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The performance version of Shanhai Gun appeared in the lineup of Chengdu Auto Show of Great Wall Gun

  [car home Information] Recently, we learned from the Great Wall pickup truck official that the performance version (|) will be officially unveiled at the 2023 Chengdu Auto Show, which opened on August 25th. In addition, the 2023 Great Wall Gun Black Bomb version will be officially listed at the Chengdu Auto Show.

● Shanhai Gun Performance Edition

Home of the car

Home of the car

Home of the car

"Shanhai Gun Performance Edition"

  Previously, some media photographed the spy photos of the performance version of Shanhai Gun. The new car is expected to add some off-road configurations on the basis of the current Shanhai Gun, including the front winch, wading throat and the square mouth of the rear trailer. At the same time, the car will also be equipped with black front middle net, black wheel eyebrows, fixed side pedals, black gantry, etc. In addition, black decorative parts have been added to the front of the car to enhance the off-road style of the whole car.

  In terms of power, the performance version of Shanhai Gun is expected to follow the power of the current model, equipped with a 3.0-liter V6 turbocharged engine and a 48-volt light mixing system, with a maximum power of 260 kW and a peak torque of 500 Nm. The transmission system is matched with a vertical 9-speed automatic gearbox, and it is also expected to be equipped with a Borg Warner 4A+LOCK four-wheel drive system.

● 2023 Great Wall Gun Black Bomb Edition

Great Wall Motor Gun 2021 2.0T Black Bomb Special Edition GW4C20B

Great Wall Motor Gun 2021 2.0T Black Bomb Special Edition GW4C20B

"2021"Great Wall Gun Black Bomb Edition

  The black bullet version of the Great Wall Gun was jointly launched by the modified brand Yunliang Off-road and Great Wall pickup truck. The new car was deeply off-road modified to meet the individual needs of deep off-road and pan-outdoor players. It is expected that the appearance and interior of the new car will not change much.

  In terms of power, the models currently on sale are equipped with a 2.0T turbocharged gasoline engine, with a maximum power of 140 kW and a maximum torque of 360 Nm. It is matched with an 8-speed automatic transmission, which adopts part-time 4wd, has an electronically controlled differential lock on the front/rear axle, and has a crawling mode, a tank turning around and an all-terrain driving mode. (Part of the image source: understand the car emperor; Text/car home Li Na)

A picture to understand Xiaomi 14 upgrade point Xiaomi 13 price reduction of 400 is not fragrant?

The series was officially released this week, in which the standard version is well configured and cost-effective; At the same time, in order to make way for the series, there are also discounts around 400 yuan, so users are very confused about which one is more suitable. Therefore, I will make a configuration comparison between Xiaomi 14 and last year’s Xiaomi 13 today, and I will know if I buy it or not.

As can be seen from the above picture, there are still quite a few upgrades to Xiaomi 14 Standard Edition. Let’s analyze it from various aspects.

In terms of performance, Xiaomi 14 has been upgraded from Snapdragon 8 Gen2 to Snapdragon 8 Gen 3. This upgrade is generally relatively large. It adopts 1+5+2 architecture, and the CPU performance and GPU performance are improved by more than 30%, and the AI computing power is improved by 98%. Coupled with LPDDR5X+UFS 4.0 memory, there is no pressure to play heavy mobile games.

In terms of charging, the battery capacity of Xiaomi 14 has been slightly improved, and the charging speed has been upgraded from 67W, which is not enough to see, to 90W. It seems that Mr. Lei still heard the "complaints" of rice noodles and raised the power, which shortened the full charging time by about 10 minutes in the actual experience.

The image aspect can be said to be the biggest upgrade point of Xiaomi 14, and even it failed to open a big gap with the standard version.The combination of 14mm super wide angle +23mm main camera +75mm telephoto can meet the shooting needs of multiple scenes, in which the main camera is "Light and Shadow Hunter 900" (Pro version supports stepless zoom), and both telephoto and super wide angle sensors are Samsung JN1, which can be said to be a comprehensive leap compared with Xiaomi 13′ s 10 million pixel telephoto+12 million pixel wide angle.

Friends who like to take pictures can directly choose Xiaomi 14 series, but subjectively speaking, I feel that the rear camera module of Xiaomi 14 is also a big circle, and the look and feel looks a little bloated, but the appearance is also different.

This time, Xiaomi 14 is still a straight screen, but its quality has been greatly upgraded. It adopts C8 luminescent material jointly developed with TCL Huaxing, and its frame is also very narrow. The front screen accounts for a very high proportion, and the resolution is also upgraded from 1080P to 1.5K, and the peak brightness directly rises from 1900nit to 3000nit. The most important thing is to upgrade from gear refresh to 1-120Hz LTPO. Except for 2K and high-frequency PWM, it can be said to be the top flagship configuration.

Not only that, but the screen cover of Xiaomi 14 also uses the Corning Gorilla Victus 2, which is only available in 13 Pro, and there is no pressure to fall at high altitude. 14 Pro also uses the "Longjing Glass" named by Xiaomi brand. If you are worried about the durability of the screen, Xiaomi 14 Pro can meet your needs.

In addition to these configuration upgrades, Xiaomi 14 has also been upgraded in other hardware aspects. For example, its cooling system has been upgraded from a large-area VC to an annular cold pump, and the vapor-liquid separation path design is adopted. Under the same area, the equivalent thermal conductivity can be three times as effective as that of the traditional VC, which reduces the core temperature and helps the high performance to play for a long time; Custom-made motor combined with Tsinghua University future lab tactile users to experience the cooperation between production and learning, and adopted the third generation ESA technology to develop stronger vibration in a limited space.

Moreover, Xiaomi 14 also has a brand-new 澎湃 OS blessing, which is people-centered and creates an all-ecological operating system for people and cars, which is worth experiencing by rice noodles.

In my opinion, the upgrade of Xiaomi 14 is much more worthwhile than that of 400 yuan. Such a strong upgrade also makes Xiaomi 13 somewhat embarrassed, unless it is impossible to grab the goods, friends who want to buy Xiaomi’s high-end flagship can just start with the new model.


