Leo’s endorsement of seven pure electric SUVs, MEB factory quality assurance, SAIC Volkswagen ID6X is worth recommending.

Leo’s endorsement of seven pure electric SUVs, MEB factory quality assurance, SAIC Volkswagen ID6X is worth recommending.

 In recent years, the domestic automobile market has been diversified, new energy vehicles have risen, and consumers’ acceptance of electric vehicles has become higher and higher. As a representative of the joint venture brand, the seven-seat pure electric SUV, SAIC Volkswagen ID6X is manufactured by MEB factory. The 2023 ID6X also brings a new color of Galaxy Blue, and with the help of celebrity spokesperson Leo, it has strong strength. At present, there is a comprehensive discount of up to 50,000 yuan for car purchase, which can be said to be quite worth recommending. How about choosing Volkswagen ID6 for pure electric vehicles? Let’s take a closer look.

How about the Volkswagen pure electric vehicle ID6 — — Yanzhi modeling

The exterior design of SAIC Volkswagen ID6X is different from other models. The front face design of the whole vehicle is very full, with two LED light groups running through the shape of the light strip, and the lens headlights are eye-catching and quite recognizable. The front lip is clearly divided into upper and lower layers, and the lattice grille shape is embedded. Although it is a closed front face, it still creates a rich layering.

The shape of the rear of the car is also very brilliant, especially the expression of the taillights. When stepping on the brake pedal, the rear light group will present an "X" shape, which is a very novel lighting language expression. At the same time, in order to fit the layered design of the front face, the tail shape retains the gentle texture of the medium and large SUV, and still divides the paragraphs hierarchically to strengthen the visual impact.

How about the Volkswagen pure electric vehicle ID6 — — Cockpit design

The space of SAIC Volkswagen ID6X adopts a simple design style, without too much fancy treatment and need not be too fancy. With the prevalence of pragmatism, such a refreshing cockpit is rare. However, the large area of leather inside the car brings full high-grade texture, while the large suspended central control screen is matched with the small screen on the side, and the decoration of science and technology is also indispensable. The traditional bar is cancelled and the knob shift is adopted, which really adds a lot of storage space in the front row, which also helps drivers or passengers to better store items and alleviate the problem of space anxiety.

The flat-bottomed three-spoke steering wheel is the latest model of the Volkswagen family. The multi-function buttons are touch-controlled and embedded with a vibration motor. Every touch will bring clear and full feedback, ensuring that the driver can detect whether it is touched by mistake or whether the function is in place. Many people say that touch buttons are easy to touch by mistake, but SAIC Volkswagen ID6X has reserved enough space distance, and it is quite difficult to touch them by mistake.

How about the Volkswagen pure electric vehicle ID6 — — Performance level

In terms of battery life, SAIC Volkswagen ID6X provides various versions, including the entry-level pure version with 460km battery life, the four-wheel drive version with 555km battery life and the long battery life version with 617km battery life. The entry-level pure version of 460km is very cost-effective. Although the guide price is 259,800 yuan, there are very powerful discounts at present, and it is still very fragrant. Such a large seven-seat SUV, at this price, is still blessed by the popular brand, and it is really fragrant.

The 555km four-wheel drive version is for friends with performance requirements. If you want to feel the passion and driving pleasure, then this four-wheel drive version can bring full happiness while carrying family and friends, and it is also a good option. The long battery life version of 617km is the first choice range for most consumers. After all, it is very important to run for a long time, and the battery life of 617km can also meet the long-distance demand. If it is a city commute, it is quite convenient without too much charging anxiety.

Finally: How about the pure electric vehicle Volkswagen ID6? The comprehensive strength of this car is still quite outstanding, with a high degree of appearance recognition. The cockpit design is not fancy but very exquisite and practical. The battery life is up to 617KM, and now it has a comprehensive discount of up to 50,000 yuan. If you are choosing a pure electric medium and large SUV, you may wish to Get this Leo model, which will not let you down.


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