the top 10,000 Lectra 05 owners: the owners of time limited edition enjoy exclusive benefits worth 4,000 yuan; Jin Halo/ Yao Halo owners enjoy a bonus of 4,000 yuan; Jin Plus/ Yao Plus owners enjoy a bonus of 4,000 yuan and a smart optional package. At the same time, Lectra firmly and continuously builds a user brand with temperature. The first owner of Lectra 05 enjoys the "three exemptions" policy of lifetime free warranty, lifetime free road rescue and lifetime free data traffic, and the financial courtesy can enjoy up to 36 interest-free periods.

  Linke 05 has achieved an advanced and breakthrough in brand design language. The front grille shape of the city latitude and longitude, with the North Pole light daytime running lights, has a three-dimensional sense of design. The roof line inclines downward at a golden angle after passing through the B-pillar, creating a slip-back curve with great sense of speed and comfortable space. The length, width and height of the LECK 05 body are 4592mm/1879mm/1628mm, and the wheelbase has reached 2734mm, which is excellent in the same class. The unique tail pillar trim of the extremely bright wing of the car body has a strong visual impact, and the energy matrix taillight further strengthens the unique product image. The electric trunk adopts the unique touch opening of the same level, and the trunk opening sensing area perfectly integrates design and practical functions.

  In terms of interior, Linke 05 adopts a brand-new design language to build a driver-centered urban sensory cockpit. The air outlet of penetrating air conditioner is rich in layering, characterized by straight lines of urban architectural style, and the cockpit presents a stronger sense of modernity and strength. The center console leans towards the driver, effectively reducing the driver’s visual pressure and increasing the lateral visual width in the car. The application of high-end materials, such as 30 customized imported genuine aluminum decorative plates, North American top NAPPA leather and NUBUCK suede leather, gives drivers the luxury of vision and touch. At the same time, LECK 05′ s unique endless streamer atmosphere lights are distributed in 20 places in the car, which can adjust more than 16 million colors, and support diversified light effect linkage to create a light and luxurious atmosphere with distinctive personality.

  Link 05 comes standard with dual 12+ inch full LCD instruments and central control display screen. The 12.3-inch all-LCD intelligent instrument supports full coverage of navigation maps, and the resolution of the 12.7-inch central touch screen can reach 1920*1080P. The Corning Gorilla glass is flexible and delicate, showing the luxurious atmosphere of science and technology. In order to meet the advanced needs of the younger generation for intelligent configuration in vehicles, the LEICK 05 Halo version is equipped with a 7.5-inch full-color HUD head-up display, which can display driving-related information such as speed, navigation, ADAS and vehicle safety warnings in real time to improve driving quality and safety.

  In terms of power, the LEICK 05 comes standard with the Drive-E series 2.0TD high-power turbocharged engine, with a maximum power of 187kW at 5500rpm and a peak torque output of 350N·m at 1800-4800rpm. With the low inertia turbocharger, it can output 90% peak torque within 2 seconds at the earliest, so as to satisfy the carefree driving feeling of power. With the "exquisite sports" style adjustment of the chassis, the Lectra 05 has an acceleration performance of 6.7 seconds and a braking performance of 35 meters sports car class of 100 kilometers, with a top speed of 230 km/h.


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