Xiaomi 14 series was officially released this week, in which the standard version is well configured and cost-effective; At the same time, in order to make way, Xiaomi 13 series also has discounts around 400 yuan, so many rice noodle users are struggling to decide which one is more suitable. Therefore, I will make a configuration comparison between Xiaomi 14 and last year’s Xiaomi 13 today, and I will know if I buy it or not. Xiaomi 14 Leica optical lens light and shadow hunter 900 Leica 75m …

Extreme krypton IPO approved in the United States, loss expanded in the first half of the year, gross profit margin increased.

  Krypton is actively promoting its listing in the United States. According to the information on the website of the CSRC on August 25th, the CSRC confirmed the overseas listing and filing information of Zeekr Intelligent Technology Holding Limited. According to the filing notice of overseas issuance and listing, Krypton plans to issue no more than 926 million ordinary shares in new york, USA.Listing on the exchange. At present, Geely declined to comment on this matter.

  Publicity by CSRC

  According to the CSRC, from the date of issuance of the filing notice to the end of overseas issuance and listing, if a company has major events, it should report them through the filing management information system of China Securities Regulatory Commission in accordance with the relevant provisions on overseas issuance and listing of domestic enterprises. At the same time, within 15 working days after the company completes the overseas issuance and listing, it shall report the issuance and listing through the filing management information system of China Securities Regulatory Commission. In the process of overseas issuance and listing, the company shall strictly abide by relevant laws, regulations and rules at home and abroad.

  Another person familiar with the matter said that Krypton will meet with investors in Hongkong, Singapore, London, new york, Boston, California and the Middle East within two weeks. They said that the final transaction scale will depend on the financial market conditions later this year.

  Geely established Krypton in April 2021, which is an important strategic layout in the field of high-end intelligent pure electricity. Extreme Krypton currently sells three models: Extreme Krypton 001, Extreme Krypton 009 and Extreme Krypton X, with the starting price ranging from 189,800 yuan to 499,000 yuan. Krypton delivered 72,000 vehicles last year, and this year’s goal is to deliver 140,000 vehicles. In terms of sales volume, the sales volume in July this year was 12,000 units, up 139.7% year-on-year and 13.4% quarter-on-quarter. From January to July, the cumulative sales volume was 54,700 vehicles, a year-on-year increase of 127%. There is still pressure to complete this year’s full-year goal. Earlier, the company had announced plans to sell cars in the Netherlands, Sweden, Israel and Kazakhstan.

  Financially, the revenue in the first half of 2023 was 21.283 billion yuan, compared with 8.828 billion yuan in the same period last year. Krypton’s revenue in the first half of 2023 was 21.283 billion yuan, with a loss of 809 million yuan (the loss in the same period last year was 759 million yuan). For the year ended December 31, 2022, the net loss of Krypton was 2 billion yuan. However, An Conghui, CEO of Extreme Krypton, said on August 22 that the first car, Extreme Krypton 001, went on the market, and the whole car was gross.It’s positive, the gross vehicle in 2022.5%, reaching double digits in the first half of this year, higher than the industry level.

  Extreme krypton 001 gross profit margin is positive

  In February of this year, Krypton Motor announced that it had completed the financing of $750 million in Pre-A series preferred shares, with a post-investment valuation of $13 billion. This round of financing was funded by Amnon Shashua, founder and CEO of Mobileye, a well-known autonomous driving technology company.Yuexiu industryFive eco-partners, including Trade Fund and Quzhou Xin An Zhi Foundation, participated in the investment.

  It is reported that the relationship between Krypton and relevant strategic investors is not limited to the capital level. It is reported that after completing the Pre-A round of financing, Extreme Krypton will work with these ecological partners to promote the layout in the field of intelligent pure electricity ecology, and explore and innovate in safe and sustainable travel and user experience. Among them, it is mainly the driving force for krypton solution.Solution. On June 1st this year, Krypton announced the delivery of its Krypton 001 WE version of 140kWh endurance suit.

The Year of the Rabbit made a good start.

Hualong. com-New Chongqing Client News (correspondent Zhang Lian, chief reporter She Zhenfang) After the Spring Festival holiday, all key manufacturing enterprises in Liangjiang New Area of Chongqing worked hard to catch up with production, went all out to catch orders and made great efforts to achieve a "good start". The reporter learned that as of January 29, nearly 600 enterprises and 150,000 people in Liangjiang New Area had resumed work.

Sailisi Liangjiang Smart Factory. Photo courtesy of Sailisi Automobile
Sailisi Liangjiang Smart Factory. Photo courtesy of Sailisi Automobile

Automobile industry: Aouita 11 and Wenjie M5 are speeding up production.

In the welding area of Changan Automobile Liangjiang Factory, sparks are flying, robots are welding carriages, and there is a hot scene in the workshop to catch up with production.

"We started production on the fifth day of the Lunar New Year, and the number of employees in the three factories exceeded 9,000. As the order volume continued to grow, all production lines were produced at full capacity, and thousands of cars were produced offline every day." Dai Minfu, manager of the manufacturing operation department of Changan Automobile Liangjiang Factory, introduced.

It is understood that at present, Changan Automobile has not only popular fuel vehicles such as changan CS55 Plus, UNIV and UNIT, but also intelligent networked new energy vehicles such as Aouita 11, Changan Deep Blue SL03 and Changan UNIV iDD.

Similarly, the Sailisi Liangjiang Smart Factory is also a busy scene. The mechanical arm waved back and forth, the automatic robot shuttled back and forth to transport materials, and the AITO M5 rolled off the assembly line and drove out of the assembly workshop.

"Due to the hot sales of AITO’s M5, Sailisi Liangjiang Smart Factory has fully resumed production as early as the 27th, and more than 1,400 employees in the factory have returned to work. In the New Year, they rolled up their sleeves and refueled to ensure the smooth delivery of AITO’s M5." The relevant person in charge of Sailis Automobile introduced.

