Some things are more complicated than you think.

Some things are more complicated than you think.

# Tell the truth #

(Tang Zhongzong Li Xian)

Brother Xian of the Tang Dynasty, namely Li Xian, the fourth emperor of the dynasty, the seventh son of Li Zhi and the third son of Wu Zhao.

Talking about Li Xian should start from the early Tang Dynasty.

The history of the early Tang Dynasty, which is very well-known, is familiar to ordinary people.

Li Yuan stole the home of his eldest cousin Yang Guang, Emperor Yangdi, and took Sui Jiantang as the founding emperor of the Tang Dynasty. This is Gao Zu.

High-impedance under two sons stroppy, prince Li Jiancheng is not pleasing to the eye to see the second Li Shimin, the second Li Shimin also don’t deal with, two people in the Xuanwu gate about a frame, Li Jiancheng directly confessed at the gate, Li Shimin semi-coerced father tang gaozu please down from the throne, became the second generation emperor, this is emperor taizong.

From a macro historical perspective, Tang gaozu, the founding emperor, is not well-known and has a poor social evaluation. He is not on the same level as Han Gaozu, Ming Taizu and Yuan Shizu.

To tell the truth, Tang gaozu is a little buried.

This guy was fifty years old when he started his army, which was not easy. He was vigorous and healthy, but he was slow and steady, and he made one step at a time in the troubled times at the end of Sui Dynasty. It was legendary and inspiring at the end.

At the end of Sui Dynasty, he was the supreme leader in Shanxi. At that time, before the chaos in the world was particularly severe, he began to station grain, troops and cities, and widely recruited talented people for his own use.

So you see, Li Yuan has ambitions and ideals, and he has a keen sense of political smell.

The overall feeling he gives people is that he is a stable and mature leader, and the world falls into his hands, which is also appropriate.

As for why Tang gaozu’s sense of existence is low, people say that it is "Qin Huang Hanwu, Tang Zong Song Zu" but not "Tang Zu Song Zu". The author thinks that it is probably his son Li Shimin who has intentionally or unintentionally concealed his father’s light.

(The Qing Dynasty painted a colorful portrait of Tang Gaozu Li Yuan)

This Xuanwu gate kills my brother and kills my brother, and this Taiji temple is forced by the sword. When Li Shimin himself is idle, he must also worry. He will think that his emperor is a bit ill-informed.

In order to make his throne look authentic, he has to do two things, one is to revise the historical truth as much as possible, and the other is to deny the ability of the last generation of emperor Li Yuan.

If this father Tang gaozu has the ability, why should your son force him to abdicate?

Therefore, Li Yuan can only be "mediocre", because only Li Yuan’s "mediocrity" can prove that Li Shimin’s acceptance of meditation is reasonable.

There is an interesting record in historical materials that Li Shimin immediately went to visit his father Tang gaozu after he killed his eldest brother Li Jiancheng in Xuanwu Gate.

At that time, the situation was that Tang gaozu had been put on stilts by Li Shimin. Li Shimin didn’t want to drive him out. This royal family was the most ruthless since ancient times. Li Shimin just killed Tang gaozu, which is actually a knife.

However, when Li Shimin visited Tang gaozu, he plopped down in Tang gaozu’s arms and burst into tears.

Killing my brother and destroying my brother have all been done. In fact, there is really no need to perform such a thing again.

Therefore, Li Shimin burst into tears. He was not acting, but showing his true feelings.

History is like iron. After Li Shimin knew that he had done these things, he would bear the comments and accusations of later generations. The change of Xuanwu Gate would also become a huge stain in his life, so he would cry with his father in his arms.

He was sad, he was wronged, and he was bitter. He didn’t understand that when he was fighting in the world, his father clearly promised that he would be proclaimed king in the world, but why did he change his mind when all the dust settled?

Tang gaozu didn’t tell him the answer. The cruelty of political struggle is beyond the ordinary people’s endurance.

Of course, this answer will be personally tasted by Emperor Taizong.

(Part of coachable Map of Emperor Taizong)

Emperor Taizong’s men also had three sons, Prince Li Chenggan rebelled, and Wang Wei and Lee Tae were too preoccupied and devious. Emperor Taizong had no choice but to choose. In the end, Li Zhi, the king of Jin, got a big bargain, and Li Zhi took over and became three generations of emperors. This is Emperor Taizong.

Personally speaking, Emperor Taizong’s favorite son, Li Shimin, is Wang Wei Lee Tae, so he is also the best for him at ordinary times. However, in terms of etiquette, Emperor Taizong had to make his eldest son Li Chenggan Chu Jun.

Li Chenggan is very confused. You let me be a prince, and you still spoil Lee Tae the most. You have a deep affection with Lee Tae every day, and the relationship between you two is so close. What do you think of making me a prince?

Moreover, there is something wrong with Li Chenggan’s legs and feet, and his health is not very good. Compared with all aspects of comprehensive quality, Li Chenggan is also a lot worse than Lee Tae.

Lee Tae is Wang Wei, but he is not willing to do only Wang Wei. He also has the idea of seizing the office. When Li Chenggan sees me, don’t wait for you to seize the office. I’d better start first. I just want to learn from his Lao Tzu Li Shimin in Xuanwu Gate, have a mutiny and a coup, and just roll Li Shimin down.

However, he thought the political struggle was too simple.

In the history of China, such adventures as Li Shimin can even be said to be desperate. The second child killed the boss and drove the emperor’s father down, but it was rare and even less successful.

Li Shimin is an emperor through the ages, and he is one of the few outstanding emperors in history. He licks blood with the tip of a knife in Xuanwu Gate, trying to survive, and you are just a naive child.

