TCL and NFL, the top sports league, surprised the world with a giant rugby helmet in the second year.

TCL and NFL, the top sports league, surprised the world with a giant rugby helmet in the second year.

The historic moment has come. How can TCL, which represents the "scientific strength of China", lead China’s science and technology to the world?

On January 12th, CES2024, known as "Science and Technology Spring Festival Evening", came to an end. The exhibition brings together global technology giants, attracting more than 4,000 exhibitors and more than 1,200 startup companies.

Among them, TCL, as the world’s leading intelligent terminal enterprise, appeared at CES with a brand-new "dare to act" attitude. TCL’s overall exhibition area covers an area of nearly 1,700 square meters, making it the most famous brand in China, exhibiting more than 120 innovative products and top technologies, showing its C-style. During CES, TCL also invited NFL Hall of Fame star Charles Woodson to help out by airborne, and interacted with the audience at zero distance, which narrowed the distance between brands and consumers.

This is the second year for TCL to join hands with NFL, the world’s top sports league.

NFL is the highest-level sports league in American football, and its annual feast "Super Bowl" is known as "American Spring Bowl", which is the most popular sports event in the United States today. The 57th Super Bowl attracted about 113 million spectators around the world. As a professional sports league based on American native sports, after a hundred years of development, its influence has long been not limited to the American domestic market, but also has become the first echelon sports event with global attention, occupying the chief place of the world sports league, which coincides with the development of TCL.

Since 1999, TCL has set up 32 manufacturing bases in Vietnam, Mexico and other places through TCL Industry and TCL Technology, and 46 R&D centers in Poland, the United States and other places. TCL products have maintained a high market share in developed countries including Europe and America.

In addition to the leading scientific and technological strength and the influence of brand globalization, it is highly recognized by the NFL, and it may be that both sides dare to resonate with each other.

Driven by the spirit of courage, TCL and NFL have done a great thing.

In 2024, TCL joined hands with NFL to light up the new landmark of Las Vegas — — Sphere is the world’s largest giant ball, TCL’s highly recognizable brand LOGO and NFL’s iconic giant football helmet shine in the night sky in Las Vegas, showing the extraordinary elegance of China brand to the world with unparalleled visual feast, and further demonstrating TCL’s brand technology hard power of "dare to be extraordinary" to the world.

TCL has developed from a small company producing magnetic tapes into a globally competitive intelligent technology industry group. Through TCL Industry and TCL Technology, three core industries, namely intelligent terminal, semiconductor display and new energy photovoltaic, have been widely recognized internationally.

Pay tribute to the past and move forward for the future. As one of the earliest China enterprises to go international, TCL has always practiced the concept of "globalization is localization" and achieved remarkable commercial success in overseas markets. In addition to constantly improving its overseas localization management ability, it continues to provide users with the best products and solutions, and it also benefits from its continuous exploration and investment in global brand building.

On the road of globalization, TCL continues to lay out the world’s top IP, giving the brand a strong sports gene. Up to now, TCL has more than 40 global cooperation IPs, covering rugby, football, basketball, e-sports and other sports fields. In addition to the NFL of the United States, there are also top-level global sports IPs such as the Libertadores Cup, FIBA, Brazil, Spain, Italy, Germany and Arsenal Football Club. These cooperation has become a distinctive symbol of TCL’s layout of international sports venues.

In addition to official cooperation with the NFL, TCL has also reached a partnership with three super-popular NFL teams, namely Los Angeles Lightning, Seattle Seahawks and Atlanta Falcons. Not only that, TCL also invited Justin Herbert, the quarterback of the Los Angeles Lightning Team, as the brand ambassador of TCL North America. This move will continue to help TCL establish closer emotional ties with local fans, so that more consumers can feel the charm of TCL’s cutting-edge technology, and it will also promote TCL to lay a powerful battle in the development of global sports.

In February this year, the Super Bowl, the NFL’s most important competition, is about to open, when TCL will once again make a heavy appearance, leading the new era of China brand’s overseas rise, letting the world once again see the strength and influence of China technology, and continuing to write a new chapter of "Dare to be Extraordinary" in the global market.


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