Changan automobile finished production off the assembly line. Photo courtesy of Changan Automobile
Changan automobile finished production off the assembly line. Photo courtesy of Changan Automobile

Electronic information industry: grasping orders, the workshop is busy and orderly

In the production workshop of Junling Electronics (Chongqing) Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Junling Electronics"), 15 production lines are busy at full capacity, and over 400 employees are on duty to ensure that the machines are not stopped.

"We began to gradually resume production in the sixth day. At present, we mainly produce Hui Ke TV and BOE fingerprint products, and we will further increase 11 production lines to meet the demand for more orders." Su Lin, deputy manager of Junling Electronics, said.

At the same time, in the module factory of Yufu New City of Chongqing Yuntong Technology Co., Ltd. (referred to as "Yuntong Technology"), the automation machinery keeps running, and the workers are distributed at various points, busy and orderly.

Zhangqian, general administrative manager of Yuntong Technology, said that at present, the power device screening line and module production line of the factory are running at full capacity, and products such as IGBT modules, SiC (silicon carbide) modules, PIM modules and so on are flowing in various processes. "The company has also reached a cooperation intention with local car companies and will provide related products in the future."

Junling electronic production workshop. Photo courtesy of Junling Electronic
Junling electronic production workshop. Photo courtesy of Junling Electronic

Sany Intelligent Equipment Industrial Park: A large excavator will be off the assembly line in 17.3 minutes.

In Sany Intelligent Equipment Industrial Park in Longxing New Town, Liangjiang New District, the "Lighthouse Factory" that has been completed and put into operation is busy with production. The design capacity of the factory’s general assembly line is 17.3 minutes to roll off a large excavator, with an annual output of 28,800 excavators.

It is understood that the factory has fully resumed production on the 27th, with more than 350 workers on duty. On the assembly line, workers and robots cooperate with each other to race against time to catch up with the production progress, and various excavators, large, medium and small, keep off the assembly line.

Sufficient orders make the enterprise more confident in development. At present, the industrial park is expanding the second-phase production plant, laying a good foundation for the development of the new year and helping the high-end equipment industry in Liangjiang New Area to develop with high quality.

Fan Yu, director of the Industry Promotion Bureau of Liangjiang New Area, said that in the new year, Liangjiang New Area will put the high-quality development of manufacturing industry in a more prominent position, focus on building a highland for the development of advanced manufacturing industry, and at the same time continue to further promote the "No.1 Project" to optimize the business environment reform, make good use of the working mechanism of "three deliveries and one solution", and actively solve problems and do practical things for enterprises.

If you have news clues, please report them to us, and there will be a reward once they are adopted. Report WeChat: hualongbaoliao, report QQ: 3401582423. )

Is there a difference between different motors? Accelerated measurement of krypton 001

