Champions League-Cristiano Ronaldo helped the Red Devils win 5 consecutive victories, Manchester United 2-1 Sporting Lisbon.

Champions League-Cristiano Ronaldo helped the Red Devils win 5 consecutive victories, Manchester United 2-1 Sporting Lisbon.


  Sohu Sports News On November 28th, Beijing time, Group F of the Champions League ended the fifth round of competition. Manchester United beat Sporting Lisbon 2-1 in stoppage time at home at Old Trafford, while Rome beat Dynamo Kiev 4-1 away to secure promotion to the top 16 in advance. Sporting Lisbon won the third place in the group and can continue to participate in the UEFA Cup. ——

  Manchester United 2-1 Sporting Lisbon

  As the only team in the top 32 that scored 12 points in the first four rounds, Manchester United can ensure the first place in the group as long as it wins, and Sporting Lisbon can’t afford to lose this game if it wants to retain its promotion hope.

  However, judging from the past records, Sporting Lisbon’s trip to England was run out of luck. Manchester United’s previous 8 home games against Portugal were unbeaten with 7 wins and 1 draw, and nearly 32 home games in the Champions League were only lost to AC Milan. On the other hand, Sporting Lisbon, nearly 11 Champions League away games have only a poor record of winning.

  In this game, Ferguson was not affected by the unexpected loss to Bolton last weekend, and continued to rotate the starting lineup. O ‘Shea, Fletcher and Kuszczak were all allowed to start, Vidic recovered from his back injury and returned to the starting line instead of Pique, while C- Ronaldo and Nani played against their old club in the frontcourt respectively. Sporting Lisbon, Ledesson injured his right thigh at the weekend, but the injury was not serious. Patricio, 19, still started in the Champions League for the first time instead of stojkovic, who suffered a hip injury.

  At the beginning of the first half, although Sporting Lisbon had a slight advantage in controlling the ball, it was slightly stronger than Manchester United in terms of offensive sharpness. In the second minute, Anderson obliquely passed C- Ronaldo, and the Portuguese international scored after running 50 meters with the ball. Unfortunately, Saha was a little slow. Subsequently, Nani got two chances in the left rib, but they failed to form a real threat. In the 12th minute, Motinho turned to his right rib 24 meters away, and his right foot slanted the low ball and it would miss. Two minutes later, C- Ronaldo received Carrick’s oblique cross from the right side of the frontcourt and then shot low, which also missed the long post.

  In the 19th minute, O ‘Shea made a cross on the right, C- Ronaldo made a heel pass, and Saha inserted an oblique shot and still missed the target.In the 21st minute, Veloso distributed the ball to the right. Abel caught the ball and suddenly volleyed his right foot near the sideline. Kuszchak, who was unresponsive, made a save, but the ball flew into the net.In the 26th minute, Ledesson once again sent the ball to Manchester United’s net, but the Brazilian striker’s offside goal was invalidated. Three minutes later, Bohr increased the front of the restricted area and turned around to shoot, and the angle was slightly confiscated by Kuszchak. Since then, although the scene is lively, neither side has created a really threatening shooting opportunity. In the first half of the game, Manchester United fell 0-1 behind Sporting Lisbon and entered the halftime break.

  At the beginning of the second half, Ferguson sent Ryan Giggs and Carlos Tevez out. Only 25 seconds after the opening, Tevez successfully broke the ball on the right side of the frontcourt, and Hade had no choice but to put down the shovel and sweep down the Argentine beast and was given a yellow card warning. In the 50th minute, C- Ronaldo took a free kick from Giggs, grabbed a header, and was deflected. Seven minutes later, C- Ronaldo pushed horizontally, and Saha adjusted when he could kick. As a result, the ball was destroyed before kicking.

