Another first time in 34 years: the Chaozhou opera "Watching Lights" made its debut at the CCTV Lantern Festival.

Another first time in 34 years: the Chaozhou opera "Watching Lights" made its debut at the CCTV Lantern Festival.

  CCTV’s 2019 Lantern Festival Gala will be held soon. Southern Reporter learned that Chaozhou Opera, one of the four famous dramas in Guangdong, will be on CCTV Lantern Festival Gala, and Zhang Yihuang, winner of China drama "Plum Blossom Award", and others will show the charm of Chaozhou Opera "Watching the Lights". The famous artists who appeared in this performance are Zhang Yihuang, Lin Chufa, Ant yan dan and Zhang Shutong. Like the Spring Festival Gala, the CCTV Lantern Festival Gala has also attracted much attention. This is another famous Guangdong drama on CCTV Lantern Festival Gala after Guangdong Cantonese Opera on CCTV Spring Festival Gala.


  Chaozhou Opera, one of the four famous operas in Guangdong (Cantonese Opera, Chaozhou Opera, Han Opera and Lei Ju), was named after its formation in Chaoshan area of Guangdong, commonly known as "Chaodiao", "Chaoyin Opera" and "Baizizi Opera". It was widely circulated in Zhao ‘an, Yunxiao, Pinghe, Dongshan, Zhangpu and Nanjing in southern Fujian in the late Ming Dynasty, and was closely related to Liyuan Opera. In 2006, it was selected into the first batch of national intangible cultural heritage list. Known as "southern flowers".

  "Watching Lights" Dressed Rehearsal

  Plays: Meet a beautiful woman under the Lantern Festival, and a beautiful marriage is made by a mirror.

  The performance program is "Watching Lights" from the classic drama "Li Jing Ji" of Chaozhou Opera.

  Li Jing Ji originated from Chaozhou and Quanzhou in southern Fujian, mainly in the form of Qupai (script), and was performed by drama. The Chaozhou opera Li Jing Ji, also known as Chen San Wu Niang, is written in Chaozhou dialect and Quanzhou dialect, which is the earliest publication in Minnan language and the most representative traditional repertoire of Chaozhou opera.

  The story tells that Chen San, a native of Quanzhou, Fujian Province in the Ming Dynasty, sent his brother and sister-in-law to Guangnan to take office. On the Lantern Festival, he passed through Chaozhou, Guangdong Province, and met Huang Wuniang, a rich daughter, at the Lantern Festival. They fell in love at first sight and loved each other. Huang’s father was greedy for money and love power, and allowed Wu Niang to marry Lin Da, a rich man. Wu Niang was dissatisfied and depressed. Chen San came to Chaozhou again and passed by Wuniang Xiulou, where Wuniang threw lychees and handkerchiefs to show her love. Chen San disguised himself as a mirror grinder and entered Fu Huang. When Chen San was grinding the mirror, he deliberately broke the mirror and sold himself into slavery on the pretext of losing the mirror. After twists and turns, Yichun tactfully helped pull strings, and Chen San and Wu Niang finally escaped and eloped back to Quanzhou. This drama has a distinctive color of rebelling against feudal ethics, eulogizing the free marriage of men and women, and breaking the vulgar marriage arrangement of men and women in feudal society. The whole drama has strong local cultural characteristics and has been performed for a long time. Watching Lights, Collecting Books, Keeping an Umbrella and Contracting in the drama have become immortal classics of Chaozhou Opera.

  Fang Zhanrong, a national representative inheritor of Chaozhou Opera and former head of the 2nd Troupe of Guangdong Chaozhou Theatre, introduced that the performance of "Li Jing Ji" and "Watching Lights" at the CCTV Lantern Festival was a brilliant scene and a classic fragment, among which, four professions representing Chaozhou Opera will be presented to the national audience one by one. Fang Zhanrong is a famous and ugly Chaozhou Opera. He devoted himself to its promotion all his life. He said that Chaozhou Opera is more difficult to promote than other local operas because it is performed in dialects. "But this is also our ambition. As an ancient opera, it is great that local operas in languages that are not easy to learn can be put on the CCTV Lantern Festival." Fang Zhanrong introduced that Chaozhou Opera has also been put on the central opera channel many times. He said that CCTV Lantern Festival Gala is a national event.