Passive safety Extreme Krypton 001 2021 Super Long Endurance Double Motor YOU Edition Extreme Krypton 001 2021 Long-life Double Motor WE Edition Extreme Krypton 001 2021 Super Long Life Single Motor WE Edition Main/passenger seat airbag Main ●/Deputy ● Main ●/Deputy ● Main ●/Deputy ● Front/rear side airbag Front ●/Back- Front ●/Back- Front ●/Back- Front/rear head airbag (air curtain) Front ●/rear ● Front ●/rear ● Front ●/rear ● knee airbag – – – Passenger seat cushion airbag – – – Front middle airbag – – – Rear seat belt airbag – – – Rear seat anti-sliding airbag – – – Rear center airbag – – – Rear forward airbag – – – Rear windshield airbag – – – Passive pedestrian protection – – – Runflat tire zero zero zero ISOFIX child seat interface ● ● ● ABS anti-lock braking ● ● ● Braking force distribution (EBD/CBC, etc.) ● ● ● Brake assist (EBA/BAS/BA, etc.) ● ● ● Traction control (ASR/TCS/TRC, etc.) ● ● ● Body stability control (ESC/ESP/DSC, etc.) ● ● ● Active safety Extreme Krypton 001 2021 Super Long Endurance Double Motor YOU Edition Extreme Krypton 001 2021 Long-life Double Motor WE Edition Extreme Krypton 001 2021 Super Long Life Single Motor WE Edition lane departure warning system ● ● ● Active braking/active safety system ● ● ● Fatigue driving tips ● ● ● DOW opening warning ● ● ● Forward collision warning ● ● ● Rear collision warning ● ● ● Moving object early warning system – – – Sentinel mode/clairvoyance – – – Low speed driving warning ● ● ● Built-in driving recorder ● ● ● Road rescue call ● ● ● Anti-rollover system – – – Driving control Extreme Krypton 001 2021 Super Long Endurance Double Motor YOU Edition Extreme Krypton 001 2021 Long-life Double Motor WE Edition Extreme Krypton 001 2021 Super Long Life Single Motor WE Edition Single pedal mode – – – Energy recovery system ● ● ● Automatic parking ● ● ● hill start assist control ● ● ● Steep slope descent ● ● ● Air suspension ● zero zero Electromagnetic induction suspension ● zero zero Magic carpet intelligent suspension – – – Variable steering ratio ● ● ● Trailing mode – – – Four-wheel drive/cross country Extreme Krypton 001 2021 Super Long Endurance Double Motor YOU Edition Extreme Krypton 001 2021 Long-life Double Motor WE Edition Extreme Krypton 001 2021 Super Long Life Single Motor WE Edition Integral active steering system – – – Wading induction system – – – Low speed four-wheel drive – – – Creep mode – – – Tank turn – – – Wading throat – – – Driving hardware Extreme Krypton 001 2021 Super Long Endurance Double Motor YOU Edition Extreme Krypton 001 2021 Long-life Double Motor WE Edition Extreme Krypton 001 2021 Super Long Life Single Motor WE Edition Front/rear parking radar Front ●/rear ● Front ●/rear ● Front ●/rear ● Transparent chassis /540-degree image ● ● ● Driving function Extreme Krypton 001 2021 Super Long Endurance Double Motor YOU Edition Extreme Krypton 001 2021 Long-life Double Motor WE Edition Extreme Krypton 001 2021 Super Long Life Single Motor WE Edition Reversing vehicle side early warning system zero zero zero satellite navigation system ● ● ● Navigation road information display ● ● ● AR real-life navigation – – – High precision map ● ● ● Parallel auxiliary ● ● ● lane keeping assist system ● ● ● Lane centering ● ● ● Road traffic sign recognition zero zero zero night vision system – – – park assist vision zero zero zero Remote parking zero zero zero Memory parking – – – Valet parking – – – Automatic lane change assistance ● ● ● Automatic exit (entry) of ramp – – – Signal lamp recognition – – – Track backwards – – – Remote summoning – – – Steering wheel off-hand detection – – – Start reminder – – – Appearance/theft prevention Extreme Krypton 001 2021 Super Long Endurance Double Motor YOU Edition Extreme Krypton 001 2021 Long-life Double Motor WE Edition Extreme Krypton 001 2021 Super Long Life Single Motor WE Edition Sports appearance kit – – – Electric spoiler – – – Automatic door opening and closing ● zero zero Frameless design door ● ● ● Magic induction door – – – Electric trunk ● ● ● Induction trunk ● zero zero Electric trunk position memory ● ● ● The tailgate glass opens independently. – – – Garage door remote control device – – – roof luggage rack – – – Central lock in car ● ● ● keyless start system ● ● ● Hidden electric door handle ● ● ● Push-button door opening – – – Active closed air intake grille ● ● ● Battery preheating ● ● ● External discharge ● ● ● Vehicle wireless charging – – – Exterior lighting Extreme Krypton 001 2021 Super Long Endurance Double Motor YOU Edition Extreme Krypton 001 2021 Long-life Double Motor WE Edition Extreme Krypton 001 2021 Super Long Life Single Motor WE Edition LED daytime running lights ● ● ● Adaptive far and near light ● ● ● Automatic headlights ● ● ● Steering assist light – – – Steering headlight – – – Headlight rain fog mode – – – Headlight height is adjustable. ● ● ● Headlight cleaning device – – – Headlights are turned off with delay. ● ● ● Scene lamp language – – – Skylight/glass Extreme Krypton 001 2021 Super Long Endurance Double Motor YOU Edition Extreme Krypton 001 2021 Long-life Double Motor WE Edition Extreme Krypton 001 2021 Super Long Life Single Motor WE Edition Sky skylight zero zero zero Light-sensing canopy – – – Front/rear power windows Front ●/rear ● Front ●/rear ● Front ●/rear ● Anti-pinch function of window ● ● ● Rear windshield sunshade – – – Rear privacy glass ● – – Rear wiper – – – Heatable water spray nozzle – – – Screen/system Extreme Krypton 001 2021 Super Long Endurance Double Motor YOU Edition Extreme Krypton 001 2021 Long-life Double Motor WE Edition Extreme Krypton 001 2021 Super Long Life Single Motor WE Edition Rotating large screen – – – Reversible central control screen – – – Central control LCD screen display – – – Bluetooth/car phone ● ● ● Gesture control – – – Face recognition ● ● ● Voiceprint recognition – – – Application store – – – mobile TV – – – Rear row control multimedia ● zero zero Multi-finger flying screen control – – – Touch screen vibration feedback – – – Screen peep prevention – – – Phonetic wake-up-free words – – – Speech continuous recognition – – – It can be said by sight. – – – Intelligent configuration Extreme Krypton 001 2021 Super Long Endurance Double Motor YOU Edition Extreme Krypton 001 2021 Long-life Double Motor WE Edition Extreme Krypton 001 2021 Super Long Life Single Motor WE Edition Internet of Vehicles ● ● ● OTA upgrade ● ● ● Wi-Fi hotspot ● ● ● V2X communication – – – In-vehicle biological monitoring system – – – Active noise reduction – – – Simulated sound wave – – – Vehicle-mounted KTV – – – Steering wheel/interior rearview mirror Extreme Krypton 001 2021 Super Long Endurance Double Motor YOU Edition Extreme Krypton 001 2021 Long-life Double Motor WE Edition Extreme Krypton 001 2021 Super Long Life Single Motor WE Edition Multifunction steering wheel ● ● ● Steering wheel shift – – – Steering wheel heating ● zero zero Steering wheel memory ● ● ● Full LCD instrument panel ● ● ● HUD head-up digital display ● ● ● AR-HUD augmented reality head-up display – – – Electric adjustable pedal – – – ETC device – – – In-vehicle charging Extreme Krypton 001 2021 Super Long Endurance Double Motor YOU Edition Extreme Krypton 001 2021 Long-life Double Motor WE Edition Extreme Krypton 001 2021 Super Long Life Single Motor WE Edition 220V/230V power supply – – – Luggage compartment 12V power interface ● ● ● Seat configuration Extreme Krypton 001 2021 Super Long Endurance Double Motor YOU Edition Extreme Krypton 001 2021 Long-life Double Motor WE Edition Extreme Krypton 001 2021 Super Long Life Single Motor WE Edition Sports style seat – – – Electric adjustment of main/passenger seat Main ●/Deputy ● Main ●/Deputy ● Main ●/Deputy ● Head and neck heating system – – – Adjustable button in the back row of the co-pilot seat ● ● ● Electric adjustment of the second row seat ● ● ● Liftable front and rear compartment partition – – – Fuzhi seat – – – Back table board – – – Second row of independent seats – – – Electric adjustment of the third row seat – – – Rear seat electric recline – – – Front/rear center armrest Front ●/rear ● Front ●/rear ● Front ●/rear ● Rear cup holder ● ● ● Move the armrest box back and forth – – – Audio/interior lighting Extreme Krypton 001 2021 Super Long Endurance Double Motor YOU Edition Extreme Krypton 001 2021 Long-life Double Motor WE Edition Extreme Krypton 001 2021 Super Long Life Single Motor WE Edition Dolby Atmos – – – Touch reading lamp – – – Active ambient light – – – Air conditioner/refrigerator Extreme Krypton 001 2021 Super Long Endurance Double Motor YOU Edition Extreme Krypton 001 2021 Long-life Double Motor WE Edition Extreme Krypton 001 2021 Super Long Life Single Motor WE Edition Heat pump air conditioning ● ● ● Rear independent air conditioning ● zero zero Rear seat air outlet ● ● ● Temperature zone control ● ● ● car air purifier – – – In-vehicle PM2.5 filtering device ● ● ● negative ion generator – – – Interior fragrance device ● zero zero Air quality monitoring – – – Car refrigerator – – –

BYD Qin 100/Tang 100 went on sale for 20.99/299,900 yuan.