  In the 59th minute, Ryan Giggs kicked off the right corner, and Nemanja Vidic jumped high and tossed his head to attack the top of the goal.In the 61st minute, O ‘Shea’s cross on the right side was slightly stronger, but Evras quickly inserted the ball and successfully intercepted it. After the cross ball was blocked, it bounced in front of C- Ronaldo, and the Portuguese international hit the door with his right foot. After the ball hit Harder, it touched Tevez’s foot 6 meters in front of the door and changed lines to enter the goal.In the 64th minute, Veloso’s shot on the edge of the restricted area was slightly higher than the lintel. Four minutes later, after receiving Tevez’s cross, C- Ronaldo’s low shot was blocked by Patricio with his foot, and Anderson shot wide 35 meters away. In the 74th minute, Tevez made a long pass from the right, and C- Ronaldo leaned forward and headed the ball from a small angle.

  In the 76th minute, C- Ronaldo hit the door with his left foot and slid from the front door to the bottom line. Three minutes later, Anderson picked the ball, and Hargreaves, who had just come off the bench for less than one minute, plugged in and shot it and was blocked by Patricio with his foot. In the 80th minute, C- Ronaldo failed to get a yellow card because he was fouled. Two minutes later, Evras was also given a yellow card warning for diving in the restricted area.In the 92nd minute, Anderson was violated by Ledesson to create a free kick. C- Ronaldo took a free kick 26 meters away from the left rib and shot his right foot directly to the right side of the goal to complete the reversal, which made C- Ronaldo score 11 goals in his personal season and continue to sit side by side with Ibrahimovic at the top of the Champions League scorer list with 5 goals.In the end, Manchester United defeated Sporting Lisbon 2-1 at home, continued to maintain the record of winning the Champions League this season, and expanded the winning streak at home to 9 games, thus locking the top spot in the group one round ahead of schedule. -This year’s Golden Globe Award will be announced on December 2nd. Do you think C- Ronaldo is a suitable candidate for the Golden Globe Award?

  Manchester United (4-3-3): 29-Kuszczak /3- Evras, 5- Ferdinand, 15- Vidic, 22- O ‘Shea /16- Carrick, 24- Fletcher (46’11- Giggs), 8- Anderson /17- Nani (46’).

  Sporting Lisbon (4-4-2); 1- Patricio /3- Harder, 4- Polga, 13- tonel, 78- Abel /7- ismailov (81’25- Pereirinha), 24- Veloso, 28- Motinho, 30- Romanori (67′ 10- Vukcevic) /9- Purovic (81

  Dynamo Kiev 1-4 Rome

  In the 4th minute, panucci made an oblique pass near the right touchline. Vucinic’s shot at the front point of 7 meters didn’t kick the ball, but shook Rybka, and the ball flew directly into the far corner of the goal. In the 32nd minute, Giuly scored the ball and went straight into the penalty area. Facing Rybka, Giuly calmly pushed the ball to the right and passed the 20-year-old Ukrainian young goalkeeper to expand the lead, which was also the 20th goal scored by the French in Europe.

  In the 36th minute, the Roma midfielder launched a quick counterattack after breaking the ball. The ball was distributed to the left from Jiuli Middle Road, and Vucinic stopped the ball in a proper position. After going straight into the restricted area, he pushed the arc ball 14 meters from the left and hit it in the far corner. In the 63rd minute, Shatzkikh, who came off the bench, made a cross on the outside instep of his right foot at the front of the left rib restricted area, and I- bangura pulled back a point from the right corner of the goal with a 16-meter push from the middle road. In the 78th minute, after Vucinic cooperated with Tonetto on the left, he scored twice with his right foot at 17 meters to seal the victory. In the end, Rome beat Dynamo Kiev 4-1 away and advanced to the top 16 in advance; Kiev, on the other hand, has not won in nearly 12 Champions League matches, with 2 draws and 10 losses. (sandwich)

  Rome (4- 5-1): 32-Doni /2- panucci, 4-Juan, 21- Ferrari, 22- Tonetto /16- Derossi (61’29- Barruso), 7- Pizarro, 11- Taddei (46’18- esposito), 14-.

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