This special fund was distributed before New Year’s Day, benefiting many enterprises.

This special fund was distributed before New Year’s Day, benefiting many enterprises.

Wu Han, a journalist with extreme eyes

Correspondent Wang Wei

The statistician of Hubei Shilixiang Liquor Co., Ltd. was very happy to receive the statistical subsidy before New Year’s Day. She thanked the relevant person in charge of Xujiapeng Street in Wuchang District, Wuhan. "We must cooperate with the street economic work well and realize the two-way trip together."

Before New Year’s Day, Xujiapeng Street distributed statistical subsidies to the "four-up" enterprises within its jurisdiction, and the Commissioner was responsible for distributing them to the personal accounts of enterprise statisticians.

Since the beginning of this year, Xujiapeng Street has built a high-quality and professional statistical team with proficient business, served enterprises with sincerity, and strived to optimize the business environment. Each community has identified a full-time and part-time statistician, who also serves as a community census instructor or enumerator when conducting various census work. Each enterprise has appointed a person in charge of statistics and equipped a full-time (part-time) statistician to fill in relevant statistical reports in time.

Street joint relevant units, community, enterprise statistical business training, strengthen the guidance of grassroots statisticians report, improve the accuracy of statistical data reporting, to ensure the authenticity of the source data. At the same time, publicize and support the policies and measures to help enterprises, understand the production and operation difficulties and statistical problems of enterprises, and make overall plans to do a good job in enterprise service.

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