  Do you know this famous Chaozhou opera?

  Wu Niang Zhang Yihuang


  Zhang Yihuang, who plays Wu Niang in "Watching the Lights" in the Chaozhou drama "Li Jing Ji", is a national first-class actor and a plum blossom award winner. He is currently the vice president of Guangdong Chaozhou Theatre, the top-notch talent in Shantou, the vice chairman of Guangdong Dramatists Association and the chairman of Shantou Dramatists Association.

  Zhang Yihuang, a native of Nan ‘ao, Guangdong Province, graduated from Shantou Opera School in 1989, majoring in Chaozhou Opera Performance, and graduated from China Opera Academy in 2002.

  As a leader in the field of Chaozhou opera performance, Zhang Yihuang has successively starred in more than 30 dramas, such as Yaniang, Dongwu Princess, Fireworks Woman and Champion Lang and Yutangchun, which are deeply loved by Chaozhou opera audiences at home and abroad. In 2001, he went to Japan to hold a concert of Zhang Yihuang Chaozhou Opera, and published Zhang Yihuang Chaozhou Opera Art Album and Masterpiece Golden Melody — — Zhang Yihuang’s Singing Album, Chinese Chaozhou Opera Masters — — Selected Works of Zhang Yihuang’s Singing, etc., are deeply loved by Chaozhou opera audiences at home and abroad.

  Chen San Lin Chufa


  Lin Chufa, played by Chen San, is a national first-class actor, a junior in Guangdong Chao Theatre and a director of Guangdong Dramatists Association. In 1993, he graduated from Shantou Culture and Art School, and in 2002, he graduated from China Theatre Academy. Successfully played more than 30 different characters such as Liu Bei in Dongwu Princess and Zhu Jingwu in Yaniang. In recent years, he has taken many large-scale Chaozhou opera art films and Chaozhou language film and television works, such as "The Legend of the Moon" and "The Bride of the Champion". He has won many awards, such as the second and third drama performing arts competitions in Guangdong Province, the first prize for young and middle-aged singing in Shantou City, and the first prize for young and middle-aged performing arts competitions in Guangdong Chao Theatre in 1998 and 2002.

  Yichun ant yan dan


  Yan dan, the actor of Yichun, is a second-class actor of Guangdong Chao Theatre. He graduated from Shantou Culture and Art School with a major in Chaozhou Opera performance. After graduation, he has been an actor in Guangdong Chao Theatre. Since she was an artist, she has played the role of Chuncao in Chuncao Rushing into the Hall, and the wife on the way home has played the leading role and important role. As a choreographer in many plays and cultural evenings. He has won the bronze prize in the 4th Drama Performing Arts Competition in Guangdong Province, the second prize for young singers, writers, directors and vocalists in Guangdong Chao Theatre, and many other awards.

  Ugly Li Jie Zhang Shutong


Ugly female Li Jie Zhang Shutong (right)

  This time, the role of the ugly Li Jie was played by Zhang Shutong, a group of ugly actors and directors in Guangdong Chao Theatre. He has played the role of Hu Lian in Noisy Chai, Sun Fu in Capture Sun Fu alive, and Li Laosan in Chai Fang Hui. In 2008, he went to the advanced editing and directing class of Shanghai Theatre Academy to study, and then independently directed plays such as Capture Saburo alive, Hu Bugui Weeping the Grave, and All the Children Cry. In 2001, he participated in the basic skills competition of young and middle-aged actors in Guangdong Chao Theatre and won the first prize. In 2006, he directed and acted Saburo alive and won the gold medal in the 5th Guangdong Drama Performing Arts Competition.

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