Why do women "change their temperament" in menopause?

Why do women "change their temperament" in menopause?

This is due to the secondary neuroendocrine changes caused by the decline of ovarian function. Women’s gonad organ "ovary" has two important functions, one is to secrete eggs, so that women have reproductive function; The other is the secretion of female hormone-estrogen. Just as human aging is inevitable, so is ovarian aging. Most women’s ovaries began to age after the age of 40, and the secretion of estrogen began to decline, especially before and after menopause, when the fluctuation of estrogen decreased most obviously.

During this period, it is the most common time for women to have emotional problems, that is to say, the age between 40 and 55 is the age group with high incidence of emotional disorders such as depression and anxiety. Symptoms such as depression and anxiety in menopause may have various reasons, most of which are the changes of hormone levels, especially the obvious decrease of estrogen levels.

In addition, during this period, women are faced with changes in their relative roles, such as children leaving home, children going to school for employment, changes in husband-wife relationship, job adjustment, changes in economic situation, major changes in parents’ health, and changes in their own health. These psychological and social factors may cause emotional obstacles for women. (Peking University Third Hospital)

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