BYD Qin 100/ Tang 100 went on sale for 20.99/299,900 yuan.

  Sina Auto News On February 27, 2017, two new cars of BYD were officially listed in Shenzhen. Compared with the current models, the cruising range of these two new cars in pure electric mode will be increased to 100km. The two new cars are Qin 100 and Tang 100 upgraded from plug-in hybrid models Qin and Tang respectively, and the price is 209,900 yuan and 299,900 yuan (subsidized price: 173,900 yuan and 263,900 yuan).

car make and model Price (ten thousand yuan)  Qin 100 20.99 (17.39 after subsidy)  Tang 100 29.99 (26.39 after subsidy)
BYD Qin 100/ Tang 100 went on sale for 20.99/299,900 yuan.

    Qin 100

    This time, the appearance of Qin 100 is still only changed in details. The blue decorative strip on the front face runs through the air intake grille, and the new Chinese character LOGO is adopted in the center.In addition, the new car also uses a two-color five-spoke sports wheel rim, and the tail penetrating taillight is replaced by a single LED light source.

BYD Qin 100/ Tang 100 went on sale for 20.99/299,900 yuan.

    Qin 100 has made great adjustments in the interior. The materials of the center console and seat are made of two colors, and a large number of metal decorative strips are added to the details of the center console panel. The most obvious change is that the center console is equipped with an oversized LCD screen and a new style of multi-function steering wheel and gear shifting mechanism.

BYD Qin 100/ Tang 100 went on sale for 20.99/299,900 yuan.

    In terms of power, Qin 100 is still equipped with a hybrid system consisting of a 1.5T engine and a motor, with the emphasis on upgrading the battery capacity, so that the pure electric cruising range is increased from 80km to 100km.

    Tang 100

    The appearance of Tang 100 has only been slightly modified, the LOGO has been changed from BYD to Chinese character "Tang", the engine hood has been decorated with cooling holes, and tyre size has also been upgraded to 245/45 R20, but these minor upgrades can’t bring us much freshness.

BYD Qin 100/ Tang 100 went on sale for 20.99/299,900 yuan.

    There is little difference between the interior and the old style. The layout of some buttons in the central control is optimized and equipped with a new style steering wheel. In terms of configuration, Tang 100 is equipped with ACC adaptive cruise for the first time. The system has the functions of following and automatic braking, and can automatically stop in an emergency, but it can’t follow the curve.

BYD Qin 100/ Tang 100 went on sale for 20.99/299,900 yuan.

    Like Qin 100, Tang 100′ s power upgrade has also expanded its battery capacity. All of them are equipped with ternary lithium-ion batteries, with a pure electric cruising range of 100km, and the pure electric cruising range has been expanded from 80km to 100km, which can meet the daily commute.

BYD Qin 100/ Tang 100 went on sale for 20.99/299,900 yuan.


    In the face of the decline of national new energy subsidies year by year, BYD responded to this situation by upgrading the pure electric cruising range of its hybrid vehicles. However, by 2020, the state and local subsidies will come to an end, and how new energy vehicles attract consumers through their own strength rather than financial subsidies will be a severe test for manufacturers. In addition, with the great development of new energy vehicles, there are also problems such as poor driving experience, imaginary cruising range and declining battery life. Only by achieving the same experience or even better experience as traditional gasoline vehicles is the foundation for new energy vehicles to stand in the future.

"Above the Cliff" should be watched, but also know how to watch it.

Just today, the May 1st gear was officially launched.

The industry and the market have been waiting for a long time.

Although I am not in a hurry to make a comeback for the second big schedule in 2021, it should be said that from the perspective of the industry, the first thing I think of is "Above the Cliff", no matter from the pre-screening or the announcement.

It’s not just three rounds of screening and a grand premiere, it’s as simple as showing your confidence to the market. Many people may think that Zhang Yimou+all-acting lineup+strong genre film attributes have their inherent advantages, which is true, but we often ignore the fact that-

It has been 12 years since the last Chinese spy war classic "Wind" on the big screen.

Spy GameThis is the key and even more difficult point of breaking the ice in the market of Above the Cliff.

How to use Xuanfa to break the ice, we will talk about it later. What we should pay attention to today is the result of this ice breaking.

I’m not sure yet. Above the Cliff is the one with the best reputation in May 1st, but it is.The audience is the largest.The one. For most viewers, from parents and children (preferably over 13 years old) to lovers and friends, all kinds of choices are compatible.

In fact, it is not easy for a spy film to do this.

At present, the box office prospect of "Above the Cliff" is not bad, so I also want to talk about two topics-

First, why a good spy film is so rare;

The second is how to appreciate a high-quality spy film.

For those who haven’t seen the film, the right is a movie guide.

Why are high-quality spy films so rare?

Director Gao Qunshu said after watching the film at the premiere on the 24th,After the wind, there are legends.

The familiar audience can understand the old story behind this statement-

The Wind 12 years ago showed us the development potential of China’s films in spy wars and genre films. After the wind on the poster, there was no legend in the world.

Indeed, the goodness of The Wind, even if it is reread after 12 years, is still undiminished and even more missed. But this, in turn, highlights that problem—

This type of spy war is difficult to produce classics.

First, the type elements are relatively complex.

Different from the more focused types such as love, comedy and action, it is very complicated to make a spy film, and it is natural to control and consider the content.

Take "Above the Cliff" as an example-

First of all, history and suspense are two basic types of elements in movies, corresponding to each other.Script and artIt becomes a top priority. In the 1930s, Harbin was full of exotic atmosphere, and the core elements of the battle of wits and courage between the enemy and the enemy eventually became the highlights of the film.

