Let outsiders see jokes, no! Making this big country’s heavy weapon is to fight for making it in China.

Let outsiders see jokes, no! Making this big country’s heavy weapon is to fight for making it in China.

  CCTV News:There are representative major projects and major projects in each era, and those super projects have become the symbolic symbols of the times, which embodies the hard work and creativity of the people of China and also witness the road of China’s revival and rise.

  Shield machine is a necessary equipment for tunneling, and it is also a high-end equipment focused on "Made in China 2025". At one time, the technology and overseas market of super-large diameter shield machine have been monopolized by western countries for more than a century. In May this year, the super-large diameter shield machine independently developed by China will go abroad for the first time and become a new "national business card" for China.

  In May, this super-large diameter shield machine with a diameter of 12.12 meters and a weight of 2,200 tons is about to leave for Bangladesh. Although it is the weekend, the manufacturing team is still making the final confirmation of the export shipment plan.

  For Zhang Boyang, the person in charge of this shield machine, it is not the first time that there is no weekend. The shield machine exported this time is not the most difficult project he took over. At the same location, they once manufactured the first super-large diameter shield machine with independent intellectual property rights in China — — "Tianhe", with a diameter of 15.03 meters and a weight of 6,500 tons, was used to excavate the Yangtze River tunnel in Nanjing at that time.

  Zhang Boyang, head of CCCC shield machine project: "This was the most difficult geology in the world at that time. It was soft on the top and hard on the bottom. If it was all hard, it would be easy and even."

  Zhang Boyang is the commander of Nanjing Yangtze River Tunnel Project. At that time, only one foreign company in the world had experience in manufacturing shield machines with similar conditions, and the construction party planned to order two shield machines from this company.

  Zhang Boyang, head of CCCC shield machine project: "700 million one, two 1.4 billion, no price reduction. You can’t rely on others to import all the time. Once they wean you from food, you will die, so we are determined to make it ourselves. "

  It’s better to throw off your arms and do it yourself than to cry your head off and beg for help. A big country’s heavy weapon must be in its own hands. As an engineer of this project, Zhou Jun was mainly responsible for research and development.

  Zhou Jun, Chief Engineer of CCCC Shield Machine Project: "The pressure is enormous. Everyone thinks it is incredible, and there are doubts outside."

  In the process of research and development, many technical problems appear for the first time, so we can only cross the river by feeling the stones. The research and development of core components has made everyone think hard.

  Zhou Jun, Chief Engineer of CCCC Shield Machine ProjectThe cylinder is the core component of the shield machine, and the shield machine moves forward by the thrust generated by the cylinder. Before that, they were all imported from abroad. Our super-large diameter shield cylinder is a luxury car, 500,000 yuan each. "

  Tianhe needs about 50 such cylinders. In order to realize the localization of core components, the R&D team made great efforts and made up their minds to gnaw this hard bone.

  Zhou Jun, Chief Engineer of CCCC Shield Machine ProjectWe employees are the earliest to get off work at 11 pm. I basically go to work after 7 o’clock in the morning and get off work around 1 o’clock, every day. Through four to five months of experiments, we have come up with a set of manufacturing inspection standards for large-diameter shield cylinders. "

  After nearly half a year of technical research, the domestic shield cylinder finally came out, and the cost of one cylinder was 300 thousand yuan cheaper than that of imported cylinders. A super-large diameter shield machine consists of tens of thousands of parts of different sizes. Behind every domestic part is hard work. The research and development of Tianhe has been designed, modified, tested and revised thousands of times. There are more than 7,000 drawings confirmed in the final design of the whole equipment, which are more than one person high when stacked together.

  Zhou Jun, Chief Engineer of CCCC Shield Machine Project: "Everyone thought the same thing as me at that time, that is, we built these two machines. At that time, China should be said to be the shield machine with the most advanced technology, the largest diameter and the highest difficulty. Everyone had this sense of accomplishment at that time, that is, this kind of glory for the country, this kind of courage, including this spirit, that is to say, since I have done this, I must do it well. "

  After 14 months of hard work, in July 2012, China’s first super-large diameter shield machine "Tianhe" was officially put into use, and the two shield machines saved nearly 800 million yuan for the country. However, can this shield stand the test of super engineering?

  Zhang Boyang, head of CCCC shield machine project: "The most painful thing was in 2013, when the cutter head got stuck. Just a few days before the Spring Festival, I didn’t leave the construction site for half a step, and I stayed in the shield machine for observation and analysis every day. "

  The cutter head suddenly stopped turning during the excavation of the Yangtze River tunnel, and these 59 days were the most difficult days for everyone.

  Zhang Boyang, head of CCCC shield machine project"This is not only an enterprise, but also the pressure from China people. You let foreigners see Chinese jokes. This pressure is really huge, even if you cut my meat. "

  After a long period of hard thinking, Zhang Boyang made a bold suggestion.

  Zhang Boyang, head of CCCC shield machine project: "I retreated the cutter head and shield body of this integral shield machine, which is technical and has never been seen before. But I also evaluate and analyze what risks it has, how to retreat, and how much strength it needs. I use the telescopic mechanism and oil cylinder of the cutter head, and every time I retreat 10 mm, 10 mm, that’s all. "

  After two months of persistence, the cutter head finally turned again. In July, 2015, after three years, Tianhe came out of the hole at the bottom of the river and saw the light again. Many people present cried with joy.

  Zhang Boyang, head of CCCC shield machine project: "Without responsibility, there is no innovative spirit. You dare not take responsibility, do you dare to innovate? We are not willing to do this. How can China’s manufacturing industry develop? "

  Tianhe has achieved 50% localization rate, and the localization rate of shield machines to be exported to Bangladesh has increased to 95%. It will be used in China’s largest overseas shield road tunnel project, and help the country’s "Belt and Road Initiative".


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