Li Chenggan was defeated, but he didn’t die, because Emperor Taizong saw himself in this child. Of course, it was a failed version.

Emperor Taizong’s life was really not inferior to others, let alone his achievements. Since then, almost all the emperors in China’s history have had Li Shimin as their idols.

However, an emperor better than this is just a fragile father in the face of this heavy affection.

He didn’t kill Li Chenggan, but exiled him for three thousand miles, and never saw him again.

Li Chenggan was out, and Lee Tae immediately stood up and said, Dad, you can pass the throne to me. There is nothing wrong with it. I’m sure I can’t do anything to kill my brother. If I become emperor in the future, I won’t pass the throne to my son. Then I’ll definitely kill my son, and then I’ll be brothers and sisters, and give my position to Li Zhi, the king of Jin.

Li Tairen is very clever, but like Li Chenggan, he is in a hurry.

It’s good that you don’t say such things. When you say such things, you are undoubtedly cheating.

Emperor Taizong wouldn’t believe that Lee Tae would do such a thing, so the old emperor thought that his son was deceiving himself and lying, and that Lee Tae was dishonest and had problems with his personality and character.

(Li Zhi, Tang Gaozong)

As a result, Li Chenggan and Lee Tae were out, and Li Zhi, who had been muddling along in Buddhism, became the final winner.

Li Zhi, three generations of emperors, is called Emperor Gaozong.

Li Zhi, like his grandfather Tang gaozu, is the kind of emperor who is very buried.

When a person is not buried, sometimes it can’t be said that he is not good enough, but it may be that his position is a bit embarrassing.

Before Li Yuan, it was the controversial Emperor Yangdi, and after Li Yuan, it was Emperor Taizong.

Their fame is too great, and even the founding emperor of Tang gaozu is somewhat unknown.

Li Zhi is even worse. Li Shimin, the first emperor of the ages, followed by Wu Zhao, a female emperor of the ages, and a father and a mother stole the limelight from their sons.

However, we can’t just think that Li Zhi is mediocre, let alone anything else. When Li Zhi was in power, the territory and territory of the Tang Dynasty was the largest, and it was unparalleled in the Tang Dynasty.

Moreover, you can’t say that it was a complete failure for Li Zhi to introduce Queen Wu Zhao into politics and let her master considerable power in the later period of his administration, because Li Zhi really loved Wu Zhao after all, otherwise he could not have taken the world by storm to have feelings with his father’s woman, and he would not have paid a huge price to take Wu Zhao out of the Kanye Temple.

Li Zhi didn’t completely trust Wu Zhao. Before his death, Li Zhi had plans to depose Wu Zhao’s queen, but then he thought about it, because in the emperor’s view, his sons were weaker than himself, so just like Liu Bang’s support for Lv Zhi, because the emperor thought that consorts and imperial power were skin and bones, which was better than eunuchs, powerful ministers and border guards.

(Wu Zetian’s inscription is partial)

Li Zhi allowed Wu Zhao to have power, but he didn’t expect that Wu Zhao had too much power and blocked it. Later, she became a female emperor.

Of course, this, I’m afraid Wu Zhao himself couldn’t think of.

The silence in Taizong’s harem for more than ten years, the painful life of being a nun in Kanye Temple, the intrigue in the harem struggle, and the condemnation when boarding the court. …

The author can only say that Wu Zhao is too patient.

Cruelty and intelligence, madness and stability are perfectly matched in this woman who ruled the Tang Dynasty for half a century.

Therefore, becoming the son of Wu Zhao has become Li Xian’s greatest misfortune.

After Li Zhi’s death, he became emperor for only 55 days, and he was deposed by his mother Wu Zhao.

One of the most important reasons why Li Xian was deposed was that after he became emperor, he was too close to his queen Webster and wanted to worship Webster’s father as prime minister.

Wei Xuanzhen, the father of Webster’s family, was just a small soldier in the Tang Dynasty. This rocket promotion from joining the army to the prime minister was obviously unreasonable, which led to opposition from the ruling and opposition parties.

Li Xian, a young man, was furious. He said, I am willing to give the whole world to Wei Xuanzhen, the old father-in-law. Will I still be stingy with a small prime minister?

Wu Zhao was furious after hearing this, and a few months later he deposed Li Xian.

(Wei Xuanzhen)

Wu Zhao’s father, Wu Shihuo, once funded Tang gaozu when he started fighting in those years. Wu Zhao was a talented person of Taizong and a queen of Emperor Gaozong. Of all the emperors who have experienced in Wu Zhao for so many years, they are at least admirable and worthy of mercy. In Wu Zhao’s heart, there is a standard for being an emperor, so she was shocked that her children were so incompetent and humiliated the royal reputation. This is absolutely her.

So, when Wu Zhao pulled her own son down from the throne, maybe at that time she was still doing everything possible for the men of the royal family in Li Tang, but she didn’t know that it was only six years before she ascended the throne.

Sometimes a person does absurd things, or his self-awareness is not complete enough. Maybe there is no other reason, but he is still young.

Of course, being young is not a sin, but young Li Xian can’t imagine what position he is in.

We always say that reading history makes people wise, because without reading the vast history books, you won’t know that there are so many possibilities and impossibilities in history. The fate of individuals is not worth mentioning in front of the dynasty, and the rise and fall of the dynasty is under the wheel of history.

When you really understand the history, you will lose those so-called youthful heroism, and you will realize how small you are.

As an emperor, Li Xian may not be small, but it was not him who could make and change history at that time.


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