Secondly,Action and emotion(including love, affection and friendship) are the other two core elements of the film, or additive elements.

As a strong genre that can be taken out independently, it is not difficult for a film to make a strong effect in a limited space.

It should be said that "Above the Cliff" is also well done.

From train fighting, alley chasing to racing on a snowy night, the action design with great tension in a small pattern is remarkable.

As the key to sublimation, emotional drama is even more delicate. Careful taste is full of quiet forbearance, sacrifice regardless of gains and losses, and trust beyond life and death.

Finally, all the type elements are designed to give a strong contrast at the end.Heroic feelings.

This may be regarded as a small advantage of spy movies. When many types in front are mastered freely, the charm of a group of unsung heroes like agents will naturally be maximized.

In short, the complex genre elements determine a spy film, which is a great test for the director, screenwriter, actor and the whole creative team including all the behind-the-scenes staff.

Second, directors and screenwriters need to make clear and subtle choices in creation.

One phenomenon is that there are obviously more spy war dramas than spy war movies. The reason is also simple-

The theme of spy war is complex in type, and the story and emotion are amazing in thickness, so it needs enough time to complete the foreshadowing and expression. Therefore, the length of coming from the screen to the screen was limited at that time, and the test was the director and screenwriter.Make a Dojo in a snail’s shellThe ability.

This requires the screenwriter to complete a text choice in the early stage of creation, and the director should clearly strengthen it in shooting and post-editing.We should pay more attention to the type elements, and how to improve the narrative effect through the lens language, and finally raise the emotional concentration with the finishing touch..

Every detail, see the skill.

Director Zhang Yimou and screenwriter YongXian Quan

On the Cliff, the choice of editing and directing is also very beautiful. We will discuss this part below.

The third is the natural sense of distance of the spy war theme.

As mentioned earlier, the advantage of the spy war theme lies in its own heroic complex, but we should also see that when this theme comes from a small screen to a big screen, the sense of distance may be an important factor for many creators to retreat when they are watching movies.

The strangeness to history and alienation from the drama of the times test whether the creator can let the younger generation get it from a spy film.Don’t lose the pleasure of watching movies like other mainstream films..

This may also be the reason why many people take off their hats to Zhang Yimou after watching the movie.

His exuberant creative energy, his willingness to get closer to young audiences and his courage to face difficulties are all impressive.

For "On the Cliff", it is precisely because of overcoming these three major problems that there is a legend after that rumor.

How to enjoy a high-quality spy film?

Spy movies are rare, and once they appear, they are naturally worth seeing again.

For most viewers, if "Above the Cliff" is regarded as a high-quality genre film, it is not necessary to gulp down a lot of excitement. But it is inevitable that some potential fun will be lost.

So, how to appreciate a high-quality spy film-

Brush and clear the story.

The plot of the film is not complicated. In a word, it is a very small-scale trick between enemy and enemy agents during the Anti-Japanese War. But a good genre film is like this, telling a simple story in a complicated way and telling it brilliantly.

What I want to focus on here is the so-called creative choice mentioned above.

The outrat action carried out by four agents is not so much the main line of the film as a key McGovern, and this action leads to ten main characters on both sides.

In other words, Zhang Yimou’s purpose this time is not to tell the audience a complete action, but to present the status and destiny of the characters.Behind your wits and moderate blank space, it is the people in extreme circumstances who finally guide and impress the audience..

This choice is strong, which is different from the logic of the drama.Film thinking.

Therefore, the first time you look at it, you enter the story as well as the characters.

Especially considering that the film has designed traitors and undercover on both sides, this arrangement has greatly improved the suspense of the film, especially the sense of substitution of the audience into the fate of the characters.

Two brushes, enjoy the performance.

Fuzzy character identity, extreme living environment and extreme drama tension, the innate conditions of these scripts, when meeting a group of good actors, will inevitably bring a rare and wonderful group drama.

Many viewers who watched the screening talked about Zhang Yi’s electric chair torture and Amanda’s several silent tears, which were the highlights of the film.

However, there are still some bright spots that are easy to ignore in the performance, which need special attention when brushing. The point here is—

The cold and cruel realistic environment, the moment of collision with real human nature.

For example, Zhang Yi was seriously injured and decided to entrust an orphan before his death; Another example is Yu Hewei’s immobility in the face of Dahong Ni’s questioning, and the coffee shop’s timidity in retreating to its subordinates.

The first time you watch it, you may be taken away by the plot. After understanding the whole story, the level of fine performance is another pleasure brought by a good movie.

Three brushes, aftertaste details.

The film is only 120 minutes long. Considering so many characters, high-density narrative efficiency, the internal tension of a single scene, and many good details, you can’t feel it completely once or twice.

Among them, a very important change in Zhang Yimou’s personal creation is-

Compared with the past fascination with empty mirrors and big prospects, this time the energy is completely focused on big close-ups, group image shaping and small-scale group drama.

For those who often have four or five characters in the cross-play-such as the train play at the beginning and the dinner table play in the mansion-it is complicated and even one person brings two identities. Behind every micro-expression, there is a subtle psychology that can suck up the taste.

In addition, some carefully designed small details are also worth feeling carefully.

For example, how to complete the joint code between agents; For example, the comparison of one stop and one kneeling at the end of the shooting scene; Another example is the implantation of cultural symbols of the times from the book Mei Lanfang’s Journey to the United States to the film The Gold Rush.

Don’t underestimate these details-

In terms of film techniques, they are not isolated from the story, but an important part of the main task;

At the level of genre film creation, these are the production modes that China film industry should have. In other words,This is based on our own cultural tradition.Instead of imitating Hollywood step by step.

Of course, another detail that can’t be ignored is the film.Emotional thickness.

Aside from the heroic aura of spy films, it is very important whether a genre film can move people with emotion, whether the characters are grounded, and whether human nature is greater than divinity.

