The Year of the Rabbit made a good start.

The Year of the Rabbit made a good start.

Hualong. com-New Chongqing Client News (correspondent Zhang Lian, chief reporter She Zhenfang) After the Spring Festival holiday, all key manufacturing enterprises in Liangjiang New Area of Chongqing worked hard to catch up with production, went all out to catch orders and made great efforts to achieve a "good start". The reporter learned that as of January 29, nearly 600 enterprises and 150,000 people in Liangjiang New Area had resumed work.

Sailisi Liangjiang Smart Factory. Photo courtesy of Sailisi Automobile
Sailisi Liangjiang Smart Factory. Photo courtesy of Sailisi Automobile

Automobile industry: Aouita 11 and Wenjie M5 are speeding up production.

In the welding area of Changan Automobile Liangjiang Factory, sparks are flying, robots are welding carriages, and there is a hot scene in the workshop to catch up with production.

"We started production on the fifth day of the Lunar New Year, and the number of employees in the three factories exceeded 9,000. As the order volume continued to grow, all production lines were produced at full capacity, and thousands of cars were produced offline every day." Dai Minfu, manager of the manufacturing operation department of Changan Automobile Liangjiang Factory, introduced.

It is understood that at present, Changan Automobile has not only popular fuel vehicles such as changan CS55 Plus, UNIV and UNIT, but also intelligent networked new energy vehicles such as Aouita 11, Changan Deep Blue SL03 and Changan UNIV iDD.

Similarly, the Sailisi Liangjiang Smart Factory is also a busy scene. The mechanical arm waved back and forth, the automatic robot shuttled back and forth to transport materials, and the AITO M5 rolled off the assembly line and drove out of the assembly workshop.

"Due to the hot sales of AITO’s M5, Sailisi Liangjiang Smart Factory has fully resumed production as early as the 27th, and more than 1,400 employees in the factory have returned to work. In the New Year, they rolled up their sleeves and refueled to ensure the smooth delivery of AITO’s M5." The relevant person in charge of Sailis Automobile introduced.

Changan automobile finished production off the assembly line. Photo courtesy of Changan Automobile
Changan automobile finished production off the assembly line. Photo courtesy of Changan Automobile

Electronic information industry: grasping orders, the workshop is busy and orderly

In the production workshop of Junling Electronics (Chongqing) Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Junling Electronics"), 15 production lines are busy at full capacity, and over 400 employees are on duty to ensure that the machines are not stopped.

"We began to gradually resume production in the sixth day. At present, we mainly produce Hui Ke TV and BOE fingerprint products, and we will further increase 11 production lines to meet the demand for more orders." Su Lin, deputy manager of Junling Electronics, said.

At the same time, in the module factory of Yufu New City of Chongqing Yuntong Technology Co., Ltd. (referred to as "Yuntong Technology"), the automation machinery keeps running, and the workers are distributed at various points, busy and orderly.

Zhangqian, general administrative manager of Yuntong Technology, said that at present, the power device screening line and module production line of the factory are running at full capacity, and products such as IGBT modules, SiC (silicon carbide) modules, PIM modules and so on are flowing in various processes. "The company has also reached a cooperation intention with local car companies and will provide related products in the future."

Junling electronic production workshop. Photo courtesy of Junling Electronic
Junling electronic production workshop. Photo courtesy of Junling Electronic

Sany Intelligent Equipment Industrial Park: A large excavator will be off the assembly line in 17.3 minutes.

In Sany Intelligent Equipment Industrial Park in Longxing New Town, Liangjiang New District, the "Lighthouse Factory" that has been completed and put into operation is busy with production. The design capacity of the factory’s general assembly line is 17.3 minutes to roll off a large excavator, with an annual output of 28,800 excavators.

It is understood that the factory has fully resumed production on the 27th, with more than 350 workers on duty. On the assembly line, workers and robots cooperate with each other to race against time to catch up with the production progress, and various excavators, large, medium and small, keep off the assembly line.

Sufficient orders make the enterprise more confident in development. At present, the industrial park is expanding the second-phase production plant, laying a good foundation for the development of the new year and helping the high-end equipment industry in Liangjiang New Area to develop with high quality.

Fan Yu, director of the Industry Promotion Bureau of Liangjiang New Area, said that in the new year, Liangjiang New Area will put the high-quality development of manufacturing industry in a more prominent position, focus on building a highland for the development of advanced manufacturing industry, and at the same time continue to further promote the "No.1 Project" to optimize the business environment reform, make good use of the working mechanism of "three deliveries and one solution", and actively solve problems and do practical things for enterprises.

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