Go to the grassroots in the Spring Festival and stick to it for a better reunion —— A note on the New Year’s Eve run of Shenzhen Express Takeaway Brother

Go to the grassroots in the Spring Festival and stick to it for a better reunion —— A note on the New Year’s Eve run of Shenzhen Express Takeaway Brother

  Xinhua News Agency, Shenzhen, January 22nd Title: Stick to it for a better reunion — — Shenzhen Express Takeaway Brother’s New Year’s Eve Running List

  Xinhua News Agency reporter Zhao Ruixi

  In the early morning of New Year’s Eve, Yang Lei went out on his electric car and was busy collecting and dispatching parts in several communities in Shenzhen Nanshan Science and Technology Park. This is his 17th year as a courier. He can’t remember how many times he received the delivery on New Year’s Eve. "After working as a courier, he didn’t go back to his hometown for the New Year."

  On the morning of January 21st, at the gate of the residential area to be delivered, Yang Lei moved the boxes of express delivery out of the car. (Photo by Xinhua News Agency reporter Liang Xushe)

  "My wife and two children are in Shenzhen. Many younger brothers’ families are not around, giving them the opportunity to go home. " Yang Lei said, "The company will also give rewards for going to work during the Spring Festival, and give compensatory time off after the holiday. My wife works in a supermarket and also works during the Spring Festival. Both children are in junior high school, they can understand us, and they can also heat their own meals and take care of themselves. "

  This year, SF Express, where Yang Lei is located, set up a special incentive package and warm-hearted care activities for the Spring Festival totaling more than 400 million yuan to encourage employees to stick to their posts.

  Yang Lei told reporters that the peak of receiving and dispatching parts is before the Spring Festival, and the workload during the Spring Festival is not too heavy. He, who is usually responsible for receiving and dispatching office buildings, went to support the receiving and dispatching work of residential quarters during the Spring Festival. In the four hours in the morning of New Year’s Eve, he received more than 80 tickets. "Under the superposition of various incentives, the Spring Festival can earn more than 10,000 yuan this month."

  On the morning of January 21st, Yang Lei (former) was busy sorting express delivery. (Photo by Xinhua News Agency reporter Liang Xushe)

  Near noon, Yang Lei was almost busy with the delivery task in the morning. At this time, Shen Jinfeng, a takeaway rider in Longhua District, got busy and rode his electric car between the restaurant and the community.

  In 2021, Shen Jinfeng joined the US Mission and became a full-time takeaway in Longhua Minzhi District. He said: "Takeaway is an industry with more work and more rewards. As long as you are willing to pay, you will get a reward." In order to earn more money, he has chosen to stay alone in Shenzhen to deliver meals during the Spring Festival for two consecutive years.

  Meituan has invested more than 500 million yuan this year as a subsidy for riders to stabilize their posts during the Spring Festival, including the subsidy for staying in the post, the red envelope for starting the Spring Festival, the red envelope for duty, and the subsidy for stepping back to work.

  On New Year’s Eve, there were not many take-away orders. Until 1 pm, Shen Jinfeng sent out a total of 10 takeaways. "Although there are not many orders, the delivery fee per order is much higher than usual. I earned more than 9000 yuan in the Spring Festival last year. This year’s Spring Festival will get all kinds of rushing rewards, and you can earn more than 10,000 yuan. " Shen Jinfeng said, "earn more money and go back to your hometown in Anhui on the fifteenth day of the first month to reunite with your family."

  In addition to strengthening the incentive mechanism for enterprises, the government has also taken action. Years ago, the relevant departments in Shenzhen made it clear that the express delivery and take-out during the Spring Festival would be subsidized by the municipal finance for each order in 1 yuan. Front-line workers in construction, tourism, sanitation, manufacturing and other industries can also receive corresponding government subsidies.

  "Although the Spring Festival is not around my family, I am very happy to deliver the meal to the guests in time so that they can have a hot meal and have a happy year." Shen Jinfeng said.

  Yang Lei said that nowadays, the society generally recognizes the courier brother more. During the Spring Festival, it is still relatively happy to ensure that residents receive the needed items in time and have a good year. "A package sent every day conveys a love." He said.

  They are the epitome of tens of thousands of little brothers who stay deep in the post during the Spring Festival, contributing to the better reunion of others and working hard for their own better reunion. Shen Jinfeng said: "I believe that the good days are still behind!"


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