In "Above the Cliff", the agent, who is often full of divinity, is a person with weakness and obstacles. TA are father, mother, husband, wife and lover. Some people think that if Zhang Yi didn’t want to have a look at the children, he might not have been caught. There is a side where the audience substitutes the characters and worries about them, and there is also a consideration that the creators let the characters fall from the sky to the ground, and finally become three-dimensional (even the traitor played by Lei Jiayin, the process of betrayal is also portrayed credibly enough).

It is precisely because human nature has stood, and the divine side is more shocking.

Before the action began, what Amanda said.Alive, go find the child.; Zhang Yi’s old week in the magic cave; Hakodate Zhang Yi whispered to Liu Haocun that he had lived in that small house before, leaving two children whose life and death are unknown now …

Behind the details, such as how much past glory, even how much bitterness, perseverance and faith can be drawn and filled by the brain, the emotional impact among them is very strong.


Looking back now, at the beginning of the movie, four agents parachuted into the knee-thick Woods and disappeared in an instant; At the end, the task was completed, and the two agents stood looking at the leaving car for a long time.

In history, how many such great things were wrapped in sacrifice and fearlessness, and finally they were quietly hidden under the heavy snow and water, and no one knew it, let alone missed it.

A line repeatedly mentioned in the movie is,It will be fine if it is dawn., see a comment, summed it up very well-

Before dawn, the hero stood silently; After dawn, light and shadow spread the legend.

The unsung hero should not be forgotten, which is the value of the film and the significance of transcending the type of spy war.

British hackers will be extradited to the United States for trial if they invade US military computers (Figure)

Mckinnon, a 42-year-old unemployed computer worker, invaded the US military computer.

  BEIJING, July 31 (Xinhua)-A British computer hacker is suspected of illegally invading the computer systems of the US Navy, Army and Air Force and the Ministry of National Defense in his London apartment, causing damage. The British authorities wanted to extradite him to the United States for trial. He appealed, but the London court ruled that he lost the case on the 30th. It is expected that he will be taken to the United States in a short time.

  According to Sing Tao Global Network, McKinnon, a 42-year-old unemployed computer practitioner, was accused of successfully hacking into 97 computers of the US military and the Ministry of National Defense from 2001 to 2002. Some people described this as the largest hacking incident into the military computer system in history, which made the US authorities extremely embarrassed.

  The chief prosecutor pointed out that the invasion paralyzed the military region responsible for protecting the capital Washington and the New Jersey Naval Ammunition Station. In addition to the military and the Ministry of National Defense, the computer systems of NASA and several private institutions were also invaded by him. The authorities estimate that the financial losses caused by these actions amount to 900,000 dollars.

  Mckinnon will face eight counts of computer fraud in New Jersey and Virginia. If convicted, he will be sentenced to a maximum of 10 years in prison and a fine of $250,000.

  Mckinnon, whose net name is "SOLO", defended himself in the British court, claiming that he was only trying to expose the loopholes in the computer security system of these departments and looking for evidence about UFOs.

  Mckinnon wrote on the website of the British newspaper The Guardian last year: "I am an possessed man." He claimed that he spent a year sitting in front of the computer for an average of eight hours every day, invading the computer system of the US military, not washing and grooming every day, and binge drinking beer and smoking marijuana. He claimed that he had successfully found some photographic evidence to prove the existence of alien spaceships and the names and ranks of "non-human officers".

  The prosecution accused him of deliberately using these actions to try to blackmail the US government. Mckinnon once left a message in a computer of the U.S. military, accusing the U.S. government of pursuing a foreign policy similar to government-sponsored terrorism.

  He was arrested in 2002, and the defense lawyer asked for a trial in Britain, because if he was extradited to the United States, he might be taken to a military court for trial, or even be held at the US military base in Guantanamo, Cuba.

Editor: Lu Wei

The performance continued to increase, and the smart driving business ushered in overseas breakthroughs.

  Desai Siwei (002920)

  Event overview

  Desai Siwei recently released its 2023 annual report. In 2023, the company achieved an operating income of 21.908 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 46.71%, a net profit of 1.547 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 30.57%, and a net profit of 1.467 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 41.47%.

  Intelligent cockpit and intelligent driving with two-wheel drive, single Q4 gross profit margin was repaired from the previous month.

  On the revenue side, thanks to the two-wheel drive of intelligent cockpit and intelligent driving business, the company achieved revenue of 21.908 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 46.71%. Among them, 1) the intelligent cockpit business realized revenue of 15.8 billion yuan, up 34% year-on-year, higher than the industry level. We believe that the continuous high growth of cockpit business is mainly due to the volume of new products such as domain controllers and the expansion of overseas customers. 2) The smart driving business realized a revenue of 4.5 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 74%, mainly due to the large-scale volume of high-end smart driving.

  On the profit side, the company realized a net profit of 1.547 billion yuan, up 30.57% year-on-year, slightly lower than the growth rate of the income side, mainly due to the downstream price pressure transmission and the low gross profit margin (16.2%) of the smart driving business. However, in Q4 alone, the company’s gross profit margin was 21.54%, an increase of 2.83pcts from the previous month, showing an obvious recovery trend. In addition, the scale effect of the company began to appear. Specifically, the company’s management/sales/R&D expense ratio in 2023 was 2.3%/1.4%/9.1%, respectively, which was 0.3pcts/0.2pcts/1.8pcts lower than that in the same period of last year, indicating that the company has passed this expansion stage and started to enter the harvest period.

  The annualized sales of new project orders totaled over 24.5 billion, and the smart driving business ushered in an overseas breakthrough.

  According to the annual report, the annual sales of new project orders exceeded 24.5 billion yuan in 2023, of which the annual sales orders of new cockpit business projects exceeded 15 billion yuan, and new products such as the fourth-generation cockpit HUD and LCD instruments were designated by the project; The intelligent driving business exceeds 8 billion yuan, and the high-end intelligent driving platform has won new project orders from more than ten car companies, such as Ideality, Guangzhou Automobile Ai ‘an, Geely, Great Wall, Lotus, and Extreme Krypton, which is a strong guarantee for sustained growth in the next year. In addition, the company’s overseas business is progressing smoothly, with revenue of 1.64 billion yuan in 2023, up 48.1% year-on-year, higher than the overall level. It is worth noting that in addition to the cockpit business continuing to receive new orders, the company also obtained the smart driving business project designation of overseas core customers for the first time, and the smart driving business ushered in overseas breakthroughs, and the growth space was further opened.

  Investment advice:

  The company is the core target of automobile intelligence, with obvious advantages of card position and clear logic of subsequent growth. We are optimistic about its expansion from intelligent cockpit to intelligent driving, and its transformation from automotive electronics supplier to automotive intelligent enabler. We estimate that the company’s revenue in 2024-2026 will be 283.9/354.1/42.26 billion yuan, and the net profit attributable to the mother will be 2141/2860/3782 million yuan, respectively, maintaining the Buy -A investment rating. Due to the company’s leading position in the industry and the long-term space for automotive intelligence, we will give a net profit of 40 times PE in 2024, corresponding to a target price of 154.4 yuan in June.

  Risk warning: 1) The risk that the smart car market will not develop as expected; 2) The risk that the supply chain repair is less than expected due to the intensification of the epidemic; 3) The risk of increasing upstream chip shortage; 4) The risk that the company’s intelligent driving business is not progressing as expected; 5) Risk of intensified market competition.

Geely star is the first to experience, and it is just outside and soft inside.

The "CMA architecture" planted in those years and together is now beginning to bear fruit in the brand-Xingyue, Xingrui, and now Xingyue L, which has set a record for the largest size of CMA.

Although it is named "Xingyue L", the design of this car is completely different from Xingyue. The latter tends to be dynamic and young, while the former pays more attention to maturity and stability.

Although the style orientation is different, the overall design language remains the same, which is also the characteristic of all models at present. A set of recognizable design allows unfamiliar people to recognize the brand without looking at the logo, which is very beneficial to the creation of brand image and the setting of product positioning.

The overall dimensions of Xingyue L are 4770*1895*1689mm and the wheelbase is 2845 mm.. It is reasonable to say that this size can be counted as a medium-sized SUV, but it is still called a compact SUV. One of the reasons is that the CMA architecture was originally aimed at compact models. As a result, the Xingyue L will look a bit "have no martial ethics" when compared with other compact SUVs in the future, similar to the previous Xingrui.

To sum up the shape of Xingyue L in a few words, there are probably: stable, thick, hard and strong. The headlights, grille, rearview mirror, window and wheel hub are all one size larger than the previous models. Although they lack the agility that young people like, they give people a solid and reliable psychological feeling, which is obviously a model for family use.

Matrix headlights are a bright spot, with 126 LED beads, which can control the switch and light and shade separately to ensure the brightness and lighting range, and at the same time, more lighting effects can be achieved through OTA in the later period.

Xingyue L’s car paints are available in six colors, including oyster white, aurora silver (as shown in the picture), basaltic gray, jet black and Mars red, as well as a distinctive "Cuiyu Blue", which is not blue or green, inspired by the mountains and mountains, and at the same time extracts the green texture of traditional porcelain and natural cuiyu. The cost of this car paint will be higher, and it may be available in limited quantities after listing.

When you open the car door, the little oppressive feeling brought by the appearance suddenly disappears, and the warm home atmosphere comes to you. The length of the triple screen across the center console is close to one meter, and the resolution of each screen has reached 1920X720.

This shooting vehicle is a test car, and the screen can’t be lit. The visual effect is quite good in the all-black state, and the overall feeling is very strong. At the recent Shanghai Auto Show, we saw the effect after lighting. The screen quality is very high, but the white theme still has a sense of separation. We look forward to the effect of the black theme.

The air conditioning outlets on both sides are directly opened on the huge black panel of the triple screen, which is a cost-free operation and of course brings good visual effects. Touched by hand, the edge of the opening is very round, and there is no cutting feel, which shows excellent workmanship.

The shape of the shift lever is similar to that of Xingyue and Xingrui, but the unlock key is cancelled, and the operation logic is the same as that of XC40. Shift the shift lever twice. The physical buttons in the air-conditioning control area have been preserved, which I praise.

Previously, the interior was decorated with palindromes, but Xingyue L was replaced with woven texture. There was a red and blue gradient stitch between the white stitches on the decorative board. At first glance, it was complicated, but at second glance, it added a little vitality to the interior.

The interior of this car is a combination of beige and red, while the Cuiyu blue model will be decorated with dark green and gold, which is more luxurious and mysterious. The roof is completely covered with suede material, and the cost is burning.

With such a large size, the rear space will naturally not disappoint, and the seat is wide, which provides good support for my whole body. The backrest angle can be adjusted, and the overhead space is about 15 cm. Because the electric seat of the vehicle can’t move, the passenger seat in the picture is actually in a backward position, which means that even if I have a more indulgent sitting position in the passenger seat, another passenger with a height of 180cm can still ride comfortably in the back row.

The luggage compartment has a great depth, but because the backrest of the rear seat is inclined, large items can’t be put in the depth. Open the lower cover of the luggage compartment, and there is a storage compartment below. After putting down the rear seat, the volume becomes very considerable, and the loading surface is only slightly inclined.

The vehicle being photographed is equipped with a 2.0T medium-power engine, with a maximum power of 218 HP and a maximum torque of 325Nm, which is between T5 and T4. It will be matched with a 7-speed wet dual-clutch gearbox and accelerate 7.9S at zero speed.

The Xingyue L will also have a 2.0T high-power engine with a maximum power of 238 HP and a maximum torque of 350Nm (which can be supercharged to 380Nm), matching 8AT and accelerating for 7.7 seconds. The performance gap between high and low power is so small that it is really rare. I wonder how much difference the price will be at that time.

It is expected that the price of Xingyue L will overlap with the mainstream joint venture compact SUV to a large extent, or even be cheaper. From this static observation, we can see that Xingyue L has obvious advantages over the joint venture SUV in terms of space, design, material selection and configuration. I look forward to the follow-up dynamic test drive and experience the strength of CMA architecture in mechanical and electronic aspects.

The writer of this article is Ao Yifeng, a kicker gang.